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How i learned to love being fucked Pt. 2

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It was two days ago my own uncle and, as i learned that day, my own father, raped me. And me? I remember I cried after being fucked and filled with his giant dick. And after that? I felt the urge to get more of it. I wanted to have sex. Was this something like an addiction?

Far more: would I be able to just go to my uncle and ask him to have sex with him again? Maybe I even could do this but at this point I didn’t even dare to. I had to do something else to satisfy my urge and I already knew what I was supposed to do. I wanted to ask Jennifer …

I still had to admit she was quite hot and she already admitted she liked and want to fuck me. Then another thought crossed my mind. What about Heather? That’s were my ego went in: I didn’t care anymore about Heather. I had this urge for sex and Heather would just be collateral damage. I wasn’t even able to care for my cousin. She fucked this hot girl probably every evening. So just one time borrowing her wouldn’t even do anything to Heather’s psych!

I got up from bed. My bag was still untouched. Since being raped by my uncle I pretended to have a cold and was staying in the guest room. I told my aunt, Jenny and Heather I needed a little bit of rest and I would be better again. Gladly the believed it and I was able to stay naked in the room. And I touched myself yesterday. I touched myself a lot yesterday. I’m no longer able to tell how many times my own fingers were penetrating my own vagina while imagining to be fucked either by my uncle or by Jennifer.

I opened my bag and got into a t-shirt and some pants. After that I stepped out of the room and listened. I heard voices from downstairs and thought it would have to my family who where having breakfast. I went down the stairs, my heart pounding. Should I really ask Jennifer? Or should I just ask my uncle to be fucked by him again? Now that I was thinking over the situation again I felt pretty unsure.

“Am I really that bad of a person to fuck my cousin’s girlfriend?” I asked myself while standing on the fifth last stair. My heart was pounding a lot faster and my throat felt rough all of a sudden. “I guess I just have to ask my uncle again. It’s the same, isn’t it?” I added to my previous thoughts. But on the other hand there was another feeling when thinking about my uncle, my father … Fear. I nodded in agreement with myself. Right now, I had too much fear of my uncle to ask him. I just had this one chance right now: ask Jennifer to fuck me.

I took last stairs down and went straight into the kitchen. My aunt was preparing some coffee and wasn’t recognizing me at all. My uncle was putting down his newspaper when I walked in and greeted me with a lustful smirk. “Good Morning.” He said and licked his lips. I shrugged and tried to not give him attention. I felt like he was angry about and gulped. Would he try to … I shook my hand and took a look at Jennifer and Heather. The latter was sitting on her girlfriends lap. They cuddled but Jenny was able to take a look at me.

Our eyes mate and even her eyes had this lustful glace in it. I took a deep breath and started to talk. “Um … Jenny? Heather? Can I talk to you two for a moment … um … in private?” I asked and stuttered a lot more than I wanted to. Both of them were looking at me in surprise but Jenny, I guess, was already knowing what I was up to. “Yes, we can.” She answered and pushed Heather down from her lap to stand up.

In this moment, my aunt was turning around to gift me a smile. “Oh, Emily. Glad to see you are better now. What’s your cold doing, my dear?” She asked and filled a cup of coffee. “Come, sit down. Take a sip of coffee before you are kidnapping my daughter and er loved one.” She winked at me but I tried to smile back at her. “No. Thanks. Maybe I take a coffee later.” I guess I wasn’t sounding as cheerful as I wanted to. But Heather and her Girlfriend were standing right next to me already.

“So …” Heather asked, after we entered her room and closed the door behind us. “What are you up to, with us?” She asked and was looking at me curious. My foot was scraping on the ground of Heather’s room while I was thinking of the right words.

“Um … how do I put that?” I started to stutter and decided to stay with the truth. At least with a little bit of it. “Um … the first night I was staying here. I … heard some noises. Out of your room Heather.” Heather was raising an eyebrow while Jenny’s glances of lust where taking a new peak. She already knew what I was about ask them. “Go on …” Heather told me and I could hear a lot of skepticism out of her voice.

