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The babesitter 3

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I wish I could say that we had enough common sense to stop after a while but honestly we fucked the night away. Round 2 turned into 3 and so on and so on, eventually we did stop but only because we were literally too tired to continue. We laid there on that bed cuddling and kissing for what seemed like hours, Maya laid beside me the same way a model would lay for a sexy magazine. Her face was practically screaming “I am so proud of this family.” As she stared at me and the girls with a warm motherly smile.

Kelly laid on the other side clinging to my arm the same way a young child clings to a stuffed animal as they drift off to sleep. Finally Carly laid directly on top of me, her small developing chest was firmly pressed against mine and playfully kicking her feet in the air as if she was waiting for another text from her gal pals. Maya finally broke the calm yet steamy silence.

“Do you want to know what Paul’s reaction was when I first asked if we could include the girls?”

“What?” I replied more curious why Maya would ask that at all.”

“He laughed and said that’s messed up.” I wasn’t surprised but I did understand where Maya was coming from.

“Doesn’t surprise me, You girls are way too good for that slob”

“Hehe yeah but that didn’t stop mommy from giving us a pussy kiss goodnight every night.” Carly chimed in eagerly.

“Of course sweetie, what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t reward my daughters for being so cute and sexy.” Maya continued. “Besides me and my girls are a package deal, even in the bedroom.”

“Especially in the bedroom” Kelly said somehow still awake.

“Well let it be known that as long as I’m with you girls there won’t be a single moment where your not wearing a smile on your face and your pussies aren’t filled with love.” I said it once and I’ll say it again. I genuinely love Maya and her daughters with all my heart, not just my cock. Maya giggled.

“You better, now let’s get some sleep we got a busy week ahead of us.” And with that, the wildest and what felt like the longest Halloween of my life came to an end we then spent the week planning our runaway from Paul. Where we would go, how were gong to break the news to the poor bastard etc. eventually we figured it would be best to stay at Mayas sister Rose’s house down the shore. The house is big with plenty of space and the best part is that she knows about me and the girls. Turns out almost everyone on Maya’s side is a complete degenerate.

Eventually the day had finally arrived. We were fully packed, all the financial stuff was taken care of and Maya left a divorce notice and a very scathing letter full of all the repressed frustrations she’s been holding on to onto the bed with a trail of flowers just to fuck with Paul one last time.

“I still think my plan is better.” Maya said in a disappointed tone.

“Your plan was to tie Paul up and fuck the girls right in front of him.”

“Hey it would have been way more satisfying.” I couldn’t argue with that. But regardless I double downed on my plan because I didn’t want to get arrested. We drove for a good while but eventually we made it to Rose’s without much trouble. Maya barely even began to knock on the door before it swung open.

“Hey bitch” A fit, tan, Amazonian like women charged at Maya full speed and shoved her tongue down her throat, this must have been Rose. Maya eventually was able to break free.

“Oh my rose you look amazing, is that a six pack?” Maya asked while groping Roses ass.

“You bet it is, and I can’t wait to have you grind on it.” I could barely restrain myself I was so fucking Horny, we hadn’t had sex once since Halloween last week.

“HI AUNT ROSIE!” Kelly and Carly said in unison as they ran to their aunt. She gave them “warm welcome” each just like she did to their mother. She then turned to me.

“Oh so this the stud who’s been fucking you all silly, Maya wasn’t lying you look like an absolute snack. oh goodness where are my manners, come inside!”

We finally got the last of the bags in those house and had a nice long chat. Introducing myself, how things have been, the kinds of sex me and the girls have been having. But eventually Carly started fidgeting and I knew exactly what she wanted.

“Well I don’t know about you two but I’m gonna go get these girls “settled in” Wanna join?” Rose shot off the couch like a bullet, grabbing Maya’s hand and pulling her upstairs.

“Fucking finally I have waited so long to get a taste of you, we’ll meet you upstairs. Come on Maya your big sis needs that god-like mouth of yours.”

