Banging my wifes co-worker and my friends girl…

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Though my wife and I were into swinging I knew she’d be uneasy with the idea of fooling around with one of her co-workers and the girl being my friends GF made it even worse.

In school, there was a girl named Janice who had a reputation for being easy. And though she’d come on to me back then I wasn’t really interested. But once she got in her early twenties she was looking pretty hot. But the fact she was now working with my wife as well as dating one of my best friends I figured she was out of bounds. But one afternoon I was out washing my car and she stopped to talk to me. She was wearing a really short skirt and a very skimpy top showing off her big tits. And she didn’t waste any time telling me she was still interested in us hooking up.

She wasn’t bothered at all with my being married which I really think she preferred married men because she wasn’t looking for a relationship. She just liked to fuck and enjoyed a variety of men. She was going out with one of my buddies but was turned off that he was getting too serious. She knew my wife was going to be out of town for a couple of days for business and came right out and ask if I’d like to get together. I’d heard she was a really good fuck and my friend had commented about how great she was at sucking cock. So I couldn’t pass this up. But I had no idea how wild it was going to be.

She told me to come to her house the next night and we agreed to a time. She still lived with her parents which we were both only twenty years old. I arrived and met her parents and she just introduced me as an old classmate. Soon we’d excused ourselves and went to her room. It was an older house and her bedroom was huge and it was right off of the living room. But with the TV on there was enough noise to drown us out. She wasted no time in doing a little striptease for me and undressing me. We were on a big couch in her room nude and making out and she went to her knees in front of me and started sucking my cock and letting me fuck her huge 38D tits. Then wrapped her long silky black hair around my thick cock and started jerking me off with my cock wrapped in her hair.

She’d just took me back in her mouth and was deepthroating my almost nine-inch dick when her bedroom door opened and her dad stepped in the door. I was about to stop her to let her know he was there when he said he was going to the store and ask if we needed anything? She stopped sucking my dick just long enough to say no and went back to sucking my cock. Where he was at he had a great view of her big tits hanging down and of her mouth devouring my cock. But he had no reaction and just stood there watching. Then he said he was going to get a half-gallon of ice-cream and ask what kind she’d like. She shocked me when she stopped sucking and said something with big nuts in it. Then laughed and said no I’ve already got those and licked my balls then looked at him and said to surprise her.

He stood there for a good five minutes watching her suck my cock and balls and her rubbing my cock between her big tits and all over her face. Then she said now it was her turn and sat beside me spreading her legs open as her dad still stood there and pulled me down between her legs. Once I started eating her wet cunt he finally left. But only a couple of minutes later I heard her mother’s voice behind me and she was asking if her father had asked if we needed anything from the store? Janice said no as she moaned from me eating her and then she pushes my head back and with her mom still there tells me she wants me to fuck her. I’m hoping her mom’s gone but when I stand up and turn her mother’s still standing there. And Janice reaches down and grabs my cock and looks at her mom and says doesn’t he have a nice cock? Her mother looking right at my hard cock says yea I’d like to get something like that.

As we get on the bed her mother leaves the room. We fuck in several positions and as I’m fucking her from behind her dad gets back and comes in again and tells her he went on and got her some cigarettes and walks past us and lays them on her dresser and as he walks back buy reaches down and puts his hand on one of her big tits and laughs and she makes a comment how cold his hand is. Finally, I empty a load of cum in her pussy and we lay there for a few minutes and she says she’ll get some wash-cloths. She leaves the room still nude with a bunch of tissues catching my cum that’s oozing out walking right past her parents. All that’s said is her father asking if we want some ice cream? And her mother laughs and says I think that boy gave her all the cream she wants. This is blowing my mind as I’m used to being seen naked and having sex but not by a girl’s parents.

I fucked her and she sucked my cock several more times over the next couple of weeks and each time her parents would find some reason to come in her room. One night her mom walked in just as I was shooting off all over those big 38D tits and she just got a big smile and commented on what a load that was. I’d almost started getting a little turned on by them watching until her dad started asking me when Janice wasn’t around about coming over some time and fucking his wife while he watched and ask if I liked getting head from guys? Plus I think my buddy was curious about seeing my car over there but her dad was a mechanic so I said he’d been working on my car. And it was funny he’d fucked her plenty of times but had never been inside her house it was always in his car or his house if his parents were gone.

So I ended things with her but heard from other people later that her dad invited lots of guys over to fuck his wife. And commented a lot about his daughter having such a hot body and how he loved watching her get fucked.

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