Daughters Friend’s Wild Side’s

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Seeing the secret side of one of my daughters closest friend’s

Being a single dad to an 11 year old girl was a daily learning experience, one of those lessons became trying to control my dirty thoughts when she brought her friends home to hang out or for sleep overs. I did pretty good at behaving myself, although I did save images of them in my head or use pictures from their Facebook pages to masturbate to at night in bed. Occasionly if the girls were out playing, I would sneak into my daughters room to sniff her friends used panties.

I started to quickly lose the control I had when Kelly brought her friend Mira home to study one day. I had always thought that Asian women were beautiful, those thoughts reached a new level when I first saw 11 year old Mira. She was beyond hot, a natural beauty that needed no make up. She had no curves and was still flat chested, but she had the cutest little ass. She was a shy girl who seemed to always be smiling. After seeing her for the first time, I thought about her day and night. When she was around, I always made sure to tell her a cheesy dad joke to hear her cute little laugh.

Mira started to gradually break out of her shyness when she was around, I don’t know if it was natural or planned, but she became a little more flirty when she was around the house. I tried to resist flirting back, deciding to play.it safe and just give her compliments about her smile or her clothes. Each time I complimented her, her smile gave me an instant hard on. One Saturday morning I awoke at my usual time and made my way to make coffee. I stopped when I saw Mira from behind at the fridge. She had on a sleep shirt that hung to mid thigh. I couldn’t resist the urge and walked up behind her, tickling her side. Mira was caught off guard, she laughed as she jumped just a little and spun around

“That wasn’t nice” she smiled in her asian accent in a sweet tone

“Good morning” I chuckled and my eyes dropped

The front of her sleep shirt was partially unbuttoned, I saw the white fabric of a lace training bra. Mira grinned and pulled it closed

“Sorry about that” she said

“It’s okay” I started the process of making coffee. Mira went to exit the kitchen, looking back before she left, we exchanged another smile. Something was different about her smile this time.

As I sat at the kitchen table with my coffee, I picked up my phone and opened Facebook. I was scrolling through the feed when I saw the top symbol light up with a 1 beside it. Touching it, it opened friend requests. There was one from Mira. I didn’t even know she had an account, I accepted quickly and opened her profile. It was the usual preteen type shares on her feed. I clicked on her photos and just sat there in awe of all the beautiful pictures of her going back to when she was 9. My hard on returned as I studied her pictures, she was perfect and irresistible.

I was lost in my fantasy’s about Mira when a messenger notification popped up. Opening it. I saw a message from Mira

“Please don’t tell anyone about my Facebook page, I don’t want my parents to find out”

“I won’t, your pictures are very beautiful” I typed and sent

“Thank you, what part of me do you like the best?”

“Your legs and I have to say your butt” I typed, hoping Kelly wasn’t reading what I sent

“Thank you I like your butt too”

“I hope Kelly isn’t seeing this lol”

“She can’t see, don’t worry I won’t tell her. Here is a Facebook group I want you to join, talk later, hugs” she ended the chat and I received an invite

Young Asian Beauty’s was the group that popped up, instantly I clicked follow. I started to scroll through the pictures on the group page and stopped. There was Mira, in her bedroom, a picture in a two piece bikini, a few pictures later there she was again in another bikini selfie, it was the least clothes I had seen her in, her preteen body was so hot.

The rest of the day passed by without any excitement. Miras mom came to pick her up in the late afternoon and I took Kelly to a friend’s for a sleepover. I already had plans to masturbate to Miras pictures when I got home after grocery shopping.

Those plans changed. As I was putting groceries away I heard my phone ding. Picking it up, I saw a messenger notification from Mira

“What are you doing?” She asked

“Just putting up groceries”

“Oh. I see, then what will tou be doing?”

“Nothing, Kelly is at a friends”

“I want to see you tonight”

“What about your mom and dad”

“I can sneak out of my window, park at the corner a block south of my house at 8 pm”

“I’ll be there” I said, how could I turn this down.

“At the designated time I was parked where she told me to park. Each minute seemed to drag by, then I saw the small figure walking down the sidewalk. It was almost dark out, so.i couldn’t fully make her out until she was within a few feet, my jaw dropped.

Mira was wearing a short tight skirt, high heels. And a halter top that revealed her midriff. When she opened the door to get in, she had make up on and her hair was teased. The girl looked sexy and older than 11 years old.

“You look amazing” I said as she shut the door

“Thank you, I have to keep these clothes and my make up hidden from mom and dad. Let’s go to your place”

“Just to hang out?” I asked

“That depends, we can do more than hang out for $200”

“Wait, are you?” I started to ask, I couldn’t say the rest

“That’s what that Facebook group is, it’s an escort group, we just can’t say it openly” she told me “so do you want to have some fun?”

I had never paid for sex before, but this was an opportunity that I could not pass up. I nodded as I put the car on gear and headed for home. I always had an emergency stash in my bedroom. This would definitely be an occasion to use some of the money.

A few minutes later, I was parking in my garage and pushed the button to close the door. Getting out. I rushed around to open the door for Mira, as she swung her legs out. I got a peek up her mini skirt to see the black panties covering her crotch. Helping her out, I could not believe how sexy she looked. The $200 was quickly becoming money I didn’t mind parting with.

We entered the house and Mira waited in the living room as I went ans got the money, my cock rock hard thinking about what was about to happen. I had never imagined I would get to have sex with a preteen, and my daughters friend at that. She smiled as I handed it to her, she slipped it into the small purse she was carrying. I walked to the couch and sat down. Mira stood a couple of feet in front of me, feet shoulder width apart and started swaying her hips, dancing to no music. I gazed at her body, she moved closer to me and straddled my lap facing me. Her skirt now risen up to her hips, the black panties visible.

