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My Dog Daisy

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Hi! This is my first new story. If you would like to hear more then say it down in the comments.

I’ll never forget that day when I lost my virginity to a dog. My name is Damien and this happened when I was 12 years old and my penis size was exactly five inches, I gotta say it was a major risk but it happened to turn out successful.

I lived with my mom but every weekend I would always go to my Dad’s house, which was ten minutes away, to see his dogs and his wife’s kids. They have good and a lot of bad moments but I would only go into the details of the dogs. There was Sammy who is a male adult German Shepherd who always loved to play fetch with you, though mostly every dog does that. Then Daisy, who is a female Golden Retriever and she’s the exact opposite of Sammy. She always sits around the house, pretty much anywhere if there’s room. And last is Riley who is a teenaged Australian Shepherd and he always likes to pick on the other two which they really hated and I found adorable.

This happened on a Saturday and my siblings in law all had to get a flu shot and the building was like half an hour away from the house and my dad being the only legal driver in the house had to drive them there which he absolutely did not want to but had to. But before they all got dressed to get in the car my dad told me to stay at home so that way Sammy wouldn’t bite Riley’s head off. I was ok with it since Sammy did try to bite him once and really all I have to do is keep one inside and the other in the backyard.

After they left I sat down on the couch with Daisy laying her head down on my lap and the other two sitting on the ends. Suddenly Sammy gets up and goes into the backyard and Riley follows him, Daisy is still resting on my lap as I pet her and then she to gets up. But instead of going outside she moves away from me on the couch. She then raises her left hind leg up and stares directly at me. Me being confused and startled and I just look right back at her thinking she might pee on the couch but nope, she moves her head down between her hind legs and starts licking her genital area. While she starts licking her private my eyes are wide open and I start getting an erection. That’s when I realized I had a fetish for dogs. I didn’t know what I was doing before I started to undress myself while she continues to lick herself, now only wearing my t-shirt and with a five inch hard-on I start jerking off. “Is this wrong?”, I asked to myself. No shit it was but I wasn’t going to stop. I scoot closer to her before she looks up at me. Both of us staring at each other again. She looks down at my cock tip, since my hand was still wrapped around it, and walks close to me. I let go off my fully erect human penis and she starts sniffing it. My cock only twitched hard as a reaction. She stops sniffing before she starts licking my shaft and tip. I moaned softly as she began dragging her large canine tongue up against my cock, and as she does this I start petting her, “Heh, good girl, Daisy.” I said to her. She moves her head closer to my crotch and starts licking my hairless balls clean. All this licking from her made my now dog saliva covered penis throb even harder. My balls simply loving her warm fat tongue rubbing all around them. “You’re such a good girl, Daisy.”, this went on for at least a few minutes before she moves away from me and lays down on her back with all her paws in the air. My heart starts beating fast from the amazing sight of her, I toss my shirt on the ground before moving up against her. I put my hands down beside her on both sides and place my throbbing dick up against her dog pussy. It felt so soft and fuzzy, even though it smelled like wet dog from her I didn’t mind one bit and only had my focus on fucking her. I start grinding my cock hard against her hole and wanting to feel her heat under my shaft before going in. Despite thinking I might finally lose my virginity I was nervous as hell. Cause not only is she a dog but she couldn’t speak, meaning if I made the wrong move I would get a nasty bite mark from her. But that thought soon faded away as my perverted mind took full control of me. I slowly push my tip in, then my entire shaft before I could feel my balls pressed up against her furry rear. I let out another moan like before as I can now feel her warm inner walls clenching onto my human member. I began thrusting at a moderate speed, soft moans escape my lips with every push. I didn’t know if she liked this too or not but I did know that she didn’t want to stop me so I started ramming my dick inside her vagina much more roughly and at a much faster pace. Being my first sexual intercourse I could feel myself getting closer to ejaculating within a few seconds. “Oh Daisy! Fuck!”, with one final push into her I start to fill her hole with my human sperm. Both of us breathing heavily at this point I stop cumming within a few seconds. Surprised and proud of myself that I unloaded that much into her. Feeling almost all of my energy being used of this I lay down beside Daisy and she begins licking me. After a few minutes my cock finally softens back and I easily pulled out of her. Right after I do she starts licking off my sperm that is dripping out of her.

Of course I gave her a treat for satisfying both of us afterwards.

Ever since then I couldn’t stop thinking how incredible that was. Though I rarely ever get alone time with her when I go to my dad’s house I never tried taking any huge risks of getting caught. But…I always want to do that again with her, whenever I get the chance.

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      You have the right to reply to his story but you knew more or less what it was about before you read it.

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