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White husband and Filipina wife living in Philippines

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We live in a simple house made out of cinder block and parched over with cement and painted a pastel color. We have an AC unit in our bedroom and also our spare bedroom and downstairs is a living room dining room kitchen. Nothing fancy. My husband and I are content here and my husband likes to hike into the mountains and fish and things like that. I have always been somewhat of a slut but to this day my husband still plows my pussy hard fast and deep. Anyway. Three houses down is a Filipino couple that are good friends with some Americans. The American Dad and the dad’s son who looks to be about the age of 12 or 13 are spending the summer here in the Philippines.
I started lusting for the Son. I knew some of the teenage girls around here would all be trying to seduce him because he’s white.
I made it my top priority that he would violate thrust and penetrate into my pussy before any other teens got a hold of him. My husband is definitely on board with the idea of deflowering this cute American boy. We have a small bathroom inside the house but the outside has a showerl. It’s kind of ramshackle and not put together very well and most of it is made out of wood. I was out there cleaning it and it suddenly dawned on me that I needed to alter one small board and someone could be on the outside and look in at the person on the inside. I got my husband out there and we discussed a plan and he pulled off one of the old boards and cut about a half of an inch off of the bottom of a board that was about 4 in wide he then put it back in and secured it with new screws so if you were behind my bathroom facing the forest and you squatted down the floor of the bathroom would be about 2 ft higher if you were outside so you squat down and look in and you could see straight into the bathroom from the level of the floor.
The boy was pretty friendly and over a few days my husband had him come over and I made sure to wear a top with no bra and my nipples are very large and pointy and he definitely got a good look at my tits through my shirt. We hatched a plan and my husband saw him outside one evening and he told that boy his name is Larry, hey let me show you something, they both walked behind my outside bathroom and it was night time and I was inside the bathroom taking a shower. My husband gave the sign by putting his finger over his lips as if to be quiet and they quietly walked around the backside of the bathroom. Nobody else could see them at this point and my husband squatted down and told Larry to squat down and look and now I could kind of see the shadow in the open board move around a little bit so I knew that my husband had Larry back there and in the Philippines we have these little tiny stools that we use in the bathroom and they might only be 6 in high four legs and a little platform made out of wood and lots of women will sit on those stools and do laundry or clean themselves or clean their toenails or whatever. I was sitting on that stool facing the open hole that Larry and my husband were looking through and had already finished shaving my pussy so I’m squatting on the stool and my pussy is wide open facing the open board and I’m probably only about 2 ft away.
My husband was supposed to let Larry stay there and tell Larry hey, give yourself a good look and I’m going to go back in the house but don’t worry you can look as long as you want until she’s done with her shower. I assume that’s what happened and I lathered up my pussy with some more suds and soap and rubbed it and I got the mirror out so I could examine my pussy and rinse it off and now I’m examining my vagina using the mirror all while Larry is getting a full show. He can’t see my face because he can’t look up high enough for the crack he could probably just see my pussy and tits. I inspect my vagina and pull the lips and open it up all while faking it like I’m looking in the mirror.
Once I was done I stood up and I heard some quick footsteps outside and knew that Larry was quickly leaving the area. My husband caught him out front and had him sit down and Larry had a sheepish grin on his face and they were quietly whispering something. I came out it went to the house got a sexy pair of shorts and a loose top and a towel around my head and by now it’s 9:00 p.m. of course is dark.
I came out and Larry looked a little embarrassed knowing that he just saw me in a very private position examining myself not knowing that he was looking at me.
I looked at Larry’s legs and I saw some hair on his legs and that tells me that he’s got some hair around his pencil which means he probably ejaculates. I want him to ejaculate into my little brown flower so bad.
The second part of the plan was that I was going to go up to the spare bedroom and there’s a laptop in there and I was going to hide in the bathroom. My husband was going to tell Larry hey before you go home I have a great internet connection and the laptop is open and turned on and you can check email or look at YouTube or something before you go home it’s the upstairs bedroom on the right. So now Larry went up to the spare bedroom and I heard him climb the stairs and he went into the spare bedroom and shut the door. I took my clothes off and my wet hair was hanging down to my shoulder and I waited about 5 minutes and I opened the door and Larry had his back to me and was on the internet. I went inside the door as quick as I could and shut it and locked it and by that one quick second Larry had turned around and saw me standing there naked. His mouth hung open in shock.

