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Blackmailing My Little Sister and her Friend into Sex

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When I was 16 I blackmailed my 12 year old sister and her friend into a threesome

That Saturday, Coach was sick and canceled practice, so I went home early. I went upstairs and as I was passing Lynne’s room I was shocked to see my little sister and her friend Mandy both naked, wearing only a towel. The two 12 year-olds were sitting on Lynne’s bed obviously deep in a serious sex discussion and hadn’t noticed me spying on them.
“Are you sure this will work?” asked Mandy.
“Can’t fail,” my sister assured her. “I researched all the porn sites, and no man can resist a shaved pussy. Who do you want to fuck first?”
“Well, your brother is kinda cute,” Mandy admitted shyly.
“Eww,” said Lynne disgusted. “He’s a pervert; always trying to catch me naked coming out of the shower.”

I resented that. It was true, of course, but I still resented it. Lynne, at 12 years-old, was coming along quite nicely; she was a petite (4′ 11”) brunette with perky little a-cups and a great tan. Mandy, on the other hand, was taller (5′ 2”), a well-padded, flat-chested, curly-haired redhead whose pale skin was covered in freckles. Those freckles, and her glasses, put her at a disadvantage in the competition for sixth grade boys.
Hence, “Operation Big Bare” was in effect. The girls had just come from the shower, where Lynne had shaved Mandy’s pussy. Obviously, the intention was sexting nudes to some horny little wanker and have a good shag.

The girls stood up and Mandy dropped her towel. “How does it look?” she asked
“Awesome,” replied Lynne appreciatively. “If I were a boy, I would fuck you. Hell, I may just fuck you, anyway.” They both laughed at the joke. Lynne took Mandy’s phone and snapped a few pictures. I did the same.
“How does it feel?” asked Lynne. “Do you feel as sexy as you look?”
“Actually, it kind of itches,” she replied truthfully.
“Got just the thing,” said Lynne. She put down the phone and reached for the coconut oil on the night table. As she did, her towel dropped to the floor. I continued to take pictures of both the naked girls.
“Lay down,” said Lynne, as she began to massage the oil into Mandy’s privates. Mandy twitched as Lynne’s finger slipped between her labia. I switched to video as Lynne began to probe a bit deeper. “You like that, don’t you, bitch? You like me to touch you there, don’t you? Who needs a man, anyway, right?”

Just then they both noticed me. They froze in place, with my sister still two fingers deep into Mandy. I continued to take pictures. “What are you doing here? I thought you were at practice,” Lynne asked anxiously.
“Practice was canceled,” I replied looking up. “Question is, what are you doing here?”
Lynne looked at her hand still inside her friend and looked back at me. “It’s not what it looks like.”
“It looks like you’re finger fucking your friend,” I said.
“OK,” Lynne admitted, “it is what it looks like.” She pulled her fingers out of Mandy’s pussy and continued: “But it’s not what you think.”
“Doesn’t matter what I think,” I replied. “I’m texting these to Mom right now to see what she thinks.”
Lynne panicked. She and Mandy both stood up. “You can’t do that! She’ll kill me! You have to delete those pictures,” Lynne sobbed.
I continued. “After Mom, maybe I can send a copy to John Baker. His brother Bobbie is in your class, I believe? You two will be the most famous lesbians at your school in no time.”
They looked at each other, then back at me. “You know it’s not like that,” Lynne whined. Mandy was quiet, looking like a deer in the headlights. “I’ll do anything you want,” Lynne pleaded.
“Anything?” I asked archly.
Lynne leaned back away from me. “Not anything, you pervert. You know what I mean.”
I shrugged and began reading out loud while I texted. “Dear Mom, here are some pix of what your daughter and her lover do when you’re not home…”

Then Mandy suddenly spoke up: “I’ll do it,” she said firmly.
Lynne and I look at her. “Do what,” I asked curiously.
Mandy sighed. “If you delete those photos, I’ll let you fuck me; you can pop my cherry.” Then she looked me straight in the eye: “Is it a deal?”
I looked her up and down, raping her with my eyes. “Hell yes!” I agreed emphatically, as I quickly undressed.

My sister, for once, was speechless. She sat on the bed next to us and watched as I knelt between Mandy’s legs and took in the sight. A delicate pink showed through the partially open, lily-white slit as I was greeted by the scent of coconut oil and the sight of a large dewy drop leaking from within. She was tense, and I gently rubbed her outer labia to get a better view and to try to relax her a bit. She looked delicious and I couldn’t control myself; I plunged between her open thighs and attacked her with my tongue.
She was not expecting that, and let out a small yelp of surprise. I bathed her opening with my tongue, and probed deep into the sweetness. I gave her swollen clit a few rapid flicks with just the tip of my tongue, and Mandy clapped her hand across her mouth to stifle a small squeal of delight.
I sat up and grabbed my weapon. Mandy was breathing harder now, no longer tense with anxiety, but alert with anticipation. As I rubbed by cock head up and down across her opening, mixing my pre-cum with her juices, I looked deep into her eyes. As I slowly entered, Mandy inhaled sharply, but said not a word as she looked back at me.
I continued slowly until I hit the obstruction. Mandy winced and I pulled back half an inch. Then back to the hymen, and pulled back. Mandy continued to look into my eyes. I thrust through violently on the next stroke, and Mandy arched her back with the pain but did not cry out. I waited fully inside her for the shock to subside and asked “You OK?”
“Keep going,” she nodded.
I pulled back half way and began a slow, steady stroke. You could she was was getting into it, slightly moving her hips to meet my thrusts. She began to lubricate.
“More,” she requested, and I picked up the pace. Moving at a quicker pace, the tight, wet feeling was more than I could take. I felt my seed welling up inside, ready to boil over. I thrust once more as deep as I could then pulled out to spray all over her flat chest, coating her puffy, erect nipples with a huge load of cum.

Lynne, who had been holding her breath for some reason, exhaled with relief. “Alright, fine, you pervert, “ she said. “Delete those photos.”
“Oh this isn’t over yet,” I told her.

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  • Reply wild77er ID:3zxjhpc0499

    Most amazing story I’ve read in a while!
    Keep up the writing and I’ll be ever the avid reader…
    Thanks and need story idea’s I could help. Not a writer but like your style and love to read your take on some ideas for stories I have.
    [email protected]

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Absolutely breed them both, maybe even collar them

  • Reply Martin ID:1a5sv29tqrj

    I fucked my little sister too, so I know how you felt! Taboo sex is so exciting!

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    I absolutely need to hear you fuck your sister and then fuck both of them at the same time and continue to do that a few times a day for a year

  • Reply Shaggy44 ID:4lnu6pbv3

    Same part 2 And nail your sister and knock them up.

    • Tabaxi ID:4o80tft0c

      Roger that. Love your stories

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ihrd

    Loved it breed em well.
    All females should enjoy sex freely embracing their femininity and sexual desires as they so choose. I don’t care if they are 8 to 80, blind, crippled or just plain crazy. ALL females should NEVER be denied a good cock orgasms when they so choose freely and unconditionally. All young females should be taught the art of sensual sex and foreplay when ever they so choose to which will lead to a very, very healthy sex life.

    • Tabaxi ID:4o80tft0c

      Couldn’t agree more. I love your stories.

  • Reply comountainman4 ID:1fs915oij

    Wow very hot. Loved this story and would enjoy reading part two with you doing your sister also. Good work.