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My niece Paula #5

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Play time with my niece comes to an end as I have to take her home.

Like all good things, its time for them to come to an end. I have had my 14 year old niece completely all to myself for the last week. I have to take her home because school will soon start for her and her mom misses having her around. She has become quite addicted to having sex with her well endowed uncle. I had always teased her sexually little by little since she was only 11. Unknowingly she has become trained in making her uncle very happy. She is bound to silence because of her deep love for me and well do anything that I want just to be able to continue with our relationship.
She has no idea that her bad uncle has been drugging and fucking both her mother and older sister over the last few years. I plan on keeping it that way. Donna and I had meetings to attend out of town, but they got canceled at the last minute. So, I changed our motel reservations until the next week. I always look forward to drugging my wife’s clueless sister so that I can fuck her all night after our meetings. Donna was all happy when I got Paula home, she could not get over how much older Paula seemed to be. Megan talked a few minutes with her sister then turned her attention to her favorite uncle. Donna talked me into staying over since it was getting late. So, I decided to take the three out for super which made all happy.
At the table I could see that Paula was getting irritated with Megan’s obvious attention to me. As we ate, I felt a foot rubbing my leg. The foot soon pressed against my crotch causing a instant erection. Paula was grinning as she continued. Megan noticed that something changed in her sisters look. I moved so that Paula could not reach me. Back at their house we all watched a movie, Paula had made her mom an old fashion and Megan a coke. Then as the movie played Donna started to nod off, Paula got her mom to go off to bed. Then Megan started doing the same and she too went off to bed. Paula was cuddled up next to me on the couch, her hand began rubbing my crotch. Then unzipped she reached in and grabbed my huge cock. I told her to stop we did not need her mother or sister to walk in on us. I Quickly got up and went to the spare room to go to bed. But before I could get changed, Paula slipped in completely naked.
I told her that there was no way that her mom and sister would not hear us fucking. Paula just grinned and told me that both would be out. She had taken some of her mom’s sleeping pills and then spiked both their drinks with them. She dropped to her knees taking my cock out then started sucking on its head. I was so surprised at what Paula did, but the act made me, so God damn horny that I took a hold of my niece’s ponytail and fucked her mouth. Glug glug glug noises came from her until she began to drool and gag on my thick cock. I scooped my small niece up into my arms carrying her to my bed. Then pushed her slender legs wide apart and began to eat her out. Paula began moaning as my tongue sank into her wet vagina. I loved how she twisted and squirmed against my mouth. I sucked her long cunt lips into my mouth then began finger fucking her wet hole. Paula would soon lose control and start begging me to fuck her. I scooped my arms up under her legs spreading her wide then lowered down until the tip of my cock made contact with her cunt. I rubbed my head back and forth until it found her wet entrance. Please uncle put it in, Paula begged.
I Did and sank inch by inch into that tight vagina of hers. Oh god damn Paula yelled. I started to fuck her and my little niece loss control screaming as my cock filled her insides. I had to cover her mouth as I fucked in and out of that wet cunt of hers. Paula was soon squirming and twisting under me as all over 8 inches thrusted in hitting her tight cervix. She screamed coming all over my cock as it fucked her. She was scooting almost off the bed as I held her down and pounded in her. As much as I tried to keep her quiet, it was a losing battle, she yelled and screamed all the while. Fuck, fuck, fuck me, Uncle Paula begged. I was not long until I started to come. She moaned as she felt my hot sperm spray deep inside her. I kept on fucking her until I had come two more times. Then I collapsed down and the two other us laid there for hours. I woke still embedded in her and soon became hard. Paula felt my cock grow inside her; she loved how that felt and would grip it tight with her vagina. I could not resist my niece and began to fuck her more. I had to cover her mouth as she again began to scream loudly. I fucked her for a good hour then filled that ripe cunt with more loads of my seed.
The bed was damp, and the smell of fish filled the room. I had to convince Paula to shower and go to bed in her room. She just wanted to stay with me and would do anything to keep me happy. While she was in the shower, I checked on both her mom and Megan. Donna was soundly asleep, and Megan was tossing about uncovered in her bed. She was wearing only her bikinis and t-shirt , her body had matured more from I had last had her. Paula had finish and caught me staring at her sister. I told her that I wanted to make sure that she hadn’t woke or heard us last night. Paula only had a towel wrapped around her and walked over to her sister. She shook her arm, see Paula said, no worry. Then she watched me as she pulled her sisters top up exposing both her breasts. Nice Paula said then grabbed one. I hope mine get this size soon don’t you Uncle? Megan turns still asleep. Paula motions for me to come over by her then takes my hand placing it on Megan’s breast. See how firm Her’s are then pulls down her bikini so her cunt is showing. Look uncle how much darked her cunt hairs are. I told Paula that we should go to the bed now before she woke up Megan. No, she won’t wake and then pulled my cock out and started to play with it again. Paula what are you doing? She knelt down and sucked my cock into her mouth. Then began to pump it hard and erect with both hands. Here I was getting a blow job from Paula while I looked at her exposed sister Megan. Paula really worked my cock wanting me to come I found myself rubbing Megan’s breasts and fingering her cunt. Megan turned and scooted closer, so her butt was at the end of the bed. Paula could feel that I was ready to explode and turned my cock towards her sister’s ass. I exploded my sperm and it sprayed onto Megans bikini’s. Paula giggled and dragged me out back to her room. She tossed her towel and dragged me to the floor with her. She then mounted me, and I fucked her again, again, until it was early morning.
I had Paula help me replace the sheets and clean up. Megan got up later and helped with breakfast. She seemed clueless to what Paula had done. Donna then got up and together we visited until I went home. I would be seeing Donna again in a few weeks for our meetings and would enjoy our night together again. Paula wanted time to come up before school but that would all depend on everyone’s schedule.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoii

    It has been a good series and I love fucking young females. Their energy level is unbelievable and they love watching cum shoot out of a cock. The good girls like to swallow it all and even getting it all over their face. I love to watch them rub it in and suck their fingers dry.
    Naughty girls are the best and should be treated like a goddess as their sexual awakening is a blessing to all men and woman.

  • Reply Mike ID:99uwotzm

    I love uncle niece stories reminds me the first time I fuck my when she was 12, she ask me about sex. I told her how it works she’s has a huge uncle complex, witch that explains her clingyness and she always trust me more then her parents never in my life I was sexually attracted to her until she turn 12. Her breasts got a little bigger including her ass nice and round curves. She’s always my favorite niece

    • g ID:3zxisyc3qrd

      God bless uncles like you

  • Reply Piti ID:oymqa57zra

    Ich beneide dich um deine Nichte beim Lesen ist mein Schwanz steinhart geworden ich würde gerne Ihre Lippen an meinem Schwanz spüren ich freue mich auf die vortsetzung

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5rb2rld1

    Amazing story… Awaiting the next parts

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Absolutely amazing story