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Robbie: Chapter 8: Emily

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After Emily witnesses Robbie and their mother fucking, she goes over to her friend Beth’s house. Beth’s father has trouble resisting temptation.

Anne finished preparing breakfast just as Emily came into the dining room dressed in her pj’s and sat at the table.

The three began eating in unusual silence. Breaking the silence, Emily asked if it was okay for her to go to Beth’s to spend the day with her and their friend Nichole.

“Of course, honey,” Anne stated. “Just be home by dinner.”

Shoving a last mouthful of pancake into her mouth, Emily smiled at her mother and hurriedly left the table calling over her shoulder, “Thanks, Mom!” as she ran to her room to get changed. Within minutes, she came bouncing down the stairs, kissed her mother goodbye and ran out the door.

As Emily was skipping along toward her friend’s house, she thought distractedly about her brother. Something was different about him lately. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she knew that somehow he was… well, different. Like the other day, when she crashed into him outside the bathroom, he was definitely sporting a boner and he definitely put his hand on her butt leaving it there longer than he should have. Not that Emily minded. For some reason, she liked the feel of his hand when it caressed her. It gave her tingles in her coochie. Why, she did not know.

She was halfway to Beth’s house when she remembered that she was supposed to bring her swimsuit over. Beth’s dad was going to let the three of them swim in the pool for the first time this Spring since the weather was unseasonably warm. She thought maybe she would try to talk the other two girls into skinny dipping, but figured Nichole would not go for it. Nichole was quite an adventurous girl but when it came to her body, she seemed to be quite self-conscious. Emily didn’t understand this as she thought Nichole was absolutely beautiful. More-so than Beth.

With an exasperated sigh, she turned around and began to run back toward her house. Upon entering the house, she decided not to announce her presence, intending to just go up to her room, get the bikini and leave again. After all, she didn’t want her mother to see the swimsuit she had purchased at a somewhat risqué store. The cloth fabric barely covered her coochie and the top only concealed her nipples. Well, almost covered her nipples. A little of the areola showed outside the fabric, but she was counting on that. She was hoping Beth’s hunky father would see them and maybe flirt with her. Maybe even more?

Sounds from the kitchen distracted her from her reveries. They were moaning sounds. Grunting sounds. Her mother’s voice. Her brother’s voice. Confused by what she was hearing, she walked silently toward the kitchen peeking around the corner of the wall. What she saw shocked her to her core! She couldn’t believe what she was seeing! There on the kitchen floor was her mother on her hands and knees being fucked by her brother!

‘That bitch!’ Emily thought the profanity. ‘Why does SHE get to fuck Robbie and I don’t?’

Realizing the perversity of the thought she just had shocked Emily. Yet, shocked as she was, she could not turn away from the scene before her. It was so hot watching Robbie’s ding-dong slide in and out of her mom’s coochie.

‘That answers one question for me,’ thought the 10 year old girl. ‘I always wondered how that worked. Now I know. I wonder what it feels like? Does it feel better than when Beth licks my coochie?’

Beth! Crap! Reluctantly turning away from the scene in front of her, Emily quietly padded up the stairs to her room to retrieve the skimpy swimwear. She was so horny from what she had witnessed, she really hoped Beth’s father would do something like that with her after seeing her in the pool. As silently as possible, Emily opened the front door, exited the house gently closing the door behind her. Once done, she ran at a full sprint to her friend’s house thinking about how much she wanted Beth’s dad to do to her what she had just witnessed her brother doing to her mother.


Next door, Davin Diastrevlo was perched in his usual spot awaiting Anne’s presence in her workout room. He had the lube ready, a towel available and the camera set to record every moment of her performance. That is how he viewed her workouts, a performance she put on for him alone. From the corner of his eye, he noticed Anne’s hot little daughter leave the house skipping away.

“Yes, little one, I am going to fuck your little pussy one day. I am going to fuck you while you eat your mother’s pussy. Then I am going to fuck your mother while your brother fucks your little asshole. Then we are going to switch and I will fuck your little asshole while your brother fucks your mom’s asshole. We are all going to have so much fun fucking each other,” he fantasized.

As she skipped away out of sight, he returned his attention to the show about to begin. Looking at his watch, he noted it would only be a minute or two before she began. She was nothing if not prompt about her workouts. Checking the camera again to ensure it was zoomed in correctly, he grabbed its remote, sat down in his chair and began lubing his small cock. It became fully erect as he stroked its four inches with languid motions staring out the window down into Anne’s workout room.
“Hmm,” he muttered. “She seems to be running late today.”

Five minutes pass, then 10 more. Finally, he resigned himself to the fact that she would not be showing up today. He wondered why. He imagined she was probably showering and playing with her shaved pussy. Stroking himself as he indulged in this fantasy, he visualized her with soap suds cascading down her trim body as her hands roamed her tits, fingers pinching gently on her supple nipples.

