I didn’t know that I was going to experience it with another girl

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I actually let my friend fuck me with a strap -on, it wasn’t what I was expecting,

We got ready, and we headed out for the night,
We were in this bar it was ok nothing great maybe because we couldn’t get a seat it was that busy I didn’t like it being squashed im sure I had someone pinch my bum a couple of times but I don’t know who it was I found it rather uncomfortable we left they and went to this club which you had to go go flight off stairs 3 flights of stairs to get to we got a seat got drinks
Sitting there talking drinking it wasn’t too many people in here just now hopefully it’ll stay that way
It didn’t half an hour later it was very busy but we had our seats
Anyway the music was good we were up dancing, sitting down having drinks just enjoying ourselves,
Yes it’s a good night,
We were getting really drunk if being honest with you, I was staggering about now my friend was talking her usual verbal crap I think,
I was going to the toilet my friend came with me I’m going into the cubicle she’s in with me standing there swaying about talking crap I’m sitting there peeing with my leggings,knickers down,
I’m finished I’m getting up wiping myself I fall against my friend we are against the door off the cubicle she’s got her hand down on my bum my body pressed against hers,
Her hand down on my bum cheek then I don’t know what happened she was actually fingering me as I’m standing there in front of her with my leggings and knickers down on my thighs
I was just standing there holding her as she was fingering me I don’t know why I didn’t stop her but I didn’t I was letting her do it to me,
She’s moving me back she’s pulling my knickers and leggings down further on my legs she kneeling down putting my leg up on the toilet as she was putting her head down between my legs
I’m holding her head as she was licking sucking on my lips and sucking licking my clit her tongue going inside me it felt great
I was enjoying it maybe too much
I ended up exploding over her face I had came it was as if I was having the biggest pee possible it was so intense my whole body was tingling with excitement
Her face was covered in my come it was all down my legs my knickers were soaked
I dryed myself the best I could pulling my knickers up and leggings she’s out at the sinks washing her face
I’m out and sitting down thinking what on hell just happened
She’s back she’s sitting down having a drink
We hardly said anything to each other after that
It felt so awkward between us now
I went for a walk around the club getting a drink standing up at the bar when this guy came over and started talking to me
I don’t know why but I invited him back to our table we were talking when I started kissing him in front of my friend
I’ve got my hand down between his legs pushing my hand against him touching his dick over his jeans I could feel it getting harder as I’m touching it through his jeans
I was actually getting turned on
We were still kissing each other my hand pressing harder against him through his jeans
I’ve undone his zip on his jeans and I’ve got my hand inside his boxers I’ve got my hand around on his dick I’m squeezing it slowly moving my hand up and down on it
I was really getting turned on
I’ve got my hand on his dick on the tip of it just holding it as I’m feeling this warm stuff running through my fingers on my hand
He’s came over my hand
It felt strange
He’s stopped kissing me he’s pulled my hand out of his jeans and he’s got up and was walking away from the table
I’m away to the toilet washing my hand it was covered in his cum
I’ve washed it and went back to the table my friend wasn’t there her jacket and bag wasn’t there
She’s standing up at the bar with my stuff waiting for me
She’s saying shall we go now as we were both drunk and probably had enough of it at this time
We got back to hers we are lying in bed I’m wearing my knickers and bra she’s got naked and she was lying on top of the covers facing me I was looking at her she had big boobs slim waist and her fanny was bold were mine was hairy
She’s looking at me asking me if she could do something to please me if I don’t mind
But she was saying that I would have to take my knickers off and have my legs opened
I’m looking at her saying that I don’t really want to
I’m not sure if I was honest
She’s saying that she bought me a present and was wanting to use it
After a half hour I said ok as I’m lying on top of the covers with my knickers down and legs opened
She’s came back into the room and she’s got this dick on its got straps on it around her waist and thighs
She’s lying down between my legs holding herself up on her hands as she was was putting it up inside me she’s moving it backwards and forwards really fast and hard up inside me
I’m just lying there with my eyes closed as she’s fucking me
She’s lifted my legs up and putting them back up next to my head as she was really fucking me now
It was so deep up inside me but felt really good
I’m just lying there looking at her as she was
She’s really rough on me it’s I’m telling her she’s stopped she’s pulled it out of me and she’s pulling me up from the bed asking me to get on all fours as she’s wanting to fuck me doggy style
I’m on all fours she’s behind me pulling my bum cheeks apart and she’s shoving it up inside me she’s got her hands on my bum cheeks holding them apart as she’s fucking me she’s telling me she can see it sliding backwards and forwards up inside my juicy pussy
My fanny was actually making this squelching noise every time she was going inside me getting louder and louder
I had my head buried down on the pillow now as I was going to come it was getting so intense my whole body was tingling now it’s was so intense
It wasn’t long until it’s squirting out of me I’m screaming loudly into the pillow now I’ve never experienced anything like that before
It was so intense
I’m just breathing very quickly and loud now my fanny was tingling like mad
It was soaking wet on the bed beneath me between my legs
I’m lying down on the bed on my stomach she’s lying beside me stroking my back going down between my bum cheeks going down between them putting a finger up inside me she’s gently fingering me sliding it up and down slowly
I’ve pulled her hand away the sensation inside me it’s far too much to handle just now my whole body is still tingling my fanny feels like it’s been battered silly
In the way that she has fucked me
I’m turning around to face her looking down at the Willie she used it was soaking wet I’m sitting up asking her if she minds if I taste myself
She’s saying go for it I’m learning over putting my tongue up and down on it licking around on it and sucking on the top of it I could actually taste myself it tastes bitter if I’m being honest
She’s moving herself up and down holding my head down Asif she was fucking my mouth or I was giving her a blowjob
I was doing it for a while but I certainly missed something I missed that it never came
That’s the best thing about giving a blowjob knowing that you have made them come,
I have never been with another girl since then, I’ve never told anyone what happened it’s something I’m not proud of,
I prefer cock ,,,

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    not a single full stop dawg

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    Great story OP. Would love to hear more from you. Session or email me.