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Falling for my best friend

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The story of how I went from shy church mouse to falling in love with my best friend

From the earliest I can remember, I loved sports. Nor all sports as I never could get into football. I remember going into daddy’s den to watch basketball, baseball, or soccer with him. I waa definitely a Tom boy. That drove mom crazy, as she wanted me to pursue pageants like she had when she was a girl. I wanted no part of that, the only time I endured dresses was for church on Sunday. I could have probably done well in pageants as I was a cute little blonde with blue eyes.

When I turned 5, mom hesitantly let daddy sign me up for basketball in the winter. We had played so much in the driveway that I took to it easily on a team. When spring arrived, I started playing softball, and the following fall, played on my first soccer team. I loved competing and kept my grades up as mom threatened less than A’s and I would have to give up sports.

Fast forward in time to the summer before my 10th birthday. That was the summer that I knew I was different and was scared of what I discovered. The softball season was coming to an end and coach decided to throw us a slumber party at her house to celebrate a good season. Mom was so overprotective that I had never been to a slumber party or even had a friend over for a sleepover. Daddy talked her into it, saying it would be good for me socially

The evening was fun, pizza and soda for dinner, games, movies, even makeovers. I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having with my teammates away from the fields. I woke up in the middle of the night needing a drink. I made my way to coach’s kitchen and when I turned the corner, I came to a sudden stop. Laying on the table was Valerie, the team pitcher. Her pajamas on the floor, she was completely naked. Her knees were over coach’s shoulders and coach had her face between Valerie’s legs licking her pussy. Valerie looked so happy. From the side view I had, I saw the side of coach’s C cup breasts. They had no clue I was there.

Valerie was 10 and the first girl on the team to develop breasts. She had short brunette hair. Coach was in her 30s, and had shoulder length red hair. Coach was a beautiful woman, Valerie was a stunning girl. They didn’t see me, so I snuck back around the doorway and kept Watchung as coach pleasured Valerie orally. Valerie started shaking and her legs parted wide as she came, although at the time I didn’t know what an orgasm was.

Valerie slid off of the table and I watched them kiss, then Valerie dropped to her knees in front of coach. Coach parted her legs and Valerie lowered her head and started to lick coach’s pussy. I was mesmerized and felt funny inside. I loved seeing how happy they were, I loved seeing them naked. How could something look so exciting when the church told me all along that girls weren’t supposed to like other girls. I watched until coach came, then snuck back to my sleeping bag. I could not get the images put of my mind and had to close my eyes when I heard Valerie coming back to her sleeping bag.

The next morning I was picked up in time to go to church. I was still thinking about what I saw and knew I couldn’t tell mom. When I got to church, I started to notice the girls more than the boys. I felt funny inside seeing them in their dresses and seeing the various sizes of breasts. The sermon that day was about immorality and about how gays and lesbians were bound for hell. Was the sermon intended for me? The message scared me, and I began to put my thoughts about girls put of mind.

Fast forward to about mid summer. I was out on a bike ride wearing shorts and a tank top. Just enjoying the weather. A block over from my house, I saw a moving truck parked in front of a house and being unloaded. A tall, beautiful brunette girl was in the driveway half heartedly dribbling a basketball and looking sad. Something told me to talk to her. So I rode over.

“Hi, welcome to the neighborhood, my name is Tish” I said as I got off my bike

“I’m Maria” she said, her brunette hair framed her beautiful face and brown eyes perfectly, she smiled slightly and it was beautiful

“Nice to meet you, how old are you?”

“I’m 9, turn 10 in August”

“Very cool, I turn 10 in September. Do you want to go for a bike ride, I can show you around”

Maria’s smile lit up and she ran to ask her mom. She came back looking excited as she picked her bike up off the ground and we set off to ride together. We had an instant connection, both of us had strict mom’s and she also was forced to go to church. I was still very much a Tom boy, Maria was a girly girl. That seemed to be our only difference.

After that day, we became basically inseparable. I would wake up, wait for her text, and then go to hang out with her. My mom liked her and said she would be a good influence on me. Her mom liked me, which led to her mom and mine becoming friends. Maria started going to my church.

