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The Perversions Of Cindy – Chapter 4 (Ff, Preteen (10y), Incest mom/dau)

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Chapter 4 – Cindy introduces her preteen daughter to sex.

For the rest of the week, Cindy and Ryan fucked like rabbits. Whenever they were in the house, they were naked. She would deliberately tease him with her body, bending over in front of him, playing with her nipples, licking her lips with her tongue seductively. His cock would always spring to attention and be ready for action.

They would then have dirty, raw, passionate bareback sex. He never pulled out once, every time he would pump even more of his incestuous cum in her freshly shaved pussy as she used the filthiest language she knew, actively encouraging him to get her pregnant. As she walked naked about the house, it seemed there was always fresh sperm running down her thigh in a little line and squishing naughtily between her pussy lips. She wanted his baby growing inside her so badly.

They slept together like lovers. He put his sperm in her before he went to sleep and then put more in when he awoke. When the weekend rolled around, it seemed like they spent the entire time joined at their privates.

On Saturday, Mandy arrived home around 8am and joined her mom and brother for breakfast. After eating Ryan went to his room to play video games, leaving Cindy and Mandy alone together in the living room. Mandy flopped onto the couch and sat with splayed legs, her youthful innocence and lack of modesty clearly apparent. Cindy looked up her daughter’s short pink skirt and could see the outline of her pudgy preteen cunt crack through the thin fabric of her underwear. Her own pussy burned and oozed, and she licked her lips instinctively. She decided now was as good a time as any to bring up the subject of sex with Mandy.

“Mandy darling, have you been taught anything about sex at school?” she began. Mandy’s head shot up as she looked quizzically at her mom.

“You mean like how babies are made?” she said. Cindy nodded.

“Yes. What did they tell you?”

“Not too much. Just that two people do it and it makes a baby!” Mandy giggled. Cindy giggled too and went to sit beside her daughter on the couch.

“It’s mommy’s duty to teach you about sex and I think we should start now. Would you like that?” She grinned.

Mandy felt tingles of excitement course through her body at her mom’s words. Ever since she had caught her brother masturbating and he had shown her his porn magazines, she had dreamed and fantasised about sex. She nodded furiously.

“Yes mommy! Please!” she pleaded.

“Okay. But before we start, I think it’s time you showed mommy your pretty body. Will you show me baby?” Cindy said softly.

Electrified with juvenile lust, Mandy shyly lifted her skirt up to expose her panty covered treasure to her mom. Her panties were the little girl type, also pink with lacy leg bands and a cartoon princess covering her pussy. It truly was a treasure, bald as the day she was born. Not a trace of hair anywhere, nor the normal stubble older girls and women got from shaving. It was a naturally hairless and un-fucked preteen cunt, and it excited Cindy greatly. As Mandy shucked off her top Cindy stood back, admiring her beautiful little daughter.

Wearing only pink panties and white ankle socks, Mandy was a pervert’s dream. Cindy could suddenly see what her son saw, his excitement and steamy hunger every time he looked at his sexy little sister. Mandy, young as she was, seemed made for touching, feeling, kissing. If Ryan could see his sister now, the way Cindy was seeing her, wearing only her tiny panties, he would no doubt have burst out of his pants with a tremendous hard-on.

Kneeling in front of her daughter, Cindy pulled at the tight panties, sliding them down. Mandy made no move to stop her as she lowered them, and Cindy saw her daughter’s youthful wetness in the crotch. Mandy, shivering with eagerness, placed a hand on her mother’s shoulder, bracing herself as she lifted one foot, then the other. Cindy removed Mandy’s panties and instinctively brought them to her nose, sniffing deeply and inhaling the scent of pre-pubescent arousal mixed with a tinge of urine. Finally she dropped the undies on the floor, staring in lustful excitement at Mandy’s naked young vagina.

Mandy was a beautiful little blonde, but even if she had hair on her pussy, it would be so sparse and light that her little pink slit would still be visible. Mandy’s succulent little pussy looked so soft and sweet, the lips tight, but puffy with desire. When Mandy opened her thighs slightly, Cindy saw them gleam with wetness. She did not have hair on her pussy, but she sure looked juicy on the inside.

