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My Dr grooms me

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Hey, partially true story, which began when I was quite young and naive, I thought I was the only one sorry

I was ten years old when I had a road traffic accident; I knew by then, having three brothers, that my cock was small and had already started to be embarrassed about it. Because of my accident, I was in hospital for a couple of months. I had to endure the humiliation of the surgeon coming around with all of his trainees to examine my pelvic area, revealing my tiny cock to everyone.
After I got out of the hospital, the surgeon contacted my mother, saying that I should come to him for a checkup once a month. We didn’t have much money, but the surgeon reassured me it wouldn’t cost anything as he would fit me in as the last appointment on a Saturday afternoon. I’m not sure if I was aware at the time that I was even submissive, but looking back, it was very, very obvious, and I believe that the surgeon understood my true nature.

The first time I visited him, he talked to me about my general health, school, etc., and then asked me to go behind the curtain, strip off, and get up on his examination table. Being shy and embarrassed about my cock I left my underpants on.

When he came around the curtain, he smiled and was very reassuring, telling me not to worry that everything would be okay, and he slipped my underpants off without asking. He then examined me with what I can only describe as wanking my tiny cock with one hand and feeling my balls with the other. I’m not sure how long he did this, but I was very embarrassed. He then put on a glove and KY on his fingers and told me to hold my knees to my chest as he pushed his finger into my ass. By way of explanation, all he said was, “I need to examine you.” I don’t exactly remember the first time. Still, after that, he developed a process of pushing his finger in and out of my ass while he pulled my foreskin back, revealing my tiny little cock head.

I’m not 100% sure how many times it happened, maybe five or six, but each time, obviously after he had satisfied himself, he would leave the room telling me to get dressed and come back 10 or 15 minutes later flushed and very, very apologetic. It was only after I understood he was probably wanking in the toilet. Looking back, I love my submissiveness, the fact that I would sit there after his finger in my ass and played with my cock, waiting for him to finish wanking and coming back into the room
None of this disturbed me; honestly, he was very gentle and understanding and gradually groomed me.

When I say gradual and gentle, he would refer to me in feminine terms, telling me I was sweet and pretty. When we were chatting at the start of our visit, he would ask if I had a special girlfriend or a boyfriend.

At the point when I would strip off and be completely naked for him, pulling my legs to my chest when I saw him appear, I think I understood that I was providing pleasure to him and had started to think of these encounters as a source of pleasure for myself. I do know that one day as his finger explored my house, KY coated my cock and balls as he played with him. He asked me if I was enjoying what he was doing.
Given how submissive I was, I’m sure I didn’t answer him immediately in the affirmative; I probably blushed and maybe nodded. He started telling me how much he enjoyed my beautiful body and hoped that I enjoyed it too. He said I was exceptional.

I think it was that time, as I was leaving the room, he came round to me and leaned in and kissed me on the lips rather than shaking hands as he usually did. I know I have never kissed anyone other than my mother, LOL. But what followed was 10 or 15 minutes of him showing me how to experience pleasure as I felt his tongue in my mouth and then mine and his.

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  • Reply Rob ID:1e7nl6u1yusm

    I love this story I really need to chat about my other experiences this made me cum so hard

  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbm1

    I hope there is more to come in this story

    • megabetaboy ID:nkbi000k82w

      Absolutely Joe, he groomed me for almost 7 years. There is plenty more.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1dc16zbamh9o

    That made me cum. I want to go to the doctor now

  • Reply Jchris69 ID:2px1ogor3dh

    Hot story I’d love to hear more about your child hood

    • Megabetaboy ID:nkbi7lfqz9f

      I’m guessing many had similar experiences, we use the word groomed very loosely these days. I was a long term project for him, he paced it so well

    • Megabetaboy ID:nkbi7lfqz9f

      He knew the anal stimulation and gentle wanking of my cock n balls would feel nice, band boy it did. When I didn’t react badly to the feminised language, and when we kissed I guessing he knew he hit the jackpot.