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Lost and Found 3

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I get to watch the girls and realize they are VERY close friends

My first meet up with Debbie was great … until another student saw me coating her 10 year old body with my cum. I expected the proverbial “shit to hit the fan” with screaming, parents and cops. But imanage my surprise when the other young girl admitted to having watched Debbie and her grandpa before … and then Debbie helping her to get her father to do those things to her too (and much more)

Jackie was in the same grade and class with Debbie and was also only 10 years old …. well 10 and 1/2 according to her … and that makes a difference to a young girl. That half year made a difference to mother nature too … she was slightly taller than Debbie with enough breast that she wore a training bra … her baby fat was all gone and she would show the beginnings of a figure with a slim waist and bubble butt. But theses thing I would not find out until later …. Having sent both girls home with thier promise to not tell anyone what happened and to come meet me again the next day

Bright and early the next day I arrived at the park, coming in from the opposite side of the park and taking the long way thru the woods to check for anyone that might have been watching or waiting. I actually waited off the path in the brush out of sight. I saw both girls enter the clearing together chatting like it was a normal day. Not seeing me they sat down and waited. I watched them for sometime to be sure they came alone. while waiting I listened to Debbie tell Jackie about what all we had done so far.

“So, you’ve given him dirty panties that he beats off in, he’s let you watch him do it?” “Yea and he watched me too yesterday was the first time we did it nude” ” I can’t believe you did that here, outside.” “That was the cool part … I could even hear everybody playing down the hill” ” you even got him to lick you .. and you squirted when you came ? God I wish dad would do that to me … he just wants to stick it in me or have me suck him”

Debbie kept looking around for me but I stayed hidden to see just what might happen … “You know… he is running late ” “Yeah, after yesterday he probably skipped the state” “you want to go?” Debbie asked …
“Well…. we could … or..” Jackie took Debbie’s hand and brought it to her lips “we could just stay and enjoy being together like we use to..” and she kissed then sucked Debbie’s fingers “It has been a while since the last sleep over… maybe we should” then Debbie put her hands on Jackie’s head and pulled her in for a kiss

No way was I gonna come out now and interrupt the show… she kept her lips locked to Jackie’s and I could see she was pushing her tongue into her mouth… after a moment Jackie pulled back taking a deep breath she looked into Debbie’s eyes … “Wow … you have been practicing … did Mr J teach you how to kiss like that?’ “Yea … I especially like the part where I suck your breath away and lick inside your mouth ” “Me too … let’s do more” and I watched as the two 10 year folds made out like mad. Both girls faces were becoming flushed as they kissed … their hands could not keep still as the moved all over the other arms, neck and chest … holding each others small breasts … squeezing and rubbing pulling each other close.

They finally broke thier kissing … both were out of breath but neither let the other go. “God I wish my dad would kiss me like that … your so lucky with Mr J.” “with all you do your dad doesn’t kiss you?” “Nope, he just wants a wank, a blow job or to fuck.. the closest we come is when he is fucking me from behind and he kisses my back or neck” “I suppose that’s good … but I really like the kissing part” responded Debbie

Both girls looked around to see if anyone (me) was around then looking at each other … Debbie held Jackie’s hands and kissed them then asked “Can we do more … maybe without our cloths?” Jackie didn’t even answer her she just pulled her top off and reached behind for her bra clasp … “Wait … let me” ..Debbie stepped closer and reached her hands around her and unclipped her bra … Jackie grabbed Debbie’s top and pulled it over her head and tossed it aside … when she did that her bra fell away and slid down and off her arms Debbie wasn’t wearing a bra yet so now both were half naked looking at each others breast “I hope my tits are as nice as yours when I get them” Debbie said as she reach out and cupped Jackie’s naked breast “Yours are just fine … they’ll get bigger you’ll see … but for now I love them just like they are” and she leaned forward and kissed Debbie’s little nipple … sucking in between her lips … “Ooooh yes… do the other ..” and she did

“When you suck on my tit I can feel it tingle in my pussy” “Well when I do it to you I can feel a tingle in my pussy too … try mine..” and Debbie bent and kissed her friends tit … while she licked and sucked her nipple her little hand came up and squeezed each breast … “Like that … Daddy is always too rough” “I think I am getting wet just kissing your tit ..” “Let me see” and Jackie slit her hand into Debbie’s shorts to her crotch “Girl .. it’s a shame Mr J isn’t here …. your panties are soaked… he would really like to taste them” she didn’t remove her hand but continued to rub Debbie’s pussy causing her to wiggle around … “No fair .. I get to check yours too” but before she could slide her hand inside Jackie had pushed her shorts and panties to her knees Debbie brushed her lips .. “Your dripping .. your so wet …”

By now I had pulled my dick out and was stroking for all I was worth watching the show…. Jackie looked at Debbie’s eyes you could see the lust in both of the girls … “Do you think ..” she kissed Debbie and licked her lips and neck … “Would you … maybe … you know … do what Mr J did to you? That looked so hot and you seemed to really like it ..” “Like it ! … I thought I was gonna die it was so good … and yes … I will try but I may not be as good as he is at it ..” again checking the area and looking at their watches they both finished taking off all thier cloths …

Two naked nimpths .. neither over 100 pounds one with budding tits the other with puffy nipples , flat stomachs , bubble butts and long skinny legs they held and kissed each other and lay down … Debbie on top began kissing her way down her friend … her lips, ears, neck trailing her tongue down between her small breasts .. she kissed and nursed on each then moved to her navel where she tickled with her tongue. Jackie’s head moved side to side as small moans came from her lips … her hands moved to push Debbie lower and she did

Like was done to her she first licked along the outside of Jackie’s lips then bent lower and touched her tongue to her pussy … “MMMMmm … you taste good … better than when I licked your fingers” she returned to tasting her friend and ran her tongue up her slit … separating her puffy lips so her tongue could get inside … I watched as she briefly looked up at Jackie’s face …. her head was back rolling side to side and her eyes closed … I saw a wicked smile on Debbie’s face then she bent down and touched her tongue to her friends clit and swirled her tongue around it. “Shit!” Jackie’s knees came up .. her head came up with her eyes wide open and her hands clutched Debbie’s head … Debbie looked up at her and grinned … “Like it?” “Love it … more!” and she pushed her head back to her pussy….

Debbie remembered well what we had done and she worked her friends pussy well … at the same time she had a hand at her own little clit rubbing and teasing it while she licked and sucked her friends… I could not wait in the bushes longer and quietly made my way out .. neither girl heard me as I came behind Debbie and watched her little ass wiggle while she played with her self and her friend …

My strokes were bring me closer to covering them in cum but I held off as long as I could … Debbie had started pushing a finger into Jackie’s pussy while she began sucking on her clit … she must have bit Jackie’s clit as she screamed …. her body went ridged and started shaking … Debbie had reached her peak at the same time and also began shaking as her back kept arching up and down. as tight as Jackie held her to her pussy I doubt Debbie could even breath … the sight of both girls climaxing got me to my peak too…

As Jackie’s head came up again and her eyes opened she saw me behind Debbie and my dick began shooting cum all over both girls up Debbie’s ass across her back into her hair and onto Jackie stomach and tits … again and again I shot until it looked like they were covered in icing… I slumped to my knees with my hand going out to Debbie’s ass to support myself … she finally looked around and saw me behind them with my dick dripping cum onto the grass then back up to Jackie she saw the cum pooled on her stomach and leaned forward and began licking it up…

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