I took a deep breath and went on. “So … I heard this noises and I couldn’t help myself to be curious. And realized your door was open a little bit and I … and I … I had to admit I had to take look.” The words sputtered out of my mouth. It felled like I talked without any punctuation mark.

“So you watched us … having sex?” Heather asked in disbelief but Jenny stepped in. “What do you want now, Emily?” Jennifer asked and smirked at me. She wanted me. Right here. Right now. She wanted to have Sex with me and I wanted this, too.

“I want … well … I quite imagined to have Sex with one of you, too. I couldn’t think of anything else yesterday and I really … really wanted to ask to experience sex with another girl.” I was out of breath after saying these words and knew my cheeks were totally red while I was looking at them with fear and maybe a little bit of hope. I couldn’t tell what would happen next.

While Jenny was ready to go immediately, it was Heather who had this worried glance in her eyes. I knew this would happen. She was worried her girlfriend Jenny would say yes. She was worried Jenny would have sex with me and would leave her behind. I really felt sorry for my cousin but I was just thinking about seeing Jennifer naked in front of me, seeing Heather between my legs while her tongue was touching my labia and my clit.

I looked at Jennifer, begging her for not hurting Heather. I realized I wouldn’t be able to hurt Heather. She was already suffering enough by my uncle, my father. And now, I guess, I would suffer from having sex with him, too. Jenny bend forward to me. “If you do what I want from you in the next two weeks, you’ll get both: Heather’s mental health and having sex with a girl.” I could hear that fiendish sound out of her voice and couldn’t tell yet what “everything she wants” would mean for me. So I just nodded. I would do this for me AND Heather. So, it would be alright, wouldn’t it?

Jennifer looked up and had this joyful smile on her face. She clapped twice and turned around to Heather, who had a big question mark in her face. “Alright, my dear.” She said to Heather, put her hands on her girlfriends cheeks and gave her a deep kiss. “Let’s show your cousin what it feels like to make love with a cute and sexy girl, shall we?”

Heather’s skepticism was immediately turned down, while Jennifer pulled my cousin closer, her hands finding their way to the edge of Heather’s Shirt, pulling it up slowly, revealing her belly, which was clearly showing signs of her being pregnant. Jennifer’s head moved down a little bit. She was kissing Heather’s neck and Heather was sighing with lust.

My mouth went open a little bit while watching Jennifer and her “prey” being so close to each other. I felt aroused only while looking at it and my heart was pounding a lot faster. I felt my hand rubbing my labia through the fabric of my jeans and gulped, while Jennifer pulled Heather’s Shirt a little bit higher, revealing my cousin’s small boobs to me. I could tell Heather’s nipples were already rock hard. Jennifer pushed my cousin down to bed. I took a closer look at Heather’s upper body. Her round belly, her small tits with the small and peach colored nipples. I met my cousins eyes which were glittering with lust.

“It’s the first time you see another girl naked, huh?” Jennifer stood right next to me and I was only able to nod in silence. “And you never kissed any before, I guess?” I nodded again and suddenly felt Jennifer’s hand on my hips. She pulled me around, pulled me closer, almost trapped me in a hug and the next thing I felt was her lips on mine.

I was stunned for the moment. I kissed my ex-boyfriend. But this was the first time a girl kissed me. And it felt … good. It really felt good. I lay my arms around Jennifer, closed my eyes and kissed her back. It felt like forever and I enjoyed being this close to another girl. “I’ll have fun toying with you, little Emily.” She whispered against my lips and for a second I didn’t care what she would do to me. I just wanted more of this brunette girl.

Carefully she pushed me away and didn’t take anymore notice of me. Instead she turned to Heather. “Dear Heather. What would you think about Emily eating you out?” She asked my cousin. Heather looked up to me and smiled. “Yes, I would like to, mistress!” She answered. Mistress? Why would Heather call Jennifer “Mistress”?, I asked myself but didn’t have the time to think more about this. Jennifer turned back to me. “Alright, Emily. Be a good girl and get naked.” I hesitate for a second. Something wasn’t right. “Do it!” Jennifer hissed forcefully and my whole body shrugged.