“Mandy, oh my baby!” Cindy cried in a soft, emotional voice. “It’s so pretty, darling! Ooh, you have such a lovely little pussy!”

Delighted that her mother was pleased with her pussy, Mandy spread her legs wide, arching her young hips forward, giggling in a shy but strangely wanton sound. The lips of her young vagina were so tight they hardly split at all as she spread her legs, so she reached down and pulled them apart with her fingers.

“So wet, ” Cindy moaned. “Your little pussy is SO wet looking! So soft and wet and I can feel the heat of it already!” Without any sign of embarrassment, Mandy began to run a finger up and down the slit of her pussy, showing off for her naughty mommy. She felt so emboldened by her mother’s acceptance of her youthful curiosity that she decided to bring up the subject of her secret desire. Her brother Ryan.

“Mommy?” she began nervously. “Have you seen Ryan’s willy?” she said, blushing bright red at her own words. Cindy’s heart skipped a beat, then a wicked smile crossed her lips. This was the situation she had been hoping for!

“Yes, honey, I sure have!” Cindy grinned. “But we are talking about sexy things baby, and it’s sexier to call his willy a dick or cock,” she explained.

“What was his, er, cock like Mommy? Have you felt it? How big is it?” Mandy squealed, her juvenile cunt juicing up at the thought of seeing her brother’s penis. Cindy watched the tip of her daughter’s finger slip into her tight, juicy little pussy.

“I felt it, honey” Cindy whispered. “I felt how, big and hard it was. And I did much, much more than that!” she grinned, her pussy gushing into her panties as she remembered the filthy incestuous fucking she had engaged in with her son.

“Ooh, Mommy, I’d like to feel his prick, too! Would Ryan let me feel it, Mommy?”

“I don’t know,” Cindy said, not really listening, but taking in the naked sweetness of her daughter’s gorgeous naked little body. “He might. He probably will let you play with it.”

“Oh, I’d like that!” Mandy whimpered, fucking her finger in and out of her own pussy. “I’d play with it and make him squirt! I bet I could make Ryan squirt easy!”

“You know boys squirt?”

“Well, I heard they did,” Mandy said. “Isn’t how boy make babies with girls?” she queried.

“Yes, pumpkin that’s right, when a boy sticks his dick into a girl’s pussy and squirts his milky juice in there. The milky juice is called semen, but grownups call it cum or spunk or jizz, or many other words,” Cindy explained, giving her little girl a very impromptu sex ed lesson. “Semen, or cum, contains little swimmers called sperm, and they swim up into the girl’s body and fertilize her egg, and that grows into a baby,” she said.

“Ooh wow mommy! Okay, that sounds so cool!” Mandy cried as she began to play with her own pussy. “Is it how you made me and Ryan?”

Cindy was almost completely taken over by lust and abandoned any semblance of control as she started using dirty language to explain human reproduction to her horny daughter.

“Yes honey! Your daddy shoved his hard cock right into my pussy and sprayed his hot cum into it, and fertilized my eggs,” she spat, her lust taking over. She spared Mandy the full dirty details of how she and her brother had been conceived, in filthy bareback gangbangs with no protection or birth control used. That could come later!

“Your saying so many naughty things mommy!” Mandy squealed. Cindy grinned at her.

“Yes, and while we are at home you have my permission to use any dirty words you like!” she assured her daughter. Mandy thought for a moment.

“Is my vagina called a pussy then?” Mandy asked.

“Yes baby, grownups call it a pussy, cunt, snatch, quim twat, there’s lots of dirty words for it,” Cindy said. Mandy suddenly stopped playing with herself and looked directly at her mother.

“I wanna see it happen!” she squealed lustfully.

“See what happen baby?” Cindy asked.

“Ryan squirting his baby stuff. I mean, his semen! I bet I can make Ryan’s prick squirt a lot, Mommy! Maybe he could make a baby with me!” Mandy decided. She was experiencing so many new feelings, and she loved it!

