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Xmas present

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This is my second story here, hope you enjoy the adventures of me with my naughty mom 🙂

So yeah it’s me again, today me and my mom had the first experience. It was a peaceful night when my mom busted in my room and turned on the lights, me half awake and half sleeping wasn’t knowing what was going on, but the view of my mom in a red lingerie was amazing and got me instantly awake and so hard. My mom laughed at my bulge and asked to bend over. I did how I was told and the fingering of my ass began, the feeling of her soft fingers hitting my prostate makes me drip a lot of precum, she didn’t want me to cum instantly so she stopped. I layed on my back and my mom got beetwen my legs, she got my cock covered in precum on her hand she stroke it for a moment and then I felt a very slimy and warm feeling, my dick was in her mouth. She told me to relax so I chilled and felt every moment in her mouth, her head moved up and down on my shaft, all of it in her mouth to the tightest spot in her throat. My cock was covered in saliva and then… Exploding in her mouth, she spitted it out and lifted my legs then rubbed it on my butthole. After sloppy blowjob my mom gave me she said if I trained with my pocket pussy that she gave me i told her yes. She took of her lingerie and sat on my laying but still hard cock, she rubbed it with her bare pussy and it felt so wet! She said she’s putting it in and boom… No longer virgin! The warm and elastic yet so wet feeling overwhelmed my dick, immediately my mom moaned with me, she started to bounce on me, it took not so long to creampie her. She told me I was a bad boy to do it she stood up with cum dripping of her cunt and told me to lay on my stomach, she spanked me so hard yet it felt so good! Then again she fingers my ass and she did it so great she did make me cum in a half a minute. My mom put her lingerie back on and left me, laying on my cum, tired from the pleasure. I woke up with her nipple in my mouth, I sucked it like a good boy. And that was the greatest present from my mom ever I wonder if she’s going to give me another sex toy today

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  • Reply G

    Very hot bro.

  • Reply Tom

    Sex Christmas presents are nice.
    My 12 year old niece gave me her virginity.
    My sister called me a ass.
    Said she better not get pregnant.
    So I guess tomorrow I better get her morning after pill

    • Daniel

      Do u have pics of her

  • Reply fucdatwoman

    dat waz hot! i say hot!

  • Reply baddad

    Baby boy if you think your finger feels good you should see what my cock feels like kik sobad4udad