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I understand but I can’t accept it

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Live was not the same after I came home from the Army badly injured.

After three months in the Army hospital, I was allowed to come home. I had been in a truck that hit an IED just a few days after arriving in the war zone. Three men were killed, two of us were badly injured and one was unhurt. My injuries were spinal nerve injuries. My legs were almost useless. I had feeling so the doctors said that the nerve bundle was not severed but I could just barely move them. They said that in time I might regain more use of them. I was given a hospital bed for home so the power tilt would allow me to sit up. It was right next to the bed that my wife, Monica and I had shared before I was sent off on assignment. I had a special heavy-duty walker so I could get myself to and from the bathroom. They had special bars and other items put around the house so I could be somewhat self-sufficient. I was discharged and got a pension that would barely cover our bills if we lived frugally.

Monica and I had been married for two years before I was sent on assignment and was injured. I was twenty-two and she was twenty when we married. Monica was very understanding and worked hard at helping me with all of my needs. She would bring me most of my meals in bed and often give me a bed bath, so I did not have to drag myself to the shower every couple of days. She basically did everything.

Before I was sent overseas, we had a very active and enjoyable sex life with each other so it was very saddening to think that we might never again be able to enjoy making love. After my injuries I laid on my bed with almost no reaction from my hips down. It was so frustration to watch my beautiful wife without the hope of making love to her.

After a few weeks I asked Monica if she would please get naked when she was giving me a sponge bath so I could at least enjoy looking at her. She did. Next, I asked her to shave her pubic hair. She did. I would reach out and squeeze her breasts and slide my fingers between her legs. The first I touched her clit after all this time, she jumped and squealed. Quickly she spread her legs and begged me, “Oh yes, please David, rub my pussy and put your fingers in my cunt. I need you so bad.” I rubbed and fingered her till she had a nice little orgasm. Then I put my fingers in my mouth and sucked her nectar from them. This became what we did almost every other day.

Monica is a beautiful woman. She is 5’5” tall with a slim body and very firm C-cup tits. Her long naturally dark blond hair framed her angelic face perfectly. I was so lucky to get a wife as beautiful and wonderful as Monica.

A few weeks later something happened that was a wonderful surprise. Monica was giving me my sponge bath and I was playing with her pussy. As usual she was spending a lot of time on my dick even though it never reacted. I made sure she knew that it still felt good and that I loved her doing it. Suddenly we both realized that I was getting bigger. I didn’t get an erection, but I got halfway there. It was a little longer and a little thicker.

Monica started giving me a serious hand job. After several minutes with no further gain, she stopped. I thought she had given up until she bent over and took me in her mouth. She took my semi-hard cock in her mouth and sucked as hard as she could on it. Her mouth went up and down the length of my shaft and she rubbed my cockhead with her tongue. Then it happened. I got a full firm hard-on. Monica could not get all of it in her mouth any more without gagging when I touched the opening to her throat. She pulled her head away and climbed up on the bed, spread her legs over my body, held my stiff cock in her hand and lowered her cunt down onto it.

She went slowly. “I want you in me so bad but if it hurts let me know and I’ll stop.”

“No don’t stop. This is wonderful.”

She gradually picked up speed till she was bouncing up and down on my cock like a mad woman. I wanted to flex my hips and thrust myself up into her every time she dropped down but that would not happen. Then I came. I really came. Monica felt it and cried out. She kept fucking herself on my cock till I started to wilt. I watched my cum drip out of her cunt, slide down my shaft and soak my pubic hair. Finally, I fell out and my limp wet cock just lay on my stomach. Monica got off me and although it was hard to do, she wiggled next to me on the small bed, and we cuddled and kissed for almost an hour as we expressed our love for each other.

For a couple weeks she would suck me hard a couple times a week and then ride me till I shot off. I was beginning to think that maybe we would even be able to have a family. Then it started to look like she was not enjoying it as much as she had been, so I asked her about it. “I love that I am doing a good job for you buy honestly I’m just not getting what I need.” I thought about it and came up with what I thought was a solution. I told her she should give me her pussy to eat. I would lick her clit and help her get going and then we could 69 till I was hard and then she could climb on and fuck herself on my prick. She seemed pretty excited about that.

It helped for a couple of weeks. I was very happy that way, but I could see that she still was not getting completely satisfied. One day after I had finished coming inside or her, she climbed off as usual but instead of getting off the bed she brought her pussy back to my face. “I didn’t come yet. Eat me some more and make me come hard.” I had never eaten a cum filled pussy and was not excited about the idea. Before I could say anything, she pushed her cunt down against my face. I started licking and sucking. The taste of our mixed sexual fluids was not as bad as I had thought it would be. I ate her till she came hard. She grabbed her tits and screamed out in pleasure. Then she grabbed my head with both of her hands and pulled me up tighter to her. She squeezed her vaginal muscles and pushed a big load of my cum into my mouth. She kept rubbing her snatch up and back across my face and crying out. “Yes. Yes. Yes.” She got off, kissed me and thanked me. This became our normal. We would 69 and then she would fuck herself on my pole till I came and them I would eat her out again.

One day she came home after shopping. She had been gone longer than usual. Monica came to my bed and started playing with my balls. It was not normal for her to want to have sex right after she got home from shopping. Usually, she wanted to rest for a while. Who was I to argue? I was usually looking forward to screwing with her.

She climbed up on the bed like normal and positioned herself over my face. When her bottom touched my face, I could immediately tell that she was already full of cum. I started to push her away, but she pressed her slit hard down on my mouth. “Eat me. Make me come.” She started rubbing herself up and down across my face. She did not go down on me like usual. She kept fucking herself on my face till she came and pushed the cum in her pussy into my mouth and all over my face. She finally sucked me hard and rode my prick till I came. Then she was back on my face till she came again and collapsed in exhaustion.

After that it was like every other time, we fucked she already had her cunt full of another guys cum. I learned to put up with it figuring that with my injuries I was no longer enough of a man to satisfy her needs and it was better than taking a chance on losing her.

Finally, one night after she fed me, she went out and stayed out till almost midnight. When she came in she immediately stripped. Her hair was a mess, and I could see bite marks on her tits. There was cum dripping down inside her thighs. Monica climbed up onto my face and pushed herself down. I had never seen her so wet with cum. Thick slimy cum was dripping out of her cunt. Almost shouting she said, “OK Davy boy, go ahead eat my cum filled cunt. I was just fucked by two guys with huge cocks and they both came in me twice. Eat their cum and don’t waste a drop of it. That’s your treat for tonight. Do it now!”

I managed to do it. She had a hard orgasm and then lifted off of my face and climbed off the bed. “I’m too well fucked to take care of you to night. I’m going to sleep now.” She got into her bed and left me horny and unsatisfied.

I lay there looking at the ceiling and trying to decide what the world had in store for me for the rest of my life. I couldn’t think of anything good in my future. Then I decided that I just could not take it anymore. I opened the nightstand drawer and took out my service pistol. It was loaded as usual. I had decided that I was going to end my suffering. I had one last decision to make. Was I going to pull the trigger and stop the pain or was I going to put the first bullet thru Monica’s head before I killed myself? I couldn’t do it. I put the gun back away. I didn’t sleep at all that night. I just laid there and stared at the ceiling.

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