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My mentor becomes my lover

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The story of how I fell for my college aged mentor whem I was 11

This is the story of how I finally built up the courage for my first time with a girl. My name is Desfiny. I am a blonde woman of 20 now, I was never gifted in the breast area as even now I have just A cup breasts, I am petite with brunette hair.

When I was 11, mom signed me up for a mentoring program that matched college students with middle school students. I didn’t have many friends as I was shy and a brainiac. My best friends were my textbooks and my journal that I wrote in daily.

I was paired up with a girl named Natalie. A beautiful blonde junior who was majoring in finance and was a member of the cheer team. She had a beautiful smile, beautiful blue eyes, and a figure that was stunning with c cup breasts. The moment I saw her, I felt something inside, something that turned me on. Inhad always liked looking at girls at school but this was a stunning 21 year old woman.

Once a week we would have our time together. She would pick me up for a few hours and I would be on cloud nine the whole time. We would go for meals, to movies, or hang out on campus. I loved every minute we hung out together. There was never a guy mentioned, she would change the subject if I brought if up, but I kept persisting until the day she finally answered with “there has never been a boyfriend, im a lesbian”. Hearing the word lesbian from her awoke something in me.

When I got home from our time together, I went to my room and pulled up her Facebook profile and went to her photos. I felt a wetness in my panties as I laid on my bed. I rushed to pull my leggings and panties down to my knees. Looking at Natalie in her cheer uniform, I started to massage my pussy. I felt so naughty but so good masturbating to my mentors picture. Focusing on her breasts, then her legs, then her breasts again. As I stroked my pussy, I started to moan her name softly so that mom wouldn’t hear me. I imagined taking her cheer uniform off and seeing her beautiful breasts. My fingers .ived faster on my pussy, bringing me to an orgasm quickly. Laying there breathless, I knew I was in love with Natalie.

There was a rule in the program that mentors couldn’t be involved with their mentees and I was too shy to tell her how I felt. We texted daily and every time I typed I wanted so bad to tell her I was in love with her. I managed to get her to spend two days a week together, which made the torture of days I didn’t see her more bearable. When she asked me if I wanted to spend a night in her dorm room, I hoped that meant she had feelings for me too.

Hanging out in the dorm room with Natalie and her gorgeous roommate was so much fun, earing pizza, listening to music, dancing, playing games. When bedtime neared, my heart raced when I saw Natalie and her roommate in their bra and panties as we all changed, when Natalie took her bra off I almost lost my mind, my panties instantly had a wet spot in them. When I changed in front if them, I hoped Natalie would love what she saw. Sleeping beside Natalie that night was a dream cone true. It was so hard to fall asleep next to the girl of my dreams. She was so close to me, i wanted to make.a move but was scared of her ending our friendship.

The next morning, Natalie awoke and went to Stabucks to get us drinks while I stayed in the dorm room, her roommate had left for her part time job. I found myself at Natalie’s dressed looking in her drawers. I found a pair of pink lace panties that I stuck in my backpack. In her dirty clothes hamper I found a pair of black panties, I lifted them to my nose and smelled Natalie’s pussy. I stuck that pair in my backpack too. I laid back down on the bed and couldn’t help but masturbate as I smelled her scent on the pillow next to me. I came so hard in just a couple of minutes.

The year progressed as did my love for Natalie, she was my best friend and the woman I loved. With each visit I loved her more. Every time I saw her I remembered the night in her dorm room when I saw her breasts. I prayed daily that I would see her pussy. That prayer was answered when she asked me to spend another night in her dorm room a few months later.

I was sitting on her bed watching a movie, her roommate sitting on the opposite bed, Natalie had gone to take a shower. I was in my panties ans tshirt. When Natalie returned wrapped in a towel with her hair wrapped in a second towel, my heart raced. She was an imagebof perfection. When she took off her towel I wanted to die. Her naked body was the most perfect thing that i had ever seen, her pussy was bald and beautiful. I couldn’t help but watch as she pulled on her panties and a tshirt. Sleeping next to her that night was torture again, I wanted to touch her again, but never got the chance.

