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Big Brother’s Love pt. 3

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Part three of my older brother teaching me about sex when mom isn’t home

~I am an adult woman and this is just a fantasy~

~As always no minors harmed in the making of this story~

I found myself thinking about my older brother all day at school the next day in anticipation for what was to come after school. I even wore my favorite baby pink underwear under my school uniform.

I couldn’t help myself and even told my friends I lost my virginity. They were both amazed, asking how it was and for details. I told them how good it felt and I’m not even sure they believed me because I wouldn’t tell them who my boyfriend was but I couldn’t tell them it was my older brother.

Of course I wasnt aware my brother hadn’t even really taken my virginity and only lied to me so I wouldn’t think it hurts and I’d be more willing to do it again. I was very naive.

When I got home from school the house was quiet except for the sound of my brother’s shooting game coming from his room and I could hear him on the phone with his friends, I swear he did this all day when mom was working and I was at school. I went to my room to kick off my shoes and drop my bag when I saw Teddy tossed on my bed in a way I never would, frowning and moving to grab the bear.

As soon as I picked up Teddy I could feel the sticky stuff and my frown deepened. I wasn’t sure why but I felt hurt, maybe even jealous that my brother was playing without me. I wouldn’t admit it but I wanted all of his attention for myself. Was Teddy better than me, why didn’t he want me?

I hugged Teddy to my chest as I stomped into my brother’s room, doing something I hadn’t done in a couple years because of the way he had gone off on me the first time.

“Hey, what are you-” My brother pulled off his headset when he saw me heading toward the TV but was cut off by me pulling the xbox plug from the wall. His eyes were a harsh glare as he stood up. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Pervert!” I exclaimed as I hugged Teddy even closer and I think it clicked in his brain because he rolled his eyes, picking up his phone.

“Sorry guys, I’ll join back later.” His eyes stayed on me as he spoke to his friends over the headset, hanging up and tossing the phone and headset down so he could take a few steps closer to me.

“Stay away you pervert or I’ll tell mom!” I threatened and he laughed which made me even angrier, huffing and pushing past him to stomp out but I didn’t get far before I felt him grab my waist and pull me back. “Let go! Let go of me!” I struggled in his grip, whimpering and fighting against him.

“Why are you acting like such a fucking brat? Are you jealous or something?” His grip tightened to the point it kind of hurt and his comment about me being jealous made me struggle less, shaking my head all too quickly and whining.

“I’m not jealous, you’re a pervert!” I huffed, a pout on my lips as I squeezed Teddy, no longer struggling against his tight grip.

“Aww, I think you’re jealous. It’s okay, Lilly, Teddy has nothing on you. You make me feel way better than Teddy ever could, I just couldn’t help myself while you were at school. Boys have to cum multiple times a day or they’ll get sick. Teddy is just a toy, you’re my only little princess.” As he spoke he loosened his grip so I could turn around and hug him tightly.

“You promise?” I asked softly, my face buried in his chest due to the height difference, still holding onto my bear with one hand.

“I do promise.” He said, laughing a little bit as he rubbed my back. “I could show you something I’ve never shown Teddy if it’ll make you feel better?” He suggested and I perked up almost instantly with curiosity, letting go of him but staying close.

“Yes please! What is it?” I asked eagerly and this just seemed to make him smile more. He grabbed my hand to lead me back to my bedroom, shutting the door behind us and making me even more excited for what I had been anticipating all day.

“It’s gonna be kinda like what we already did but I think you’ll like it a lot more this time.” His smile was slowly turning to a smirk as he pulled off his shirt and his jeans slowly, leaving him in some boxers as he moved to lay down on my bed. “Okay, your turn.”

I hesitated as his eyes stayed on me but it definitely wasn’t the first time I had undressed in front of my family, and then I remembered I had my cute soft pink underwear on and I even felt a little excited to show my brother. I took off my uniform piece by piece until I was in just my cute underwear, a little white training bra covering my tiny chest and budding nipples. It was my first and only bra that I practically had to beg my mom just to get her to buy because she didn’t think it was necessary yet.

“Perfect, come here Lilly..” My brother’s voice was a little hoarse again as he reached out his hand for me to come closer and I could tell he was straining his boxers, a little giggle escaping from how much bigger it got while I was undressing. I took a few steps closer but not close enough for him to reach, giggling again as he rolled his eyes.

“You’re such a little brat, you know that?” He said with a smile as he had to reach even further just to grab me, easily scooping me up onto the bed because of how tiny I was compared to him. I squealed and giggled from being picked up, landing on his lap with my hands on his chest to stabilize myself.

“I’m gonna have to move you again for your lesson but you trust me right, Lilly?” My brother questioned with a grin, bringing his hand up to push my soft blonde hair all to one side, giving him a better view of my face and chest and bringing a blush to my cheeks. I nodded though, of course I trusted him more than anyone.

Without hesitation my brother picked me up again, turning me around and situating me like a doll so that I was face to face with his boxers, very quickly realizing his head was positioned right between my thighs and I was essentially laying on his chest. It was pretty comfortable, was my first thought, and then I watched as he used one hand to rub himself through his boxers slowly, taking his thing out after a few seconds as it was practically bursting to come out. I noticed him using his other hand to rub on my pretty pink underwear and I started to blush again, especially when he pulled them to the side and groaned.