It was just after Maria’s 10th birthday and a few weeks before mine that we were at Wednesday youth group in the gym where we had our mid week group. It always started with a game

“Tonight’s game is marshmallow catch” the youth pastor began “everyone pair up girls with girls, boys with boys. One of you will go to the top of the ladder cart and drop mini marshmallows, the other person will stand at the bottom and try to catch as many as you can in your mouth”

Of course Maria and I teamed up, she wanted to be the dropper. The game had everyone laughing, it became girls vs boys and was close. Maria and I went last. Maria climbed the stairs to the landing 10 feet up. I stood at the bottom and when I looked up, I saw up her knee length skirt and saw her white cotton panties hugging her crotch. All the forbidden thoughts about girls cane rushing back. As she dropped marshmallows I caught pretty much every one she dropped while focusing on her crotch. When the game ended we had done well enough for the girls to win, I looked at Maria completely different

5th grade year, Maria and I were lucky enough to be in class together. I now had a full blown crush on Maria. Almost every weekend one of us would stay at the others house and would share the same bed. If I had a basketball game during the winter, she would come along to cheer me on. The year flew by so fast, my love for Maria grew, but I was scared to say anything. Her breasts had barely started to develop as our 11th birthdays approached. I had almost b cup breasts

On my 11th birthday, everything changed. My birthday was on a Saturday, so my parents threw a party. After, Maria stayed the night. When I changed for bed, I was comfortable enough around Maria to strip down to my panties. Maria stripped down to hers. I tried not to be obvious as I checked out her small breasts. I saw her look at mine. After pulling on our night shirts, we got into my bed

“Maria, can I ask you something?”

“Of course” she smiled her beaming smile

“Have you ever kissed anyone?”

“Yes, but if I tell you, you can’t freak out”

“I promise”

“I kissed a girl I went to church with before moving here”

“You kissed a girl? Did it feel wrong? Girls aren’t supposed to like girls”

“It didn’t feel wrong, girls can like whoever they want” she said, her eyes had a softer look “have ypu ever kissed anyone?”

“No” my response was almost a whisper. Maria lifted her hand and put it on my cheek, her thumb caressed my cheek

“Can I confess something?” Maria asked


“I’m in love with you” she said, the words went straight to.my heart, she said the word I had wanted to say to her for most of our friendship

“I’m in love with you too” I replied, wanting to cry, it felt so good to say jt

That was when Maria started to move closer to me, I knew what was coming. There was no need to ask or announce it. Her hand moved to my back, mine to hers. Our lips lingered close, almost touching, I could feel her breath. Our eyes closed and Maria gave me the softest kiss. The first kiss sent a wave of excitement through me. She kissed me again, and then again. On the next kiss, I felt her tongue press against my lips. I remembered the kiss between coach ans Valerie.

I parted my lips and our tongues met. Maria pulled me tighter against her as we french kissed for who knows how long. We would stop to catch our breath, then start kissing again. Her smooth leg draped over mine. My hand moved down to her butt as I rolled to my back and Maria moved on top of me. Her hands caressed my cheek. That first night that was as far as we went. Maria returned to her pillow and we smiled at each other

“You’re a good kisser” she said

“You are too” I replied

“Will you be my girlfriend?” She asked

“What about our parents?” I asked

“They don’t have to know” she replied “I want you to be my first girlfriend”

“I want that too, yes, I will be tour girlfriend”

I fell asleep that night, happy that i had an amazing birthday, my first kiss, and my best friend was now my girlfriend.

Maria and I started to find any moments we could to kiss, I loved her more everyday. Each morning when we saw each other, one of us would give the other a hand written love note and would exchange them throughout the school day. The boys at school started a rumor that we were a couple, but the girls always had our backs, defending us.

Three months after starting dating, I spent the night at Maria’s, all we had done was kiss, and I would touch her butt, which she loved. We were in bed kissing when Maria broke from the kiss and looked in my eyes

“I want to get naked with you” she said softly

“I want that too” I replied

“I want to make love to you”

“I want that too” I smiled.

Maria got out of bed and went to her door, locking it. When she turned, she smiled at me and lifted off her night shirt. Her breasts were still small, but had grown a little over the last few months. Her white panties had stars printed all over them. I sat up and pulled my nightshirt off. Maria leaned forward slightly as she pushed her panties down. She had a small lone of trimmed pinic hair. I slid my panties off as she walked to the bed and moved onto it and moved to me

“You’re so beautiful, I love you so much” Maria’s voice was soft

“You’re perfect baby, I love you with all of my heart” I replied as I rolled to my side and we embraced, her naked skin against mine felt so good. As we kissed, I moved my hands to her bare ass. Maria moved her hand to my breast.

