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Clarissa Morgen – Journalist 02

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Beautiful, blonde journalist was drugged and kidnapped – different perspective

2 Hours Before:

Maurice yawned in exhaustion as he and his brother are facing their 27 inch monitor. Every night he and his brother would break in the houses of the individuals whose names are in the list of Mr. Russel’s galleon painting buyers to procure the different pieces of the map leading to a secret family vault hidden in an unregistered property of the Russel Family.

Last night they broke-in into the house of their last victim, whose galleon painting contains the last piece of the map. Mike, his older brother, has been stalking Clarissa, who has caught their scent and is looking into their nighttime adventures. Weeks ago, Mike found a computer wiz and hired him to hack her computer and linked it to theirs. Fortunately for these men, Clarissa’s computer and her web cam is facing directly to her wardrobe. She’s always using it and never bothered to shut it down unless she left or went to sleep. The brothers are always watching her from their computer. They would watch her undress and go to shower, pleasuring themselves while doing so.

Today, they watched her as she undressed, standing there only in her underwear and bra. They unzipped their pants as they watched her unclasp her bra, take her panties off and throw them to her dirty laundry bin. They watched Clarissa read todays paper after she took her shower and dressed.

Mike zoomed in the camera footage and saw that she was reading about their break in last night. That article, unlike others related to their crimes, contained a vital clue on what they were after. They watched her take notes and rushed to leave her apartment, not even bothering to shut her computer down.

Mike left in a hurry to follow Clarissa and make sure she never got to the victim’s house and ask questions.

As Mike rushed to the door, he told his brother “stay there, I’ll call and give you instructions. Maurice sat down on his chair, irritated at the idea that someone is close to figuring out their motives and at worst, interfere with their plans. He stayed put for about an hour when his phone rang. It was Mike.

“Go to Pipeline Bar. The owner is a buddy of mine and he owes me a favor. Tell him to empty the place and prepare the car. Go there and dress as a bartender. Bring the Rohypnol and chloroform, we’re gonna kidnap this bitch. Also, get the camera. We’re gonna film the entire thing”

Mike relayed the instructions to his brother, and Maurice smiled, excited for what’s about to happen and did as instructed.

Maurice got to the bar and waited for his brother, who arrived a few minutes after he did.

Mike sat down on the bar counter stool and asked his brother “is everything ready?”

“did everything as you instructed” replied Maurice.

He added “I might have a good guess on what we’re about to do, but can you humor me and tell me what you’re planning?

Mike chuckled “I got her to come here, and she’ll be here any minute. What we’re going to do is turn the camera on and record everything. You’re gonna give me a drink and I’ll offer her some. You’re gonna give her one, and I guess you already know what the Rohypnol is for”

Maurice smiled and got an erection as he pictured everything that’s about to happen.

“But what if she declines? Asked Maurice.

Before Mike could respond, his brother exclaimed “Ah! The chloroform”

Mike winked in agreement to his brother. He continued “We film everything. And I’m just gonna say it because I know you’re also thinking about this. We will definitely mess with her body, but!” Mike put his finger on his brother’s forehead. “You deal with the camera. I get to mess her first. Then you’ll have your chance”.

Maurice was about to protest when the door opened and Clarissa entered. She looked around the room, a worried look on her face. She examined the room with her curious eyes, like she is on a tour. The brothers ogled her. They examined her delicious body, undressing her with their eyes and imagining what lay underneath her clothes.

“Great tits, and nice ass” Maurice thought and touched his erection. His eyes fastened on her buttocks, and smiled as he saw the outline of her panties.

Mike signaled the lady to come, and she reluctantly approached and sat next to him. While Mike and Clarissa were talking, Maurice went behind the counter and clicked record on the camera. He then poured his brother a drink and gave it to him. As if on cue, Mike offered the lady a drink, and she gladly accepted.

Maurice poured her a drink and put the date-rape drug into her drink. She never saw a thing. He gave the glass to her and to the brothers’ astonishment she emptied her glass in one gulp.

Maurice’s erection grew harder and thought to himself “She’s ours”.

Maurice left the counter and watched the spectacle happen. After a few minutes of Mike and Clarissa’s conversation Maurice saw the lady swoon. Her eyes looking disoriented.

The drug is taking its effect on the unsuspecting lady.

Mike said some thing to the lady that made her stand to leave her seat, when she lost her footing. Maurice heard the woman moan, and watched his brother grab the lady from behind, and grab her breasts at the same time.

For the next few minutes, Clarissa’s unconscious body was carried to the table where she was stripped to her undergarments, fondled, and then transported to her captivity.

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