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Like Mother Like Daughter

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Ken meets an asian woman who loves to fuck at the drop of a hat, and she has a daughter who shares her mother’s desires.

Ken is a 50 year old man who used to be in the military and recently retired. This meant that he was still in amazing shape and he also had a great deal of money saved up. He had never married as he didn’t want to be tied down with a family while serving his country.

He is 6’1″ and weighs around 200 lbs. He has very short salt and pepper hair and a salt and pepper goatee. He is very healthy and has an 8 inch cock and it’s very thick. Ken has always had his share of pussy as there were never a shortage of ladies who loved military men.

Ken had started traveling some and had decided to go to Thailand for a few weeks. He got a hotel room in a nice area of Phuket. It was right on the beach and offered him a great view of the ocean. After the third day of being on the island and checking out different sites so he knew where most things were he walked into a bar to have a drink.

As he sat there drinking a beer listening to the music playing from a jukebox he noticed a beautiful Asian woman sitting with a couple of older Asian women. She looked to be in her 30s and she was absolutely stunning. She was wearing a summer dress that revealed that she had a nice set of tits and long beautiful legs. She had long black hair and a smile that brightened the room.

He noticed that she was drinking a beer and asked the bartender to send her another one on him. When the bartender sat down the beer in front of her, she listened to the bartender and then looked over at Ken and smiled and nodded her head and said thank you.

Ken nodded his head and held up his beer in a mock toast. She turned her attention back to the ladies she was with and Ken thought that it was over. He sat there a little while longer drinking and was looking out at the street watching people go by when he heard a sweet angelic voice speaking to him.

He looked up and there she stood. The beautiful lady that he had bought the beer for.

“I just wanted to thank you again for the beer. I didn’t mean to bother you!” She said as she continued to smile.

“OH I can assure you that you are definitely not bothering me at all beautiful lady!” Ken said as he stood up.

She blushed as Ken reached out and took her hand and kissed the top of it.

“It was all my pleasure. I didn’t mean to interrupt you and your friends earlier. I should be the one apologizing.” Ken said as he looked at her standing there.

“You didn’t bother me and my friends. Actually they are some of my family and we were discussing some things so no worries!” She replied as she looked him over.

“Would you care to join me for another beer?” Ken asked as he pulled out a chair for her.

“I would love to have another beer with you!” She replied as she sat down.

As they sat there drinking a beer they chatted about each other and getting acquainted with each other. He told her what he used to do and what he was doing in Thailand. He found out that she was a widow and a mother of a 16 year old girl. She was a cook at a famous restaurant in the city.

Her name was Siriporn which means “beautiful blessing” and her daughter’s name is Nong which means “little sister”. Siriporn definitely lived up to her name as she was definitely beautiful and a blessing to be around for Ken. She requested that Ken call her Siri for short.

Ken began to notice that Siri was flirting with him and she would reach out to touch his hand as she giggled about something that they were talking about. She would blush and bite her lip every once in a while.

“Would you like to join me for dinner tonight Siri?” Ken asked as he took her hand into his.

Siri looked at Ken with a bright beautiful smile and said “Ken I would love to go to dinner with you however I would much rather have you come to my house and allow me to cook for you!”

Ken quickly agreed and she handed him a note that had her address on it and told him that she would see him at 6:00 pm. She stood up and leaned over and kissed Ken and said thank you for the beers and conversation.

Ken watched as she walked away and wondered what was under her dress. He finished his beer and went back to his hotel room to take a shower and get ready for his dinner date. That afternoon he took a cab to Siri’s house and was surprised to find that she lived in a beautiful home. He walked up to the door and knocked.

The door opened and there stood a beautiful young girl who looked a whole lot like Siri and definitely had Siri’s beautiful smile. Nong was wearing a summer dress that showed off her body shape. She was almost as tall as her mother and had almost the same sized tits.

“You must be Ken?” Nong said as she stepped aside. “Please come in and make yourself at home!”

“Why thank you beautiful lady! You must be Nong! It’s a pleasure to meet you!” Ken said as he kissed her hand like he had done to her mother.

Nong blushed tremendously and giggled. Siri appeared and walked over to Ken and kissed him on the lips. She was in a skin tight dress that definitely revealed her amazing body especially those magnificent tits and nipples.

“Welcome to my home Ken. It’s an honor to have you here and to cook for you. Please come into the dining room and we can begin.” She said as she led him by the hand into another room that had a large table and chairs.

