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Dream Life Part 17

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My daughter had a sleep over, what could go wrong…

(Read part 1 – 16)

I wake up in Ashley’s room with her resting next to me still, I look at the door and see young Erin watching in and staring at my cock, She saw me looking at her and quickly entered the room closing the door behind her, “Why is your thing out as Ashley sleeps naked mister?”, I didnt really know what to say but the truth, I look at Erin’s littlie face and said “Well me and Ashley was having some happy time”, Erin then said “Like what Katie said you do?, could you give it to me for my birthday”, I look at her and then take her in to the spare bedroom and place Erin on the bed.

I then start to take off her pink panties and then revelling her cute littlie slit, I lick it and start to finger her, I watch as the pleasure builds up in her eyes and I quickly stopped, I looked down at her and placed my cock between her legs and at her cunny before slowly sliding it in “AHH MISTER”, She screamed in pleasure as my cock filled her 10 year old pussy up, I looked at I could see the bulge in her belly move up and down as I began to fuck her tight cunt, I looked at her face as she came all over my cock, “AHH ITS SO HUGE INSIDE ME MISTER”, I kiss her on the lips as I pounded her little cunt bringing my self close, “Fuck I’m gonna cum Erin”, before she could response I unload my fertile seed inside her small womb.

I pull out and said “Happy late birthday Erin” As the cum started to flow out her pussy and down her leg, I look at the door and see Daisy standing there, she walks in and on her own she started to lick the cum from Erin’s pussy, I stand there as I put my pants back on and watch my daughter lick Erin’s pussy, I then left them to have fun and checked on Ashley who was now awake and doing school work. I go downstairs I look into the living room where Ella, Katie and 4 of the girls are sleeping, I go and sit down on the sofa and look around seeing some girls took there tops off, ass my eyes lock onto there cute nipples I feel my cock starting to twitch again, at that point a girl woke up and saw, she got up and walked over to me “hi um my name is Rachel”, She looked around and then asked where Erin is so I took her up and showed her the spare room where daisy just finished licking Erin.

Erin laid on the bed with no panties on and Rachel could see her cum covered pussy, she looked back at me and asked “Who did this?”, I then admitted it was me, I the pushed Rachel down and closed the door I took her clothes off and laid her on the bed before I shoved my cock down her throat, I face fuck her for what feels like a life time, I stop and look as I see tears in her eyes, I turn Rachel around and rip her pants off and ram my cock inside her. I look as her face changed from anger and sadness to pleasure and pain, I rape this 10 year old until she cum’s, I then slow down as I look at her and say “Oh Rachel your a big girl now”, her face seemed to brighten up as I said that but only for a second as I thrusted harder into her as I came, I pulled out and cleaned her up before I sat down and wrapped my arms around the girl as she cried in pain and happiness “That hurt but it felt so nice”, she said as I picked her up.

(This is fiction)(Im sorry for my spelling in all my story’s, i will try my best to fix this in the future)
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  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0b

    Hallo 66 ich liebe deine Geschichten und das zu lesen was du mit den kleinen fotzen anstellen tust ich hoffe auf noch viele Geschichten von dir und wie du sie vergewaltigst

  • Reply BAREPUSE ID:1ah742a5zrj

    When are you going to fill up little Daisys little pussey. With your cum. And do you send her to school with no panties on

    • Pthc ID:t2pu7w749c

      So cum runs down legs