“AH OH CHRIS MY BELOVED, PLEASE SAVE ME FROM THIS WITCH heheh.” Maya playfully shouted as Rose dragged her upstairs.”

“Alright girls ready to get fucked so hard you can barely walk?” I asked joyfully.

“Ready when you are Chris.” Kelly said with a wide bright smile.

“YAAY, FAMILY ORGY!!” Carly said as she raced us to the master bedroom. Inside we found Rose face first in Mayas pussy

“ OOH…MMM..OH BABY…HOLY FUCK I MISSED THIS” Maya turned to me and the girls. “Ugh…give me a second girls holy shit I forgot how amazing your tongue was Rose.” I stayed back and got undressed with the girls. My cock was so hard it was actually starting to hurt. Eventually Rose finished lapping up Maya’s juices and beckoned us over.

“You guys want a turn? Come on now I don’t bite, unless your into that hehe.” Rose said with a sarcastic smile.

Kelly turned to me with the biggest “pretty please” eyes. I simply nodded my head as I helped Carly get undressed. Kelly’s sqee’d in happiness before leaping onto the bed with her mother and aunt. “Oooh now we’re talking, gosh Kelly your hips get curvier every time I see you.” Kelly locked legs with Rose and began furiously tribbing.

“OOOH SHIT THATS NICE, fuuuck your surprisingly good at this Kelly belly. How’s your aunts cunt feel.

“MMMFF…Ah… good….. really really really good….OOOH” Rose pulled Maya toward her for a very loud and wet make-out session. “I’m still not done with you sis.” As for me and Carly I had her Laying on the floor with a tight grip on both her ankles, quickly slamming my cock into her pussy.

“AAAH….AH CHRIS…. I LOVE YOU I….I WANT A BABY…PLEASE MMMN!!” She was so fucking cute my heart couldn’t take it, and neither could my cock as before I knew it I was pumping what felt like an entire glass of cum into Carly’s 13 year old cunt. I slowly scooped her up and began making out with her, cum was oozing out of her and yet she still wrapped her arms and legs around me preventing any escape.


“Aah ME TOO BABY MMMM…OH THATS THE SPOT…RIGHT THERE RIGHT THERE AAAAAaaah!” Rose and Kelly bathed each other in each other’s pussy juice just as I was as finished with Carly. Rose got off the bed and walked towards me and Carly while stretching.

“aaaah nothing like a good tribbing to get the blood flowing, now that that’s out of the way why don’t we move on to the main course.” I smiled as I gently put Carly down. She clearly didn’t want to let go and began kicking her feet pouting.

“Come on sweetie your aunt needs me, if you let go of me I’ll get you some ice cream later. That was enough to convince her to let go. Rose led me to the bed while Maya was caring for a still worn out Kelly Letting her suck on her tits.

“So how we doing th-AH”

Rose shoved me onto the bed and without a hint of hesitation slammed down onto my cock with the force of a truck. To call her pussy tight would be an understatement I felt l was about to cum any second.

“Alright stud, let’s see how you handle a real fuck” she began rhythmically bouncing on my cock as if she were belly dancing.

“Fuck your thick aaah….your not bad but…mmmm I’ve had better.” Rose said with a devilish smile. She was toying with me, I couldn’t even tell who was fucking who at this point.

“Whose your mommy, come on say it I know you want to. I’ll even let you eat me out after as a reward. Come on be a good boy and say it.” I felt like I was already at my limit. Just as the name “Rose was about to leave my mouth a miracle happened.

“DON’T TALK TO OUR DADDY THAT WAY!!” It was Carly, and Kelly too they were surrounded Rose and began furiously licking and sucking on her nipples.


“Nows my chance” I thought. With Rose distracted I grabbed her hips and pumped balls deeps into her. Her pussy felt like nothing I have ever felt before.

