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Davey’s Journey Part 7

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The morning after his night encounter with Jenny, Davey encounters her again in the morning. After being treated to a show, the two have some ‘fun’.

I went out back early in the morning. So early infact that the sun had only just come up. My parents had just gone to work, and depite the fact that I got to sleep later than what I usually would like to, and I had got less sleep than I wanted too, I just could not sleep. I had been thinking of Kelly, her friend, Jenny, and even those two little girls that lived in some houses that were behind mine. Those last two had really put on a show for me!

Then there was Sandy, that girl that lived up the street. She suspected that me and Kelly were in a relationship, despite the age difference. If Kelly was only a year or two younger than me, then it wouldn’t really matter if we were in a relationship. We could be open about it with everyone, minus the sex part. But the fact she was twelve, and I sixteen meant we needed to keep quiet about this, otherwise we would in trouble. Well, I would get in real trouble. Legal trouble, as I was pretty sure me having sex with her wasn’t legal.

I checked the weather on my phone and sighed. I might not be able to go to pool today because it would probably rain early. So the last time I will meet Kelly will most likely be the day before she goes to camp. Well, hopefully it will be, if not later today after the storm has passed by.

I was about to go back inside when Jenny came up through the forest, wearing a green pair of thin cotton pajamas. “Hi, Davey,” she called out in a bit of a whisper.

I approached the eleven-year-old redhead in the forest, and gave her a brief kiss before asking her, “what are you doing here so early?”

Jenny shrugged and told me, “I woke up not to long ago, and couldn’t get back to sleep.”

I rolled my eyes and told her, “same. I kept thinking about yesterday.”

Jenny giggled and told me, “same! I had real fun having sex with you and Kelly! I always wanted to have with a guy!”

I smile at her and gave her another kiss, then I asked her, “I noticed that I didn’t break your hymen when I entered you. Did you break on your own, or did someone else do it?”

Jenny giggled at my question, and answered, “I broke it when I was eight. I started masterbaiting then, and I used one of my hairbrush handles to… pleasure myself? I think that’s what you call it? Well, I ended up breaking my hymen doing that.”

“Did you tell your mom what you did?” I asked, wondering if her mother knew about her daughter accidentally breaking her own hymen.

Jenny shook her head, and told me, “no. And I was really careful too. I put some tissues in my panties to soak up any blood that got in them.”

“I’m sure she found out you did something to your vagina the next time she took you to the doctor for a check-up,” I thought to my, then I asked her, “so have you ever had sex before.”

She nodded her head, and told me, “there was this girl named Shannon in my class. She was a really cool girl. One day she caught me looking at some bikini models on my phone, and I told her I was bisexual.”

I nodded at this, accepting her story, and then asked her, “so what did she say to you?”

Jenny made a small smile, “I told her, “let’s go into the woods” and we went there and made out, sorta.”

“And you were girlfriends since then?” I asked, curious as to how long it took for them to start their relationship.

“Kinda immediately,” she told me, not really sounding sure of herself. “That day we made out was a Friday, and we didn’t see each other until Monday. We talked during recess, and decided we would be girlfriends.”

I paused for a moment in thought, and then asked her, “did she tell you if she was a lesbian or bi?”

She shook her head, and answered, “I never asked, and I don’t know which one she was. She never seemed interested in any guys in our class, so she may have been a lesbian?”

I thought about what Jenny told me for a moment, then I informed her, “she could be a lesbian. She could be bisexual, and just didn’t have any interest in any of the guys at your school, or atleast never said so.”

Jenny giggled at what I told her, and responded, “I can’t blame her. A lot of the guys there are idiots.”

I chucked at this, and informed her, “there are guys ‘my’ age that are idiots.”

Jenny burst out in laughter when I told her this, and asked, “well, if a lot of guys your age are idiots, then how come you’re now?”

I took my cell phone, held it up, and told her, “when you literally have all the information in the world in the palm of your hand, being ignorant, uninformed, and an idiot is a choice.”

Jenny thought about what I just told her, and said to me, a little confuse, “I… think I understand.”

I gave her a kiss on her forehead, and told her, “it’s okay if you don’t get it entirely, just as long as you have a basic understanding of what I’m talking about, then it’s a start.”

Jenny gave me a smile, and leaned forward to start kissing me.

