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A Splendid Evening at Dave’s

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What a great night at Dave’s house with the lads from work.

I had worked with Dave for about 20 years in the Finance Department of a large multinational bank and knew his wife, Shona and their kids. In fact our families had been on holidays together many times and my wife was really good friend with Shona.

Once a month us four senior accountants, myself, Dave, Karl and Franny would go to the local Thai Restaurant next to the office for a meal and then we would go back to one of our houses for a couple of drinks and a few hands of cards. Four forty plus year olds having a laugh.

It was usual for our wives and girlfriends to go out on the same night and end up at one of their houses.

Two Friday’s ago, we got back to Dave’s house to find Shona in on her own. She hadn’t gone out with the other wives because she had experienced a bad day at work and was tired. She said we should carry on as normal in the other room and she was going to put her feet up, read a book and nod off in the back room.

We played a few hands of cards, chatted and put world to rights. That night much of the talk was about “Stratton” the Finance Director who we all agreed was a bit of a twat. Dave kept the beers coming and about 9 pm Shona put her head in the room and asked if she could join us. She couldn’t settle into her reading and couldn’t doze off so wanted some company.

Shona is a few year younger than Dave and the rest of us. At 38 she has a wonderful figure, blonde hair and, although she is quite shy, once you get to know her she is very good company. Being honest, I really fancy her, but so do most blokes. Dave is regarded as a lucky bastard.

As the night moved on and we all were getting a bit drunk, the talk turned a bit naughty. The lads were swapping stories of sexual experiences. Even Dave chipped in some saucy stories about him and Shona and their skinny dips in the sea on their last trip to Thailand. Shona seemed embarrassed but laughed shyly.

Dave was getting more drunk than the rest of us and he kept going on about how Shona would come out of the waves totally naked with her big tits swaying and her shaved pussy on show. He said she didn’t care who else was around at the time which caused a bit of a commotion with the young Thai men on the beach at the time.

Shona was bright red and telling everyone that it wasn’t true and in fact it was Dave who was flashing he cock at the local girls when returning naked from his skinny dip.

I think it was Karl who, semi-jokingly, asked her to give us a reprise of her Thai exploits. Dave, who was really quite drunk now thought it was a great idea and began badgering Shona to stand up and let the lads see her. She refused, but Dave wouldn’t leave her alone.

She eventually got up and did a bit of a twirl for us. She was still in her work clothes which was the skirt from her business suit and a white blouse through which you could see a black bra. The skirt hugged her tightly, accentuating her small round ass. The blouse strained under her large and shapely breasts.

We gave her a round of applause when she sat back down laughing and drained her wine glass. The wine was going to her head and she looked flushed.

Franny suggested she take her blouse off. Dave roared with laughter and agreed. Shona said no, but not convincingly. Dave said “come on, it’s only like having your bikini on the beach, and we are all friends here”.

She stood up unsteadily and hesitantly pulled her blouse out of her skirt, unbuttoned it and slipped it off.

I had seen her in a bikini lots of time on holiday but Franny and Karl hadn’t. They whistled and whooped at the sight of her dancing in her beautiful black lacy bra. Her nipples were hard, poking at the lacy fabric and her milky white cleavage was mesmerising.

She was getting into it but we were surprised when, unbidden, she reached behind her, unclasped her bra and flung it across the table, where I caught it. Franny immediately grabbed it off me and rubbed it on his face, taking long breaths through his nose, enjoying Shana’s aroma.

Dave was getting right into it now. Through slurred speech and clapping rhythmically, has told her “off with the skirt, off with the skirt”

I could feel my mouth going dry and my excitement building. I certainly had never seen her bare tits before, although I have fantasised about getting my hands on them many times. Her tits fed many a wank session if my wife got out of bed in the morning not wanting sex.

We all watched spellbound as she unzipped her skirt, let if fall to the floor revealing a frilly black thong under a dark pair of nylon tights, which she pulled off and placed around her husbands neck.

As she bent forward Dave took her tits in both hands and buried his face between them. Then she walked around the table to where the three of us were sitting and gave us a bit of a lap dance each.

I was happy to look, but didn’t touch as she is my wife’s mate and it didn’t seem right – actually if I am honest, I wasn’t drunk enough yet to let my dick rule my head.

The other two had no such qualms and groped her tits, slapped her arse and slide their hands between her legs. She seemed to love it and didn’t object to Karl putting his hand inside her thong and rubbing her pussy. Dave even had his cock out and was wanking and enjoying the sight of his Missus being felt up.