“Fuck me!” he cried out as he came all over himself. It happened so quickly, he didn’t have time to grab a towel to catch his mess. No bother. He would simply go take a shower and do it all again in the shower. At least there he would not have to worry about cleaning up the mess.

So wrapped up in his own thoughts, he never noticed Emily return to the house or saw her leave again a few minutes later.


Hearing a knock at her front door, Beth ran to answer it figuring it to be Emily. Opening the door, she gladly invited her out of breath friend into the house. Both girls ran up to Beth’s room and immediately began gossiping about boys at school. Emily, though, was a bit distracted. Enough so that Beth noticed and asked, “Hey, are you okay? You seem to be thinking of something else. What’s up?”

Emily was uncertain as to whether or not she should confess what she witnessed. She was smart enough to know that if anyone found out and told the authorities, her mother and brother would get into trouble. She didn’t want that to happen. It might be best to keep this to herself and not tell anyone; not even her “bestest” friend. But, if she didn’t tell someone, she was going to burst! This was too good a secret to keep to herself.

After a brief mental conversation with herself, Emily decided to tell her friend after swearing her to secrecy using the most sacred of oaths, the pinky promise. After all, everybody knows that breaking a pinky promise is about the worst thing you can do to a friend. This thought brightened the young girl’s attitude a bit.

“Ok,” she said excitedly, “I’ll tell you. But, you have to swear that you will never tell anyone else ever!”
“I swear,” Beth responded solemly.

“I mean it, Beth. You have to cross your heart and hope to die.”

Using her index finger, Beth drew an imaginary cross over her heart saying, “Cross my heart, hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye. There, is that good enough?”

“No, you have to do one more thing.” Emily continued gravely, “You have to pinky promise!”

Beth looked at her friend. They had only used the pinky promise once before. That was to promise not to tell anyone that they licked each other’s coochies. What could be so important that it required a promise like that? She just HAD to know! “Ok,” she said holding up her left pinky. “I pinky promise.”

The two girls hooked pinky fingers then pulled them apart from each other. The deal sealed, Emily felt she could now entrust her friend with the secret.

“I was on my way here when I realized I had forgotten my bikini,” she started.

“Oh, that new one you want to show off to my dad?” Beth interrupted.

“Yes, that one. It is so cute. He’s gonna love it! Anyway, I went back to my house to get it. When I got there I heard noises coming from the kitchen. I peeked around the corner and you will never guess what I saw!” Emily stopped for dramatic effect.

After the pause went on for a few seconds, Beth became impatient. “What? What did you see? A mongoose? A raccoon? What?”

Smiling, Emily said, “My mom was on her hands and knees on the floor!”

Losing the excitement of the moment, Beth shot back, “So? She was cleaning the floor. Big whup!”

“But, my brother was behind her,” Emily said smiling wider hoping her friend would catch on.

“He was helping her?” Beth questioned.

“Nope! He was fucking her!” Emily squealed excitedly.

“NO WAY!” Beth almost shouted.

“Shhh. We don’t want your dad to hear,”

“You mean, your brother was fucking your mom on the kitchen floor? Doggy style?”

“Yes! My mom was wearing a maid’s uniform and Robbie was fucking her on the floor!”

“Wow! Your mom is so lucky! Do you think Robbie would fuck me? I really want him to fuck me,” Beth queried of her friend.

“Get in line, bitch! I have dibs. He’s MY brother after all. I get first dibs.”

“How about we have him come over some day when my dad’s not home and we BOTH fuck him!” Beth interjected. “That would be so fucking awesome!”

Without realizing it, both girls had their hands rubbing their pussies outside their shorts. Beth was the first to realize what they were doing and, leaning in to kiss her friend, placed a hand on her almost flat chest to gently pinch her hardened nipple.

“Mmm,” Emily moaned into her host’s mouth.

Breaking the kiss, Beth reached down to the hem of Emily’s top. “I think we should get nekid now,” she stated in what she believed was a sultry tone.

“Absolutely! I agree!” returned Emily.

Gerald Quinlan was a good father. Nobody could suggest otherwise. Well, maybe that bitch of an ex-wife could. But, her opinion didn’t count. She was the one who packed up and left without a word three years ago. He had been taking care of his daughter without any word from her. Not so much as a letter, birthday card or phone call.

For the last year or so, Gerald had been feeling the effects of loneliness without having a woman in his life. But, he was still very angry about his wife leaving him and didn’t wish to date anyone right now for fear that he would take his anger out on an innocent woman who had nothing to do with the situation. So, he watched a lot of porn and occasionally went downtown to a massage parlor he knew of that would provide a “happy ending” for him, for the right price, of course.

