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Grate Escape

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I was having a bad afternoon, but the worst part was when I had to cross this bridge.

I got detention for “Disrupting class,” when it wasn’t even me. It was this stupid boy, Trevor. He made this fart noise, to cover up a real fart so I didn’t even get it until the smell hit me, then I laughed too late.

Well, at least he got Detention too, but still. That was just a great way to start, but I missed the bus, of course. By almost an hour, so I had to walk home, and then I had to pee in the middle of nowhere.

There was this fence on 1 side, with barbed wire on the top, and the busy street on the other side. No bushes or anything on this side of the fence, but I could even see some on the other, right there. So I tried to hurry up to the other end, but before I could find somewhere to pop a squat, I couldn’t hold it.

So finally, I had to take my underwear off, behind a bush. Too late again, but I didn’t want to wait for those to dry out. So, I left them, and kept walking. Right past the intersection, about 3 blocks down from the bridge. “Uhn!”

As soon as I saw it, I remembered why I didn’t go that way. Honestly, it’s much quicker, and that’s not even counting if I go back up the hill to the light. So, I sucked it up, and walked around the ramp.

It’s like stairs, only instead of actual steps, they have ramps back and forth to the landings so you can ride your bike across, and down. That’s not the bad part, but some genius thought it was a great idea to leave. I don’t know, at least 6 feet open between the top ramp, and the concrete bridge.

Don’t ask me why, maybe they ran out of concrete, but instead, they’ve got this metal plate all full of holes like teardrop shapes, only pointed on both ends, or diamonds with both sides rounded off.

Now, I’m not particularly afraid of heights, but it’s probably 50 feet down to the sidewalk below, and I just don’t trust it. Yeah, there’s some metal beams under there, but that just makes it rattle when it rocks back and forth if you walk on it, and that freaks me out, okay? So, what I have to do is get a run up, kick my 1 foot out, and jump across. Even if I don’t make it, it’s only one step, and then I’m back on solid concrete, but that made a big loud noise when my heel hit it, and some guy yelled up.

“HEY, LITTLE GIRL!” I let go my bookbag straps, and leaned over to look down.


“SORRY!” He yelled back up, and looked around, but there must’ve been nothing but cars going past. So, he cupped his mouth, and yelled back up, “WHY AREN’T YOU WEARING ANY UNDERWEAR?”

“OMG!” I stuck my skirt down between my legs, too late. AGAIN, and shook my head, but then he started running up the ramps. I guessed, but I grabbed my bookbag straps and took off. So, it didn’t slap my back too hard, but I figured, even if he was the fastest runner ever, maybe I could make it to the other side before he got all the way up.

Then, I heard the grate, Kunkunk! “Wait up, I just want to talk!”

“Hihihn!” I shook my head, and kept running, but when I got to the ramps it was downhill. So I just had to be careful not to fall down. I swear, the grate on the other side, I forgot about about it until it went KUNKUNK! I looked down, just in time to see concrete again, and kept on running. I made it down to the first landing, and around to the second ramp when he hit that grate.

“Huh!” I saw him stop, and catch the chain link. “Huhn!” He’s cute, but honestly, I’m so out of breath I just stood there, a while. Panting, and he looked like he was panting too.

“You want to see more?” I guess I just wanted to think I was stalling, to catch my breath, but I flipped my skirt up, and started running again. Laughing almost hysterically, but all of a sudden it had turned into the most fun I had all day.

“Wait up, I didn’t get a good look!”

I just shook my head, and tried to breathe, but now I could hear his feet, hitting the landing, and coming around right before I hit the next landing. Which means he’s got the ramp to help him too now, and good God he’s fast, but I stopped in the middle, and held onto the fence.

He stopped, 1 level up, and looked down. So I pulled up my top as far as I could before the shoulder straps got in the way, but I showed him my bra. “See? I’m not a little girl.” I’m fourteen, and I should be in high school, but I got held back. That’s why I had to walk home from the middle school, and it makes me feel stupid even without the stupid mean girls making fun of me for failing. “No, stop right there.”

“Or what?”

“Or nothing, you want to see more?” He can’t catch me though 2 fences, and I don’t know. 25′ drop to the ground? “You better show me something first.”

“Like what?”

“I bet you got your dick hard, looking at my bra, and my cooch.”

“I’m sorry, I called you a little girl,” he looked down, and started unzipping his pants. “You’re so far up, and besides I didn’t see any pubic hair.”

“Duh, Bikini season is coming up?”


“So, you don’t want any pubes sticking out, so I get rid of it. Besides, it’s. Huh!”

He really did it! I mean, of course, he’s a pervert, and he chased me, because he caught me without my panties on, but still.

