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Fun hole

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I learned I have a fun hole and I learned how to please BBC. I love BBC.

When I was young I was taking a bath. My mom came in to wash my back. I sat down on the edge of the tub. She spread my legs and played with my balls. I began to laugh. She then lift my leg reached under and stuck her finger in my butthole. I loved it. The next day. I yelled for her to clean my back. Her black boy friend came in. I was setting in the tub. He reached down and grabbed my little dicky and balls. He laid me back and lifted up and spread my legs. He stuck his finger in my butthole then two then three. He stood up removed his clothes and got in the tub on top of me. He stuck his cock up my butthole. He pumped it in and out. I was crying from the pain, but he ignored me. He grunted I could feel his man cream in my ass. When he was done he left. My mom came in and helped me get dried and dressed. She told me to hold the cream in. She told me it would get better her boyfriend likes tight boy pussy. I became his fun hole. I grow to love it. He loved to share me. They would have me so sore I needed a cushion to set down. I still love black cock.

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  • Reply Korvvo ID:28aradmk0d

    Qrite more stories about taking bbc when i was ten i jerked off in a public shower hopping to suck a thicc bbc

  • Reply Confidence ID:rz5vjb0a

    I prefer being fucked in my pussy than my asshole

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      Was your first cock a black one

    • Julie ID:fx7ita58i

      I love it in my Cunt