We kissed for a minute or two, and my hands had gone up her and started fondling her breasts. I wanted to ask her more about her old girlfriend, but I was a little to engaged with her body at the moment to ask anything about her, and I figured could wait until later anyways.

Her pajama shirt was one that a person buttoned up, so I began to unbutton it from the top, intending to get at her large, preteen breasts, when we both heard the noise of two girls giggling, which caused us to stop.

We both crouched down, hoping we hadn’t been caught, and once I figured out we didn’t I crept forward inorder to figure out where this noise was coming from, with Jenny in tow.

It took a couple of minutes of slow, crouching movement for us to get close enough, yet stay hidden enough to see what was going on, and who was making these noises, and I saw who. It was those same two little girls that I watched kiss and lick each other’s stomachs.

I would have said just seeing them was getting me hard, but Jenny had already gotten me hard.

The brunette girl was wearing blue pajamas, while the the blond girl was wearing was wearing a pink sleep shirt that went down to her knees.

Me and Jenny hid behind some thick bushes, and I motioned for her to be quiet, whispering in her ear, “I think we’re gonna get a show!”

We remained there crouched down and hidden as we watched the two girls kiss, and then twist their tongues around the other’s. Both girls were giggling while doing this, then the blond girl lifted her shirt, revealing pink panties, and small, yet already budding breasts.

The brunette girl, Gina if I recall seemed to hesitate for a moment before lowering her head to her friend’s chest, and giving her budding tits a couple of sucks. She then kissed her way down her body, and gave her friend’s navel a long kiss.

The girl stood back up after kissing her friend’s navel, and the blond girl, Yasmin if I recall, cried in disappointment, “aww… I wanted you to do more, Gina!”

Gina just looked at her friend, confused, and asked her, “what, Yasmin?”

Yasmin lifted her friend’s pajama shirt up, and gave her friend’s tits a couple of sucks, and they seemed to last longer, and were a bit harder than the ones Gina gave her. She then kisses her way down her friend’s body, kissing and licking Gina’s navel once she got the it while pulling down her pajama pants, revealing the girls bald pussy.

While watching this, Jenny whispered into my ear, “these girls go to the same elementary school I went to. I think they’re about nine.”

I figured they were somewhere around that age, and I whispered back, “did you know they were like this?”

Jenny nodded her head, and answered, “I’ve heard they’ve been caught before in the woods. From what I’ve heard someone caught Yasmin kissing Gina’s bellybutton in the woods behind the school. And Gina’s not the only girl she’s done that to.”

I didn’t asked what happened to her, but I did ask, “did she ever try to do it to you?”

Jenny shook her head, and told me, “no, but I heard rumors she tried to do it to other girls in my grade.”

“That’s just rumors. For all you know they could be made up,” I thought to myself, but seeing what I’m seeing here, I wouldn’t doubt that they were true.

What I was seeing was that Yasmin got on her knees, and began licking her friend.

Gina moaned in pleasure from her friend’s tongue, and after several licks Yasmin placed her mouth over her friend’s pussy.

Gina moaned even louder as Yasmin began to really eat her out, shaking her head and visibly sucking on her friend’s pussy. While she was doing this Jenny had slipped her hand into her pajama pants, and began to pleasure herself. She made no sounds while doing it, but I could tell she was enjoying it.

It took a couple of minutes, but Gina finally came, moaning even louder than before. She even had trouble standing up, and had to hold on the the bush they were hiding behind to keep from falling.

For a moment I thought I may have to reveal myself and help this little girl, even if it would let them know that I spied on them, but fortunately Yasmin was quick enough, and stood up to catch her half-naked ‘friend’.

Gina stood there in Yasmin’s arms just giggling, then the two kiss and headed out of the forest after the brunette pulled her pajama pants up.

Once they were halfway towards the blond girl’s house I stood up, stretched my legs a little, and commented, “well, that was quite a show.”

Jenny stood up as well, having taken her hand out of her pajama pants, and replied, “yeah! I just wished I could have joined them.”

I gave the redhead a curious look, and asked her, “you wanna fuck a nine-year-old?”

“Don’t you?” She asked, waving her hand in the direction they went, commenting, “because those two girls were hot!”

I looked back at the direction the two girls went, and the back at Jenny, admitting, “okay. I would.”

Jenny giggled at my admittance, then asked me, seductively, “would you still fuck and eleven-year-old?”

