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Helping mum with her carers job

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New lady needs my mums help I go along for the ride and what a ride

My name is Martin this happened many years ago when I was 15 I lived with my mum and dad and sister .
My mum name is May she works has a nurse home visitor
Sometimes on Saturday and Sunday school holidays I would go with her and sit in the car and wait for her one Saturday i went with her she had a new person to visit she found the bungalow parked the car and went after five minutes she came out and got me which was unusual as I was not allowed go into clients bungalow but she said the lady was ok with me going in.
I went in with mum the lady lived on her own mum introduced the lady as Ann and said this is Martin my son she look in her 50s wow she was in white blouse under it was a pink bra she had a skirt on which come just to her knees she had an accident and her right leg was in plastic sprint bag to immobilised it so mum was there to wash or bath her put her to bed and get her up she could move around on crutches.
The time was 930 pm Ann asked mum to make her a drink to take to bed hot chocolate please if you and Martin would like a drink have one mum said she would not mind a coffee Ann said there coke in the fridge if Martin wants one yes please I was sitting opposite her she was smiling she asked my age 15 nice age .
I noticed that her legs were open a bit and I could just see up her skirt but could not see her knickers mum called me to help bring the drinks in I got up and went into the kitchen I asked my mum how old was Ann she said 51 8brought Ann hot chocolate in and gave it to her then sat back down I noticed straight away her legs were open more and I could see her knickers nice red thorn mum come in and sat down next to me Ann legs closed .
We finished our drinks mum asked Ann was she ready for bed yes she said mum got up took the cups out into the kitchen I got up to help Ann up she put out her hand so I could pull her up but instead she pulled it to her bust and held it there looking at me just as mum came back she got up she got her crutches and she showed mum to her bed room they went in and closed the door I sat down with a hard on .mum came out went to the bathroom came out with a bowl of water and a towel said just got to wash her won’t be long.
After a while mum came out she looked all hot and bothered I asked if she was ok yes she took the bowl of water towel back to the bathroom.
Then said good night then we left mum did not speak all the way home .
Mum had 4 people she cared for .
Two where just go in help clear up and get shopping one was go in round about 10 pm bath her get her dressed then the family looked after her then there was Ann she go there about 730 am get Ann up and bathed dressed go shopping then do they other lady’s she would normally be home 1 to 130 .
My school holidays started on the Monday I said to mum I would go with her in the morning she laughed you will never be up .
Tuesday I was up and dressed waiting for down stairs maked her a coffee toast and jam she was very surprised I was up and dressed
We left got to Ann’s at 0715 mum Parked the car she got so did I so said you couldn’t come you have to wait on the car I said she was ok with coming in last time mum through about it said come to the door I’ll go and ask her so that what she did ok Come in.
I sat in the living room the bedroom was off the living room so was the bathroom mum call out could I make the drinks ok what does Ann want coffee no sugar so three coffee all no sugar ok .
It took me a while to do as I had to find the coffee I made it I found a tray I carried the coffee into the front room mum was still in the bed room I walk up to the door was about to knock when I heard some moaning I put the tray down i put my ear to the door I could hear mum saying yes please harder I knocked on the door waited then Ann asked what i wanted I said coffee ready ok we be out in a few minutes I sat down after 15 minutes they came out Ann on her crutches mum behind her again looking hot and
Bothered Ann had a house coat on only two buttons done up holding the middle closed she sat down in the same chair I again sat opposite her mum was in the bathroom running the water the bottom of the house coat fell open as she was drinking her coffee I could clearly see her cunt I just sat looking I pick up my coffee but I couldn’t take my eyes of her cunt it was the first time I had seen a women cunt Ann moved her legs ii looked up she smiled I had a hard on sticking up in my shorts her legs was open more she shut them when mum was coming back in mum helped her up and the went into the bedroom shut the door.
After 15 minutes they came out and went into the bedroom.
They were in the a long while I went to the door again and listened I could hear heavy breathing and Ann saying that right just there then a loud grown
I could hear movement so I went back to the seat after another 10 minutes mum came out looking breathlessness I said are you ok she looked at me and just walked into the bathroom I heard water running mum came out drying her face and just smiled Ann came out of the bedroom in a dress mum asked if there was any shopping she needed no she said OK we are going see you tonight and we left .
When we got in the car I asked mum was she ok she just said yes she again did not speak we did the other lady’s then went home there was something mum was not saying .
