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I want it 3

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Home from Dan’s Daddy takes me out to dinner where I let my friend know a little of what happened and she comes home with us to find out more…

My time with Dan was wonderful … I am learning a lot about sex from him … having him licking my kitty is a lot better than when I tickle it myself and I am really liking the taste of cum. The first nite he brought me home he gave me a DVD to watch he said it would help me get ready for us to really DO IT. When I got ‘s home I hid the movie in my room … I was tired from being with Dan but Daddy wanted to spend time together “Hey dear … let’s go out tonight ..” “Daddy .. I’m kinda tired do we really need to” those big orgazimes from Dan had left me wore out … but I saw the disappointment in Dad and agreed, we went out to dinner just pizza at the local place … as soon as we walked I saw Jackie and her dad already there. She saw me and started over … “Long time no see gal” she called … dad got a questioning look on his face as he assumed we were together all day. I took Jackie’s arm and called to Dad “lets eat with Jackie and her dad” as I let her away I leaned in to her … “Dad thinks I was with you all day … just go with it I’ll explain later” Dinner went fine but family time turned into our dad’s talking sports while the two of us traded whispered secrets

Jackie confided that she and her dad had spent most of the day together doing you know what and had just come out to get something to eat. My dad asked ..”you two spend all day together and still have secrets to tell ..” Jackie’s dad looked at her questioningly but she slightly shook her head and he just went with it too . “Bill by now you should know girls always have things to whisper about … Did you get a chance to see the game yesterday?” and they went off into sports talk… Jackie whispered .. “just where were you … you’ve been really attentions lately?” I looked to be sure the dads were not listening then … “I spent the day with my boy friend … we .. ah .. we ” “You didn’t!” “Well not all of it but kinda” … “what’s his name .. how old is he … where does he live?” she badgered me for details I couldn’t share here … I looked at dad then to Jackie … “I can’t tell you everything here but he is older than us and knows a lot .. you have to come over … he gave me a movie to watch .. he said it has a lot in it about it…”

Without a pause Jackie turned to her dad … “I’m gonna stay at Alice’s tonight OK?” “But school..” “tomorrow is a holiday .. I be home by lunch on Monday” “If it is okay with her dad I guess” my dad just shook his head … “I don’t think we have a choice in this … It’s fine .. don’t you need to get anything from home” “I’m there so much I already have anything I would need” That settled that” we zoomed thru dinner and headed home … Jackie gave her dad a kiss on the cheek but thier hug was a little long and tight…

As soon as we got home we ran up to my room … “do you gals need any thing?” dad called “NO” “Okay .. don’t slam the..” BANG my bedroom door went closed and I locked it for privacy …. and we jumped on the bed huddled together … “Tell me everything..” Jackie asked … “Well… he is older ..” “how much .. 7th or 8th grade?” “No … Dan is out of school” “Dan ? does he have a last name and again how much older … do I know him?” “Yes, you know him and he is OLDER” “like daddy older?” “More like grandpa older … but I will not tell you his name unless he says it’s okay” “So… grandpa old … Dan .. and I know him …. not ringing any bells … but I’ll get it out of you … tell me about this movie …”

I got the DVD out of my hiding place and showed it to her … “Daddy’s Girl? so he is into younger girls .. let’s watch … ” “Okay … but we need the volume down so dad can’t hear” Pushing play it it started out with a short preview of what was in it … It showed Daddies and little girls .. walking in a park .. swinging … kicking a ball.. “Really this is a porn?” “it will get better … look ” and now they were starting to kiss and touch each other then cut to the girl laying on a picnic table with daddy holding her legs up and licking her little slit, next she was playing with his dick … KNOCK KNOCK … my dad was at my door .. I quickly paused the movie… “you girls don’t stay up all night .. I’m going on to bed” we both giggled at almost being caught .. “We wont dad .. just going to watch a film in bed” and we laughed and hit each other with pillows

Lets get ready for bed and watch .. we both striped to our panties .. mine little girl cartoon panties but Jackie was wearing almost a thong … “Like’m? dad got them for me and even some satin ones ” along with looking at her underwear I also was checking out her tits … we were both only 10 but unlike me Jackie was already wearing a bra and her tits were almost a “B” cup when she took off her bra even her nipples were bigger .. darker than my little pink ones .. they even had a larger pink area around them.. “Wow , they look bigger each time I see them” I stepped to her and touched her tits and lightly ran a finger on the surrounding pink she shivered .. and the nipple and surrounding area wrinkled up tight … “Mmmm I like it when they are touched”
I squeezed my little mounds … “I can’t wait until mine get bigger .. these are still little kiddies tits” “Oh, thier just fine they’ll grow soon .. thier still cute” and she leaned over and kissed both my nipples … it was mine turn to shiver … “Let’s watch some porn” we got under the bed covers and started the movie again … we were probably a pedos fantasty … two little ten year olds cuddling in our panties watching porn together…