Cindy could not believe how well her preteen daughter was taking to sexual activity. She ran her hot, sweaty palms up and down her daughter’s thighs, feeling the silky flesh then slid her hands round to Mandy’s small ass, finding that the tight little ass cheeks just fit into her palms. She stared as Mandy’s tiny finger darted in and out of her moist young slit, hearing the wet sounds, inhaling the heady, exciting scent of her daughter’s fresh, hairless pussy. She moaned softly as her own pussy throbbed, juices running along the insides of her thighs and into the tops of her stockings. Her mouth began to water as she watched Mandy finger-fuck herself. Her lips felt swollen and hot when she ran her tongue over them.

Mandy pulled her dripping finger out of her pussy and playfully smeared the juices over her mother’s naked nipple. Cindy’s breath caught in her throat; and she leaned forward.

“Ooh, Mommy!” Mandy gasped, closing both hands about one of Cindy’s exposed tits, pushing her pussy forward.

“Baby! Oh, baby!” Cindy sobbed as her daughter’s pussy touched her nipple: “Ooh, you’re so hot and wet, Mandy!”

Mandy whimpered softly, rubbing her pussy against her mother’s nipple by rocking her hips back and forth. Cindy gazed downward, seeing her nipple rub at the peeking, pulsating clit of her daughter’s pussy. Mandy hunched forward instinctively, grinding her little slit against her mother’s large, erect nipple.

“Put it inside! ” Cindy whimpered, leaning back. Mandy pushed forward, straddling her mother, spreading her legs wide. Still squeezing her mother’s tit, she lowered her pussy, and Cindy felt the wet heat close about her nipple. Her erect nipple was inside her daughter’s juicy little pussy, fucking it like a small cock.

“Ooh, Mommy!” Mandy squealed as she began to squirm her tiny hips about, trying to fuck her mother’s nipple. “I like it! It feels better than my finger! Oh, I bet I could come doing this! It’s so good, Mommy!”

“Rub hard, baby!” Cindy gasped, watching her daughter’s little pink pussy slide on her tit. Pussy juice glistened on her nipple as it seemed to dart in and out of the slippery tightness. “Rub yourself on my nipple! Make yourself come, Mandy!”

“I will, Mommy! Ooh, I will make myself come! Oh, this is so dirty!” little Mandy squealed.

Cindy’s pussy was on fire, burning through her panties. With one arm behind her, bracing her upper body she slipped her other hand under her skirt and into her panties. She began to ram her fingers in and out of her hairy, wet pussy, squealing with ecstasy as her daughter wiggled and twisted frantically, fucking her nipple. The delicious scent of hot pussy filled her nostrils, and Cindy inhaled it eagerly, becoming intoxicated by the smell of her daughter’s hotly aroused young pussy.

Her orgasm came swiftly and suddenly, before Cindy even knew she was going to come. She moaned loudly, her pussy gripping her buried fingers, clasping wetly. Mandy was breathing hard now, fucking her mother’s nipple with faster movements, darting her little pussy up and down, actually fucking Cindy’s nipple as if it were a cock. Her pretty blonde head was thrown back, squeals coming from her mouth. Cindy pulled wet fingers out of her pussy and thrust her hand up between Mandy’s thighs, cupping the girl’s grinding little ass, feeling it bunch and twist in her hands.

“Come, Mandy!” she urged. “Oh, baby, come on Mother’s tit! Fuck my titties! Ooh, fuck Mother’s nipple and come, Mandy!”

“I am fucking it! ” Mandy gasped. “I’m fucking your tit, Mommy! I’m fucking your tit, but I wanna fuck a cock!” Mandy gasped. Cindy felt jolts of fire course through her oversexed veins.

“Yeah, you want to fuck Ryan? You wanna fuck your brother?” she teased. Mandy began to shout, not caring who heard her.

“Ugh, I wanna fuck a real big hard stiffy like Ryan’s! Uh! I’m gonna fuck Ryan, Mommy! I’m gonna fuck his cock and make him squirt!” she wailed.

