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A families descent- Training begins for the daughters

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The mother and two daughters first use begins

Both girls are startled awake, stiff, cold , hungry and thirsty, and barely feeling rested, by the sound of the door to the hall of cells swinging open. Both sisters look up as two men step to each of their cells and open the heavy lock securing the barred door, ducking through the low doors to the cells. whips snap sharply in both cells, as one man says ” Sluts, you were told to kneel when a person enters your cells” . The whips crack on soft flesh again, and gasping and sobbing the two girls struggle to their knees, legs spread widely and heads down. Again the whips sing, biting across the backs of the two crying teens. “This transgression will be noted, and you will have it added to your punishments’ ‘ he says as a man snaps a leash onto each girl’s collar, dragging them on their knees across the hard floor to the cell doors. Once outside the cells the girls are pulled to their feet and led out the door and down the hallway toward the door on the far end. ” Your first customers are here, it is time for your first use” he says as they walk. “You will get to enjoy your first time with the loving assistance of your dear mother, enjoy the gift of your family time together.” The other three men laugh at this, making the two young girls very frightened. What new suffering will they have to endure now? As the girls are led through the door at the end of the long, bare concrete hall the surroundings become luxurious, expensive looking wood floors, rich colours and fine trim. Soon the girls are led into a large, luxurious room. Looking around they see a row of at least 15 comfortable chairs, facing a slightly raised stage area that takes up at least half the room. It has several pieces of bondage furniture, each obviously designed for binding women in uncomfortable, humiliating positions. as well they notice many places to bind victims for torture or rape. along the walls there are racks of whips and canes, rope and chain for binding and many cruel looking electrical devices. Along the wall opposite the door a group of naked, attractive slaves kneel, heads down. looking around more, Riri notices cameras installed at several locations, and 4 men sitting with expensive cameras at their feet. Riri also notices that all of the slave girls have small emblems hanging from their collars, some with few, a few with more, and two with large bundles of dozens of amulets hanging from their collars. Riri watches Ami be led over to a square metal frame with cables in each corner, and two guards roughly attach her ankle cuffs to the lower cables, forcing her legs widely spread. As soon as her legs were fastened securely the guards unclipped her hands from behind her back and forced them up to be fastened to the cables in the top corners of the frame and turned cranks to pull her arms up and out until her feet lifted from the floor. They then turned the cranks on the bottom corners, pulling her young naked body taught until she began to groan from the tension, displaying her young , naked body in an uncomfortable, lewdly spread X for all to enjoy. Riri is dragged to a small bench, a narrow board on top that will run from between her breasts to just above her nearly hairless young mound. She is quickly forced to kneel on the two lower boards on each side of the center board, and straps tightened on her legs just below her knees. Her arms are immediately unclipped, and pulled forward so her elbows rest on the same lower boards, and strapped down tightly in a kneeling position, facing her suspended sister. At this time the two girls watched their mother lead into the room through the same door they entered, her leash tight and her body showing the marks of several whippings, head down. The older man who they saw at the house led the mother in front of Ami, and said “today these slaves will both be used by customers, your duty is to lick them until they are wet and aroused. You will then suck the customers until they are fully aroused, then hold the men’s cocks and guide them into the slaves holes to be fucked. ” Mirie slowly shook her head, sobbing quietly at the thought of assisting in the rape of both of her young, virgin girls. As she shook her head she felt the two sharp points of the prod he was holding dig into her back, and electricity surged through her. Mirie arched back, every muscle tense and gave a guttural grunt, dropping to her knees. “you stupid slut, what is the answer when I give instructions?” “Yes Master, as you wish master’ ‘ she gasped out, shaking while she tries to regain control of her twitching, aching muscles. “Stand, cunt” he says, tugging at her leash. watching the crying woman struggle to stand with her hands bound behind her and muscles still twitching from the shock. He then stepped to the exposed sex of Riri, and slipped the two metal points into her ass and cunt. “If you resist, or hesitate, this slave will feel the burn of the prod, inside its most tender holes. Do you want to cause that to happen?” “No master, This slave will do as you wish master.” She is then led to her young daughter, spread on the frame and sobbing. “show her how much you love your little girl, kiss her like her lover” as she is pushed face to face with her naked daughter and the man pushes her lips onto the sobbing girl’s mouth, her breasts pushed against the teens tiny mounds. As she is tenuously kissing and gently pushing her tongue into the soft mouth of her young daughter a harsh shriek rings out behind her, as the man triggers the prod pushed into Riri’s virgin holes, followed by uncontrolled sobbing and crying. “you where told to make love to the little slut, to use your mouth to ready it for its first fucks, get busy you worthless fuck toy” . Immediately she begins to lick and kiss down Ami’s young body, kissing and licking the firm nipples on top of her small breasts. sucking them as deep as she can into her mouth and licking the now hard buds. At the first soft moan from the bound teen she works her way down, kissing and licking her way down the slim girl’s body to her hairless small slit.

