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Daddy doesn’t know he has an enemy Ch.01

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My uncle hates my dad, and I was raped and enslaved as a means to punish him.

Hello my name is Scarlett C. and this is my story, but it started many years ago, concretely the night I turned fourteen.

One of the many things a girl cannot control is mother nature’s plans for her, when you grow to have 36D-27-37 by the time you turn fourteen, nature doesn’t care if you wanted it or not.

Usually, being blessed is a good thing, but when you get too much too soon, you can elicit unwanted attention with unforeseen consequences.

How about getting gifted a huge hard cock at your fourteenth birthday party?

That’s what I got, my uncle’s veiny cock as one of my birthday gifts.

That day, all the adults were drinking and it was already late, the kids had either left or were asleep somewhere upstairs, I was the only minor left, I wanted to enjoy my birthday until it was over.

Uncle Scott told me he had a gift for me, and said I should come to get it with him.
I lobed gifts and saw no reason to refuse him, so I nodded and followed him.

Once we got to one of the empty rooms on the first floor, he locked the door and then he proceeded to hug me, then he kissed me on the neck.
I had no idea what was happening but I didn’t fight back, it felt nice.
Uncle Scott is my dad’s older distant cousin, who lived near us, he was forty-five at the time I think.
Then, he started to caress me, and ultimately, he slid his hand under my skirt.

I knew what sex was, I just didn’t know what it felt like, his hand touching my pussy felt funny at first, but then, the feeling became pleasant.

“I knew you were a little slut” he whispered in my ear.
He kept fingering me as he spoke mean things to me, he said that I had a slut’s body and he was gonna make me his teen bitch.

I had never been talked to like that, and although I knew what he wanted, I just couldn’t find it in myself to fight back.
Uncle Scott was much taller and heavier than me, I was five feet six and he was six feet two, and I must have weighed not even a third of what he did.

He was a big man, not only tall but also strong, he worked in construction, as such, he was really burly.

I could feel his thick and callous fingers in my pussy, he was playing with the entrance, only sliding the fingers a little.

I could still hear the music loud and clear from afar, at the table outside where everyone else was.

I knew they wouldn’t hear me even if I screamed.

Uncle Scott wrapped his big hand around my neck and brought his face next to mine.

“I will make you my bitch tonight, if you behave, I will make you feel good, if you don’t, I will twist your neck,” he threatened.

I was shocked and scared, I was frozen, with him staring at me.
“I want to hear you say you will be my bitch” he ordered.
I kept mum for a few seconds, and that only got him to tighten the grip on my neck.
“Say it, slut!” He growled.
“I will be my uncle’s bitch,” I complied.
He smiled and licked my face “now you get it, do as I say, and it will be over before you know it,” he softly said.
He forced me onto my knees and once I was down, he started to undo his pants.
It only took a few seconds for my eyes to witness my uncle’s genitals right in my face.

A big hard nine inches cock and a pair of big hairy balls were inches away from me.

“You like it bitch?” He asked when he noticed my eyes glued to his manhood.
I was honestly mesmerized, I wasn’t as prude as to not know what a penis was, but I had never seen one in real life, let alone a huge one.

He took one of my hands and placed it on his cock, making me stroke it.
I don’t know why that was, but I was enthralled by it, I jacked that monster slowly, and surveyed it with my eyes, every vein, every shape, every inch, I watched it all with rapt attention.
“Open your mouth,” he ordered.
I looked up at him, which earned me another grip tightening.
“Do as I say,” he uttered.

I opened my mouth and a few seconds later his huge cock was entering it.

The day I turned fourteen, I was fed my first huge cock, and it happened before I even gave away my first kiss.
I didn’t know it at the time, but that was bound to be a constant in my life, things happening out of order.

His cock tasted salty and the smell made my head spin, I had never felt anything like that, his musky smell violated my nostrils as much as his cock in my mouth.

He had me against the wall by the door, then he grabbed my head and started pumping vigorously, I was getting skull-fucked.
“Just like that, this is how a bitch favors my big cock,” he snickered as he kept using my mouth.