“Yes, baby, yes!” Cindy moaned, “and I’ll lick it all up!” Then, with a quick movement she pushed Mandy’s pussy off her tit.

“Mommy!” Mandy wailed. “I was about to get the good feeling!”

“That feeling is called cumming baby. And cum you will!” Cindy gasped. With another quick movement she pulled at her daughter’s hips, bringing that soft, wet, hairless pussy to her face.

“Oh God, honey, I’ve got to do this! I can’t help myself!”

“Ooh, Mommy!” Mandy gasped. Cindy pressed her open mouth against her daughter’s tiny pussy, sucking and licking hungrily, closing her palms about the tight curves of Mandy’s young ass. Her tongue swished up and down the young slit, then darted deeply into it. The taste made Cindy’s mind spin, and her pussy bubbled cream into her sopping panties once more.

“Uh, do it, Mommy!” Mandy sobbed, grinding her pussy onto her mother’s hot mouth. “Suck it, Mommy! Oh, that’s so good! Suck my pussy, Mommy!”

Cindy rammed her tongue in and out, feeling the 10-year-old’s satiny pussy clasp it hotly. She fucked frantically at the sugary wetness, her tongue now and then twisting about Mandy’s throbbing little clit. She was surprised at how wet and juicy Mandy’s juvenile little pussy was. She swallowed often as the sweetness dripped into her mouth, and her tongue became slippery with pussy juice. She squeezed the grinding cheeks of Mandy’s ass tightly, making lewd wet slurping sounds as she licked and sucked hungrily. She found she could close her mouth right over the mound of Mandy’s pussy, and suck on both puffy little pussy-lips as her tongue fucked in and out between them. She was sucking her little girl’s hot little pussy like a mouth.

“Uh, God! You’re gonna make it happen, Mommy!” Mandy wailed loudly. “Oh, you’re gonna. make me cum! I’m gonna cum so hard!” Mandy cried, using the new word she had just learned. A tremor swept through Mandy’s naked little body, then she let out a squeal of pleasure as her pussy convulsed against her mother’s mouth.

The youngster’s orgasm was very strong, very intense. Cindy felt Mandy’s sweet pussy grab at her tongue tightly, felt the fiery pulsations sucking it. Then she felt a trickle of wet heat. Mandy’s spasming little pussy was cumming right into her open mouth. Cindy sucked up the freely flowing juices and swallowed down every drop. The very thought of consuming her 12-year-old daughter’s cum-juice, sent Cindy into a quivering orgasm. She clung to Mandy’s grinding ass, sucking the little girl’s pussy desperately as her own climax crashed through her squirming loins.

“Mommy! Oh, Mommy! Uh! FUCK!”

The filthy words emanating from her preteen child’s mouth had Cindy almost cumming herself. She held Mandy’s pussy against her mouth until the contractions ended, then gently drew away. Mandy’s young, sweet face glowed down at her with a beautiful expression of satisfaction.

“Mommy, I didn’t know you’d do that for me.” Mandy giggled, suddenly shy.

“Mm, any time, baby!” replied her mother, licking her lips suggestively. Cindy was still sitting on the floor, knees bent leaning back on her hands, she smiled at Mandy and spread her legs open, watching her daughter’s hot gaze shift between them. Mandy’s pouty sweet mouth opened slightly as a low, breathy gasp came from her.

“You’re wet, too, Mommy,” Mandy whispered, her eyes focused intently between her mother’s open thighs.

“I sure am, baby,” Cindy purred, opening and closing her knees slowly, her skirt almost around her waist. She wondered how her son would react if he could see his sister now, deliciously naked with pussy-juice smeared all over her hairless little crotch. He would probably drool from his mouth and his cock, then throw her on the floor and fuck the living shit out of her. Cindy shivered with excitement at the very thought of watching a big, thick teenage cock pumping into Mandy’s tight, juicy little fuck-hole.