“HAA…FINE IF YOUR NOT GONNA PLAY FAIR NEITHER AM I!” She began rapidly fingering both Kelly and Carly as they continued to suck her tits dry. They were still both sensitive from cumming earlier so they weren’t going to last long.

“Hehe take that and tha-AAAHH” I tackled her into a missionary position. She was at my mercy now. I began thrusting with all my might.

“GOD YOUR DICK HITS LIKE A TRUCK, OOOOH ITS TOO MUCH ITS TOO MUCH FOR MY PUSSY!! She was almost there I just had to push a little harder.


“GO FOR HER NIPPLES CHRIS THATS HER SENSITIVE SPOT!” The girls were cheering me as I drilled into Rose’s pussy. Suddenly I felt a presence behind me. It could only be Maya.

“I’ll help as well” she said before plunging her tongue into my ass. Which sent a powerful jolt through my whole body causing me to thrust even faster.

“AH…AAAH….OKAY OKAY YOU WIN…YOU WIN…..HOLY SHIT!” Rose said as she slammed her arm down on the bed repeatedly as she was declaring uncle. Kelly grabbed her arm and began grinding her pussy on it.

“Hey no fair Kelly I wanna try that!” Carly said enviously before doing the same with Rose’s other arm. I stopped sucking on her tits for a moment and looked directly at Rose as I fucked her without rest.

“Hey, whose your daddy, come on say it.”

“YOU! YOUR MY DADDY FUCK… AAAAAAAH!!” Rose wrapped her legs around my waist as we both came in unison, Carly and Kelly followed soon after and finally Maya, who had been masturbating this whole time. We all collapsed from exhaustion. My hips felt like they were going to crumble into pieces.

“Holy fuck that was probably the best sex I’ve ever had…haaa…. I’m gonna use the shower.” Rose got up and stumbled over to the door, trying to keep her legs from shaking. She stopped at the door and looked at me.

“Don’t you dare think this is over, I still got plenty of sexy plans for you Chris.” I simply gave her the thumbs up. And tended to the girls, and that’s when I realized something.

“Hey Carly earlier, you called me daddy didn’t you. Carly’s face turned bright red.

“Oh my did she now? This I gotta hear about.” Maya said.

“W-well aren’t y-y-you basically our dad now?” Carly said nervously, trying not to make eye contact.

“Yeah Carlys right are you our dad now Chris.” Kelly agreed. I didn’t know what to say. I started off as these girl’s babysitter and now they considers me a father.

“Well I guess, I mean if your mother gives the okay” I turned to Maya and she simply smiled and wrapped her arms around me.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I couldn’t believe it, I had been officially accepted into the Howler Family as the father of the cutest, sexiest twins the world has ever seen. But as I was thinking all these things Carly hopped out of the bed.

“Now you promised me ice cream if I let go of you, now come on move it.” I had completely forgotten I made that promise. Carly hurriedly put her clothes back on. “Hey no fair I want some too.” Kelly said chasing after her sister. “LAST ONE TO THE CAR HAS TO EAT THE WINNER OUT!” Carly shouted with her sister gained up on her, Maya looked at me and giggled.

“Well you heard them. A promise is a promise, Daddy.”

“God hearing that out loud is gonna take some getting used to, alright HEY GIRLS WAIT UP! YOUR MOTHER AND I AREN’T EVEN DRESSED YET!” Truly there was no one on earth as lucky as me. I want to spend every second of every day with these girls. I just hope all that business with Paul is over and done with. But even if it isn’t I’m sure we’ll get through it, as a family. But that being said whether if it’s Carly or Rose that ends up pregnant I hope the baby’s a boy because I have a feeling my harem is only gonna get bigger from here, and I need all the help I can get, except from Paul of course.

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    I hope there is a part 4 to this story

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      Oh Don’t worry I still got plenty of ideas the Howler family 😉

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    Yes breed them. They would look super hot with baby belly’s email me [email protected]

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      So glad to hear you liked it. I had a lot of fun writing it there were even points I had to stop to jack off before continuing.