I went to my room put porn on my computer and had was having a nice wank when mum knocked on the door I switched off the computer put my still hard cock in my shorts and said come in she had some washing for me she walk in I was sitting on my game chair as she bent down to put the washing on the bed She saw my hard cock sticking up in my shorts she just looked as she dropped the washing on the floor missing the bed
I said you ok mum she look at my face then back down to my cock and said did I disturbed you doing something.
No it ok it can wait mum stood up after picking up the washing turned as she was walking out the door she said it can’t wait much longer and smiled and shut the door as soon as she was gone out come my Cock I switched on the computer on screen was a older woman sucking a young man i was wanking my cock the young man pulled out of her mouth she started wanking he’s cock he started coming over her face that was it I started to come there was a knock on the door it opened straight away Mum pop her head in i don’t have time to do anything come shooting out of my cock I couldn’t stop it on the computer screen a young man shooting his load on a older woman face
Oh she said i have tissue but I see it’s to late I just sat there with my cock in my hand come all over it mum opened the tissue box walk over to me hand some tissue to me looking at my cock then walked out I just sat there wiping the come off my hand just thinking what my mum had just done .
Mum called me for dinner dad had got home had a shower changed I went into the kitchen mum looked all she said did you clear the mess up I looked at her she smiled then handed my dinner dad looked at me he knew my room was always tidy what mess he ask my mum she said she went into my room shock came over my face as I did not know what she was about to say Martin was watching something on he’s computer and l startled him he knocked over a drink and it went over his shorts she smiled at me.
We sat watching TV then it was time for her to go to Ann’s to put her to bed I jump up said I come for the ride mum stop and looked at ok .
We got in the car Ann’s bungalow was a 20 min drive
Mum asked me if I ok yes she said do you like older woman as I see what was on your computer I lowered my head mum said its OK every boy masturbate mum I said she then said sorry I walked in on you just as you were shooting your load I through you would need tissues but I was to late .
I looked up at my mum I have never seen her in a sexual way but now I was looking at her bust she had her work tunic on I was sure it was zipped up more indoors but now the zip was down just showing bit of bust mum had trousers on earlier now she was in a skirt it was just above her knees .
She then surprise me by saying you are a lot bigger length wise and thicker than your father my head shot round to see her smiling we were pulling up at Ann’s mum got out went inside then called me in Ann was sitting in her chair mum went in to the kitchen to make the drinks I sat opposite Ann she smiled she had a different clothes on from when mum got her dressed earlier she had a light blue blouse and a skirt above her knees .
I immediately noticed the she did not have a bra on her legs were open I looked up her skirt and coud see her cunt there was no hair she looked at me then down to my trousers .
I had a hard on and the front of my trousers was a tent.
Mum came back with the drinks Ann closed her legs she gave Ann here’s
then turned to give me mine but stop and looked at the front of my trousers I tried to hide my tent with my hands but it was to obvious she handed me my drink I had to move my hand I still had one hand over it.
She sat next to me Ann said boys and looked at my tent mum said yes they see someone not wearing a bra looking at Ann’s blouse her nipples were hard sticking out and they get like that moving her eyes from Ann to my trousers
.I looked at mum I could see that her nipples were hard and sticking out so she was not wearing a bra I was shocked.
I got up and went to the bathroom when I came back they were in the bedroom I listened at the door Ann was saying harder push harder the morning that was coming out of the room was unbelievable I could not imagine what was going on I knocked on the door mum called out yes her breathing was fast I said is everything OK both mum and Ann said yes so I sat down a waited mum come out her hair was messed her tunic zip was down a lot more I could see her bust she went straight into the bathroom l heard the water came on and off she came back in her face had water on she looked very hot she called out to Ann we were going .
Mum had not zip up her tunic we got in the car she did not speak we sat there for a while I was looking at mum I could see for bust and her right nipple which was hard I got a hard on sticking up in my trousers looking at mum bust she started the car caught me looking at her bust then she realised that her zip was down showing her bust and hard nipple .
She looked down at my trousers and saw I had a erection in my trousers.
She pulled the zip up then drove home
We both got out did not speak and went indoors it was 11.15 dad was already in bed mum said she was going to have a drink and was going to do me one I said no I’m going straight to bed .
I got in my room I got undressed just had my boxes on I put my computer on my favourite porn site older woman then I change my mind and went on mother incest it came up straight away put in real video and sites came up went on one from USA .
Showed a mum getting mouth fuck
I sat on my chair pulled down my boxes my cock was rock hard I got some lubricant out of my draw which I hide from mum I put some on my hand and started rubbing my cock thinking about mum tits I had my eyes closed I did not hear my door open and closed I opened my eyes looking at the computer the son was saying take my come suck it he pulled out before come turned her over on to her stomach pulled her ass cheeks apart and pushed his cock up he’s mum ass I cry out take that May take my cock up your ass.
