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Double cuckold incest family

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I have been married for 17 years to my wife and we enjoyed a very active sex life. We have 2 kids kahli is 11 and jimmy is 16. Recently I had been noticing a bit of flirting going on between jimmy and my wife abbey.

There were fleeting stares and sideways smiles. I was noticing a lingering touch between them and I came up the hallway i could here my wife giggling and as i came into the kitchen they were in each other’s arms and my son was holding his mother by her small ass cheeks and passionately kissing her.

I was quiet and stood there watching my wife cheating on me with my son. His hand went up her short nightie and the was rubbing his mum’s clit. Abbey was moaning into his mouth and rubbing his chest. This was fucking hot was all I could think as my mouth hung open and my dick got hard. Suddenly i had a plan, as hard as it was to leave I very quietly withdrew from the kitchen and went into the study. I grabbed the gopro and quietly went back in.

I walked back into the kitchen or I should say sneaked back in, and my beautiful brown haired green eyed woman at 5,4 was on her knees with her perfect c cup tits out with my sons abnormal sized 11 inch fat hog shoved deep down her throat. This was crazy she never let me do that! I placed the gopro on the full shelf so they wouldn’t see it and I pointed it at them and left.

Here’s the thing, when I saw my son and wife kissing I really wanted to try it with my daughter. I had always admired Kahlis tight body from very early on. I opened the app on my phone and watched the image coming from the go pro. I made some capture clips on my phone as I stroked my average 8 inch dick.

My wife stood up and bent over the bench and my boy got behind her and kissed her neck as he slid into his sexy little mother. I couldn’t see it but as her pushed deep Abbey squealed how her asshole feels so full, she never let me do that!

I put my phone on the desk and went quickly back into the kitchen. Deepthroat and anal I was angry.
I walked in as my son was busting his nut up my wife’s ass. I said what the fuck is this? My son looks over his shoulder and says to me. “Shut the fuck up or fuck off I’m trying to cum right now”
I did not know what to say to that so I just shut the fuck up.

I was rock hard and had no idea what to do or say. My son finished and pulled out of her and turned her round and kissed her while he stared at me. He then put his arm over her shoulder and told me that she was his fucktoy and if I wanted to fuck her I had to ask him for permission. My wife stood there submitted to him and said nothing. He told me she sleeps with him when he is home from now on.

I was so fucking horny I grabbed the gopro and without saying a word I walked out of the room. I heard them laughing at me and I was about to cum. I had my cock in one hand and the gopro in the other. I wasn’t even aware until words came from my mouth that I had walked into my daughters room hard and holding it over to her bedside and stood over her. I said daddy needs some help my little princess.

My daughter sat there with her sweet mouth wide open staring at my erection. I just bent my knees and pushed forward and sank my cock into her sweet soft mouth. My beautiful girl just stared up at me as I dumped a load down her tiny throat. I came so hard it was incredible.

I looked down as I held kahlis head and said to her, things are changing around here and I am going to need her help from now on. She pulled back from my cock and said with a huge smile, does that mean your going to fuck me Daddy? I smiled back and said yes baby but you can’t tell mummy because I have a plan to get even with her. Kahli giggled and said, so you know they are fucking then? All I could do was laugh.

I went to my study and edited the the footage and put a file of my cumming in kahlis tummy in private and deleted the original. I made clips and zoomed in on the scenes of my wife and son and I saved them and cleared the gopro. I uploaded some onto my phone and I got a robe and put some lube and handcuffs into the pocket.

I went into my daughters room and told her the plan. I stripped her naked and opened her tiny legs and layed her on her back on her bed. I went down and licked and sucked and tongue fucked kahlis sweet little candy. She tasted amazing I ate her out for 5 minutes as I fingered her and broke her hymen. I was so gentle and I used the lube. Kahli told me when she was ready for more and I lined up my dick as slid inside my incredibly tight young daughter.

I spent 15 minutes fucking into her and when I was ready to cum I pulled out and blasted my cum at her sweet hole and her asshole and all over her pussy and tummy. Kahli rubbed it all over her body and had it hanging on her cunny lips. She was so fucking sexy a short a cup with a small round ass.

I stood kahli up and handcuffed her and led her to the loungeroom naked covered in my cum. She knelt down beside me when we entered the room. I held my phone up and played a clip or my wife deep throating her son and told them both, ok you think I’m my house you get to tell me the fucking rules. Here’s the fucking rules you pack of cunts. I walked over to my son lifting him by the throat and backhanded him across his smug face and I dropped him on the lounge.

I explained in my house if he wanted to cuck me then that’s fine but I won’t be asking permission to fuck my wife ill be taking it when I want. And as for kahli she is my fucktoy and if he wants to fuck his sister then he asks my permission. His eyes lit up and I said, but there is no point because the answer will be no! I walked over to my wife and lifted her by the hair looked into her eyes and said, you are a cheating cunt but I got you on camera and you will lose it all if I show it. There will be new rules in this house and you will take orders from kahli and me moving forward.

I told my son to get on top of his mother and fuck her cunt. He got down on the floor between my wife’s legs and fucked her deep. Kahli knew the plan and I took her cuffs off and she sat on her mother’s face. I lubed up and got nice and hard, then I got behind my son and grabbed both his arms and pulled them behind him and handcuffed him as I lined it up and forced my cock up his asshole in one hard thrust. I leaned over him and whispered in his ear.

Don’t ever tell me what to do again this is my house and my rules and I will teach you what it’s like to be someone’s bitch. I told him that he was going to regret what he had done and I nutted in his tight ass. Kahli saw me pull out and on cue pissed on her mother’s face and stood up.

From that night on my daughter Kahli has slept in my bed while my son jimmy waits at our door in case we need something and my beautiful wife Abbey stand beside the bed until our daughter permits her to enter and watch me fuck my daughter. Occasionally jimmy is allowed to service his mother bit it has come to pass that if he wants to touch his little sister then he has to do it with my load in his ass…

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  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9a

    Great story . And now your beautiful sexy young daughter will be getting fucked whenever you want her . And that cunt of a son will be getting his ass fucked to teach him a lesson .

    • [email protected] ID:gnrr5kb0k

      fuck his ass full of cum as he cries like a bitch

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    11 inch cock? your dreaming so get ya hand off it 03/30/24

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Very good got my cunt running, these stories of young teens always reminds me when my Grandfather fucked after school for a number of years and trained me into the slut I’am today, and still thank him and being married to a understanding husband helps big times as he loves to watch guys fuck me, love Emma from Aus.

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    First of all 8 inches isn’t average good story, but your daughter sounds good