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The Confessions of an Approval Addict

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When you’re an insecure little girl who’s desparate for everybody to like her, saying “no” to anything simply isn’t an option.

Hi, I’m Cindy and I’ve a story to tell. It’s not novel, I’m sure you’ll have heard or read stories like it before but it’s my story and if I don’t share it with someone soon in an appropriate forum such as Sexstories69.com, It’ll leak out in an unguarded moment, causing embarrassment to many and possibly imprisonment for some. So, here’s my story.

For as long as I can remember, mum’s suffered from chronic depression and dad’s been an absolute Saint in the way he’s looked after her over the years. Unfortunately, as a result of this, neither of them have been free to invest much quality time in me and therefore the natural bonding one might normally expect to develop between child and parents simply hasn’t happened as it should for me leaving a huge emotionsl gap in my life. I just want to feel loved and appreciated. I guess we all do, but the problem with me is that I have a craving to feel this all the time. As a result, I’ve developed into a girl who simply can’t say no to anyone about anything. If I say no, you won’t like me and I need you to like me so that I can feel worthy of liking myself a little more. Pathetic, isn’t it?

As a kid, I was always letting other kids take my toys, much to my parents annoyance. That said, mum and dad were too wrapped up with each other to get really mad at me and so I came to consider that letting folk take advantage of me was a small price to pay in return for the kind attention they paid me whilst doing so. Naturally, I was told never to go off with strangers so I didn’t. Instead, I went off with any of my friend’s parents and older siblings that told me I was pretty, smiled at me and gave me sweets – or on a really good day – money.

I was fortunate enough to be born a reasinsbly pretty child and because of my acquiescent nature, I gained a reputation of being willing to do anything for anybody. Was my good nature taken advange off? You betcha, so I suppose it was inevitable that sooner or later, an adult would seek to take advantage of this for their own sexual gratification. My friend, Sandra’s dad was the first to do so.

I’d just turned ten when it happened. It was a Saturday morning and I’d gone round to Sandra’s house just to hang out with her, as I usually did on a Saturday. However, on this particular Saturday, Sandra’s mum had taken her shopping for some new clothes, leaving her dad home alone…..until I came along. Her dad was called Clive and he seemed ever so pleased to see me, which was nice. He invited me in and gave me a milkshake with cookies. He said I was his favourite of all Susan’s friends and he’d love me to be his special friend too. Naturally, this thrilled me to the core. I’d never been an adult’s special friend before but the idea of it made me feel very important and proud.

Of course, I had no idea of how me being Clive’s special friend would work and so I felt nothing but relief when he started to tell me all about what special friends did. Apparently, special friends touch each other in special ways that they never tell anyone else about. When Clive asked if I’d let him touch me in a special way, I naturally said yes. Well, why wouldn’t I? After all, this was going to be special…..and indeed it was. He sat me on his knee on the living room sofa, ran his large but gentle and warm hand up my smooth white thigh under my dress, where he started to massage my little girl’s cunt – inside my panties.

At this point, I’d received no formal sex education and so had little idea as to what to expect from having my cunnie and clit rubbed. Therefore, what happened next came as a very startlingly pleasant surprise. I began to feel very warm around the area where he was rubbing and a quite delightful tingling sensation began to radiate out from there to engulf the rest of me. My little slit started to leak despite me knowing for a fact that I wasn’t peeing myself. These new super intense sensations were so strong that I couldn’t help but writhe a little on Clive’s lap. He seemed to like this so I did it some more until I was aware that there was something in his trousers that was pressing uncomfortably into me. I felt behind me with my hand and felt this strange bulge. Clive gasped when I did so and murmured “oo that’s nice, kitten. I love it when little girls touch me there.” Of course, on hearing that he loved it, I did it all the more so he’d love me all the more.