Shona was rubbing the cocks of both Franny and Karl through their trousers and both were clearly enjoying the attention. She unzipped Franny and fished his erect cock out and began sucking it. Karl was all over her, sucking her tits, pulling off her thong and giving her pussy and ass some serious attention.

Shona beckoned me to come over and lust got the better of me. With Franny’s cock in her mouth and Karl rubbing her clit, she unbuttoned me, grabbed my erection and began wanking me. Dave came over, cock in hand to get a closer look.

Karl had been licking her asshole and eased his cock into her tight arse. Franny took his dick out of her mouth, pushed her back so she was lying on top of Karl as he fucked her bottom. He then spread her legs and, kneeling between them, and Karl’s legs, pushed his cock into her tight pink pussy. With them both going at her, they looked like some weird fleshy machine with pistons pumping. Dave took a spot at her head and began feeding her his very long cock.

She was still wanking me but I was getting very hot so stripped off my clothes. I then climbed between Franny and Dave, straddling Shana’s chest, grabbing two hands full of tits, placed my swollen cock between then and started fucking those puppies.

Shy Shona was there on the floor with a cock in her mouth, pussy and arse, with another , mine, between her tits. It was all getting hot and sweaty. A mixture of her sweat and my pre-cum lubricated the passage between her boobs allowing my dick to slide gloriously between them.

Franny was the first to go. He grunted comically as he pumped sperm into her arse. Karl was close after him, pulling out and spraying her pussy lips with his jizz.

I slapped her tits a couple of times to get her attention. I pushed her tits together again so that my dick was in contact with both nipples as I pushed my hot balls against her fleshy soft white tit flesh and sprayed cum over her chest, neck and face. I thought my dick would never stop pulsing and spraying.

I got off which allowed Franny to slide out from underneath her. With her flat on her back, Dave put his head between her legs and began eating her out whilst she thrust against his face and he thrust into her mouth.

It struck me that this was what they did a lot. It was incredibly horny to watch such a well choreographed journey to mutual orgasm. They both went off almost simultaneously, moaning and writhing until their pleasure had subsided.

Franny, Karl and I dressed and left those two exhausted on the floor.

When I got home, the babysitter had gone. The wife and kids were in bed asleep. As I slipped into bed, I got a bout of dizziness as a result of the alcohol and passed out into a dreamless coma.

On waking, with my wife’s bare butt pressed into my lap, I could feel the crusty aftermath of the night before. The events of last night slowly began to surface into consciousness and guilt mixed with horny satisfaction set in to give my hangover its full intensity.

I was glad it was a Saturday and I could sleep it off. I wondered what would be said when we four saw each other in work on Monday. I also worried about my wife finding out. With those thoughts running through my head I snuggled against my wife’s back, with my cock pressed into her buttocks and fell back into a deep sleep.

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  • Reply Erotic Writer 2024 ID:1cx1icziyuoj

    Wish I could join you boys, and Shona, on evenings like thar!

  • Reply Royal Albert's Morning Dew ID:1frga6r40

    Ok, now I understand the cuckold hashtag. I just, I dunno, I kinda always put a negative connotation on that word, maybe that is misguided on my part. Fair enough. But frankly, for me, Dave is the goddamn Man of the Match! I mean his well-placed hospitality on this evening is nothing short of stupendously selfless, and a loyal team player, “player-coach” with the recruiting, the hype, and tout of his beautiful wife, Shona and being so chill, so supportive of her and her pleasure, as well as her obvious wishes to feel and pleasure other men, while Dave is having zero possessiveness about her nature of servitude, no insecure jealousy getting in the way of his mates’ fun with his gorgeous wife. Now I stand a bit skeptical on my take because of his mouth’s late positioning and the immediate predecessor to that spot, but y’know what? Dave wasn’t skeptical…He put is mouth all around that swollen clitoris that y’boy Karl had just unloaded the sperm out of his balls on that very spot mere moments before MOTM Dave was sucking her love nubbin’ and pumped his ample cock into her mouth and throat until this match crafted from a very accommodating couple were locked in on each other’s pleasure and accommodated one another with expert oral sex until they erupted into writhing, simultaneous climaxes, and together, as one naked being intertwined on the floor.

    Dave, you may have ended up with Franny’s and Karl’s cum on your face, hell maybe in your mouth, I am not judging. I don’t have to kiss you. You may have been so drunk and oblivious, you may not have even been privy to your mates’ ejaculate in and on your wife…AND regardless of any of that you are tonight’s Sky Sports Man of the Match. Going the extra mile in tonight’s recruitment of your wife’s new pleasure panel.

    Side Before Self, Every Time.

    P.S. Fuck off F.D. Stratton! Ya goddamn twatwaffle!

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    You lads did that fucking whore proud!