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I sucked my Dad

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I was at the age where I was curious about sex. Sometimes we would have sleep overs and different houses but one was the best of all. Marny had found her parents stash of porn and whenever we girls got together at her house we would watch porn when her parents were not around. I had seen my dad’s cock a couple of times by accident and had watched girls blow there dads or brothers or other family on the porno’s. SO the idea was in my head and wouldn’t leave as I found myself looking more at my brothers and dads crotches for signs of erections.
The opportunity came one night when just my Dad and I were the only ones home and Dad had been drinking pretty steady since the afternoon. By 9 o clock he was totally pissed and passed out in his lazy boy with a tee shirt and shorts on. The girls and I had been talking about if we would suck off our Dads if we ever got the chance. Of course everyone said yes like good little sluts lol. So here was my Dad passed out in the chair right in front of me and I had an opportunity.
I went over beside the chair and poked at him and gave him a shove but he just layed there snoring and I put my hand on his bare leg. His leg was hairy and warm and I liked how it felt as I run my hand over his thigh. I kept a careful watch on his face to make sure he didn’t wake up but there was no response.
My hand went higher to the bottom of his shorts pant leg and I eased my fingers into his shorts. I was so nervous and excited at the same time as I went a little further and my fingers touched the tip of his cock through his underwear. I moved my hand under his underwear and over his cock and wrapped my finger around it. I was breathing heavily and couldn’t believe how hot his cock was and how good it felt. I could feel it growing in m hand, getting thicker and longer but still my Dad just snored away.
I pushed the leg of his shorts up and exposed the head of his cock watching in fascination as it grew in my hand and stuck out of the shorts leg.
I looked at my Dad for a few seconds making sure he was passed out and then I took a deep breath and lowered my mouth to his cock. I licked around the head and my little virgin pussy tingled as I tasted my first cock. It tasted a little like piss and something else I didn’t know how to explain but I got used to the taste after a little bit then lifted it up and sucked my Dads cockhead into my mouth. I fucking near came right there and my little kitty had never felt so horny as I sucked more cock into my mouth.
I had forgotten all about watching my Dads face and was totally getting into sucking my fist big cock. I loved it, the texture, the taste, the big hardness of it. I tried to get as much cock into my mouth as I could until it hit the back of my throat and I gaged a little but kept right on sucking. My Dads cock was huge in my mouth and I wondered how it felt when he fucked my Mom with it. Maybe that was what the strange taste was I thought and came in my pants at the thought of it. My dad was groaning a little but the noise was in the back of my mind and I didn’t pay any attention when suddenly his cock erupted into my mouth shooting a huge load of cum and I swallowed it down my throat just in time to accept a second big blast. I couldn’t believe how good his cum tasted as I sucked the last of it out of his cock and it started to go soft. As I pulled my mouth off my Dads cock I became aware of how quiet it was, he was no longer snoring an dhe had a stupid grin on his face but his eyes were still closed. I watched him for a minute and he began to snore again so I figured I was chill.
I went up to my room and tore off my clothes jumping into bed naked and masturbating with the taste of my dads cum in my mouth. I had a huge orgasm and wished I could have had another load of cum to swallow . I could hardly wait to tell the girls next time we got together. I bet I was the only one who had done it and they would be so jealous.

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    April 1st -lol

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      Delilah, what fun would that be, at least let me be awake. I could teach you all kinds of neat tricks. It would be so fun, I might have an appointment open next week so shoot the moon and explode a mean none.
      If you squirt even better!

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      how do i contact anyone

    • Kik - nattm1898 ID:1ddul32gdhl9

      @Delilah, there are so many ways to connect with people. There’s email, apps like kik and Snapchat; if your looking local there’s stuff like tinder and meet me (not sure if that still exists). My own kik user name is my username here. And there are many others that post ways to connect with them throughout the site.

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      Delilah. Email

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    • Jon do ID:1ef6fk9w7ue1

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  • Reply Cyberwolf ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    I think that the bigger picture here is did he ever find out

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    i wish

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      Delilah, you have plenty of guys here that would gladly be the man for you, myself included. Don’t be so down about it.

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