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My Babysitter – Part 3

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Victoria returns for a third weekend to sit with me whilst my parents go out.

Saturday Night inevitably came and so did Victoria. She caused some eyebrows to be raised at the way she was dressed. She wore a very short skirt and very low cut crop top with her belly on show. It was very warm outside so it could be expected that she might adjust her attire to compensate, but this was a massive change from the austere “buttoned up” image that she had previously presented.

I noticed my Dad staring at her legs and boobs and my Mum giving him disapproving looks and shoving him in the back.

Victoria, picking up on the vibe, was quick to explain that she had been to a friends birthday party in London, which had gone on longer than expected, and she didn’t have chance to get home and change without being late. She said she didn’t want to delay my parents from getting to their dinner appointment.

My parents accepted the explanation in good faith and thanked her for being so open and honest with them. They left leaving us alone.

My Dad wasn’t the only one who couldnt take his eyes off Victoria, i was speechless. She looked gorgeous. I was wet between my legs within seconds of her arriving.

I had been thinking all week about how I was going to approach this evening. It seemed silly to me to go through all that spanking nonesence and her pretending not to be interested, so I had prepared a speech I was going to give her which I hoped would steer the evening in a direction more to my liking.

Victoria preempted me saying anything. She announced that she had been waiting all week to get her hands on such a “spankable arse” and told me to “get you clothes off, I want you naked”.

I said “can we talk about this, do we really have to start with spanking?”

Victoria said, “get those clothes off, and get over my knee”.

She had a real glint in her eyes which looked so sexy that I decided to go along with her.

I took off my PJ’s top. I had put on my best and sexiest bra. It was pink, with little frills and bows on it. It wasnt “Ann Summers” sexy, but it was the prettiest my Mum would allow me to have. I was rewarded with a nod of approval and a “wow” from Victoria.

I pulled off my PJ bottoms showing my matching panties. They were quite daring because they only had a string up the back between my ass cheeks. I turned around to let Victoria see.

She got up off the couch and put both hands on my buttocks. She kissed my ear and neck from behind saying, “you are a naughty little minx aren’t you”. I was delighted my underwear had the desired effect.

“You can keep those on whilst I spank your naughty little bottom” she said. “Come on, over my knee”, she said, leading me back to the couch and pulling me across her lap.

My excitement was building as she laid her hand on my ass and gave it a light slap. “Ooh, I just love how your bottom quivers when I slap it” she said, “it gets me hot”. She delivered a flurry of relatively light slaps onto both cheeks. I was getting so wet, and Victoria had noticed.

“Your little pussy is leaking” she said, “Open your legs and let me see”. I did as she asked, sliding her hand between my legs she cupped my pussy through my panties and exclaimed, “yes very wet indeed, what a naughty little pussy, it will have to be punished”. I was puzzled, what could she mean.

“Stand up and take those off” she said pinging the waistband of my panties. I stood up and removed them. I swear my pussy was dripping in anticipation.

“Now lie back on the couch with your knees up and legs apart” she instructed. I did as I was told.

Victoria positioned herself beside me and got both elbows between my legs preventing me from shutting them. One knee was trapped under one of her arms and the other was held against the back of the couch by her other arm.

I was expecting her to kiss, lick or stroke my nunny, but she didn’t, she slapped me full square across my pussy lips. It stung, splashing my juices everywhere. “Fuck, I shouted, what are you doing?” She ignored me and slapped my nunny a few more times. I squirmed to try to get away but her grip was too strong.

From somewhere, Victoria had produced a plastic ruler and began tapping my pussy with it. Tap tap tap tap, getting slightly harder each time. She then gave my clitoris a good rubbing. That was more like it, that felt fabulous.

I felt her spread my pussy lips with her thumb and forefinger, exposing my clitoris, then she began tapping it with the ruler. Each tap getting harder. The first tap felt wonderful, but as the pressure of each strike increased, it began to sting.

I struggled some more to escape and told her to stop. She didn’t. She climbed on me, sat on my tummy, pinning me to the couch, and slapped my pussy over and over with her hand and the ruler. I was yelping with every strike.

After a flurry of strikes, she leaned in and took my stinging clit in her mouth, sucking, licking and nibbling on it. Somehow it felt better than ever. She repeated the cycle, and each time the strikes were not stinging as much, rather they were shooting pleasure through my body. The idea of my pussy being abused like this was started turning me on so much. The next visit of Victoria’s mouth to my clit gave me a squirting orgasm which drenched her face. I had never squirted before but it was a glorious feeling. My pussy was pulsating like crazy, I could feel my nipples tingling and they hadn’t been touched yet.

“Oh you beautiful little princess” Victoria said, getting off me and releasing my legs.

I sat up and examined my nunny. It was bright red and the lips were swollen. My clit, usually covered by my labia, was poking out from between them all red and glowing. I gave it a rub and found it acutely sensitive to my touch, in a delightful way.