I quickly told him I knew you were looking at me in the bathroom but it’s okay I’m naked now and I know you want to see me naked again. I quickly jumped over to the small single bed landed on it put my legs up in the air with my shaved pussy pointing right to him I said come over here Larry I want to show you some things. Get down on the floor and come over here. He seemed ready willing able and eager and came over. After a few minutes I had him licking my pussy even though he wasn’t very good at it because it was his first time but I want that cock and I want that sperm. I had to kind of forcefully pull his pants down and he said your husband won’t like this. I said yes he will because he’s the one that said everything up He’s the one that cut the board so you could look through of course he wants you in here with me naked. After stating that his friction to me point his pants down stopped and I pulled his shirt off and his pants and his underwear off and I said get on top of me and fuck me. I kind of had to physically pull him over to the bed and get him on top of me and he was kind of awkward about his movements but I was right. His cock did have hair and it was about a 5-in cock and it was perfect for me I had my legs wide open and gave him 100% access to my little dark flower. I whispered into his ear, you’re going to fuck me good many times before you leave this summer.
My pussy was very wet and I helped him to slide into it and I was his first piece of pussy. I gave him some little technique tips and I’m looking into the face of a 12-year-old boy thrusting his cock into my dark pussy and I look down and I saw his white cock disappearing in and out of my dark pussy. I whispered into his ear, I can feel the whiteness of your cock and it feels so good.
I told him to pound on it and taught him a little how to hit it harder cuz he was afraid of hurting me and I said when you get ready to spit that sperm out you make sure it’s deep in my pussy do you understand me boy? He said yes ma’am and it didn’t take long for him to say he was going to come and I’ll held on to him and hugged him tight and wrapped my legs around him cuz he wasn’t going to get away. He erupted into my hungry pussy and then I had a hard big orgasm.

Once he was done I got out from under him and laid him down on the bed and I slowly licked and sucked his cock clean and he got dressed. I held his hand as we went downstairs. We got outside and my husband was waiting and we sat back down.
My husband leaned over and said Larry did you fuck my wife? Larry was silent and so I spoke up and I said oh yes Yes he did he fucked me hard didn’t you Larry? He nodded his head yes still feeling nervous about so many people knowing what he just did.
My husband leaned over and said look I’m going to tell you something and don’t tell anybody else. Filipinos in the Philippines are very nosy. It’s true that I have fast internet and I know at your house the internet sucks. You’re only going to be here three more weeks. What I’d like to see you do is come over here and fuck my wife one or two or three times a day if you can make it. Your cover story is that you’re coming over to our house to get on the internet for your school project. that will make it look legit The other thing is you’re only going to come over here if I’m here so the nosy neighbors are not ever going to see you coming into the house and I’m gone and my wife is here alone. That will start the gossip right away.
So when you get here no matter what’s going on no matter where we are in the house you come in the house without knocking shut the front door come up to my wife grab her by the hand and you don’t even have to say anything you just grab her by the hand and you take her upstairs to the spare bedroom. You don’t waste any time and you start fucking right away. Have your little fun and then come back down and that should take 15 minutes or so. You could come over in 2 hours later and do the same thing. Then you could tell your dad hey I have to do one more thing for my report before it’s night time and you come over and you fuck my wife one more time You’re young and I know you can do it.
Larry, the mission I’m giving you is for you to come over and fuck my wife as many times as you can before you go home to America. You’re never going to get this kind of pussy in America. So if you just come over two times over the next 3 weeks I guarantee you for the rest of your life you will regret not coming over and getting such easy access to a hot and sexy Filipina who is hungry for your sperm. You can practice lots of fucking and my wife can show you all about different things.
It’s been a week and I am taking notes and counting and one time Larry came over four times in one day but the other days he’s came over three times. Sometimes when he comes in the house he’s already hard and there’s no more shyness and he goes over and grabs my wife’s hand and she puts the knife down cuz she’s chopping an onion and takes him upstairs and they fuck like rabbits and then Larry comes back downstairs and leaves. A minute later my wife comes back downstairs wearing a jean skirt. I asked my wife how it went on this one occasion and she said look and she pointed down between her legs and she opened her legs a little bit while she was staring in front of the sink and a white line of sperm was leaking down the inside of her leg and was now showing past her mini skirt. Mission success is all she said and she smiled and continued to make our dinner

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