I must confess that at some point during my first fellatio, something broke inside me, suddenly, I didn’t feel so uncomfortable with what I was doing, it stopped feeling like something I was being forced to do.
I suddenly started to enjoy that potent smell, and even that salty taste wasn’t so bad now.

He also noticed my reluctance going away.
“I knew you would like it, teen whores like you like strong males such as me the most,” he smugly remarked.

His words made me feel tingly, the way he spoke to me was devoid of tenderness, but somehow the funny feeling in my pussy grew as I listened to him insult me.

That’s where my masochism was born, from then on, I would come to like it the most when I was being mistreated and insulted during intimacy.

I even subconsciously started to touch myself, I had never done that before, I didn’t even know how, but I did.

“That pussy is hungry,” he smiled “let’s feed it,” he said.

Then he made me stand up and kissed me again, this time on the lips.
And I didn’t resist in the slightest, I wrapped my arms around his neck and accepted his kiss.

It felt incredible, my first kiss wasn’t a puppy love one, it was a full-blown adult kiss from a strong man.
I had already surrendered, I wanted this to happen now as well.

“Turn around, I want to claim you like the little bitch that you are,” he whispered in my ear.

I did as instructed, turning around, and presenting my fourteen hears old big ass to him.

“Now, beg me,” he ordered next.
“Uncle, make love to me,” I whispered while blushing.
“You seem to be mistaken, you are not my girlfriend or my wife, I will not make love to you, you are a horny teenage idiot slut, a set of convenient holes for me to use and enjoy, I will be fucking you and nothing more,” he sneered.

I swear I could feel my juices flowing as I listened to him.
“Beg for my cock like the piece of shit whore you are,” he mandated.
“Uncle Scott, please give me your fat cock, fuck my bitch holes with it and make me your whore,” I couldn’t stop my mouth from exclaiming, I knew that was what he wanted to hear.
“I will give you what you crave, you filthy sow,” He smiled and aligned his cock to my slit.

I looked down between my legs and saw the mushroom head of his cock parting my pink pussy lips.
I felt it entering me until it reached an obstacle, I knew what it was, my hymen had been reached.

“I must thank my good cousin, he welcomed me into his house, and let me drink his booze, eat his food and now he even allowed me to fuck his bitch of a daughter, I don’t think there has ever been a better host than my dear cousin,” he gloated.

Uncle decided not only to be mean to me, he now wanted to insult daddy as he fucked me.

Then I felt him thrust into me with strength, and then, I felt a sting inside me.

“Awww…” A little cry escaped my mouth, but he paid no heed to it, and kept sliding it in, he didn’t stop until he was buried balls deep inside.

“Now we can happily inform my cousin his baby daughter, the birthday’s princess, is now used goods,” he guffawed.

Then he started moving, with no regard for the pain it caused me.

My body rocked violently as I was getting smashed from behind.

He kept fucking me for about ten minutes like this, he ruthlessly subdued me and enjoyed my body as he pleased, as for me, pain and pleasure were so intense, that after a few minutes I could not tell them apart.

“I want you to scream for your daddy’s help,” he whispered in my ear.

I don’t think it is necessary to clarify at this point, but I will say it anyway, uncle Scott was a sadist, he enjoyed inflicting psychological pain on his victims.

I kept silently moaning for a few seconds, I knew there was a chance of someone hearing.

“Daddy,” I started, ” please save me, daddy, I was caught by uncle Scott and he turned me into his bitch, if you don’t save me, he is gonna finish enslaving me, daddy,”

“Tell him to come to save you, before I empty the thick cum from my balls inside your pussy, tell him his cousin is gonna make his idiot baby girl turn into a pregnant teenage slut,”

I was horrified when I heard this, but I subconsciously tightened when I heard it.

Uncle was planning to impregnate me, and my body reacted like it wanted it to happen.

“Daddy, please, there is still time, uncle plans to knock me up, and I am powerless to stop him, I will let him, if you don’t do something, I will be turned into a single mother, uncle doesn’t plan on taking responsibility,” my plea was a mixture of genuine fear and pleasure.
“Damn right I don’t, why would I want to take responsibility for a shitty slut like you?, your daddy is an idiot and his daughter is an easy bitch, I don’t want to have anything to do with you, other than using your bitch holes,” he snickered.