Victoria reached behind me, unhooked my bra and removed it from my arms. She squeezed my tits, pinched my nipples hard, causing me to jump, and leaned in to suck on them.

She then held my arms behind my back with one hand and slapped each tit with her hand. It stung and wobbled the flesh. Yowch! I shouted. She delivered a few more slaps and then produced the ruler. She started the tapping on each nipple getting gradually harder and then soothing the nipples with her mouth. It was starting to feel great and I really didn’t mind the stinging. The glowing of my red swollen nipples was a real turn-on.

Victoria kissed me on the lips and sought my tongue with hers. She spent several minutes snogging me and teasing my tits and pussy.

She stood up and took off her crop top. Beneath was proper sexy underwear. A black, shear bra displaying her excited large nipples and dark areola under the black see through fabric. Her large breasts were barely contained and she had a deep sexy cleavage. I had never seen a woman’s tits in real life, only those of some school friends who only had smallish developing tits. In front of me was the real thing.

Victoria reached back and removed her Bra. Her milky white tits made the dark areola stand out. Her nipples were strawberry red, standing proud atop her slightly upturned tits. They looked gorgeous.

She gestured me forward and put my hands on them. Jesus they felt great. Bigger, firmer and I want to say Juicier than my own.

I squeezed and massaged them before putting my mouth to work on them. Victoria was very vocal. Gasping, moaning and encouraging me with “Yes there” or “Harder” or “Lick my nipple”. I did as she told me.

I did take her hand and put it on my nunny. She didn’t need any instructions, she went to work on my clit with her thumb and inserted two fingers inside me.

Whilst sucking on her tits and grinding on her fingers, I unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt. She wiggled to let it fall to the floor. I plunged my hands into her tiny little panties and sought out her pussy.

She was shaved smooth, smoother than my 13 yo cunt, and wet as hell. She groaned as I pinched her clitoris and she finger fucked me harder. I had to get my mouth down there. She lay on the floor, allowing me to climb on top. She picked me up by the hips and placed me on her face. I lay on her stomach and came face to face with the most beautiful object in the universe. Her cunt was perfection. Perfectly proportioned, flawless skin, the most perfectly symmetrical puffy lips and a gorgeous pink puckered asshole.

I dived in, licking her from clit to asshole whilst she was doing her magic on my pussy. I pushed my tongue deep into her vagina, sucking in her sharp juices. She liked that and bucked her hips allowing me deeper penetration. I got my thumb going on her clitoris which had her crying out.

I felt my orgasm coming. She had mirrored my actions and plunged her tongue deep into my pussy and was working my clitoris and one of my tits.I went off. Shaking, pulsing, contracting and shouting my pleasure. I felt my pussy squirt again. I must have been drowning Victoria, who lifted me off her and lay me on my back.

She inserted herself between my legs pushing her pussy against mine. The slickness of both pussies let them slide over each other effortlessly. Victoria was pressing down hard and moving her hips in frantic circles. She had her eyes closed and her head thrown back when she literally shook and cried at the top of her voice. I could feel her shaking and her pussy and ass contracting against my nunny. She was gushing fluid mixing with mine between us.

She lay on top of me, face to face, tit to tit, pussy to pussy and kissed me passionately. “You beautiful little slut she”, she said. I kissed her back hard, biting her lip in sexual Frenzy.

She jumped off me and said, “I want you to spank me like I spanked you”. She lay face down on the couch and shouted, “Come on, spank me”. I gave her a relatively light swipe across both buttocks. They shimmered delightfully. “Again, harder” she demanded. I did it again harder. Her buttocks rocked from side to side like water in a wave tank. “Again, harder” she shouted. I delivered a haymaker right across her butt crack, curling my fingers to hit just above her pussy and over her asshole. “Yesss, that’s it, she shouted, “Again”.

I delivered several more considerable swots to her behind, catching the back end of her pussy lips with a couple. Her bottom was getting very red and you could even see my hand shape in red on her beautiful buttocks. I really didn’t want to do any more damage to that perfect bottom and my hands were stinging.

She turned on her back and told me to smack her pussy. I knew the game by now, delivering slaps intended to sting her sex, but not to bruise. She loved it. Her hips came up to meet my hand on each stroke. She told me to get the ruler. I did reluctantly – i did not want to damage her perfect pussy either.

Thwack, thwack, thwack right on her pussy lips and onto her clitoris which she exposed by spreading her lips. She was thrusting her hips even when I wasnt hitting her, fast and violent. The final swot sent her into orgasm, squirting her juices everywhere as her hips continued to move.

It was such a horny vision that I brought myself off with my fingers and lay beside her on the floor. I pushed myself up on one arm and took a look at her pussy, it was almost purple. I really thought I must have disfigured her for good. My pussy in comparison was just very red.