“I don’t normally kiss, but I like you a lot” she said in her asian accent.

“I like you a lot too”

“I know you do. This is going to be fun” she said and i pulled her tiny frame to me, kissing her on the lips like I had always imagined doing. Mira pushed her little tongue into my mouth. It flicked against my tongue quickly. This little girl definitely knew how to kiss. My hands on the small of her back moves around and slid under her halter rope, caressing her nipples, her skin was so smooth, so soft to the touch. Mira broke from the kiss ans pulled her top off, dropping it to the floor in front of the couch. My lips moved to her small neck, kissing it as she moaned happily. Mynhanda returned to the small of her back and she leaned back against them as I started to kiss her chest, kissing the flat area where breasts would someday grow.

Then Mira scooted back toward my knees. Her small fingers undid my jeans and lowered my underwear to free my hard cock. She smiled.at me when she saw my size. Her small hands moved to my shaft, one hand above the other, she started to strike my cock. As she stroked, I leaned forward and started to kiss her again, my hands now on her small hips

“Take me to bed” she said in her asian accent

She didn’t need to say it twice, pulling her against me ans standing, she was so light. I carried her to the bedroom, I was really going to get to fuck this 11 year old.angel that was far from an angel right now. Reaching my bed, I moved onto it onto.mt knees and lowered Mira to her back. Her small body under me, we kissed harder and more passionately.

When I broke from the kiss I gripped the mini skirt and pulled ot down her legs, dropping it, I gripped her small black panties and pulled them down. Her tiny pussy was bald and perfect. Mira used her toes to push my jeans and underwear down. I started to kiss down her perfect little body, trying to take my time to get to her pussy, but I couldn’t. I needed to taste her. Mira parted her legs wide as my face moved between her thighs.

Mira tasted so good, so pure. My tongue slid between her pussy lips ans explored every inch of her 11 year old pussy. Her moans grew louder, no one was around to hear us. My fingers caressed her pussy as my tongue played with her small clit, Miras moans grew even louder, even sexier. Her small hips began moving up and down, humping my tongue. It only took a few short minutes before I heard her start to moan “cumming” and her body froze, her back arched. Her cum flowed from her pussy. My tongue lapped some up before I moved back up her. I needed to be inside of her

Our kiss resumed, her small hands on my back, I reached down and lined my cock up. Miras brown eyes showed her joy and that she was ready for me. Her eyes and face still showed the innocence of a little girl even though she was anything but innocent. I pushed against her and after a couple of trues, started to enter her, her small pussy gripped my cock tightly, her warm, wet pussy took me inch by inch,

“Ypu won’t hurt me, fuck me baby” she said once I was fully inside of her

My hips moved steadily, fucking this perfect little girl slowly at first, then steadily sped up. Miras eyes were closed, her head tilted back i rose, holding myself up on my hands, thrusting faster and harder. Miras little legs wrapped around me as I fucked her pussy harder. I had wanted her so bad and thought about her all day, if this was a dream, I didn’t want to wake up. She begged for me to fuck her harder, I obliged, ramming my cock into her over and over, faster. I could feel my orgasm building

“Fuck Mira, I’m gonna cum”

“Cum on me, cum on my body” she begged

My thrusts grew unsteady as I grew closer to cumming, just before my orgasm, I pulled out and grabbed my cock, now slick from her pussy juices. My load shooting onto the 11 year old beauty below me. Mira smiled as it splashed pn her skin, her chest and belly. I dropped to her side, Mira turned her head to look at me and we kissed again.

Her high heels were still on as she got up and walked to my bathroom to clean up, inwatched her perfect body move across the floor as she returned, burning her naked body into my memory. She finally took off her heels as she got back in bed

“Just have me hone before sunrise” she said as she moved into my arms, it was no problem as I worked on Sundays ans had to be there at 5am, my phone was already set for 3am

When the alarm went off, I awoke to see the small perfect asian girl still in bed with me, still naked. My cock hardened at the site of her. Coffee could wait. I moved my lips to her neck and when I started to kiss, her eyes opened. My lips made their way to hers, I needed her again.

Miras small arms moved over my shoulder, she leaned into me, moving me to my back. She slowly climbed onto me as we kissed harder. Her lips left mine and she started to kiss down my body. Her mouth soon reaching my cock. Her young lips kissed it, licked it lovingly. Then she slid it between her lips and started to suck my cock. She had definitely done this many times, her mouth was better than any other that had given me blow jobs before.

She only sucked for a couple of minutes before she moved back up my body, her small pussy now against my hard cock. Mira held it gently and slid down, starting to take me inside of her. I was having morning sex with a perfect preteen, she felt just as good as the night before as she rode me and rose to sitting on my cock, her small hands on my chest. I looked into her beautiful eyes, cumming would not take long. Mira started to ride me faster. I couldn’t fight it, the orgasm was arriving in record time.

“I’m gonna cum Mira” I groaned, she quickly slid off of my cock and dropped down until her mouth was on it again, sucking and stroking my cock until my load shot into her mouth. Mira lifted her head from my cock and smiled

“I will make coffee” she said and sprung from the bed, exiting the room still naked. I arose ans went to take a shower.

At 4:30 am, I pulled up to the corner I had picked her up from. We kissed again, a loving goodbye kiss. When our lips parted, she looked at me

“If you take care of me, I will take care of you” she said

“How much for me to be the only man who takes care of you?” I asked

“Anything you want, or nothing, I am in love with you”

“You’re what?” Had j heard that right

“I love you” she said with a smile, I returned the smile

“I.love you too” I said. We kissed one more time

I watched Mira walk away from the cat in her mini skirt, halter top and heels in the dark. I put the cat in drive and headed to work, thinking about the amazing night that inhad just had

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