I lowered my head, and gave her still covered breasts a couple of sucks before telling her, “I sure would.”

Jenny giggled some more, and mock scolded me, “you’re gonna get this shirt wet just like you got my other shirt wet last night.”

I couldn’t care less at the moment if I got her shirt wet or not, but I decided to play along, kissed her neck, and whispered in her ear, “let’s back to my house and I can get it off of you to let it dry off.”

Jenny giggled at this suggestion, and brought her lips to mine. I took her hand, guided her out of the forest, and after checking to make sure none of my neighbors were out, brought her into my house.

We passionately kissed each other once the door was closed, and while we were doing this I unbuttoned and removed her shirt, revealing her two large breast to me once again.

I got down on my knees, and gave her tits a couple of good, hard sucks before picking her up, and carrying her into my bedroom.

I gently laid her down on my bed, and gave her another long, tongue filled kiss before placing my mouth on her tits once more.

I sucked on them hard for a couple of minutes, turning her breasts red in the process. While I was doing this I also slipped my hand into her pants. She had no underwear on, so that just made it easier to insert a finger into her pussy.

Jenny moaned in pleasure as I finger fucked her while I pleasured her chest with mouth, and pleasured my mouth with her chest.

I was bringing her close to orgasm with my middle finger, and thought about using my mouth and tongue to finish her off, but I was really hard thanks to the little show those two nine-year-old girls put on, and I needed some release.

I removed my mouth from Jenny’s chest, took my pants pants and boxer shorts off, then pulled off Jenny’s pants as well.

Her near bald pussy was glistening and inviting, so I go over top of her, with Jenny almost instinctively spreading her legs, and letting my push my raging boner into her.

Now despite the fact that I needed to come, I still felt I needed to have Jenny feel some pleasure too.

I went slowly at first, mentally holding back my jizz that needed a release.

Fortunately it didn’t take to for me to be able to release my cum, taking about three or four minutes of me pumping her hard before she came, her body shaking and moaning loud when she did. I had my own orgasm a few seconds later, shooting a large amount of cum into her.

I pumped her a few more times before finally pulling out, my balls spent for the moment.

We both laid on my bed for several minutes before Jenny looked over at my clock, and commented, “I need get home before my mom gets home.”

I grumbled a little, wanting to ‘play’ a little more with her, but I accepted this.

Jenny got up an went to my bathroom, probably to clean herself up, and from what I can hear, pee.

I put my pants on while she was in the bathroom, which she came out of a couple of minutes later, and put on her on pants.

I went over to her, bent down, and gave her breasts another good suck before telling her, “as much as I’m going to miss Kelly when she’s at camp, atleast I’ll have you.”

Jenny giggled and commented, “yeah, and she did tell me it was okay to have sex with you while she’s gone, but…”

“But, what?” I asked, wondering what she was going to say.

“But… on Sunday I’m going to my Dad’s house,” she admitted, a little ashamed she didn’t tell me sooner.

I gave her a small, reassuring smile, letting her know I wasn’t angry, and asked her, “how long will you be gone for?”

Jenny saw I wasn’t angry with her, and this brought her confidence up, so she answered, “a couple of days.”

I gave a chuckle at this, and told her, “I think I can handle two days.”

Jenny giggled at my comment, and I gave her tits a couple of more sucks before letting her button up her shirt. I then took her hand, and after making sure there wasn’t anyone around outside, escorted her down to the forest.

Once there and out of site of any neighbors I gave Jenny another kiss, and pulled her shirt over her breasts.

“One last time before you head on home,” I told her before lowering my head to her chest, and gave her tits a couple of sucks. I then kissed my way down her body, and placed my lips over her navel, and used my tongue to play with the little hole, making Jenny giggle before kissing my way back up to her chest, and giving her tits a couple of more sucks before giving her nipples a kiss.

I pulled down her shirt, gave her a kiss, and asked her, “do you have your own phone?”

Jenny nodded her head, and told me her number. I sent a text to it, and she told me, “I’ll reply as soon as I get home. I don’t have my cell on me.”

I internally frowned at this, because I felt if you have a cellphone, that you needed to keep it on you. I didn’t say anything about that, and only accepted it, telling her, “okay.”

I gave her one more kiss, and watched her head off along the trail, going a little faster when it started to thunder.

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