“Would you like to see it?”
Being a girl who couldn’t say no to anyone about anything, I of course said yes. I was intrigued. I seen enough little boy penises by this time to know what they were but this was a very different animal I was groping indeed and I was genuinely curious to see what it was. Then came further questions. Would I like to see his bedroom? Yes.
It was a big bedroom with a big bed and heavily smelt of his wife’s cologne. I really liked that smell and breathed deeply in order to savour more of it.. Would I like to lie on the bed? Yes. Would I like to take all my clothes of first so they don’t get creased? Yes, I didn’t fancy going home in creased clothes. He sat on the edge of the bed, watching me undress and feeling inside his trousers with his hand. He was smiling at me all the while. I wanted so much to please me new special friend and by doing whatever he asked, I was pleasing him. I could actually do this. I could make a grown up man like me very much, which felt overwhelmingly wonderful. Soon, I was standing naked before him. Without saying a word, Clive took his phone out of his pocket and took my picture “so I can see how lovely you are even when you’re not here.” Now that he’d seem me naked, he said it was only fair that he should let me see him with no clothes on, would I like this? Automatically, I said yes despite now feeling rather nervous about were this was going. He was big and I was small. He was strong and I was comparatively weak. On the other hand, he was being incredibly nice and polite and gentle. The last item of clothing he took off were his boxers, revealing his massive erect cock that pointed straight at me when he turned to me.

“It’s not normally like this” Clive explained, “it only swells up like this when I like someone very much and as you can see, I like you very, very much. Would you like to touch it?” I wasn’t at all sure that I did want to touch it but my conditioned reflexes had me answering yes before I could think of a viable alternative answer. It was now my turn to sit on the edge of the bed. Clive stood before me, looming over me with his mighty phallus rhythmically nodding in my general direction.
“Go on then” he prompted with an encouraging smile. Gingerly, I reached out and allowed my finger tips to come into tentative contact with this strange purple one eyed swaying serpent that had me mesmerised.
It was warm and firm. Would I like to grip it? Without saying yes, I did so and in so doing felt it’s strong pulse. It was alive and didn’t seem unfriendly. Would I like to stroke it? In silence I stroked, my little heart pounding in my chest so strongly it felt like half the street must hear it. But it was clear that I was giving this man immense pleasure. Right then and there, I was the most important person in the world to him. He was telling me how much he wished I was his daughter so we could play together like this all the time. Did he do this with Susan? She hadn’t said but then special friends don’t say, do they!

The bedroom door opened and Susan and her mum were standing there, watching.
Hi Honey! We’re just playing here; can you give us half an hour?”
“Okay darling but try not to mess up the bedding; it’s clean on.” The door was dutifully closed and I heard Susan giggling as she moved away.

“Cindy, would you do me an extra special favour?”
No whats or whys from me, just a muted little girl’s yes. “Please suck it.” Almost robotically, I leant forward, opened my mouth and sealed my lips around the head of his enormous cock. He seemed to fill my mouth completely, compressing my tongue down into my lower jaw and tasted rather salty. I was forced to breath through my nose but couldn’t continue to do so once he’d pushed his cock deeper into me till it touch the back of my throat, making me gag. Immediately, he pulled his cock out of me and said he was sorry. I could see his face was flushed, he was breathing heavily and clearly in a stare of high excitement. It looked as if something dramatic was about to happen…..and it did. Clive grabbed me, pulled me to the center of rhe bed, lay me face down then got on top of me, forcing his bloated penis between the smooth white cheeks of my bottom which he proceeded to shag mercilessly. He was a bit heavy and our skin seemed to stick together so he was dragging my bottom’s flesh with him as he thrusted instead of sliding over and between it. In no time at all, this man’s breathing became irregular, he seemed to tense up, then he convulsed and I was immediately aware that our skin was no longer glued together. Now he was able to slide freely between the cheeks of a little girl’s arse, lubricated by what I then called man juice but now know to be semen. Even when he’d finished ejaculating, he continued to fuck my plump bum in order to extract every ounce of pleasure out of it.

Despite my compulsive willingness to please,this had all seemed a bit one-sided but then something wonderful happened. As her father as getting off of me, Susan’s mum came into the bed room, wipwd my bum clean with a warm soft cloth, rolled me over and lapped my clitoris with her eager tongue until I experienced my first earthshaking orgasm. Somehow, that made everything alright and the whole of Susan’s family became my special friends. They still are!

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