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psych nurses raped me – part2

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I knew it was going on to others, then it was my turn. First female nurses, one broke my hymen with her strapon. Then it was male nurses

About two weeks after the Butch Dyke nurse broke my hymen with a strapon dildo, the original rapist a 50s nurse holding me down, I had to lick a younger staffer clean. Her husband fucked her in the parking lot at work and didn’t make her cum. I had to do that for her, and at the same time lick her pussy totally clean of her husbands cum. The old nurse took a couple of licks to make sure I got it all. After that the female nurses left me alone, but the next day there were three male nurses watching our small group in the shower. The made me stay behind, I knew what was coming. The dyke fucked me a couple times a day for a couple of weeks, so they weren’t getting any virgin this time, or so I thought.

I was told to kneel down as the three pulled out their cocks and all started peeing on me. I was made to open my mouth and swallow as much pee as I could I was getting sick to my stomach. I thought with the pee on me they’d leave me alone but they didn’t. The head one a big hairy guy said that he’d heard i had a virgin cunt until the dyke got me. “So we’ll have to find another virgin hole to take” he said. I was slapped, forced to lay down on the tile floor of the shower. Liquid soap was poured on my ass and stuck in my butt hole. One, then two, then three fingers plowing their way into my virgin butt. Roughly they were pulled out and within two seconds the first guy was on top of me and his 8 thick inches was all the way up my hole. The other two, one holding my arms the other holding my legs were watching and egging him on. My first anal rapist was telling them how tight my ass was. He came in minutes, and the next one was on top. They stopped holding me down I was crying from the pain but at least the second guy was smaller and didn’t hurt as much. Soon he came, and with him I could actually feel his sperm shooting inside me, it was the same with the next guy I felt his cumming. The first one roughly pulled me up to my knees. I had to take all three cocks in my mouth and clean my “ass juice” as they called it off of them. The first guy also had some blood on it. Memories flashed of the dyke who made me suck the strapon after my hymen broke, once again I was licking some of my own blood from being raped. Kneeling now I realized again how dirty I was. I had pee all over me, and in my hair. They pulled me up and told me to go back to my room and get dressed. I asked them if I could shower first and they told me no. I was their pisswhore and personal fucktoy and just to go back and smell myself all day and night until tomorrows shower.

It was horrible, the smell was so bad, and I had to sit alone at my own table to eat dinner that night. I skipped lunch because I smelled so bad. Everyone would know I had piss all over me. The next day I almost ran to the shower but stopped when I noticed the 50’s nurse in another girls room. She looked like she was only 12 or so. The girl was naked on her stomach and the nurse was rubbing her butt then pushing a hand to a slightly hairy set of pussy lips. The girl was crying. The nurse looked at me and blew me a kiss. I went onto the showers, knowing I could get clean but not knowing how many men would used me or pee on me or do whatever. There were 5 of us showering, most just looking down at the floor, the old nurse brought in the young girl and told the men to send her back in the same condition she came, or they’d lose their jobs. The girl had only buds for breasts, a small patch of hair coming in on her young pussy. The one guy watching us, got called away. I went to the young girl and told her to go along and it was best, just do what they want. She started crying, and put her head on my chest. With that I held her and she started sucking on one of my breasts, it felt so good. I rubbed her back and her butt, touched her little buds as she switched to my other breast. Then we head him coming back and we stopped.

I was told to stay back after they turned the water off. I was glad it was only one guy. He threw some towels down to lay on, so it wasn’t so cold, and I automatically spread my legs and pulled up my knees. He fucked me in my pussy, the first actual cock in my pussy the first time someone was going to cum in my pussy. I was thinking about that, and about the possibility of getting pregnant and didn’t see the other 6 men come in. It took over 90 minutes before everyone was done, most fucking me a couple of times. The first guy to fuck me in my butt and pee on me the day before took my in my mouth for the first time. I was resigned to it all now. I was so sore, everywhere, my ass my pussy and walking slowly and with some difficulty, still naked but at least it was cum leaking out of my holes not pee all over me. I was heading to the hallway to my room when the old nurse called me to her office. Walking across the game room with others sitting, playing board games or cards and not even looking at me, I gingerly walked to her office naked. “You know better than to tell what your saw don’t you?” she said, referring to her with the 12 year old girl. “Yes maam, of course” I said. With that I got a slap across the face, very hard, I screeched, “You know better than that, when we’re alone what do you call me?” I responded “Yes mommy, I’m sorry mommy, I’ll always be your baby girl, and do anything that mommy wants”.

Sitting in her chair, she moved more to the edge and lifted her dress and spread her legs. I immediately got between her legs and licked her bald pussy until she had three orgasms. “that’s mommy’s little baby” she said. “Go back and get dressed”. I had to ask her “Did it do something wrong mommy? I mean those men all use me and before it was just us girls, and you mommy”

“No baby, you didn’t do anything wrong. Mommy has to let the men have fun too or they’ll tell on mommy and we wouldn’t want that now would we?

“No mommy, but I am not taking anything, what if I get a baby?”

“You don’t worry about that, mommy will take care of all that.

I knew better than to ask anymore, I knew better than to fight it. I was going to be used by the entire staff until they thought I’d had enough. It was 6 more months before I could get out. Promising to never say anything to anyone, and showing I was cooperative with the men and women. I kept count and 7 women and 15 men used me as much as they wanted, whenever they wanted. I’d been impregnated 3 times, and the old female nurse aborted in all three cases. I was raped orally, anally, vaginally by men and lesbian raped by women. On my two last showers I was not told to stay behind, the 12 year old who was 13 my now was their next rape victim. Though I knew for sure she’d been raped by the lesbians already.

I went home, pretended to be healthy and happy, never said anything to anyone. Not even my closest friends in high school. To be perfectly honest I’m not 23, got out of there at 16 and have never had sex with anyone since. I’m damaged goods, and there are too many rape memories no matter who I would be with nor what he or she would be doing with me.

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  • Reply Adude ID:1co14glp7v7k

    Listen your find someone you tell this to they understand and you get someone who dose not care about your passed and you well want to be with them. I had a very similar experience I understand and know… it will take a long time till you do but you well trust me. You shared with us.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    You need to find a partner, roleplay during sex and relive your rape experiences. Make it something positive!

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    How can I get ahold of you