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Amy Tale/s – SB-10 (Paige’s Pool Party)

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When a big black cock like that starts to go into a white woman for the first time, it is the most genuine moan.

I am going to front end this tale with the primary sexual encounter that was different, rather than talk about sex between people you have already read about. Everyone at the party was someone Paige had interacted with sexually during her month with me, including Celestina (Tina) who was the last new person in Paige’s circle of sex friends.

Aunt Bethany brought Patricia, but not her husband [for details on Patricia see, Amy Tale/s – SB-08 (Mother Daughter)]. It is this encounter that I am going to focus on because it is new. The party started at noon, and by 2pm, most were skinny dipping and fucking on the side of the pool. Patricia wanted to have lesbian sex with Emma again. Janet likes watching new people, and I told Janet that I thought Patricia wanted more.

We hooked Patricia up in a guest room, and her and Emma got busy. Bethany, Janet, and I were spectators. Patricia had really gotten a taste for Emma’s smooth sweet ebony pussy, but more for Emma’s asshole licking skills. I noticed that Patricia liked it when Emma would eat her asshole. I whispered something to Janet, and then I removed my shirt and bathing suit and made Emma move. I ate Patricia’s pussy and spread her legs apart with us on our sides. Emma got behind Patricia and ate her asshole. Five minutes later, Patricia was having an orgasm. I locked her legs apart with my arm and pressed on eating her pussy and Emma ate her ass, and we caused Patricia to cascade for a minute until she wanted to stop.

Patricia was lost in pleasure for the last five minutes, but Janet had brought in Anthony, and Janet was sucking his cock. Patricia noticed now. I moved up and kissed Patricia, and I said, do you want to try a big black cock? She was watching Janet suck Anthony’s thick 10” big black cock, and it was hard. Patricia said, yes. I made Emma sit against the headboard and Patricia was on her hands and knees, and she started kissing on Emma’s pussy. Anthony came in from behind (no condom) and began fucking Patricia.

When a big black cock like that starts to go into a white woman for the first time, it is the most genuine moan. I have several of them stored in memory along with their facial expressions, and I won’t forget rich girl Patricia’s first black cock. Patricia uttered, ohhhh my god (and leaned forward to escape the pressure) and Anthony pulled her back. She said, oh god… uhh… uhh… uhh; slowly, because Anthony was going slow. I have always wondered, why do people say oh my god, or oh god? Is it a praise to a pleasure he created? Or a testimony to a sin you are committing? How would you feel if there is a judgement, and you are an adulterer or fornicator (like Patricia), and you try and weasel your way out of your sins, and god replays your moanings, “oh god…oh god…oh god,” while you were riding a big black cock, and he says, I heard you confessing, but no repentance.

Anyway, Patricia was reserved, sophisticated, and a refined woman, but she had to voice with moans and grunts as Anthony’s big 10 inch started fucking her. Pretty soon uh…uh…uh, change to umm…umm…umm, with heavy breaths in between. When Anthony got up to take off speed, Patricia’s mouth was opened sensually panting, and she was up to ahhh…ahhh…ahhh. It lasted for about 20 minutes, and Anthony exploded in her pussy and went nuts to ass deep, as Patricia screamed out, OHHHH…MY…GOD! God heard that, and Patricia gave up on eating Emma’s pussy at the first oh god. Patricia mostly buried her head in Emma’s lap and held around her waist trying to stomach that big black cock. Yeah, Patricia will probably be back for more.

Patricia cleaned up and we returned to the pool and found Paige at a pussy buffet, as about five girls were laying on the side of the pool with the legs in as others were eating their pussy. I saw Paige going down on Carla (aka Less Than Beautiful). I was kind of relieved, maybe that meant I would not have to service her today. That did not happen, because Carla still loves my body, and she had to get her fix. After watching Patricia, Bethany was touched with jungle fever too, and Janet introduced her to James’s 12” big black cock, for another oh god moment I am sure as they left for a bedroom.

Paige had fun at the party, and by dark everyone had left, and we left too. We got back to the apartment and showered, ate again, and depression set in on Paige, and I shared it. I am not going to describe our love making from this night because I really tried to make Paige feel good, and her expressions seemed to indicate a bliss that was ecstatically pleasing. Bethany spent the night at her sisters and was here by 10am Sunday. I was already helping Paige pack, and by noon the bags were in the car.

Paige did not go quietly and argued with her mother, and there was screaming. I really do not want to transcript it other than to say, I switched from Kleenexes to a cloth towel at around 11am. Paige kept hugging me and telling me she did not want to go, and she would not let me go. I was glad that it was just me and Ken there (I planned it that way).

It took a couple of hours for Bethany to get Paige to go, and around 2pm they left. Paige was so overcome that she collapsed in the back seat gasping for air. I did not know who would comfort me, who do I call? I realized there was no one that would understand, and how would they comfort me anyway? I believe Ken must have called Janet, because she showed up around 4pm. She tried to cheer me up.

I ended up grabbing a hold of Janet and crying my eyes out until Janet was crying too, and we fell on the bed. After I stopped and dried most of the tears, Janet said, that little brat really got to you, didn’t she? I laughed, and I said, I guess she did, but only because she gave me what you did, but did not take it away for weeks at a time, and I got addicted. I understood Janet’s rationing of her love to me, because I looked forward to her visits with earnest. If Janet had stayed constant for a month (like Paige) when we first met, and then left without the possibility of a return, I would have felt the same way I do now.

I just needed more time with Paige. I did not get to wear the red off the apple of the forbidden fruit. It was still too new, and our relationship did not find a happy mediocracy to sustain our absence from each other. The next week was depressing, and Courtney stayed with me almost every night, and it helped. Janet wanted to take me on a vacation and two weeks from now, me, Courtney, and Janet went to the Bahamas for a week. We had sex among ourselves, but I was not in a mood for anything new, I was still hurting.

Paige started calling me almost immediately when she left, and texting. She had completed her classroom work for drivers ed the last semester before summer break, and she was doing the driver portion now. She was determined to get her license and run away from home before school started. When I came back from the Bahamas, I received bad news. Keep reading to find out.

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