I felt like I had to listen to Heather’s girlfriend. She had kind of an imperious aura and I wasn’t able to resist her. Slowly I took of my shirt and my jeans and was totally naked in front of Jennifer who was looking at my whole body. The next thing I felt was Jennifer’s hand onto my pussy. “Hm … Already wet, aren’t we? But if you want to be used by me, we have to get rid of your pubic hair, my dear Emily.” She started to talk. “Heather’s pussy is already freed from all this hair. Well then, Emily. From now on you have to call me mistress. And every time I ask something from you … you have to say “Yes, mistress”. In addition you have to act immediately!” It was like she was telling me about some rules I had to follow.

I just nodded and felt Jennifer’s hand spanking my pussy. The pain shot through my whole body and I couldn’t take a breath for a second. “What are you supposed to say, slave?” She strictly asked.
“Y … yes, mistress. I … I have to say yes, mistress …” I answered and felt the same fear in my body I was feeling, when my uncle was raping me two days ago. “Good girl.” Jennifer said and her fingers were caressing my cheek. Then she grabbed my chin and gave me a deep kiss. “And now Emily, I want you to undress your cousin and take a taste of her pussy. You understand?”

“Yes … Mistress.” I whispered. Jennifer nodded satisfied and let me go. Naked, as I was, I got closer to Heather. I watched as she was lifting her pelvic. My hands were shaking as I grabbed the seam of her trousers and pulled them down. Like me, Heather wasn’t wearing any kind of underwear. She was totally naked and, as Jennifer already said, hear pussy was shaved clean. I gulped and realized I was aroused while looking at my cousin’s naked body. “Go on!” Jennifer told me behind my back. She was watching us. She was watching both of her toys to do as she demanded.

“Yes, mistress.” I said again and was kneeing between Heather’s legs. My hands were caressing my cousin’s legs and my head was moving down between them. I gave Heather’s labia a shy kiss. “You know what to do!” Jennifer told me and I just nodded. Immediately regretting it when something hard hit my butt cheek. I moaned in pain but I also felt some kind of pleasure.

It was the first time my tongue was licking over a vagina. But I guess I did something right, when Heather moaned in Lust. My hands caressed her legs I continued to lick her pussy. It tasted like fish but I didn’t mind while giving my cousin a lot of pleasure. Her moans continued which spurred me on.

“Fuck her with your tongue, Emily. Let your tongue penetrate her pussy!” I could hear Jennifer demanding. “Yes, mistress.” I answered as I was told before and let my tongue dive into Heather which let her moan even more. Somehow it felt good and right to give Heather so much pleasure. It felt good to do something like this to her and now I was sure having sex could be totally different than what I experienced with my uncle. Actually I enjoyed giving Heather so much pleasure.

After a while, I don’t know how much time went by, Jennifer told me to stop. I could already feel Heather’s body shaking. Her breathing was heavy and I was able to tell she wanted more. “Please, mistress. Let me cum. I beg you.” I could hear Heather say. She was begging. She was begging for an orgasm. Jennifer was right next to me. While I was pleasuring my cousin, Jennifer took of her clothes. She was only wearing a tanga right now, so I was able to take a look at her c-cup breasts. They were huge and I felt my face turning red.

I was watching while Jenny’s hand caressed one of Heather’s breasts. “Oh, little Heather. Darling! You know you are only allowed to cum when I say so.” She whispered with a lovely voice and Heather nodded. “Yes, mistress. I know, mistress.” Heather said in obedience and didn’t say anything else. “Now, Heather, my dear. What do you think? Is it fine with you if I have some fun with your cousin? You are only allowed to watch us.” Jenny said, again with this lovely voice.

“Yes, mistress. It’s alright.” Heather said. I knew she hesitated but I was also able to watch how Jenny twirled Heather’s nipple. I took a look at Jenny. She was keeping her promise. This way, controlling Heather, she was able to have sex with me while not hurting Heather. She was able to do what ever she wanted to do with me and Heather wouldn’t have a mental breakdown, knowing she wouldn’t lose her girlfriend. I was Jenny’s toy now. The toy she wanted.