One development of his loneliness was he had come to appreciate things he shouldn’t really be appreciating. Like the friends of his daughter. Especially that precocious Emily. He would often find himself sporting a boner when she would come spend the night parading around in her underwear and training bra. Or she would wear skirts that would reveal her panty covered pussy when she would bend over in front of him, which seemed to happen a lot.

He had to admit that he admired her body. Her breasts were only just now beginning to develop. They were no more than small bumps on her chest at this point in time. He had noticed that she would often not wear her training bra under her blouse letting her little nipples try to pierce through the fabric. Many a time he had masturbated to fantasies of her being naked swimming in his pool or laying on his bed with her legs spread exposing her virgin pussy to him.

His daughter wasn’t much help in the matter. More developed than Emily, she sported what were probably A cup breasts which she was not ashamed to show off when they were alone in the house. All “innocently,” of course. But Gerald was more than just suspicious of her intentions due to the increased frequency of exposing herself lately. It seemed that almost daily she would parade around the house topless and braless for some reason or another. When he brought it up to her she would simply say that they were just boobs and nothing he hadn’t seen before.

The problem was, he had begun to enjoy looking at them. He secretly hoped she would go full nude sometime so he could see her little cunny to add to his masturbatory fantasies. One of his favorites was having both Beth and Emily together on his bed making out with each other while he watched. Gerald had strong voyeuristic tendencies and was always on the lookout for opportunities to spy on the girls his daughter would bring over.

Standing at the other side of Beth’s bedroom door, Gerald was listening to every word being said by the two young girls. He was, to say the least, very surprised. Not just to learn that Emily wanted to show off her new bikini to him, but also that her brother was fucking his own mother! Gods, that thought was so fucking hot! ‘How can I use this information to get me a piece of that ass?’ thought Gerald.

What were they doing now? He thought he heard his daughter say that it was time to get naked. Were they doing what he had fantasized about for months? Should he walk in there and demand they let him watch or maybe even join in? He was unconsciously rubbing his throbbing cock through his tented pants as he listened to the sounds of kissing and whispering coming from the other side of the door.

Inside the bedroom, both girls were now undressed. Beth had noticed earlier a shadow beneath the door. It was the shadow that her father made as he passed by her door when walking down the hallway. But, this time, the shadow stopped at the door. Beth knew her father was standing on the other side of the door listening. She whispered this fact into her naked friend’s ear while kissing her neck.

Emily smiled at the knowledge that her friend’s father was on the other side of the door listening to them make out. She whispered back to her friend a plan. They both giggled and continued to make out.
Beth began kissing her way down Emily’s neck to her breast nipples. “Oh, Beth, I love when you suck on my nipples,” Emily said loud enough to be certain she was heard by the adult man on the other side of the door.

Beth kissed her way down her friend’s flat tummy stopping briefly at her navel before continuing on to her real target. Emily spread her legs wide allowing access to her moistening quim by her friend. As Beth began licking her clit, sending electric shivers up Emily’s spine, Emily let out an involuntary squeal of delight.

This encouraged Beth to continue her ministrations on the other girl’s coochie. She pushed her tongue in as far as it would go licking up toward the clit. When her tongue arrived, Emily moaned loudly, “Oh, Gerald! I love it when you lick my coochie! Don’t stop!”

Hearing Emily call out his name was one of the most erotic experiences of Gerald’s life. Quickly dropping his pants, he grabbed his swollen member jacking it hard and fast imagining himself between the pre-teen’s thighs enjoying her little girl juices. He could feel his hands on her cute little ass holding her hips off the floor while he lapped up every ounce of her pussy nectar until she squirted into his waiting mouth. Was she old enough to squirt he wondered idly before returning his depraved imagination to her flowing cunt.

“Gerald, please, put your finger in me, now!” he heard from the other side of the door. “Fuck my coochie with your manly fingers.”

Gerald was now in a frenzy, his hand moving so rapidly along his six inch cock he was afraid he would give himself friction burn. No matter. All that he cared about right now was cumming to the thought of the little girl calling out his name on the other side of this door.

As the pressure and pleasure built up in his cock and balls, Gerald opened his mouth wide in silent scream. He dared not make noise for fear the girls would hear him and know what he was doing. Despite his best efforts, a small gasp escaped his throat as he came harder than he ever had in his life. Visions of pre-teen pussies straddling his face while he licked and tongue fucked them filling his depraved mind as he fired load after load of cum onto the hall carpet and his hand. One stream even landed on Beth’s bedroom door dribbling down toward the floor leaving a gleaming streak behind it like a snail’s trail.

When he finally finished, he hurriedly pulled up his drawers zipping his cock securely behind the fabric as it slowly softened. What to do about the cum all over the door and hall carpet? Quietly, he stepped into the bathroom across the hall grabbing a hand towel from the closet. Using all the stealth he could muster, he quickly cleaned up the mess he made first from the door then from the carpet. He hoped it would dry quickly so the girls would not feel it on their bare feet and wonder what had caused the wetness.