“So cruel,” I lamented, I bet daddy had no idea of what uncle Scott thought of us.

“Let me tell you something, I came today wanting to do this, but I never thought it was gonna be this easy, you are an even bigger bitch than I anticipated you would be,”

I kept silent as I enjoyed his insults and lamented my miserable fate, then I felt his cock start to twitch.
“It’s almost done, get ready to become a single mom, bitch,” he cheered, “Hey, cousin!, you always Boast about how pretty and perfect your baby daughter is, but now I can tell you that she is just a braindead slut, she has already sucked my big cock and she is now bent over taking my huge cock inside her pussy like a cheap slut, and she is about to get a fresh creampie from me, I now can say for sure she ain’t worth shit, and the only thing half-decent about her is her holes, but after I’m done with them, they will be too worn down and loose to be worth anything, watch how your pride and joy becomes my cum dumpster, idiot, hahaha…” He laughed maniacally as he thrust faster.
All of a sudden, as he sped up, I felt how he was pushing me down, he placed his hands on my shoulders and pulled me downwards, making my upper body smash on the floor.
Then, as if the blow wasn’t enough to ensure his helpless victim couldn’t refuse being impregnated, my face, whose half was flat on the floor, felt something crushing on the half that wasn’t.
He stepped on the side of my face that was looking up, crushing it with his feet.

“Beg for it, bitch,” his husky voice sounded in my ear “beg for your uncle to fill you with his thick cum, I want to hear my cousin’s idiot pampered baby daughter begging to be made a single mom, I want my new bitch to learn that her place is right here, on her knees being used to please my huge cock,”

“I want it,” I babbled.
“Speak clearly, you stupid bitch,” he barked.
“I want my uncle’s illegitimate baby,” I continued.
“Keep going,” he pushed me.
“I want my uncle to impregnate my pampered daughter’s pussy, make my daddy’s braindead slut of a daughter a teenage single mom, destroy my future with your unwanted child, I want you to use that grotesque big cock to humiliate my daddy by knocking up his daughter,” I was just so broken by then, I spew everything he wanted to hear.

I was in no position to look anywhere, his feet on my face robbed me of any freedom of movement, but I bet if I could look at him, I would see a satisfied grin on his face, he had finally broken me beyond any shadow of a doubt.

“I would love to see that idiot’s face when he finds out what I did to his whore of a daughter,” he laughed “here it comes bitch!” He groaned and lounged forward.

Then, I felt something scalding hot shooting inside me, it was over for me, and that thought, coupled with the pleasure my body was the prey of, made me show the white of my eyes as I got drowned in the most agonic ecstasy I had ever felt.
“Ahhh, nothing beats breaking and corrupting someone’s precious daughter, making her a used whore,” he gloatingly stated.

I came when he shot his thick cum inside me, the thought that I was used goods now made me come until I was a mess, writhing in pleasure, with my face being pressed on the floor, in what should be the most humiliating way a woman can be forced to submit to an unwanted impregnation.

I reckon I must have looked incredibly pathetic as I lay there, with my uncle still on top of me, wringing the last of his cum out of his cock, depositing it inside my pussy.

He withdrew his foot from my face after he was done, but I stayed in place, I couldn’t move a single muscle, I was just too overwhelmed to do anything at all.

I heard the sound of a camera being shot repeatedly, my eyes were the only thing that I could move, and they saw that bastard uncle of mine with his phone in his hand, it didn’t take a genius to figure out he had taken a picture of his exploit.

“If you don’t want your daddy to get a few of these pictures, you will continue to do as I say, you will be at my beck and call, and you are not allowed to refuse, you understand, you dumb bitch?” He menacingly asked.

I tried to get up, but I was unable to.

“Pathetic,” he growled and pulled me up by my hair.
“My bitches ain’t weak pieces of shit like you, looks like you need to learn your lesson,” he said, as he tossed me on the bed.

I watched in horror as that humongous cock stiffened again, it was gonna be a long birthday evening for me.