The next day was my 12th birthday, when I woke up on Natalie’s bed, she was already awake and at her desk studying. When she saw me wake up, she beamed as she said happy birthday. I smiled and thanked her. Sitting by her desk on the floor was a cardboard box. Natalie said she couldn’t afford to buy me anything but wanted to give me a present. As I sat on her bed, she handed me the box. Inside were some of her outfits. Skirts, tops, jeans, dresses. We were basically the same size. I beamed with excitement, her clothes were designer brand, all of my clothes were goodwill finds.

As our year together neared it’s end, I was scared that I would never see her again, that I would never get the chance to tell her how I felt. I had started the year a shy girl dressed in ugly clothes. As the school year was ending, I was a more confident and socially comfortable girl wearing my mentors clothes. I had even made some friends at school. When I told Natalie I was sad that our year was over, she said the most amazing thing

“We don’t need a program to stay friends. I have to go home for the summer, but when I come back we can keep hanging out”

Those words stuck with me all summer. We texted daily and talked by FaceTime weekly. I missed being near her physically, the FaceTime calls helped ease my loneliness. The summer seemed to last forever, but finally.Natalue said she was about to come back to town for her senior year. She told me that this year she would have an off campus apartment and wanted me to spend the first weekend there with her.

We weren’t in the mentor program anymore, I wanted nothing more than to tell her, tell everyone that I loved her. At the same time, I was afraid I would scare her off. I was only 12 and she probably loved women closer to her age. The weeks leading up to her return were torture, but finally arrived. Natalie picked me up on a Friday afternoon. I was wearing one of the skirts and tops that she had given me, our first hug in months felt so good.

When we arrived at her apartment, I was excited to learn that there was no roommate this year, we would be alone in an apartment, free from the rules of the program. I hoped and prayed that this would lead to fulfilling my dream of being with her. On her living room floor was a cardboard box, a bigger one that the first one she had given me on my birthday. My name was on tip. When I opened it, there were more of her clothes. She told me that she had went through her closet and dresser back home. The clothes were beautiful and a lit were short and sexy. I told myself this would be the night I took a chance and told her my feelings

We were in the middle of sharing a pizza and talking when there was a knock on her door. I wondered who it might be. Natalie opened the door and her roommate from last year entered. I smiled and greeted her. Then mynplans of confessing were crushed when I saw them embrace and share a long French kiss. Natalie told me that they had started dating over the summer. I was crushed inside. The woman I loved was with someone. I wanted to cry but pretended to be happy for Natalie.

Stacy wanted to spend the night, Natalie told her no, that it was a weekend for the two of us to hang out and reconnect. Hearing her say that made me happy again, she wasn’t going to push me aside for her girlfriend. That night we shared her queen size bed and everything felt right in the world again.

The world felt even more right a few weeks later when Natalie told me that her and Stacy had broken up. I knew i couldn’t let another day pass without telling her how I felt. I asked if I could come over and talk to her about something important. She said of course, so i had mom drop me off at Natalie’s apartment. I wore a short denim skirt and a top that Natalie had given me. I had applied light makeup and felt happy with how I looked.

Natalie was wearing a little tight black skirt and a red blouse. She looked like she was ready to put partying but it was her work clothes. We hugged when she opened the door and I took a seat on the couch, my heart racing, could I go through with this? I had to. Would it possibly end our friendship? I hoped not

Natalie brought us drinks and she sat down, turned slightly on the couch to look at me, one beautiful bare thigh crossed over the other. I sat with my back against the couch, turning the glass in my hands nervously.

“Is everything okay?” She asked me, concern in her beautiful eyes

“I’ve never told anyone this, but i like someone” my eyes still on my glass

“That’s amazing, I’m so happy for you. What’s his name?”

“It’s not a him, it’s a her, and I’m scared to tell her because she might not like me”

“Oh my god, you like a girl? That is so amazing. I didn’t know that you liked girls”

“I didn’t know I liked girls before her” I said and took a sip, I had started the ball rolling, I had to keep it going

“Do you know if she likes girls too?”