“What size bras you wear?”

“36 C? You want to see my tittes bare?” I took my backpack off, but held onto the little strap on top. So, I can run, but first. “Then drop your pants, and turn around so I can see your tush.”

“Okay, but.”

“HIHIHN!” I ran. Laughing, because he said butt, but no pun intended. It’s even funnier if it’s on accident, but now he had to pull his pants up, just so he could run, and I didn’t have to worry about my bookbag. Just swing it wide so it didn’t hit my legs, and trip me, but I made it to the bottom long before him, and ducked down behind the last ramp.

“Hey, where are you?”

Huh! I opened my mouth wide, and made sure to puff my tummy out between my legs. Squatting down like that, so I could get as much air, as quietly as possible waiting for him to come around. I backed up, but then my foot caught on a rock, that scraped the gravel, and he stopped. Bent over to look down, but I looked back. It sure looked like a long way, but also, there was traffic coming the other way. Behind me, so all they could see was the back of my skirt hanging down, but from where he was.

“There you are.” I pulled up the middle of my skirt.

“Heah. You wanted a better look? Take a good look, but.” I pushed it back down, and waved a finger back and forth. “You can’t touch.” This was a dangerous game I’m playing here, but if he does try to grab me, I probably don’t even have to scream. All I have to do is struggle enough for the drivers to see, and pull over.

“Well, you want to see my dick hard?”

“Again?” I shook my head, but only half lying, and half telling the truth. I didn’t get a good look at it, but that’s besides the point. He’s a pervert, and he got a boner for me, because I flashed him. Right out here in public, and while I’d seen like college girls. Maybe even seniors hanging out of limos with their bare tits to the wind, and wooping.

I had no idea how much of a rush it was, but I was definitely getting horny here, and a little worried that if he did catch me, he wouldn’t rape me, because he wouldn’t have to. I’d let him have his way with me, and take advantage of me, because I’m starting to want him to. If only to see what he’ll do if he does catch me, but not out here.

He finally shut his mouth, and shook his head. “Well, you said that if I mooned you, I’d get to see your titties.”

“Huh!” I realized that I’d regret that lie. Too late, again. What’s with me catching everything too late today? I must be taking stupid pills, or standing next to the bleach blondes enough for it to leach into my brain by osmosis. “Not out here, what are you kidding?”

“Well, what if we go back up there?”

I shook my head, “I have to get home, but I don’t want you to follow me.”

“Don’t be such a tease, I’m dying here, and you promised.”

“Well,” time to grow up, “I lied. Show’s over.” I backed up closer to the traffic behind me. “Don’t you have somewhere, you’re going on the other side of the road?” I pointed across the 6 lanes, jersey barrier, and fence in the middle.

“No, not really, but all right. I get it, you’re scared?”

I bowed up, a minute before I realized, he’s trying to push my buttons, and it won’t work.

“Um,” I bit my lip. “I tell you what, why don’t you give me your number?” I pulled out a ballpoint, and wrote it on my sleeve.

“You’ll call me?”

“Yeah, maybe. If I think of some way you can see me, but safely.”

“I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Don’t you get it? I’m 14, and how old are you, man?”

“Twenty, three?”

Is that a question? I shook my head. “I’m jailbait, so why don’t you go home, beat off, and think about whether it’s worth going to jail for me. I’ll go home, and call you, IF I think of some way we can show off again, without anybody getting pregnant, or going to jail. Deal?”

“Well, that’s my cell, so if you send me nudes, I’ll send you.”

“I’M” I cupped my mouth, and took a deep breath “FOUR. TEEN!”

“All right, you’re right. You’re right.” He backed out.

“Dipshit! What the fuck?” I mostly said to myself. “Is wrong with you?”

So, I went home, feeling a little better, but also much worse. Better about my day, but much worse about myself. Not because of what I did do, but how risky it was, and what I thought about doing. Way too seriously.

I mean, I’m not exactly one of those girls that wants her first time to be something special, with candles, and stuff, but that’s a long way away from hooking up with some strange dude, who’s too old for me, right after I pissed myself on the way home from school. You know?

I’m not like saving myself for marriage, but I’m not a total slut that can’t wait to get knocked up before I even get to high school, either. There’s got to be somewhere between those tow where I don’t wind up hating myself, too late.

I had a lot to think about, but you know what? I know a building where I can see the bridge from the roof, and I bet he can get some binoculars or something.

“Yeah,” but what do I have to wear, for something like that? I mean, I bet he doesn’t even care, as long as I take it off, but maybe something I can take off, sexy like. “Huh, yeah.”

Now that I have a man, a full grown man I can strip for. Just as long as I can do it safe…

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