Cat: Lesbian

Babysitting a Teen 3

The continuation of a story about a Futa 21 year old girl babysitting a 16 year old girl and the sexy antics they get up to. (Warning: Pee at the end) # #

1373 Words | 3 |4.17

Babysitting a Teen

Remi is a 21 year old futa who has been babysitting the same girl since she was 12. Liza Cox, now 16 is horny and willing to mess around with anything # #

2333 Words | 4 |4.69

My dad’s girlfriend

Rosie was 5’4 with a nice hourglass plump little butt and small c cup boobs and curly light brown hair she never got along with any of her dad’s girlfriends But yesterday... # #

277 Words | 9 |3.30

My slutty sister

My sister (Stephanie) was a beautiful girl, aged 17 was in the school cheerleading team. And she also wanted to date the hottest boy at school but she couldn’t. Stephanie had... # # #

524 Words | 11 |4.22