Our kiss grew more passionate, I moved my hand up to her breast, i loved how they felt. Her nipples grew hard. Maria broke from the kiss, her lips moving to my neck, I let out a soft moan. I rolled to my back, Maria moved on top of me, the blanket was tossed aside as she kissed down to my breasts. I had never felt this happy or alive. Her lips and tongue felt so good on my breasts. My hands caressed her upper back, my fingers ran through her hair.

Her kiss moved to my stomach, kissing every inch of my skin. Her lips moved closer to my bald pussy, excitement filled my body, Maria was about to do to me what i had seen coach and Valerie do together two years earlier. I parted my legs as Maria moved between my thighs. I looked down at her and she looked up at me, her smile was beaming and she mouthed the words “I love you” i mouthed them back. Maria started to kiss the insides of my thighs as her fingers began caressing my pussy. My eyes closed, I let out a soft moan, this felt so amazing. Her lips kissed my pussy and started to lick it, in that moment, I felt the most amazing feelings.

Her tongue took its time exploring my preteen virgin pussy. She would lick faster, then slower. Her tongue felt so good, I had to fight to keep from moaning too loud. Instinctively, I started to move my hips up and down, my hands played with my tits. Maria’s tongue was bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm. I started to moan “I love you” over and over, when I did, she started to lick and rub my pussy more passionately. My body writhed on the bed, my hops moved faster. My hands moved to her head, I felt likeni was going to explode. When I came, my back arched, I froze in place, my mouth was open, but no sound came out. This was the most amazing thing i had ever felt.

Maria moved up me, her kiss tasted different, I knew it was my pussy on her lips ans tongue. We kissed passionately as we rolled until Maria was on her back. I began kissing down her body, stopping to take my tine on her small beautiful breasts. Maria moaned softly. Told me how much she loved me. My lips moved over her belly, taking time to kiss all over it like she had kissed mine, as I got closer to her pussy, I could smell her pussy, I loved the smell of her sex. I kissed down her inner thigh to her knee, then back up. I laid there on my belly between her thighs just looking at the pink flesh of her pussy. My fingers parted her pussy lips, my fingers grew slick from her juices. I moved my lips to her pussy and from first taste, I loved it.

My eyes closed as I started to orally please my girlfriend. I heard Maria’s soft moans of approval. I licked her pussy slowly at first and then faster. Maria’s lags fell all the way open. My fingers moved side to side on her pussy as I licked and sucked it. Her moans made me eat her out more passionately, my fingers moving at a feverish pace, my kisses and licks becoming faster. Maria’s body began to shake and she gripped the sheets as she reached orgasm, her cum leaked from her pussy ans I started to lick up what I could. I slid up her body and we kissed for the longest time before falling asleep naked witn Maria in my arms.

That night took our relationship to a new level, there was no one else on earth that I thought about or felt about Maria. Each day felt like the first day. I had lied to mom, saying I was tired of long hair and wanted to cut it short. Mom was hesitant but dad convinced her it was my hair and to let me try something new. Maria loved my short hair tomboy look

What neither of us expected was when we returned to my house from a bike ride. We entered the house and her mom was sitting with mine. Each of them held a stack of letters, the handwritten ones we exchanged throughout the day. They both had a serious look on their faces as they sat side by side

“Have a seat girls” my mom said, Maria and I sat down

“This was some interesting reading, and it confirmed our suspicions. Is there anything you want to tell us”

“We love each other” Maria said

“Really, and what does the church say about it”

“Mom, I don’t care, I’ve been miserable for so long, Tish makes ne happier than I have ever been”

“And I love her” I added

“Are you prepared to face the mean things people are going to say or that you might be treated worse at church?” Mom asked

“Yes, I don’t care what people say” I replied

“Me either” Maria added

“Well, we love you both and although it goes against everything we believe, we won’t stop you from being together” Maria’s Mon said, we both felt relief, we had just came out to our mom’s.

They handed us the letters and sent us on our way, together we would experience things we never knew were possible before we got together

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