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The family debt part 2

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Part 2 hope you enjoy yeah spelling not great but at least I am giving it ago

My mom shouts to Pete who was busy taking to his men
He goes over and picks up my brother from the floor yeah he is a boy prove it one man said Pete then put his hand up the skirt and said yes feel his balls well it is to late to get the bus back put him in the car. Then Pete said right lady’s on the buses I said bye and hugged my mom but got shouted at by the women who got off bus me and 5 other girl got on the bus there was 3 more women on the bus I was sat and blindfolded and I felt the bus move as a women voice begin to talk. She explained what was going to happen that the men was going to be locked away and do jobs when needed your mom’s are doing to be maids sexual servents and you girl will be servents in training in boarding school.

There was a lot of crying all the girls looked around the same ages as me . Then thinking what has my dad done. Then I felt something go around my neck and something in my arm I became sleepy. I woke in the sitting with water been spraying in to my face and body been told to stand up all six of us I was looking around the room was a posh mable what was nice. two others girl a bit older than us wearing matching what looks like uniform interduce there selfs as mya and helen follow us we went hallway to a serving hatch Helen knocked hatch it open to an very older women she said names and handed us clothes we come to a room with beds and table she ordered us to change and to eat .the door the locked. looking at all the girls naked I felf strange.but then one of the girls shouts this bull shit her reddish hair shined in the light standing there in her white panties while bra shirt and black skirt and shock and pumps till I noticed we was dressing the same.

Emily said yeah it is but there nothing we can do uncle Pete paid my dad’s debit the girls had come from all over the usa.

Claire said look there is only 3 beds

Sarah said looks like we are sharing

Mary said i am not sharing

Jasmin said I don’t mind sharing

I said We will work something out I am hungry I am eating.

We chatted for while till we stepped in bed

2 in 1 bed 3 in another and Mary on her own

As I started to drift off to sleep. When Helen burst in to the room said up get up Mary told her to fuck off that did not go down well Helen pulled off the bed Helen sat down and pulled her over her knee lifted up her skirt then pulled down her panties they fell around her ankles. Then it begins spank slap swot on her peachy bottom Mary screamed.

Helen said Scream all you want no one is going to help you. Just like no one helped your dad.
I was shock in what happened we hugged each other scared. Then mia opened the door to spilt us up and other girl helped. Still watching Mary getting spanked with her red bottom Helen pushed her off her and Mary hit the floor Helen said your lucky now come with us we never see Mary again. Mia said you should get some sleep.

Shock in what happened we need to get out of here

The next morning I woke up and there was only 4 of us in the room Sarah was missing really needing the toilet in the corner no wall so no privacy but well I was pissing there was food on the table with drinks there was. Not really much to do but to talk to each other and to take in the room.

Helen walks in sand up girl and get in a line as another women enters the room Helen says here they are take your pick. The women came over and
Looked us up and down she went over Jasmin unbuttoned her shirt and pulled her bra cups revealing her breasts squeezing them. Then moved down to her skirt lifting it up and put her hand right into her panties then left her exposed then come to me then claire then Emily. Then come back to me and pulled my panties right down she turn me around bent me over and she spat on her fingers and inserts it inside my asshole I was shaking she slid it in and out it hurt like anything. I will take this one. Helen said re dress your selfs come on Alice follow me we went into a room where Helen undressed me and told me to get in a bath from the I was made up in makeup hair styled but I refused to put the ugly clothes on.

Kelly is waiting for you to be ready think of your family it was a bra with cartoon on it a bib a hat and diaper and little slippers thought yes I can try and escape if we are going a drive we exited the room I walked down hallways and rooms of a really big house there was other girl and women cleaning serving food we come to a door with headmaster.helen said wait there and she left. The door opened and what I seen I can’t unseen my brother and uncle Pete and two women maids watching as one opened the door my brother on his knees sucking uncle pete cock as my brother was wearing bright red panties.looks like uncle Pete had made my brother his personal pet.my brother look at me with shame and embarrassment.he told my brother to stop and go he stood next to his desk and said nothing. So Alice Kelly has pick you now be good and don’t what you can to help you family.

Part 3 coming soon home you enjoying it

Thanks for reading part 3 coming soon

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