She wanted to ask Mandy if she knew her brother looked at her with lustful eyes, but for now she wanted to enjoy Mandy by herself. Leaning back, dreamily gazing at her naked daughter Cindy slipped her right hand down, pulling her skirt to her waist. She ran her fingers up and down the wet crotch of her lacy red panties, Mandy’s eyes following her every move.

“Do you do that, too, Mommy?” Mandy asked in a hushed voice.

“Mm, quite a lot,” her mother replied. “But not so much now that I have your brother to fuck me,” she said, hoping her daughter would not be disgusted or upset at this dirty revelation.

Far from being upset, Mandy’s little body gave a shiver of excitement. The mention of her brother and the work fuck in the same sentence sent strange thrills through the horny little girl.

“You’re doing it with Ryan?” she gasped, her mouth wide open. Cindy nodded.

“Yes baby, but we are doing grownup stuff now so use grownup words!” she encouraged her little girl. Mandy grinned.

“Wow, you guys are really fucking!” she said incredulously. Instantly she knew she wanted to watch them fuck, but also deep down she knew it was something she desperately wanted to try for herself.

“Does Ryan have a big one, Mommy?”

Cindy nodded her head, sliding her hand into her panties, caressing her rigid clit, fondling the puffy, hairy, highly sensitive lips of her dripping pussy. Her hand bunched the panties, showing the soft pussy hair to her daughter.

“Does it feel better than your hand, Mommy?”

“Oh, baby, MUCH better!” Cindy laughed.

“I’m gonna get Ryan to put his in me,” Mandy whispered.

Cindy pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, exposing her fully shaved pussy. Mandy gasped when she noticed the lack of pubic hair on her mother’s mound.

“You don’t have hair mommy!” Mandy squeaked.

“No baby, Ryan doesn’t like hair as it gets in the way. Plus, I think he likes that it looks more like yours. So, I shave it all off. Do you like it baby?” Cindy asked.

Mandy nodded and her small pink tongue ran over her lips as she watched her mother dip her middle finger into her pussy, then draw it out, wet and slippery with her juices. Cindy brought her finger to her lips, twisting her tongue about it, licking her own pussy juices wickedly.

“Ooh, I’ve done that, too, Mommy! I’ve tasted myself before, and I love how it tastes!” Mandy confessed. Cindy looked at her daughter lustfully.

“You want your brother to put his prick in your pussy, Mandy?” she asked in a husky voice.

“Is it okay, Mommy?” Mandy squirmed and wiggled with excitement. “I wanna feel his big hard prick in me… you know… doing it to me!”

“You mean… fucking you?”

“Oh, yes! ” Mandy squealed delightedly. “Fucking me! I want Ryan to fuck me, Mommy!”

Cindy’s eyes were slitted with passion as she listened to her 10-year-old daughter’s wanton request. Her eyes were glued to the Mandy’s tiny little slit, her finger fucking in and out of her own pussy with deep, satisfying thrusts as she imagined Ryan’s formidable young prick stretching those plump, hairless little lips.

“Ooh, I’d love to see that, darling!”, moaned Cindy.

“You wanna watch Ryan fuck me, Mommy?” Mandy’s eyes widened. “I thought you were supposed to do that alone.”

“Not always, baby” replied her mother. “It can be very exciting to watch others fucking, and also to have others watch you fucking.”

Mandy giggled, a slight blush on her pretty young face.

“I guess I wouldn’t mind if you watched, but what would Ryan say? He might be shy Mommy. Even with me!”

“What about you, wouldn’t you be shy about showing your brother your little pussy, honey?”

“Oh, no!” Mandy murmured, watching her mother’s fingers speed up, listening to the slick wet sounds with rising excitement. “I let you see my pussy. It would be fun to have you watch us. But Ryan might not want you to see his cock.” As Mandy said the word, she covered her mouth and giggled. “Ooh, I said it! I said `cock’, Mommy!”

“I know,” Cindy purred, rubbing the tip of her finger over her bulging clit now. “And you want Ryan to stick his cock in your pussy and fuck you. And I can watch, right?”

“If Ryan will… ” Mandy suddenly dropped to her knees, her burning gaze fixed on her mother’s gaping pussy. With a low moan, the little girl placed her hot palms on Cindy’s knees.