Throwing the soiled towel into the dirty clothes hamper, he noticed a pair of his daughter’s panties. Without having a conscious thought of doing so, he snatched the panty from the hamper dropping the towel on top of the clothes and placing the panty in his pants pocket for later. Then he quickly made his way down the hall to the living room where he turned on the television to a football game and sat in his recliner as if nothing special had happened.

He was engrossed in the game when, about 15 minutes later, the girls came out of the bedroom dashing into the bathroom across the hall. He looked up just in time to see Emily’s bare ass disappear into the doorway. Did he really just see that or was he imagining what he wanted to see? Either way, it was a lovely vision, he thought to himself returning his attention to the game.

Not long after, both girls exited the bathroom wrapped in towels, their bare feet padding along the carpet. When they reached the living room, both girls smiled mischievously at him, as if they had a secret.

“We’re going swimming now, Dad,” Beth called out to her father.

“Ok, sweetheart,” he said to the girls as they ran out the back sliding glass door. “Be careful.”

As soon as the girls were out the door, they dropped their towels exposing their barely covered bodies to the sun’s warming rays. Running and laughing, the girls jumped into the deep end of the pool coming up sputtering from the unexpected coolness of the water which was making their nipples hard poking through the thin fabric which barely covered them.

“Your nipple is showing,” Beth laughed pointing to the exposed part on her friend’s chest.

“I don’t care. Maybe I want it to show. Maybe your dad will come out and get an eyeful of it,” Emily retorted good naturedly.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you little slut!” was Beth’s friendly accusation.

“Yep,” replied Emily as she splashed her friend.

Both girls continued playing in the pool awaiting the arrival of their friend, Nichole.

Gerald stood in the dining room looking out the glass door at the scantily clad girls playing in the pool. He was frequently treated to enticing views of their bottoms as they would dive under the surface exposing their bum’s briefly before going under. He was certain that Emily had at least one of her perky nipples exposed. He wondered why she didn’t cover it up, not that there was much to cover it with; her bikini being so skimpy and small. It left little to the imagination. Similarly, his daughter’s bikini was only slightly more modest if one could call a g-string bikini modest. A knock at the door startled him from his musings.

Opening the door he was greeted by the very beautiful African-American pre-teen friend of Beth’s.

“Hi, Mr. Quinlan,” Nichole greeted him.

“Hello, Nichole. Come on in. The girls are out back in the pool.”

Giving him a smile that would melt the heart of even the most hardened man, Nichole brushed past Gerald “accidentally” causing her forming tits to contact his arm briefly. As her covered nipples contacted his arm, she quickly looked up at his face and smiled before rushing off to join her friends in the pool.

“Fuck me running,” Gerald muttered to himself watching the young girl strip off her shorts and t-shirt in the back yard. Here he had three beautiful, horny young girls swimming in his pool. Turning away, he headed toward his room to deal with his hardening dick. Once in the privacy of his room, he opened the curtains to the window looking over the back yard ever so slightly. Just enough that he could see the girls playing in the pool. Pulling his cock out of his pants, he began to languidly stroke his stiff member as he fantasized about the things he wanted to do to the innocent pre-teens. Remembering the things he heard coming from his daughter’s bedroom earlier, he revised his thoughts to “not so innocent” girls.

After a short time in the pool, the girls decided it was time to get out and warm their bodies in the sun. Spreading their towels out on the soft grass, each girl lay down on her stomach, pert asses to the sky for all to see.

Gerald could barely keep himself from spraying his cum all over the drapes when he saw the three magnificent asses of the girls displayed in his back yard. He wanted more than anything to go out and offer to put sunscreen on each girl giving him the opportunity to run his hands across their peach-smooth butts. He would pay special attention to Emily’s ass, maybe running a finger into her ass crack and touching her rosebud. He was almost certain she would enjoy that. Almost certain.

Just as his mind began thinking about Emily’s puckered poop hole, his cock could no longer stand the strain erupting in a spray of jism splashing his curtains and carpet. His knees almost buckled the orgasm he had was so powerful. He allowed the feeling to pass then went to his bathroom, pecker still poking out his pants, grabbed a wash towel and cleaned himself and his mess in the bedroom up. He was less worried about the girls finding the mess in his room, but still did his best to get all of it.

He marveled at how these girls had made him have two of the most powerful orgasms of his life within one hour of each other. If he didn’t stop fantasizing about them, he was going to find himself in a lot of trouble. He had to find a way to get this under control. Remembering what he had overheard the girls talking about in the bedroom earlier, an idea struck him.

Walking over to his nightstand, he picked up his cell phone from its charging base and dialed a number.

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