As Ami tries to resist the feelings of her mothers warm wet tongue slipping between her moistening lips, gently slipping into her tight slit, she watches the ornate double doors on the far side of the room swing open. Looking over her nude, shaking sister, Ami watches a large group of well dressed men led into the room by the evil mistress Maya, followed by two nude slaves that look even younger than herself carrying ornate trays with glasses and liquor bottles. Looking down she watches one of the men unlock her mothers hands from behind her, and re-lock her cuffs together in front of her. Ami watched as the man lifted her mothers hands to gently rub her now wet slit. As her mothers finger pushed into her, Ami moaned, arching her hips forward, looking up as an unwelcome wave of pleasure shook her. As her mother licked and caressed her toward the first orgasm Ami watched the men sit in the rows of chairs, while the slave girls went into the rows of chairs and started sucking men and being freely abused by anyone who could reach them. One of the men walked with Maya to the stage where the mother and daughters were restrained.

As He approached the kneeling mother he undid his fly and pulled out his soft cock, and turned her mothers head so he could put his cock at her mothers mouth while staring at Ami. Slowly stroking his growing cock with her mothers mouth he spoke to Ami while roughly squeezing her small breast. “ I am going to enjoy being your first rape, slut.”. Grabbing a handful of her mothers hair, he begins to violently push his cock to the base into her mouth, while slapping Ami’s tender breasts hard enough to rip cries and sobs from the helpless, scared and humiliated young girl. As Ami watched, overwhelmed by humiliation, pain and arousal the man placed her mothers hands on his now hard cock, and stepped forward so it was between her spread legs. Slapping her mother, he said “put me in it, now”. As Ami feels her tight slit forced open, watching in shock as her mother pushed this strange man into her virgin pussy. Groaning in discomfort as the large cock pushes into her virgin pussy, Ami struggles to understand what is happening to her, shaking her head and softly mumbling “no, why, no, please no.”. Suddenly, feeling sharp pressure and a slight pain, Ami freezes, eyes wide. As the man grabs her hips with both hands and slams his body tight to hers, Ami shrieks. The pain from being torn open so violently not fading as the man instantly began to quickly and roughly fuck her. As Ami hung from the cables, used like a puppet for a strange man’s pleasure, she was even more humiliated as the pain began to turn into something else. As Ami stopped struggling, and as her screams faded into moans the man smiled and stopped, his cock deep in her trembling young body. Ami hung her head in shame as The man loudly spoke ”The horny little slut is going to cum already, I think it would fuck anything just to get more hard cock in its slave holes”. Suddenly she screamed, and pushed forward on the cock buried deep in her aching pussy as one of the men on the stage lashes her ass fiercely with the whip he is holding and growls at her” fuck him, slave, or be punished”. And lashes her again. Ami desperately starts rocking her hips, trying to please her rapist while she is tightly tied, until the man pushed as far into her small body as he could and began to cum. Moaning softly, Ami watched the man pull his still hard cock out of her, and into her softly sobbing mothers mouth. After a moment of watching Mother lick and suck the man clean, Ami hears the man say “clean it now” and watch him push her mothers face into her dripping pussy. As she feels her mothers soft lips and tongue caressing and sucking on her tender pussy, she feels the feeling growing again. When her mother slips her tongue deep into her now open slit, scooping a glob of her cum, and her rapists, from inside her sore hole, then seals her lips around Amis young cunt and sucks the cum out, Ami throws her head back and moans loudly, pushing her slim hips forward to her mothers sucking mouth. As she builds towards orgasm, Maya pulls her mother away drawing a low groan from the quivering teen girl. Maya spoke softly “thank him properly, say thank you master, for using this slave. Say it loudly, or all three of you will suffer even more”. Ami sobbed, and spoke as loud as she could manage ”thank you master, for using this slave.” and hung her head in shame.

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  • Reply Another Reader ID:371mgx0zi

    This is a promising story, I think I would have gone a different route with the youngest. But she could still be formed…

  • Reply K ID:cxttdilxib

    Really needs better spacing, but other than that it’s really good.