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psych nurses raped me – part 1

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In for psych consult. After I was committed with my parents permission, the nurses, male and female used my body

I was 15, rebellious not needing a psych eval but I got one. I rebelled there too, that got me put in for 30 days observation. I rebelled all the way, till the doc there got me committed. They were trying only a year to see if I could get better. It started slowly, I was very aware of the male attendees, for some reason it was always a male who would watch me and a few others shower. Totally nude, though we were supposed to be in these loose fitting cloth things so they couldn’t see. They all demanded total nudity. At first the most I got was a pat on my ass, but this one girl, blonde above and below and only my age, always had to stay. We’d walk nude in the hall, then into our rooms and get dressed. Later we’d see her staggering her way down the hall to her room. I got to talk to her and she clammed up when I asked if they were abusing her sexually. Finally she started talking and yes the attendant and a few more guys would come and fuck her. She had to give them whatever they wanted, blowjobs, fucking her blonde pussy, even getting fucked up the ass. One time after we’d gotten dressed and she was late as usual she pulled up her baggie dress, no underwear they took all of hers away, and bent over, her asshole was at least 2 inches wide and open. There was another woman in her 40s, who had big tits, not attractive, but a nice body in a way, and a very very bushy pussy all brown and dark. She started yelling it out, what everyone had done to her, she started yelling out that one of the guys had gotten her pregnant. I was told she was crazy and was taken away to a different ward. When I saw her again, she was just sitting, mute, I tried to talk to her and she looked at me, said “OK” and laid on the couch pulled up her baggie dress and spread her legs. “Go ahead, or do you want me from behind” with that she rolled over and started spreading her very open, used butthole.

The blonde girl participated, told me when it was my turn to do the same or we’d all wind up like the older woman. The blonde girl finally got out and that is when it started for me. For me though it was women nurses first. One who was in her 50s, but very pretty, plump body, very big on top came in and was being very nice to me. Soon she was giving me a massage on my back. She told me to take off my dress, and I didn’t want to. I got a smack on the mouth for that. I remembered the blonde and the older woman who was now drugged into submission with only a word. I pulled it over my head. I had no bras, and she took my panties off of me. “Now isn’t better my little one?” she asked. “Yes maam, if you want” I answered. “good, you and I are going to get along so nicely”

The massage started on my back, then my legs, then my ass. Then her hands probing between my legs, she tried to get me to spread open a bit and finally just snapped at me “Open them up, don’t be a stupid cunt”. I opened them so she could massage my pussy, I was getting really wet. She rolled me over and started on my shoulders, my face, then on my little A cup boobs. She flicked my nipples, licked them got them erect and rubbed my belly. She moved down to my pussy and put her hand on it, moved one of my legs over, and I opened the other. She rubbed on me, hitting my clit with her fingers, I started breathing heavy. “That’s it my little one, just enjoy your massage”. She rubbed me till I was almost getting off for my first time ever, and then she lowered her mouth and used her tounge. She didn’t stop till I had two orgasms.

“Now it’s your turn to show me how much you appreciate you massage”. With that she opened her nurses top and brought two big tits out over her bra. “Suck on me baby” while I was sucking on them she kept repeating to nurse on her, be a good baby girl and nurse on mommies titties. I knew that wasn’t all she wanted and then she made me stand up, me still naked. She put away her tits, and raised her dress. “Take mommy’s panties off for her baby” she said. Standing up I reached to pull them down “No, on your knees” I knew better than to not do it. But I did start crying a bit. “What’s the matter baby? you don’t want to share? You don’t want to make mommy feel good?” I responded “Yes I do, I will” Thinking fast I added “I never thought I could ever deserve anyone as beautiful as you”

I’m now even with her bald pussy, she tells me to lean in and kiss it and I do. Then to lick it, work my tongue between her pussy lips. I do that for probably 5 minutes, and then she lays down on my bed. “Do what i did to you baby, make mommy feel really good” I went down on her old pussy. My first time with another woman. But it wasn’t to be my last. She came by many time before she started sharing me. There was another very masculine nurse, short haired, tattoos, wore mens underpants instead of panties. My older woman was there kissing me holding me down while the dyke took my cherry with her strapon dildo. They and others watched me in the shower, I had to stay, and a couple of the others just rubbed my pussy and occasionally had me go down on them. One time that first nurse brought in one of the younger staff. She told me to lick her totally clean. I didn’t know what she meant until I realized she’d been fucked by her husband but didn’t get off. I had to lick her to make her cum but also clean out all her husbands cum from her trimmed pussy. That’s how I found out I hate the taste of cum.

After a couple times pissing on me in the shower, one day there were three guys watching me. I was held behind.

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    The staff have got you captive and will abuse you all they want. Lovely!!