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Grandpa’s favorite activity

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“Derrick, you going to be late!. Ok! Mom!.

My name is Derrick and every summer i spend it with my Grandpa. Im seventeen and have a nice body. Blonde shaggy hair and brown eyes.

Mom has been single since i was 13. Dad got caught fucking my teacher and Grandpa has been helping her ever since.

Grandpa is very open to sex and when i turned 14, took me to my room and asked if i fucked anyone yet. I watched as his hands grabbed ahold of my waist and pulled my boxers down. Grandpa took my 6 inch cock into his mouth. Never had I felt so good in all my life. His tongue swirled around my cock like a lollipop and I came for the first time. I’m realized that day that I am bisexual. Grandpa got up and went downstairs. A few minutes later, I was shocked to see Mom bent over the kitchen table and legs spread apart. Grandpa ramming all 8 inches in and out of her pussy.

“Get underneath your mother!”, he yelled breathlessly. I got underneath of her and she immediately started sucking my cock. I got hard so fast and was ready to cum again.

Before I could cum, we moved to the living room. Mom was lowered on Grandpa in the ass. I watched as they were in sync with each other. Mom was groaning and yelled ” Put your cock in my pussy now! I need something in my pussy!” Not having to be told twice, I sank balls deep inside of her. All three of us were groaning . All at once, she took my hands and put them on her tits. “Knead me boy!” She cried.

I’m cumming! First Mom, then me, and finally Grandpa. Tired and covered in cum, Mom went to shower. As Mom was showering, I cleaned off his cock with tongue.

Once all three were settled, it was decided that I would spend my summers with him.

On his way out, Grandpa says I have a secret that no one knows about, not even your Mother. When you turn 17, we can explore that together. He winked at me and left…..

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  • Reply jack ID:3zxisyc3m9d

    Your father did right cheating on your mom! And you get your mother pregnant show her she is a ugly whore

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    I can’t wait to read more