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Fun family

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Mom, Dad, son and two sisters share family fun. Fiction, incest, Mgg, mff, more

Fun Family

I thought you might enjoy hearing about fun things that keep my family a close knit loving group.

My name is Ron. I am 40 and still in good shape. My wife is Donna. She is 36 and her chest matches her age. She is a real knock out, a MILF if there ever was one. We have a 17 year old son, Rick. He is tall and slim and a good athlete. We also have cute and petite twin 14 year old daughters, Joan and Debbie. They started maturing into women a couple years ago. We live in the outskirts of Atlanta.

After the girls were born we decided we did not want more kids so Donna got her tubes tied. Because the twins were maturing rapidly, last year Donna got them put on the pill. We are not your normal stereotype family. We are much closer and loving than most.

There is a game that we play. Most Saturday mornings I am the last one to get up. I lay in bed with my eyes closed and pretty soon the bedroom door opens and someone comes in, pulls down the sheet and gets on the bed. I feel a tongue licking up one side of my cock and down the other. Then tight lips slide over my now hard cock and go down to the base. I can’t reach out and touch. It is against the rules of the game. I’m sucked till I come and my offering is swallowed. The point of the game is that I have to guess if it is Donna, Joan or Debbie. I’m wrong more than I am right but I don’t care.

Our bedroom shares a wall with the girls’ room. Each of their rooms has a queen size bed and I have put the furniture so each headboard is on opposite sides of the same wall. We can clearly hear what is going on in the girls’ room and they can hear their mom and me when we start going at it hot and heavy and I am grunting while she begs me to fuck her hard with my big hard cock. Many nights we hear one of the girls moaning and begging till she screams out an orgasm. Sometimes a little while later we hear the other one do the same. Some nights we hear the headboard banging against the wall when their brother comes into their room and joins them. They know we can hear them and that makes it even hotter.

There is another game I like to play with the girls. At night after we hear the three kids going at it in the girls’ room, the girls come to our bed. I go eenie, meeny, miny, moe to decide which girl rides cowgirl on my cock and which one sits on my face while I eat her out. Sometimes my cock is fucking a cum filled cunt and sometimes I get my face covered with cum. I win either way. When we are playing this game, Donna goes into Rick’s room and either gets her cunt eaten or fucked. Rick’s favorite position is doggie. He loved to deep fuck a cunt from behind. His cock and mine are both about seven inches but because he is young, he can be ready for seconds quicker than I can.

Even though Rick’s room is across the hall we can clearly hear Donna crying out with pleasure when Rick brings her to orgasm. When she comes back to our room I get another face full of cum before we go to sleep.

Each of us is free to have sex outside of the family but it happens at home most often. Now you know why we are such a close and loving family.

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