I shuffled between her legs and began kissing her pussy and stroking it gently trying to smooth the angry skin. Victoria spread my legs and went straight for my ass. She pushed her tongue inside and wiggled it. I wasnt sure about that, but as she persisted I got excited. she sensed that and removed her tongue, replacing it with a finger, one small one, but I could feel the nail on the finger inside my ass. She began to finger-fuck my ass. She inserted a finger into my pussy at the same time and managed to reach my clitoris with her thumb – quite a stretch for one hand. She was finger fucking my ass, pussy and stimulating my clitoris all at the same time.

I climaxed again, squeezing Victoria’s fingers hard with my pulsating vagina and rectum. Ooh sweet Jude’s, that was nice. She removed her fingers and sucked them dry.

Flipping me on to my back, she straddled my chest. I had thought she was going to present me with that gorgeous pussy again, but she didn’t. Instead she squeezed my nipple making it hard, then she placed her pussy onto my tit, with my nipple in contact with her clitoris and rocked back and forth. I could feel nipple and clitoris meeting, lubricated by Victoria’s juices.

This was something that she obviously liked to do. She was red in the face with her top teeth biting her bottom lip as she rocked against me. It was just totally horny seeing the joy and concentration on her face. I grabbed her rapidly rising and falling chest, enjoying the feel of her swinging breasts. Her nipples were so responsive to my fingers. It was so fucking hot. My chest was drenched and my pussy ached to be touched again. Victoria read my mind.

She shifted her position, turning her ass to face me, placing her pussy onto my other tit and reached between my legs to stimulate my clitoris. Fuck, it felt amazing.

She moved much more quickly now, rubbing my clit in time with her rocking. She was building up with to a climax and so was I.

When we both came it was like all my birthdays and Christmas’s coming all at once. We both cried out in pleasure. Contracting in unison like two hearts beating.

I was completely fucked, literally and figuratively. But Victoria wasn’t done.

I didn’t think my nunny could take anymore.

My eyes bulged as Victoria pulled a huge double-headed purple dildo out of her bag. She went to a fucking party with that thing in her bag??? Fuck.

She slid one end into her pussy and then came over to me and inserted the other end into me. My pussy stretched to accommodate it. I was very sore down there, but still it felt good, especially when Victoria caused it to move in and it of me, and herself too.

The things she had shown me and done with me this night were astonishing. As she fucked me, i looked at her beautiful body and face and thought about how lucky I was to be getting to enjoy her at such a young age. She was giving me pleasure beyond anything I had imagined and it was so satisfying to know I had done the same to her.

Her energy was staggering. She was more than twice my age yet she was still going and I was running out of steam now. I had cum so many times, my pussy had taken a complete battering, inside and out, my tits and ass were still red from being spanked.

Victoria looked so beautiful and was fucking me with such enthusiasm, my libido kicked in again and I joined in enthusiastically. It was a completely different feeling being nunny-fucked with such a thick object. It was stimulating parts of my pussy that fingers and tongues never reached. My cervix was being pounded and it felt great. The sensation was so amazing that I didn’t feel the need to touch my pussy or tits. The phallus spearing me was all i needed.

Looking at Victoria, it was all she needed too.

It took a lot longer for us both to climax. The feeling built slowly and plateaued for quite some time before rocketing into almost simultaneous orgasms. My pussy squeezed the dildo so hard that it popped out of me, giving Victoria a great view of my hole wowing as my climax rocked me. She managed to keep her end inserted, but I could still see her pussy straining around the girth and her ass winking at me.

That was it, I was done.

Victoria and I lay beside each other on the couch, locked in post-coital embrace. Naked as two Eves in the Garden of Eden. I slipped into sleep, exhausted.

I was woken by Victoria gently shaking me. “Come on, quickly, get dressed, your parents will be back soon” she said.

We dressed quickly but the room stank of sex. We opened windows and sprayed air freshener in the hope of masking what had gone on.

When we were done, Victoria took me up to bed. My fanny throbbed from all the action it had seen during the evening.

In the morning it was painful to walk or even sit. My bottom was tender as well as my pussy. My tits were very sensitive and it was uncomfortable even to wear my bra. Looking between my legs, my pussy lips were definitely still puffy, swollen and looked bruised to me. My clitoris also poked out from between my lips further than usual and I daren’t touch it.

Most of all, I missed Victoria. I wanted to be with her, but had to be satisfied with phone calls and texts. We made sure we were careful and deleted texts as soon as we had read them.

Between us, we made plans for her next visit.

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  • Reply Bob ID:gxwa1vedmex

    Loved it so fucking much!!!! Thanks for sharing about your sweet babysitter. I’d love to be your babysitter when you want a different one OR another one!!! We can be a hot 3some.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


    • Kimi ID:1fuum2a6v9k

      Thank you so much Bob, glad you enjoyed it.

  • Reply Rampant Steve ID:1fuum2a6v9k

    I really would have liked to fuck your pussy whilst it was still sore and bruised. I feel your little poopshoot hasn’t had nearly enough punishment. I’d like you to feel what it’s like to be stretched by a real cock.

    • Kimi ID:1fuum2a6v9k

      Sorry Steve, I’m only into other girls.