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Taking virginity contest – MILFs on the prowl

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Me and my friend got in a competition to take virginity of young boys in our town. I guess all were winners here.

It all started when I too got divorced at the age of 42. Cathy and I have been friends since we were kids. We both married the same year when we were 27. We both live next door. And we both decided that we will remain childless. Our husbands agreed with us and they were ok with it at first.

Later Cathy’s husband wanted kids. She refused. So he divorced her last year. She got the house and stayed next to me. This year when my hubby started to pressure me for a child, I refused and he too divorced me. Guess what? I too got the house and the alimony.

So Cathy and I started a new fun life together. He started dating guys again. Or I should say fucking guys again. We used to bring young dates back home and fuck them. Some nights we used to tag team a single guy and some nights we used to go foursome. Life was fun.

But it was still not enough. We wanted something more exciting that would make us feel young again. Cathy reminded the time when we took virginities of school kids in our 20s. It was a great feeling to see boys cum in their pants just by touching your breast. It made us feel beautiful. So one drunk night we bet to see how many boys’ virginity we could take this summer.

I was nervous at the beginning. I was body conscious. It’s not that I was bad. Since I didn’t have kids, it was easier for me to be in shape. I had a 36D bust, 32 waist, and 38 hips. I was what young boys called MILF.

My first target was the scout boy who used to come by the house to offer help for some stupid badge. I lured him in for some lemonade. Then I stripped in my bra and panty and poured him a drink stating how hot it is in the house. I could see his eyes were stuck to my ample bosoms. His dick was getting hard. He was 13 but I could see the tent in his pants.

“What? haven’t you seen a women’s bosom before that you are staring at mine like that?”
He stuttered to reply back with awkwardness. “I mean … I’m sorry… they are….”
“They are? What?”
“They are very beautiful Mrs. Robinson”
“Umm,.. Thank you. You wanna touch them?”
“What?… I mean.. can I?”
“Go ahead feel them… I bet you will like them more.”
I placed his hands on my breast with a smile. His eyes sparkled with joy.
“You like them?”
“Hell yeah”
He got some courage and started to fondle them a little more.
“I’m sure you are going to tell your friends that you saw my breast today”
“Actually I cannot, because we do not consider seeing boobs until we see the nipple”
“Is that so? Here.. Let’s make that right”
I unhooked the bra and placed it on the counter next to him.
He eyes widened more than before and he jumped down the high stool to grab my tits. The force pushed me a step back.
“Ha ha.. Easy Tiger, they are not going anywhere.”
He started to dry hump my thighs.
“aa…aa..aa… not like that.. Let’s do it the right way.”
I lifted him up and placed him on the counter. Unzipped his pants and touched his 4-inch hard pencil dick. Looking straight into his eyes while biting my lips. I jerked his dick a little. He was having the experience of his lifetime. His head was tilted back as he rested his hands on the counter.
I started to suck his dick. It was so small that I was giving him a deep throat right from the start with ease. I couldn’t even complete my third bob of the head when I could feel his warm cum filling my mouth.
I smiled and sucked him clean by swallowing his load.

“I’m sorry… I sorry.. I didn’t mean to do that in your mouth… It just went off”
“Don’t worry kid. I hope you are ready for more.”
He nodded. He was still sitting on the counter while I was bent down by my waist and sucking on his prick of a dick. Making him hard again. It didn’t take much time before he was ready.

I brought him down and again bent on the chair. Pulled my panties down. Licked my palm, rubbed my pussy, and patted it.
“Come on…hop on” I instructed him turning my head back over my shoulder.

He took his rock-hard dick and inserted it in my already wet pussy. His hands and legs were shaking. He held on to my waist while trusting in me slowly.
“I won’t break.. come on put your hips into it”
This challenged him and he started to thrust his cock in my pussy. It was nice to feel the younger energy inside me. It was not filling my pussy but still was a lot of fun. It didn’t last long though and came inside me in less than 30 secs.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Robinson.. I’m really sorry….”
I stood up pulling my panties.
“No worry kid.. It happens in the beginning.. You did great. Now put on your clothes and leave.”
“Mrs. Rabinson?… Will I be a dad since I came inside you?”
I laughed out loud.
“Oh no.. my dear… I’m not ovulating right now… So you are safe.” I patted his innocent cheeks. He smiled with relief.

I lit a cigarette and watched him dress up.
“You know what, why don’t you bring your friends too next time… I mean… they are virgins too right?”
“Oh yeah.. for sure we all are virgins.. I mean expect me now…”
He smiled proudly.

With my hands on his shoulder, I walked him out still in my lingerie.

I called Cathy to report the opening. She said she too had a story for me. Later that night we prepared dinner together, had drinks, and laughed our asses off sharing the details of taking the virginity of the boys.
The next day the scout boy returned with 4 of his friends. I was like, that’s more like it. I too wanted some pleasure after all.

I dropped my gown by the time we reached the kitchen. The boys were already filled with excitement as they stripped off their clothes. I lifted each of them to make them sit on the counter. All 5 dicks were hard. They all were small thin dicks. Smelled fresh and hard soft skin. Some balls had some hair on them. Nice, I thought. Then I started to suck them one by one. Giving care to each one of them. As expected each of them came within a couple of secs my mouth touched their dicks. They were fondling my boobs as I sucked them hard again. This time I went to the couch and laid down on my back. I lifted my legs in the air and welcomed them into my vagina. They took turns fucking me, or I should say cumming in me. They were cumming and then come to my face and shove their dick in my mouth. For the next 1 hour, they repeated to do so multiple times. By now I had changed my position to doggy style. Each time they lasted a little longer. I could see that their dicks were hurting but their heart was not filled. They wanted more of my MILF body.

I stopped and got up. Put on my robe.
“It was great fun boys, but I guess you need some rest. Sit here while I bring you some cookies and milk. After that, you guys should leave. It’s getting late.”
They all nodded and sat there tired. I was sitting on the chair watching them eat up the cookies and drinking the milk like hungry hippos. Kids this age have so much energy.

I got up to show them the door when one of them said. “Mrs. Robinson, can we fuck you one more time before we leave… Please… For the road.”
Very clever I thought and smiled at the lust they had over my body. I was their dream. How could I say no to those begging eyes?

So I dropped my robe and winked at them. They jumped with joy and started to fuck me again.

They filled my cunt to the brim again. When they left I stood up and collected the plates and glasses. I was dripping cum down my thighs as I walked. It was worth it.

Later I got in a bathtub and texted Cathy about my score. 5 so far. She was impressed.

That night again we met and shared over virgin boys’ fuck adventures.

Life is good.
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    Why don’t you get pregnant with them and watch how they rape the babies?

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