“Yes she does”

“Destiny, why haven’t tou said anything to her? What’s her name” she asked, I sat there looking at my glass. I wanted to sat Natalie’s name bur I was scared

“Destiny, who is she? Are you okay” her eyes grew more concerned as she saw a tear escape my eye and roll down my cheek

“It’s you” I said softly. Natalie’s expression turned from concern to surprise, her eyes grew big, her jaw dropped a little. No words were said for a few moments

“You like me?”

“I’ve liked you since last year”

“Oh my god, I had no clue. Why didn’t you say something sooner?”

“I didn’t want to scare you off, I’m just a girl and it was against the rules. I think about you all the time”

Natalie took my glass and set it on the table next to hers. One of her hands held mine, her other hand rested on my knee

“Thank you for finally telling me, I am so touched” she said, I was scared that this was when she let me down “come here” she said and pulled me toward her into a hug. We embraced for a couple of minutes, nothing being said. Her breasts pressed against my chest

“It has been so hard to hold it in” I said when pur embrace ended. Natalie now held both of my hands, her thumbs caressed the backs of my hands

“You should have told me sooner, I wouldn’t have kissed Stacy in front of you. Destiny, you’re beautiful, sweet, smart. Why me and not a girl your own age?”

“Because you’re perfect, gorgeous, funny, fun to be around, and just looking at you makes me want to be a better person” I started to open up more

Natalie let go of one of my hands ans lifted it to my cheek, her fingers caressed my cheek and pushed my hair over my ear. I gave her a shy smile, waiting for her next words

“I’ve thought about you too. I wasn’t supposed to like the girl I was mentoring but I did and still do”

“Why didn’t you say anything?” I asked

“Because, I didn’t want to scare you off” she said, her eyes looked into mine, her fingers still caressed my cheek. Her other hand was back on my knee.

I moved my hand to her thigh, her skin was so soft. We were back to silence, neither of us knowing what to say. Natalie moved her hand from my cheek to my shoulder. She started to lean toward me. My heart raced as she neared me, her hand moved to the back of my head. I felt her breath on my face as her lips neared mine and she kissed me softly. Our lips parted and she looked me in the eyes

“First kiss? She asked, seeing the look in my eyes. I nodded “good”

Natalie kissed me again. A series of light lip kisses ensued. Her lips were so soft. When she leaned in to kiss me again, my lips parted with hers and I felt her tongue brush against mine. Each kiss was a brief touch of our tongues, then the French kiss lasted longer. Natalie’s arms were over my shoulders, mine were around her waist. I was kissing the woman of my dreams.

Natalie pulled from the kiss, her lips moved to my neck, kissing my skin lightly, each kiss sent a wave of excitement through me. Her hand caressed my arm. My eyes were closed, hoping this wasn’t a dream. Her kiss moved across my throat and to the other side of my neck. Then up to my ear. Her lips returned to mine and we french kissed for another couple of minutes. When our lips parted, I moved my lips to Natalie’s neck. Her soft moans as I kissed her sounded so beautiful. I felt Natalie’s hand slide to my tiny breast. Her hand so gentle outside of my shirt. I slid my hand to her brreast outside of her shirt. Was this really happening?

When my lips returned to hers, our kiss grew more passionate. I felt one of the buttons of my top come undone, then another, and another. When all of the buttons were open, her hand caressed my belly and moved up to my bra. I started to unbutton her shirt with trembling fingers. Soon my hand was caressing her stomach and cupping her breast outside of her bra. Natalie pulled from the kiss and I laid back on her couch. She looked at me and smiled sweetly. Her hand caressed my cheek again. Then she lowered to me ans started to kiss my chest above my bra. Natalie took her sirt off and dropped it on the floor. I raised enough to get my shirt off as she kissed my chest.

Natalie moved over my bra ans started to kiss my belly down to the top of my skirt and then back up. Her fingers of one hand unhooked my bra and slid it down my arms.

“I’m sorry they’re so small” I said as her lips kissed my chest

“Baby, they are perfect to me” she smiled at me.

