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Lesbian, I raped another girl

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I am butch. No tits to speak of, hairy muff, a bit chubby. I love feminine women, petite, long hair pretty girls. I don’t care if willing or not.

I was 18 and had already found I didn’t want dick I wanted pussy. I never really developed tits, I had a little bit there but not much to speak of, not even AA cup. It was just a slight buldge to my chest. I’ve seen guys with more than me. I am brunette, I keep my cunt hair grown in fully because I make my bitches lick, eat and suck on me and I prefer they have to work for it. She was shy, reserved, very very pretty and a perfect body and at 15 I don’t even think she ever thought about sex. It was a shame because she was so damn pretty. Nothing sexual even entered into her mind, you could tell. I hung around her a lot, getting to know her and she getting very comfortable with me. I always wear pants, never a dress, I wear mens jockeys under and usually a tee shirt on top.

Cheryl, was about 5ft. 4 to my 5ft. 7 and thin waist, nice hips and butt, and a C cup chest. I had her over to my parents house and we would change to swim and I got several good looks at her naked body. She was shy at first, but she eventually warmed up to it. It was laying in the sun on the deck chairs that I started rubbing lotion on her body for the sun. She didn’t want me to, and I told her not to pay any attention just lay back and enjoy the sun. It was first on her back, the bikini I gave her hardly covered anything on her ass. The globes were so firm and nicely shaped. I rubbed all over them, on her legs, up her inner thighs touching her pussy covered by a barely there piece of material. She gasped some when I’d touch her pussy. I insisted she roll over, and she tried not to but I told her in a pretty demanding way to do it. She did. I started at her legs, rubbing up her her crotch, then her belly, her hips, and her chest. I didn’t stop at her upper chest, I pulled up the top of the suit and started rubbing all over her tits. She balked and I started pinching her nipples which were really big and firm. “Lay down and let me” I told her. “Don’t do that, please” she said “Why, you clearly like it, look at how hard your nipples are, at around you nipples it’s getting bumps in it, nice pink nipples, mine are dark I don’t like them but I’d take anything with tits as nice as yours” All she could say is “Please”

I held one hand on her tit and reached under the bottom of the suit and rubbed her pussy. She had a very light amount of hair down there, it was darker than her blonde hair on her head, but she was definitely a natural blonde. She pulled up her legs, and I pushed them down. I got on top and sat on her knees so she couldn’t bend them up. I held onto her nipple and would pinch hard whenever she moved her top around to get me off her. I pulled the bottom down so I could fully see and feel her pussy now. “Please don’t do that to me, people can see” she whined. “OK, if that is your objection, then lets go” and I took her into the house into my room. Once in my room I locked the door and pushed her on the bed. “Please don’t, what are you doing?” she whined some more. “What do you think I’m doing, I’m gonna have sex” I said as I took off her bottoms, and ripped off the tops. She was totally naked on my bed. “No, don’t, I don’t like girls” she said. “What, you mean you don’t like me? Is that it?”

“No, no I mean this way, I don’t like girls this way” she cried between sobs

As I stared down at her taking off my suit, she was looking at my pussy “Oh, I see, so how many boys have you had sex with?” I asked. “None, I haven’t done it yet”.

So now was her time. She was a virgin, she’d not even given a handjob or blowjob. I plopped down on her body face to face and started kissing her as she moved her mouth away from me. I reached down and started rubbing her pussy, she was crying even more now, I took turns sucking on her tits, and playing with them, with her pussy, and when she kept moving her head from side to side to avoid my kisses I smacked her real good, real hard. She turned quite docile and just stopped resisting and laid there. I kissed her and she didn’t pucker up back I smacked her again and she responded. We were kissing, I was getting her cunt went then I kissed my way down to her pussy and ate her out. I gave her two orgasms and during the last one I moved my hair cunt up to her mouth. “Eat it bitch” She pushed her tongue between my lips but not enough. I pushed my clit, which grows to about 2 inches long into her mouth and made her tongue it fast and hard. I came once and then got between her legs, and scissored her to another.

“Stay there bitch” I demanded as I got up, I went into my bathroom and when I came out she started bawling again, real tears, real cries as she was begging me not to do it, not to please not to. My 8 inch strapon dildo was proud and erect and lubed with KY. She started to get up and I smacked her face again and knocked her town. I pulled up her legs to the side of my head and on my shoulders, felt round then pushed it in her virgin cunt. I pumped her for another 10 minutes, I could see blood on my dildo and on my bed sheets. I kept going. “You’ll get used to it baby, don’t worry, it will feel good soon” I whispered into her ear as I was kissing her and sucking on her beautiful tits. “Your my baby now, don’t worry, all this is just for me baby” I said. She started gasping for air, and I realized she was almost cumming. She did and then I stopped. I kept my cock on as we both turns on our side, I was spooning into my little baby girl.

She got up, and very quietly started getting dressed. Then she left. I walked her to the door still wearing my strapon, my flat chest with nipples erect I made her kiss the dildo, and each nipple, then me before she left. She avoided me every day after. After two weeks I sent her a message that I wanted to see “my baby” again. She said absolutely not, no way she was going to get raped by me again. I posted the video to her phone, and told her it could just as easily go out onto the internet. The next weekend, my parents gone again, like they normally are, I raped her in her ass after I’d had my fun with her. She knew there were videos of that too.

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  • Reply Rick ID:1egzi95iptyi

    This story is 100% BS. If you broke her she would have been screaming And it would not feel good soon. Years ago in my 20’s I was lucky enough to have an 11 yo girl. She screamed like she was being murdered and she wanted it. She didn’t feel good soon. It took several days before we could try again

    • Martin S. ID:tiupfn8i

      100% not true. When I was 15, my girlfriend was 12 and the first time we fucked, she barely flinched when I broke her hymen. Barely even bled. And within 5 minutes she was on top riding me, clearly it “felt good soon”. That was in the afternoon and she was wanting to fuck again that night. All of which is directly contradictory to what you experienced. People are different, bro. You can’t call bullshit on somebody’s story simply because it’s not what you experienced.

  • Reply EWWW ID:3ywsdkv9b

    Ew wtf bro

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I knew a girl just like you in high school, and I was afraid of her ! When I was in the girls room, she came up behind me and forced me over the sink, and reached under my school dress and pushed her fingers right through my tights and into my pussy, telling me that I’m hers as she fingerbanged me ,I was able to break away from her , but I was really afraid , she was very butch looking and all the other girls stayed away from her to !

    • Adude ID:1co14glp7v7k

      We all had kids like that in high school a gay kid try hitting on me in school I told to remove is arm or I remove it form is body and you never seen a homo move so fast in your life. I was feared in school tho… as the unstable kid who you never know what he was thinking. But I also got in a fight when some kids where bullying the gay kids cause am not heartless I may be a prev and a dick but not heartless

  • Reply Manhoo ID:2o4alcfvzl

    That was so lovely

  • Reply Vive-le-sex ID:28b9en5t0k

    I hope it is fake because if its true i would jump of joy thr day a steamroller run over you or you get raoe by 10 junkies.

    • Jonathan Huntington ID:tiupfn8i

      Celebrating/hoping someone getting murdered and/or gang-raped is quite a bit worse than the sexual assault depicted in this story. So is the author the “monster” here or is it possible that you are?