There were several pots of food all steaming and the aromas were absolutely amazing. Ken sat down and Siri and Nong began to place food onto his plate and then fixed their plates.

“I hope you enjoy traditional Thailand food. I think that you will enjoy this as it is very popular here” Siri said as she began to eat. Ken started eating and cleaned his plate in short order. He even had seconds as Siri was an amazing cook. Ge had never tasted such delicious food.

During the meal he noticed that Siri and Nong would glance at each other and smile every once in a while. Also during the meal Ken felt Siri run her foot up and down Ken’s leg. She definitely was flirting with Ken and it had his cock on the rise.

When they had finished eating Siri suggested that Ken take a beer and go to the living room while they cleaned up the kitchen. It was hard to hide his hard cock from the women and he heard Nong giggle as he walked around the corner.

He sat there drinking his beer and listening to the music playing from the radio. Siri and Nong came into the room and sat down beside Ken. Siri turned to Ken and smiled as she leaned over and kissed Ken deeply and passionately. Ken was surprised by the fact that she did it it in front of her young daughter but as soon as she finished kissing him Nong leaned over and kissed Ken just as deeply and passionately as her mother.

Ken had a confused look on his face as he sat there stunned. Siri and Nong both stood up and stripped off their dresses revealing their naked bodies to the surprised expression of Ken.

“I hope you don’t mind that we are taking such liberties with you Ken. Me and my daughter love to share men.” Siri explained as they both began to undress him.

Soon they had him just as naked as they were. He watched mesmerized as they both dropped to their knees and Siri wrapped her hand around his shaft and sucked it into her mouth as Nong took his balls into her hand and sucked them into her mouth. He groaned deeply as they both worshipped his cock and balls with their mouths and tongues.

“HOLY FUUUUCCCCKKKKK!” He moaned as Siri swallowed his cock down her throat. They were both moaning and whimpering loudly as they sucked and slurped on his cock and balls. They swapped positions and Nong swallowed his cock down her throat as Siri bathed his balls with her mouth.

Ken struggled to stay standing as their actions caused his knees to buckle. Watching these two gorgeous women service his cock was more than he could handle.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK I’M CUMMING!” He groaned deeply.

Siri and Nong sat beside each other as they both opened their mouths and stuck their tongues out as Ken began to spray his cum all over their faces. After he had finished cumming all over them, they sucked the last few drops from his cock and then licked up the cum off each other.

It was the hottest thing that Ken had ever experienced and he had experienced a lot in his days.

Siri and Nong stood up and took Ken by the hand and led him into a bedroom that had a large bed in the middle of the room. They both climbed up onto the bed and got head down ass up spread open wide. Ken was presented with the finest set of gorgeous asses and delicious pussies imaginable.

They were both dripping wet and glistening in the light. Ken moaned as he buried his face in Siri’s pussy and pushed his fingers into Nong pussy. They both moaned as they pushed back against his mouth and fingers.

Ken kissed, licked, nibbled and sucked on Siri’s soaking wet pussy and ass as he finger fucked Nong’s holes. After a while he swapped over to bury his face between Nong’s legs to devour her sweet holes and finger fucked Siri’s holes. Soon Ken had their combined juices dripping off his chin.

By this time his cock had grown to it’s full length and he climbed up behind Nong. Siri slid her pussy up against Nong’s face as Ken slid his hard throbbing cock balls deep inside Nong’s tight little pussy. Nong screamed into her mother’s soaking wet pussy as she felt his cock stretch her open.

Ken watched the performance before him as Siri bathed Nong’s face in her juices. Nong slurped up as much as she could between her pussy getting pounded thoroughly by Ken. Nong’s pussy milked his cock as she orgasmed over and over again.

He had them switch so that he was now pounding Siri’s pussy as she slurped her daughter’s soaking wet pussy. This continued for a while as Ken fucked them both several times before he filled Siri’s pussy with his load. He collapsed onto the bed as Siri bathed his cock and balls clean with her mouth while Nong sucked his cum out of her mother’s pussy.

After they rested a bit they took a shower together and started all over again. Ken fucked their pussies again as he swapped back and forth between the pair. This time he filled Nong’s pussy with his seed. Just like before Nong cleaned his cock and balls while Siri cleaned Nong’s pussy.

Siri invited Ken to stay with her and Nong for the remainder of his trip. How could he say no?

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    Very hot and believable. Had a similar experience in the Philippines when I was serving in the Air Force

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    Your stories are amazing.

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