As her lips made my little nipples hard, I moved my hands to the back of her bra and unhooked it. Natalie slid it off her arms and it hit the floor. My hands moved to the breasts I had wanted to touch since that night in her dorm room, my dreams were coming true.

Natalie pulled her face from my breasts and rose, then stood. She held out her hand for mine and helped me to.my feet. Natalieed me to her bedroom, and to her bed. Standing by the bed, we resumed kissing, her beautiful bare breasts against my nub breasts. She turned until my back was toward the bed. I sat down on the bed, Natalie stood between my parted thighs. I undid her skirt and slid it over her hips and let it fall to the floor. Her black panties looked so good inches from my face. I kissed along the waistband.

“Lay back baby” Natalie said. When I did, she unbuttoned my skirt and pulled it down my legs. She smiled when she looked at my white cotton panties with pink trim and a bow in front. As she started to move onto the bed over me, I moved up to the pillows. Natalie lowered her weight onto me and our kiss resumed. Our hands explored each other’s body’s

Natalie broke from the kiss and began to kiss down my body, I moaned softly, wanting this to never end, hoping this was the start of more for us together. She was nearing my panties when she looked up at me “spend the night with me”

“I have school tomorrow”

“I’ll drive you to school” she said as her hands gripped my panties

“Okay” I smiled.

I lifted my hips as she pulled my panties down, my bald pussy exposed to her for the first time. Natalie kissed around my pussy and down the inside of my thigh, then back up the inside of the other. Anticipation grew, I needed her lips and tongue on my pussy. When she finally made contact, it was the most amazing feeling in the world. I began moaning as my eyes closed, savoring the pleasure of her tongue licking where no one had been before. I started to moan her name as she started to lick me faster, her tongue circling my clit. I moaned louder, begging her not to stop, telling her how much I loved it. Natalie’s fingers rubbed my pussy as she licked my clit. My moans were almost screams, my orgasm fast approaching. When I came, I cried out happily, it was more powerful than the hundreds I had given myself combined. Natalie sucked on my pussy as I came..

Natalie kissed up my body and we embraced, french kissing passionately, I tasted my pussy on her kiss. We rolled until she was on her back. I began to kiss down the body of my mentor the way that I had always fantasized. Making love with her felt so natural, felt so right. My lips explored the breasts I loved, kissed over the belly I loved. When I reached her panties, I pulled them down and saw her beautiful pussy up close. I looked up at her, she smiled back at me

“I love you” I said softly

“I love you too” she said, the three most beautiful words I had ever heard.

I had imagined this moment, memorized hundreds of porn videos of girls eating out girls. As I licked her pussy for the first time, I knew it was all I wanted. I loved the taste, lived the happy moans coming from Natalie’s lips. My fingers rubbed her wet pussy as I sucked on her clit. My tongue circled it. Natalie moaned louder with each passing moment, moans that told me I was doing it right.

“I’m gonna cum Destiny I’m gonna cum” she started to cry out, her hips began lifting off of the bed, I licked her more passionately. Natalie let out a loud happy cry as her hips stayed jn the air and she came. I sucked on her pussy, tasting her cum, the taste was amazing.

I slid up her body and we embraced, kissing. I only left the bed to call mom and let her know i was staying at Natalie’s. Then i was back on bed falling asleep in her loving arms. I hoped this hadn’t been a dream and I would be waking up in my bed alone.

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  • Reply StanCush ID:1ck7nuo5b7g0

    Wow! What a wonderful story. I can understand the love that you had and she had for you.

  • Reply CaptainJess ID:1ah742a8fid

    Thought it was great, hopefully there will be a part 2.

  • Reply THE G.O.A.T ID:5rbb6t0j

    The best. Please continue to story.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I love your story sweetie it is so beautiful ! I use to be straight until I met my mentor Debbie Dixon who is much older than me and she knew where to touched me in all the right spots in and on my pussy making me cum in buckets because a woman knows where to touch a woman to make her cum , she really babied me until she left ! I am Bisexual now so I can have the best from both sex’s ! Britney

  • Reply Tim ID:tb9kj0eh

    So happy for you to have had this wonderful & loving experience! Your first time was with the absolute right person.

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    So beautiful.