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I miss my Dad

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It’s a long story, don’t know if many will be interested so I will keep it short as I can. I am in my late 40 s now.
When I was little something happened between dad and me that at the time I thought was not right. Most think it’s not right today if they knew about it.
It went on till I was about 13 when Dad did more with me than masturbate but actually took my virginity. I was always little . I am only 4’11” today back then about same but only 85lbs back then little tits and round butt lol .It hurt and afterwards I didn’t feel right about it although it was my idea in first place. Looking back I was a spoiled child. Middle child of two other sisters. I stopped with dad after that and got involved with drugs and low life’s for a couple years till I got busted and locked up in Juvenile Detention.
I thought I was the only one ever to get molested by their dad till I was with others in there and found out it was common.
Long story short I got cleaned up and stopped with drugs.
I was about 17 dad had an argument with mom and she left for work. My sisters was not home and I felt sorry for dad and comforting him he didn’t stop me I went back to giving him oral sex and eventually sex.
My sisters had no clue I often wondered if they ever did back then I even asked dad and he said no.
Which made me feel special.
My older sister was 6 years older. And younger was just 11 months younger.
It started with dad and I when I would get a bath dad would set on toilet and watch me. I didn’t know I was too young but he jerked off watching me. I got out one day and asked him about it and reached out and did it for him. He said I shouldn’t but I said I wanted to. So that’s how it started
I found out years later he would jerk off in front of my sisters also but they never touched him. We were drinking together one night and talking my little sister said dad use to jerk off.
I played dumb and asked what she meant. Then my other sister told the same thing with her. So I admitted it also. And we laughed at the memory. This was after dad died.
But I never told them what I did.
I got married and dad wanted to stop it between us. I agreed till one day we were alone and we both gave in.
Dad was bigger than my husband. Uncut I think uncut men are always bigger.
He just felt better and more intimate with me.
He was very careful always pulled out or used a condom not wanting to get me pregnant.
I lied to him once and told him Jim and I was going to have a baby. So he came in me after that.
The baby could be his. Idk but I just loved making love to dad and feeling him go soft in me after we had sex. Instead of pulling out.
He is dead now over 10 years. I miss him so much.
It hurts. He was more than a dad to me we were lovers. My best friend. I have never confessed this to anyone.
I know it sounds sick. I don’t care. He was a great man.
Mom and I are closer now. I have always wanted to tell her. About dad and me when he was alive.
But wouldn’t dare now. I’m not jealous of her anymore.

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  • Reply Bigun ID:4o7s3end2

    What you feel is very common for incest victims
    You may believe it was consensual but you were abused. It’s good you handle it the way you do

  • Reply Missy ID:1e02a8leb7it

    I can relate Tina.
    I didn’t have a sexual relationship with my dad u till I was married . I was fighting with my husband over stupid little stuff. My dad helped me to see the small things in life were not important. We started sharing intimate things with each other and I grew to seek comfort with him which developed into sex one day we went from father and daughter to lovers. I had never felt the emotional feelings I went through that day with him. The first time woke up feelings and a true love making bond that is indescribable.
    It was so amazing and heart bonding I melted into his arms and had a relaxing mind blowing whole body orgasm.
    I know no one could understand it unless they had experienced it

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    Tina ! I appreciate your story because i went through the same as you ! when i was 10 years old my step grandpa would make me sit in his lap and spread out my dress and me not knowing he had his cock out and it was pressing hard against my nylon tights and panties ! he would hold my hips tight and dry hump me as i gyrated my hips and moaned ,he made me rip a hole in my tights and he stuck his cock in my pussy causing me great pain and pressure as he tore my hymen ! i screamed it hurts as he lifted me up and down on it then my pain went away and it felt so good that i started squealing and moaning louder until he came deep into me ! when i got off him i got scared from my blood on my tights and he told me that i am a woman now ! now i’m a nympho ! Thanks for sharing your story Tina and hope for the best for you !! Your online friend Tara !!

  • Reply Tabatha ID:1cr4ae4wqzl5

    To a dear. I know you loved your dad. It is a emotional love that I can’t describe myself
    The sex feels differently than with any other person
    I think it’s the taboo and the need for secrecy that makes it so good and overly exciting

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1er1ekukgtyr

    No reason to tell your mom or sisters. But you now know incest can be beautiful. I love my daughter more than my other kids. We are lovers as well

    • Horny Italian ID:2px1ogosbqz

      I slept with both my stepdaughters and neither of them had any regrets nor did they ever tell mom. 10 years later and still our secret.