When I looked at a dark piece of the computer I saw something move I looked round and there she was my mum standing there in her nightdress looking I did not stop wanking mum had her hand under her nightdress she sat on the bed She opened her legs would it be better have the rub by your real mum .
I got of my chair walked over to mum what about dad mum said his out cold
I held my cock in my hand mum removed my hand put her hand on it and put it straight in her mouth and started to give me a BJ I was about to put my hands on her head and started face fucking her she pulled off and said would you like to do what the son did to his mother ass fuck her my eyes widened yes check your lubrication as I never done that before so please take it slowly I got the lubrication in my hand she took off her nightdress then she said when your near put it up my ass she then went back to sucking my cock aftera while I was near I told my mum she quietly turned and knelt on the bed with her ass towards me I lubricated her ass and put a finger in it and finger fucked her then put two in mum said it hurt then I pulled my fingers out lubricated my cock then pushed it in her ass I was three inches in then stopped mum said it hurt really bad I waited until mum said it was ok to push more in after a little while she said put more in so I pushed another two inches in I still had 4 to got mum said I was so big then I push all the way in until my ball hit her ass she put her face in a pillow to stop her screaming out again after a few minutes she said fuck me hard so I did she orgasms three or four times after her second orgasm I shot my load in her ass I pulled out we both just looked at each other she got up and walk out .
Next morning I got up mum had the coffee on we did not speak I said I’ll come to Ann’s with you.
We got there I made the drinks when I took the into the living room Ann’s bedroom door was open a bit I put the tray down I listened more moaning so I pushed the door open a bit more so I could see in .
I just stood there Ann was naked so was mum they were in the 69 position
Mum on top Ann looked over towards the door seeing me said come in get your gear off I was naked with seconds Ann said come up hear and fuck your mums cunt while I suck her out I was in my mums cunt with in
seconds Ann handed me what looked like a cock she said at the bottom is a switch turn it on I so I did it moved about and vibrated she said turn it off then put it in your mums ass she will love it so while I was fucking her I pushed the cock in her ass then turned it on mum’s head shot up from Ann’s cunt fucking hell she orgasms straight away Ann told her to get her mouth back between her legs finger fuck her and suck her clit Mum head went back down I was slowly fucking mum and pulling the vibrator out and pushing in so I did not come .
Ann told my mum to put her fist in her cunt I was curious to see this I pulled out of mum walk round so I could see mum had lubricant she put some on her hand she closed her hand into a fist and pushed it into Ann cunt Ann cry out just push the fuck in me and started fucking me so mum did just that fist fuck her as fast as she could I just stood there watching .mum turned and said get back there and get your cock back in me start fucking me so I did it felt so good fucking her..
Ann started having her orgasms on mum fisting mum also was having a orgasms that was it I shot my load right up mum as I pulled out my come started dripping out of her cunt Ann put her mouth over it and sucked it out
We were all out of breath mum got off Ann .
Ann said to my mum she needed a bath so my helped her to the bathroom they both were still naked i said I make the drinks
I made them took them into the living room they both came out mum helping Ann to site in the chair still naked mum said she was going for a bath .
I had got dressed seeing Ann naked got my cock hard again she said would like to fist me mum in the bath I just nodded she said go get the lubricant from the bedroom I did she moved forward on the chair so I could get to her cunt I put lubricant on my fingers Ann said start of with two so I did finger fucking herthen she said put four in so I did she was so wet she then told me to pull out put more lubricant on my fingers make a Fist I did She said now push the fist into my cunt and start fucking with it so I did I got half my arm up her she said do it faster so I did .
Mum come out of the bathroom looked said Ann for fuck sack haven’t you had enough to this Ann said I’m fucking coming don’t you fucking stop Martin she orgasms my arm felt really tight in her cunt after a while I pulled out and stood up mum was still naked she kneel down took my cock out of my trousers and suck it I only last seconds coming in her mouth she swallowed all of it .
Mum put Ann to bed got dressed then we went home .
This carried on until Ann leg got better and mum did not have to go yo her any more mum still comes into my bedroom when dad’s asleep sometimes we go on a Web site where we can put the Web cam on and people watch me and my mum fuck
In every hole mum loves it we wear masks so we can not be recognised I love my mum

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    You lucky boy !

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    I’am jealous; some guys got luck

  • Reply Forest ID:2o4d3mjpqm

    I’am jealous; some guy has luck

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