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Weekend at my girlfriends

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Weekend with my gf and her young daughter.

My girlfriend and I have been dating for maybe 3 weeks. We are both 29 and she has a daughter, Mia who -10 .. this was the first weekend I was going to spend the night and Mia was going to be there.. I’ve met her before she is nice, typical kid. Her father is no where in the pic and we get along.

Friday night we ended the movie and I said I was going to jump in the shower. Mia said I’ll go with you.. I looked at Hannah and said idk I don’t have suit and I’m not wearing underwear m. Hannah looked at me and smiled. She looked at Mia and said let’s all take a shower..

As the shower was getting hot I was getting nervous. I never been naked in front of kid before, and I was getting excited. Hannah got naked and I started to get hard. I looked over and saw Mia standing there naked…her ass was nice, I could see her tiny pussy and I now I had full blown hard cock. I got naked covered myself and stood off the side of the shower for a minutes. Hannah’s stared to wash my back and gave me a couple of kisses in the next and turned me so I was facing her. Between us was Hannah her head was under my cock my hand still over it and Hannah leaned in and whispered, it’s ok.. moving my hand placing it on her tit. Hannah then reached over grabbed the soap and gave some to Mia. She told Mia let’s wash him Mia started to wash my leg, working her hands up and up. Her little hand was next to my cock it was throbbing.. Hannah whispered in my ear again saying, you want it don’t you. I said yes and got down on her knees.

Hannah was in her knees next to Mia she took miss hand and placed it on my cock. Her little hand couldn’t wrap around it and Hannah started to teach her how to jerk me off. Hannah stated to lick my cock and moved it so now my cock was in front of Mia’s mouth. My heart stared to beat faster and faster, I watched Mia open her little mouth and her little kid lips go around my ragging cock. Mia stared to suck the tip and Hannah was cheering her on. Hannah took my hand placing it on Mia’s head. Hannah looked up and me and said you’re a perv you like kids don’t you. While my cook was in daughters mouth. Hannah started to jerk me off faster and faster I was holding Mia’s head on my cock. Hannah told me to say I love little kids. I just started to say yes yes I love kids I want to cum .. Hannah took my cock out of Mia’s mouth and started ti slap her on the face with my cock teasing Mia saying do you want it do you want, mia said yes and my cock went back into her mouth..

Hannah started to jerk me being verbal, begging me to cum, telling me to cum on her little face calling me a pedo saying how much I love kids.. it all hit me , I loved this and I said I’m going to cum, Hannah held Mia’s head still and I stared to cum two pumps in her mouth before she pulled back.. i was shooting ropes on her face while was laughing. Hannah told her good girl and looked at me and said good boy.

Before we got out Hannah looked at me and said to much I said he’ll no I loved every bit of it. She said I knew you were a perv and I loved that. She asked me if I wanted both of them and said yes..

This was the beginning of long three day weekend. Abs just the start …. Let me know if you want more.

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  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbql

    Fuck . I need more on this

  • Reply Strangelover ID:7ylrenmqrc

    Yes part two

  • Reply Lustful Dad ID:10zh8k9lfij

    Good Story

  • Reply Jeff ID:1ed0zeg47ujl

    Fantastic story leading into what surely must be a most amazing three days. Ten year old girls are just so beautiful and sexy.

  • Reply Kiddyfucker69 ID:1ew136t5ucon

    My 24 year old gf and her 9 year old daughter were into incest when I met them too. The incest just got so much better after we got married, my wife had a little girl by me withen our first year together and her daughter had two female children each by me when she was 16. In a further 13 years my first granddaughter was pregnant and two years down the line she had had twin female children by me. Another 13 years pass and my great granddaughter had twin female children by me as well. I am well off so money is not a problem and we live in a large secluded house and the nearest neighbours are a long way from us. Anything any of my girls want, my girls get. My wife is a Gyno so all is good with all of the breeding that is happening to this day, as my great, great granddaughter is now pregnant, with twin girls…

    • Kendall ID:1lisj5aoij

      Fuck I wish I could have fun with all of them

    • Kendall ID:sg7mmpwj3e9

      So hot

  • Reply GRWJ ID:1er0gf4c7v1j

    Yes I’d love to read chapter 2

  • Reply CWC ID:1atcbdzj

    This is awesome! Keep going please