We started the film and sat up in bed watching the daddy and girl progress from normal play to touching each other … he led the girl to a picnic table in the park and he sat down and pulled her to him … cupping her little face he kissed her .. we could see that he was pushing his tongue into her mouth while his hands roamed over her tiny body … “Alice .. I think she is younger than us” Jackie pointed out … “OMG yea, and she’s making porn..” “Daddy and I have done that … recorded yourself.” “You made porn?” “just for ourselves … we watch it together and I think Dad watches when I’m not home”

“Look..” the dad in the film had sat the girl on the table then began kissing her knees and her thighs .. he kept kissing higher as he pushed her little skirt up we could see she had no panties on.. “Daddy likes me to do that” said Jackie… the girl in the film was talking to the man … “Please daddy ,, kiss me .. kiss my kitty .. tickle my kitty with your tongue ..” “yes precious” and the man moved her skirt up higher and bent to kiss her tiny slit … a few kisses on each side the we could see his tongue move between her lips .. parting them as he lick and moved up and kissed her tiny bump … the girl lay back on the table and her hands moved to hold his head to her …

Both Jackie and I were starting to squirm and blush I watched as Jackie slid down and she removed her panties … “Alice I just gotta..” I joined her and pulled my panties off too we both slouched down and raised our knees .. still watching the screen and covered with a blanket we both began playing with our kitties too. We had done this before … watched porn on our laptops and played together with our kitties … but we had never touched each other before tonight I watch the TV and Jackie … as the action on the screen got more involved Jackie started moaning .. I could see the blanket moving as she worked on rubbing her clit … “Yes … daddy .. yes .. make me cum .. make me cum daddy” looking back at the TV her daddy had one hand on her stomach holding her down as her pelvis moved up and down while he kept licking her and pushing his finger in and out … the camera zoomed in close to her pussy showing his fingers … wet from her little slit .. moving in and out his fingers twisted and he curled them to touch her G spot the girls tiny fists were hitting the table and her pussy pushed up to his face … the camera again zoomed in we could see her preteen pussy squirt her climax onto his hand and face … the girl was screaming again and again I worried that it might be too loud an my dad hear … when I looked back to Jackie the blanket had slid down and I could see her pussy with its swollen red lips wet and almost dripping while her fingers rubbed her clit and another pushed into her

Watching the two displays I had stopped my own playing … I remembered feeling what the girl was feeling what Jackie was feeling … watching her wet fingers I focused on them .. all sound disappeared … I could hear nothing but the sound of Jackie’s fingers pushing in and out the glistening of the nectar on her fingers … without even realizing I was moving I shifted to the foot of the bed and leaned in closer to her fingers .. so close … I could smell her scent almost taste it … Jackie saw me moving and when I got close she pulled her fingers out and offered them to me .. I had never even tasted myself but now I was licking and sucking the pussy juice from my best friend … she pulled her fingers from my lips and I followed them directly to her pussy … her fingers spread her lips apart and I moved in to lick and taste my friends hot wet pussy … like the man in the video … like Dan had done to me … I licked and licked drinking all I could until Jackie moved and pushed her pussy to me … we both moved together

Two close friends getting even closer … moving beyond just friends … I felt myself holding her ass and pulling her tight … I pushed my tongue deep into her … rubbing my face against her covering myself with her … my own pussy tingling and on fire as we both moaned and withered louder than the TV and not even realizing it. Then Jackie held a pillow tight to her face and scream into it and she covered me as her pussy sprayed its nectar on me and the bed … I came at the same time .. my legs drawing up my body twitched and shivered as I covered the blanket with my own nectar.

We lay twitching on the bed trying to catch our breath … the scene on the TV changed to the couple at a pool with the dad behind the girl … a camera shot below the water showed neither had suits on and his dick was pushing into the girl while his hands held her chest and kept her close to him … KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK …” hey everything OK in there? I don’t know what your watching but it sounds like two cats fighting … turn it down or off and get to sleep ” taking a breath and trying to control my voice … “Sorry dad we’ll turn it down … it’s almost over… goodnight … love ya” “Love you too kid … nite”

Listening to him go back downstairs I moved up and cuddled up to Jackie .. her hands brought my face to hers .. looking into her eyes we leaned together and kissed … softly .. tenderly “I taste good … and your really good at eating pussy” said Jackie as she licked her fluids from my lips and cheeks … “Yes … you do … we should have done this sooner” “Yeah .. but now we will do it more … it’s your turn now .” Jackie kiss her way down my flushed hot 10 year old body

The movie forgotten the two of us took our long time friendship into much much more … and with her help and Dan’s it would grow even more…

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