From the moment I left with him to receive my “gift,” to the moment I got back, about three hours had gone by, it was already about two a.m. when I arrived at the table.

“Where have you been?”, the slurred voice of my dad inquired.
” I felt tired so I went to lie down for a while, but I thought it was rude of me to leave the guests alone, so I came back,” I explained
“My good responsible daughter,” once more, daddy opened his mouth, this time to praise me.

Forma whatever reason, a phrase that would have made me smile any time before today, made my blood boil when I heard it.

I would come to learn why many years later, but that night, I had been raped, and I of course blamed the man whose cock robbed me of my innocence, but I had no way to revenge, he had leverage, and any of the pictures he took were enough to ruin me, so my mind did what people do whenever frustration over an event they cannot control builds up.

I shifted the blame onto another.

In my eyes, I became uncle Scott’s victim because of his hatred for my dad, I was collateral damage, the means to punish my dad, he was the cause of my disgraceful fate.

My eyes darted around, looking for uncle Scott, but I couldn’t find him.

I was certain he hadn’t left, he was evil enough to sit at the same table as me and my family while smiling as if he didn’t rape me just minutes before.

Nobody noticed, or maybe some of them did, but no one cared, but there was a spring in my steps that wasn’t there earlier.

A girl can’t help but walk funny when she had her asshole busted up by a horse-sized cock, those three hours or so were plenty enough time for uncle Scott to take all my virginities away from me, he nutted inside my ass, my mouth and several times inside my pussy, he must have ejaculated about five times in those three hours.

He ordered me to go back to everyone else as I was, we both knew I reeked of sex, but nobody noticed, their noses must have been numbed by the alcohol.
Whatever it was, I returned to my seat next to daddy.
I knew uncle Scott wanted to flaunt my debasement to my daddy, he wanted my daddy to catch the smell coming out of his princess, just after being degraded into his uncle’s bitch.

But dad, just like everyone else, noticed nothing.

Thinking about that got me even madder, how can the very reason for today’s gathering disappear for three fucking hours, and nobody, especially daddy, didn’t fucking notice anything?

I had been violated, sodomized, and possibly even impregnated, and not a single one of these fuckers that called themselves my family noticed a single fucking thing.

Grief is a complex thing, I had just gone through the most traumatic experience of my fourteen years of life, and it was like what I suffered was in vain, nobody realized shit.

“Fucking idiot,” I mumbled softly.

“The fucking cousin you invited to your house just fucked your baby and here you are, drunk as fuck, oblivious to my suffering,” I thought to myself while glaring covertly at my dad.

“Did you know he came inside every single one of your baby daughter’s holes? He creamed your baby’s pussy at least three times,” I smiled slightly as I mentally chastised my daddy.

“I hope his fucking cum succeeds in fertilizing my eggs, and I hope they stick, how would you like to raise the baby an asshole you brought into your house fucked into your baby daughter, moron?” My smile grew wider.

Uncle Scott showed up ten minutes after I did, saying he had an emergency but he was back to finish the evening with us.

He sat in front of me, I knew he would, I bet his cock was hard from watching me, his recently tamed bitch, seated next to her daddy he hated, freshly fucked and full of his cum.

I could still feel it sloshing around inside me, I knew a little of it had already escaped my panties and had stained the chair I was sitting on, and it was happening right under daddy’s nose.

That night, something inside me changed forever, I had learned from my first man, that hatred was an integral part of life, that cruelty does not require acknowledgment, he knew I was full of his cum and I did too, we both looked at my dad, and smiled while thinking what an idiot he was.

My young mind was infected by his hatred and his cruelty, and would forever change the course of my life, modifying the way I chose to interact with those around me, and view those I cared about.

In time, cruelty became one of my few joys in life and one of the few reasons for my existence, and I became a master at inflicting it on those who wronged me.

Little did each of us know, but what started that evening was gonna shape the rest of our lives in ways none of us could have imagined.

Life has a funny way of leveling things out, and we were soon to find out the hard way, that no deed, good or bad, goes unpunished.

But that will have to wait until next time.

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