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P3 It finally happened

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I started thinking about how many different things that I could do to these tiny preteen bodies and I got horny as fuck

So after I popped Amber’s virgin pussy she jumps up and says “next” to Ash with a smirk. I kiss Ash and turn her around on all fours and spread her ass cheeks and suck and lick her pussy and little asshole. I fingered her pussy and got her wet. I grabbed my lube but it was empty..shit. Ash ask what’s wrong and told her no lube
She stated that her mum had some in her night stand. I stuck a finger in her asshole real quick and she jumped and said owww shit. Then I sucked my finger winked and said stay just like that. I went and when I opened my sister’s night stand my mouth dropped open. What the fuck
She has lube along with many other sex items such as comdoms,dildo,strap on and flavored lube.
I took the flavored lube back to the bedroom and Ash was still on all fours and said I’m ready for you to fuck me Uncle. Amber came over with out asking and started sucking my cock and fingering her sister’s pussy
Wow they are little sluts. I like it. Amber popped my cock out of her mouth and spread Ash’s ass cheeks and I rubbed it between her wet folds and started pushing. I was just a little way in her when the pain caused Ash to cry and wimper. I pulled out and put more lube like I did with her sister. I pushed in and had to push very hard and she let out oohh it hurts Uncle Rick. I felt her hymen blocking the way and I didn’t even warn her I just pushed her head down on the bed grabbed her hips and shoved my cock into her tiny pussy harder then I did with her sister. I felt her hymen pop and tear and then felt the warm blood on my cock and it felt good Im not going to lie that blood on my cock was amazing. Then she tried pulling away and something came over me and I pulled her arms back and slammed my cock back inside her. She screamed stop it really hurts.
I told her I know baby but relax and don’t pull away anymore understand I said as an adult would fuss at a child and she said “yes sir” and that turned me on big time. I pushed my cock hard back into her pussy. I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard and fast. Amber was at her side kissing her and telling her she knows it hurts but its ok. I continued to fuck her and push as far as I could get my cock. She was crying and whimpering louder and more that Amber did and that really got me turned on. The louder her screams and wimpers the harder I fucked her. Amber looked at me with fear in her eyes but I didn’t care because her preteen pussy felt amazing and finally her crys sent me over the top and I exploded my cum deep in her pussy. I kept fucking her til I stooped squirting cum. She curled up into Amber’s arms and I put my arms around them kissing Ash and telling her that she was good little girl taking my cock like that
She said you really hurt me. I said yeah I know but there was nothing that would have stopped the pain. She said but you were really rough and shoved it really deep
I said thats what sex is baby. Fucking requires deep penetration. I said lets go shower now. We washed one another and the two of them were still bleeding a little and that made me so hard again. We got out of the shower and dried off and they startes getting dressed and I said no don’t put those back on yet and I dropped my towel and walked towards them stroking my throbbing cock and thinking about what I just did to these precious little things and how amazing it felt ripping them open and they said are you kidding? Our pussies are really sore after that pounding of our pussies with that great big cock. I became angry and snapped in a mean voice well you can suck it. I snapped my fingers and motioned them to get in front of me
Amber and Ash were both so tiny that thier mouth was level with my cock while they were standing and that made me even harder. My God these two tiny preteens standing and sucking my cock. I grabbed Amber’s head and shoved my cock in and said yes thats a good little girl suck that cock and pushed til she gagged but didn’t pull out at first. I enjoyed her choking on my cock. I told Ash to come over and take turns with her sister. I took my fingers and shoved them in Ash’s mouth and down her throat and gagged her and got her saliva going til she was drooling. Then I pulled out of Amber’s mouth and shoved my cock into Ash”s already drooling mouth. I reached over and shoved my fingers in Ambers mouth and did the same thing to Amber’s mouth I gagged her.I pushed and started fucking her throat hard and pulled her head till her face was buried into my pubic hair. I held her there and gagged and choked her til she started hitting my legs then I pulled out and there was a string of saliva from her lips to my cock and I pulled out grabbed Amber’s head and shoved my cock in her mouth and fucked her throat. Ash was still coughing and catching her breath. I said you girls throats are like silk. I could tell that I was about to cum but I didn’t warn them. I shoved my cock into Amber’s throat and pushed her face into my pubic hair and shot my cum in her throat. She was gagging but I held it there for a few seconds. Then I released her and grabbed Ash and finished cumming in her throat. I made them suck all my cum off thier faces and and swallow it.
I looked down at my nieces and thier faces were soaked with cum and saliva and tears from coughing and gagging so hard
Thier hair was matted from my grip on thier heads. They were still breathing hard. I really just fucked the shit outta thier face and throats. I was rough and they were looking at me like they were waiting for me to give them instructions. They had such an innocent look on thier faces yet I just fucked thier pussies and throats. I have never been so turned on in my life. I had two little underage fuck toys straing up at meall to myself and I started thinking about the dirty things I could do with my preteen cum sluts and then I got a phone call that will seal the fate of these little girls stuck with thier all of a sudden horny, sex crazed, dominating pedo Uncle Rick. P3 comimg soon.

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    Oh ja so macht es so macht es spass mit kleinen fotzen zu spielen erzähle uns mehr

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    mmm cant wait for you to fuck them in the ass!

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      Most definitely will pound thier assholes