“So cute, Lilly. Have I mentioned you have the perfect pussy?” His words were breathy and my cheeks were so hot and flushed now, watching him almost desperately jerking himself off just to the sight of my princess parts. After a minute or two there was a little bit of the sticky stuff already glistening on the tip of it so I leaned forward, licking it off like a lollipop and hearing him moan in surprise.

“F-fuck, holy shit-” He cursed as he bucked his hips forward into my mouth which I didn’t expect so of course I took it in my mouth willingly, choking when it hit the back of my throat so I moved up, dragging my tongue over it in the process and as soon as it was out of my mouth so I could breathe again I watched sticky stuff start to cover my face, neck, and even a little on my tiny chest. He was groaning and gasping like he didn’t even mean to cum all over my face and I couldn’t help but feel a little prideful like I had done it right even though I really hadn’t done much at all.

“You’re so good at that Lilly..” My brother sounded sweet as he said this, his fingers brushing through my hair softly before he pushed me back down toward his thing that was somehow still so big. “Go on, you can keep licking. I’m going to start your lesson now, okay?” He said, sounding a lot more collected this time and I nodded, feeling that excitement come back. “Answer out loud Lilly.”

“O-okay, sure. I wanna keep licking.” I said softly, still wanting to please him so bad for some reason. I leaned forward and curled my fingers around the base of it, licking the tip where there was quite a bit of the sticky stuff that I could still feel on my face.

“So good. This is why you’re my special little princess. Such a good girl.” His praise made me feel dizzy with pride, I had always felt that way growing up with any praise from anyone. I started to lick more franativally, feeling like a little kitty from how I was licking at and cleaning it. I finally took it in my mouth and at the same time I felt him pull my pink underwear down this time, not all the way but enough so he could grab my hips and pull me down, essentially spreading my legs and putting his mouth right on my princess parts. I pulled up off his thing for a second so I could gasp from surprise as he dragged his tongue over my bare slit, a little uncontrolled moan escaping from the sensation.

“A-are you sure? What if it t-tastes bad—” I was cut off by my brother using his hand still in my hair to push me back down, practically forcing his thing in my mouth so I’d stop talking and start sucking again, which of course I did.

“You taste so good, so so good Lilly. So wet, you like this don’t you? You love being your brother’s favorite little princess.” My brother’s voice sounded so hoarse when he spoke before I felt him dragging his tongue even deeper, little moans escaping each time I felt his tongue and mouth ruining my already dripping hole.

I couldn’t answer his question but from the smirk in his voice I could tell that was intentional. The question did get me thinking though, because I really did like it as wrong as I knew it was. The attention made me so happy and it even felt good sometimes.

I tried to focus on sucking again, I could barely fit half in my mouth but I was salivating so much I was drooling a little bit, dragging my tongue over it between moans and sucking like it was candy. I hadn’t even noticed my thighs were shaking on either side of his head at this point but I quickly noticed it, once again having to pull off his thing for a second to gasp for air and moan uncontrollably, no matter how hard I tried to suppress it and ignore how good his tongue felt pushing into my tight protesting hole.

“I-I have to pee, please, I really need to—” I was cut off by my brother shoving my head down again to silence me, pushing it as deep as it would go in my mouth and then following suit with his tongue in my tight virgin holes. It felt so unbelievably deep somehow and that sensation only got worse, but he had his arm around my hips with such a tight grip I couldn’t squirm no matter how hard I tried, his other hand still holding my head down on his thing as it started to throb in my mouth.

I had no idea what was happening and it kind of felt like I had to pee but I finally let go and the sensation was like pure ecstacy, I had never experienced an orgasm before and my entire body reacted from the intensity of it, my thighs still shaking and my back arched as much as I possibly could, moaning out around your thing that I hadn’t even noticed was filling my mouth with sticky stuff, I just swallowed every last drop and couldn’t stop whining and moaning as I came down from my high.

“Mmh.. Good girl, good little princess. Did you like this lesson sis?” I blushed so deeply when I felt my brother licking my soaked princess parts clean as he spoke, finally letting me off his thing so I could breathe and collect myself.

“I-I did.. That felt s-so good..” My voice sounded so soft and needy and satisfied, I had never felt like this before. My blush only got worse as I watched him put his thing back in his boxers, then he slowly pulled my soft pink panties back up.

“You did such a good job Lilly. How about you go take a shower, you’re a little sticky, while I explain to my friends why my little sister came barging in my room like a maniac and unplugged my xbox?” I couldn’t help but giggle at my brother’s words, finally moving my shaky legs so I could stand, dragging my finger over the sticky stuff on my face and licking it off before I grabbed my clothes and left to take a shower like I was told.

~Thank you guys for reading and giving your input!! Let me know if there’s anything I can add in future parts 🙂 Mwah~

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    I’m reading n keeping track of all sexy lil Babygirl Lilly’s Dirty Girl training. Fantastic story.
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    Eat her pussy and asshole!

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