“Okay, darling. Get into your beanbag. Get comfortable and watch your cousin be my toy. Alright? Fine. You are allowed to finger yourself and to cum, when Emily does.”
“Yes, mistress. Thank you, mistress. You’re so kind to me.” Heather said and let Jenny give her a kiss onto her cheek. After this she got off from her bed and sat down in her beanbag. Her fingers already caressing her own tits.

I looked away from my cousin. Even though it looked hot and aroused me. But my duty was something else now. “Okay, what do …” Jennifer’s finger laid on my lips, she was telling me to shut up this way. I just nodded. “You just have to do, what I tell you. You are not allowed to ask or say something, unless I allow you. You are just my little slave from now on. You have to listen to what I demand from you. From now on, your name won’t be Emily anymore. You’re name will be Slave. Not just mine. You’ll be Heather’s, too. As you can tell right now, Heather already is my toy. But you won’t just be a toy, my dear Emily. You will be a slave. A slave that has to obey. That has to give pleasure to your mistress, me, and her toy, Heather, your cousin. Or do you want me to break up with Heather? Just imagine what your cousin would turn into! A broken, miserable mess of a girl. She’s already broken. You know that …”

I gulped. I knew Jennifer was right, so I just nodded and was immediately given a slap onto my cheek. I burned and my hand was laying down on my cheek almost automatically. “What do you have to say, slave?” Jenny asked angrily. “Y … yes, mistress. I understand, mistress.” I answered. My body was shaking. On the one hand out of fear and on the other hand out of ecstasy and lust. I wanted this. I wanted to be Jenny’s toy. “Now, get down on the floor on all four. This is where a pet-slave belongs.”

“Yes, mistress.” I said and climbed down from the bed, got on all fours and looked up to Jenny. She was sitting right in front of me. She raised her leg, placed a foot on my had and pushed me down to the ground. “You are not supposed to look into your mistress’ eyes, slave.” She lectured me, holding my head down to the ground, my lips already touching it. “Yes … yes, mistress.” I whispered. “What was that?” Jennifer asked and I repeated the last words, a little bit louder.

“Good girl.” Jenny cheered and clapped with her hands, caressing my head with her foot. Her foot was caressing my face and was placed under my chin, slowly forcing my head up a little. “Okay, slave. Pleasure my foot. Suck my toes.”

“Yes, mistress. As you wish, mistress.” I said, putting my hands on her foot and started massaging it. I let my tongue caressing it, took her toes in my mouth and sucked on them. I heard Jenny sigh in pleasure while hearing Heather moaning. Somehow I knew she was getting closer to an orgasm.

“Alright, slave. You are allowed to lick my pussy.” Jenny said after a while. “Give pleasure to your mistress!”
“Yes, mistress.” I said and the next I knew, was having Jenny’s hand in my hair which forced my her private parts. I cried out while she was doing this but didn’t want to protest. Still she was pulling on my hair in a rough way. “Why are you crying, slave? You are supposed to like pain.” She whispered and I nodded, while pulling down her string, exposing my mistresses pussy. It was shaved, already wet and … I wasn’t able to think any further about Jenny’s pussy.

Her legs were laying around my head, pulling close to her pussy, forcing my mouth onto it. “Kiss it!” She demanded, which I did immediately. Jenny was sighing in pleasure and I started to do my stuff. I gave her pleasure. I kissed her pussy, let my tongue slip through her labia and letting it play with clitoris. I could hear Jenny moan and it was mixing up with Heather’s.

It felt like I was giving pleasure to both of them, while eating out Jenny … my mistress’ pussy. The last I heard was both of them, my mistress and my cousin, cry out in pleasure. They both had their orgasm. Jenny pushed me away with her foot, what resulted in me landing on my but. I took a look around. Jenny was lying on Heather’s bed, Heather still in the beanbag.

“Toy, slave! You are allowed to cuddle with me. Come hear and be my cuddle toys!” Jenny said. I could hear her heavy breathing. Heather immediately got up and was laying next to Jenny, cuddling with her girlfriend, kissing her cheek, caressing her body. And I? I did the same. Knowing, my life as Jenny’s slave just has started. I now was Jenny’s property.

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