“Ooh, yes, baby! Touch me!” Cindy urged hotly. “Rub Mommy’s legs… up high, honey… on the inside.” Eagerly Mandy stroked her mother’s inner thighs, her young eyes glittering hotly as she watched Cindy finger-fuck herself.

But Mandy wasn’t satisfied with simply touching the satiny flesh of her mother’s thighs. She moved her fingers up and stroked the hairy lips of her mother’s gaping pussy as Cindy agitated her clit.

“Ooh, Mommy!” Mandy plunged all four of her little fingers into her mother’s pussy.

“Oh, baby! ” Cindy gasped in ecstasy, lifting her ass off the bed and hunching her pussy at her daughter’s hand as Mandy fucked her fingers in and out of her pussy. “Deeper! Now, faster, honey! Oh, that’s wonderful! Keep it up and you’ll make me cum so hard!”

Gazing down between her legs, Cindy watched her daughter’s tiny fingers fucking into her boiling pussy. She gasped and whimpered softly, twisting her ass in tight little circles, humping her crotch up to meet Mandy’s fingers. She wanted to tell Mandy what she had done with her brother. She was sure the sordid details of the wild incestuous fucking would make the little girl very horny to know that her brother had a big, thick cock and would be only too willing to fuck her with it, given half a chance.

The thought of watching her 14-year-old son fuck his 10-year-old sister was such a horny image that Cindy came on the spot. With a lurch of her ass, Cindy shoved her pussy up at her daughter’s fingers, feeling the small hand lodge itself completely inside her pussy. Cindy looked down and moaned with ecstasy at the sight of her daughter’s whole hand buried in her wet, hairy pussy to the wrist.

“Oh, Mandy! ” She sobbed, her pussy contracting around the little girl’s fist as she came.

Mandy was fascinated at the way her mother’s pussy-hole had so easily taken her whole hand up inside it, and how it clutched and rippled around her deeply buried fingers. The little girl watched with slightly unfocused eyes as the hairy lips of her mother’s pussy flexed and squeezed around her wrist, the woman’s fully erect clit visibly throbbing. She gazed in delight as her mother churned and humped her pussy up and down, delighted by the low, guttural sounds of pleasure streaming from her mother’s mouth. Mandy made a fist and pushed her small hand as far as she could up her mother’s pussy, which brought a wild, delicious gasp from Cindy.

Squealing in orgasm, Cindy grabbed her daughter’s wrist and began to pump her arm back and forth, using Mandy’s little fist like a cock.

“Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it!” Cindy cried passionately.

“Ooh, baby, fuck Mommy’s pussy! Fuck me with your fist! Uuh, this is wonderful! So fucking wonderful!”

Mandy eagerly fucked her mother to orgasm after orgasm. It was very easy to do because Cindy was easily aroused. And the wanton, incestuous images flashing through her lust-crazed mind only increased her passion. She remembered the taste and texture of her son’s cum in her mouth, the smooth, musky sweetness of her daughter’s sugary young pussy, and the way she had squealed and quivered in climax when Cindy had sucked her stiff little clit. But the picture of Ryan’s erect cock imbedded in Mandy’s tiny bulging pussy was the most intensely erotic image she had ever imagined. She couldn’t wait to get them together and experience it.

After a time, the spasms faded, and Mandy removed her hand from her mother’s pussy with a loud slurp that made them both giggle. Cindy lowered her ass to the bed, her body still trembling with the beautiful afterglow of her powerful orgasm. Her eyes closed for a while, but she knew Mandy was there, on her knees looking at her pussy. Her panties were caught to one side by a hairy pussy lip, her knees spread wide again. She opened her eyes when she heard her daughter moan softly.

Mandy was licking her dripping fingers, her young eyes fiery and glazed with renewed passion. Her small tongue lapped from her wrist to her fingertips, cleaning them hungrily. Then she pushed all four fingers into her mouth and sucked them hungrily.

“Oh, baby, that’s so sexy,” Cindy whispered.

“Mommy, I wanna… ” Mandy didn’t finish. With a moan, she quickly pushed her face into Cindy’s crotch, her hot little lips sucking as her tongue licked and swirled in her mother’s saturated slit. Cindy lay back on the bed with a sigh of pleasure, pushing her pussy into her daughter’s face and grinding her ass.

She watched Mandy’s eyes, the lower part of her young face surrounded by the soft matted curls of her pussy. She gasped when her daughter stabbed her small tongue-tip into her pussy, and worked it round and round, then in and out. Cindy strained her crotch up tightly, and Mandy’s small hands clawed at her panty covered ass, pulling upward, trying to shove her whole face into her mother’s hotly seeping pussy.

“Oh, Mandy, lick me! Lick Mother! Ah, baby, that feels so good! Suck my pussy, Mandy! Suck Mommy’s pussy… oh, that’s fantastic, darling! Mm yeah! Shove your tongue right up Mommy’s pussy!”

Soft, wet, slurping sounds drifted up to Cindy’s ears as her daughter swished her hot little tongue around, up and down, in and out. Then, when Mandy started sucking on her clit, Cindy jerked her ass upward, squealing loudly. Although she had come so often and hard in the last half an hour, she was incredibly excited and ready to climax again in no time.

“Mandy, I’m gonna come, darling! Ooh, yes, baby! Tongue Mommy up the pussy! Fuck me with your tongue and I’ll cum in your mouth!”

Mandy twisted her face hard into her mother’s pussy, spreading the hairy pussy lips and pushing her mouth into it. She sucked at the flowing juices, her young throat swallowing hungrily, her tongue sliding about the velvety walls just inside. Her hands clutched the tight, bunching cheeks of her mother’s ass frantically. Cindy’s naked tits jiggled in hardness, her nipples throbbing and feeling as if they would burst before her pussy exploded. She grabbed her tits, digging her fingers into them almost brutally, squeezing hard, making them ache sweetly. Her eyes filmed over with passion, but she managed to watch her daughter’s face. She twisted her ass about, humped up and down, banging her pussy hard at the little girl’s sucking mouth and licking tongue.

Then, with a loud screech, she came once more.

“Mandy! ” She screamed, arching her back to close her pussy around Mandy’s face. Mandy, in turn, strained her sucking mouth into her mother’s juicy pussy.

“Oh, stop!” Cindy cried. “Oh, darling, please no more! My pussy won’t take anymore! Please, stop, baby!”

Reluctantly, Mandy released her mother’s ass, watching as Cindy sprawled on the floor. She sat back, spreading her own knees and fondling her hairless pussy with renewed desire. She licked at her puffy lips, her eyes blazing with her need to come again. As her eyes focused, Cindy saw the young girl’s expression. Although her pussy ached from the many orgasms, she could not leave her daughter hanging. She raised her arms, spreading her legs wide.

“Come here,” she said softly. “Lie on top of me, honey.”

Mandy did, her small titties pushing against the larger tits of her mother. Cindy was a bit surprised that she didn’t have to tell Mandy what to do, but by now she realized her daughter did things by instinct, not from any knowledge. Pulling her panties wide apart from her pussy, the woman made a soft hissing sound when she felt Mandy’s rigid clit contact hers. Slipping her hands to her daughter’s tight little ass, she cupped it, and they began to rub at each other, Cindy’s hairy pussy sliding excitingly on the smooth, hairless pussy of her daughter. She caressed Mandy’s bunching little ass, twisting her own as she rubbed her pussy at Mandy’s pussy.

“I feel you, Mother! ” Mandy moaned. “I can feel the hair on your pussy tickling mine! I like it… I like the hot feel of your pussy on mine. Ooh let’s rub our pussies together, Mommy. I bet we can come. Uuh, I bet we can both come again doing this!”

Cindy wasn’t so sure about herself, but she was going to help her daughter come, in any way she could. She wrapped her long legs about Mandy’s hips, lifting her pussy to the girl’s fiery pussy, rubbing and twisting.

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