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A Wife’s Sexuality Continues to Blossom

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Trisha cannot stop thinking about the large cock she fucked on her one-night stand while her husband Jack suspects that something is up.

This is a continuation of the story “Wife’s First Time with 2 Other Men.” When Trisha returned home from her business trip, life around the house appeared to be back to normal. Cooking dinner for the family. Laundry. Feeding the pets. Nothing changed much other than her new job took up a few hours of each day. Being an online job, Trisha was able to complete 8 hours of work in half of the time as she did not have to deal with the bullshit of physically being in an office. With a good chunk of her day being essentially free, Trisha found that her mind kept wandering back to the night of her one night stand in Florida. She couldn’t shake the memory of Tom’s huge cock rocking her body to multiple orgasms. The thought of Tom’s large dick was so strong in her memory that Trisha completely forgot the name of the guy with the smaller cock who also fucked her that night.

Trisha would satisfy these thoughts of lust by heading to bedroom during the day and reading hentai porn on her iPad. She had been doing this before the business trip, but now she found herself doing it more and more. After a few hentai stories reading about petite Asian women being fucked in every way imaginable, Trisha would take her bag of sex toys from the nightstand and put them to work.
Trisha’s silky pink bag of sex toys was a gift from her husband Jack. Many years ago, Jack bought Trisha a blue dolphin vibrating dildo even though Trisha always protested that she would never use such nasty things. Not wanting her to get used to something larger than he was, Jack made sure to get a sex toy that was similar in size to his cock which was about 6 inches. When the vibrator arrived in the mail, Trisha asked what was in the brown box and Jack said Oh, something for work and he quickly stashed it away in the bedroom closet.

With his busy schedule, Jack forgot about the vibrator. A few months later, Jack was looking for something in the bedroom and he opened the top drawer of Trisha’s nightstand. Lo and behold, what did Jack see? A white sock with something long inside was sitting on top of everything in the drawer. Jack picked up the sock and found that it contained the blue dolphin vibrator. A few pubic hairs clung to the rubber material of the dildo, so Jack knew that Trisha had been using it. Holy shit, she found it! was the first thought that went through Jack’s mind, quickly followed by I wonder what else she has snooped around the house for? Good thing I have never had anything to hide! Jack closely inspected the vibrating dildo and could see bits of dried cum stuck under the folds of the mushroom head. He held the vibrator to his nose and breathed deeply. He could smell Trisha’s sex. He stuck out his tongue and licked the dried cum from the vibrator.

The thought of Trisha secretly using her new sex toy turned Jack on to no end. That night, he shopped the internet and found her a new toy. This time he bought her a bigger vibrating dildo which was both longer and girthier. Not wanting her to store her dildos in an old sock, Jack also bought a silky pink bag for Trisha to store her sex toys. When the package arrived a few days later, Jack told his wife he had a surprise for her. Jack told Trisha about finding the blue dildo hiding in the sock in her nightstand. Trisha was upset and embarrassed. Jack told her there was nothing to be embarrassed about and that he wanted her to have the dildo. That is why he bought it for her in the first place. He knew that he was gone a lot on business trips and wanted her to have something to satisfy herself in his absence. I would rather have you fuck a rubber dildo while I am gone than some other guy. Jack said. Trish took offense to this comment and retorted, Why would you say that? I would never do that! Jack told her that he knew she was a faithful wife and that he was only joking. With that, he produced the new toys he bought for Trisha and asked if he could watch her with her toys. The thought of having someone watch her masturbate, even if it was her husband, was something Trisha was not entirely comfortable with. At first she resisted, but Jack was persistent and told her he loved her and there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

With this being many years ago, their two daughters were much younger so Jack shut and locked the bedroom door. You never knew when one of the girls would venture into their parents room during the night after having a bad dream. Trisha turned out the lights to the bedroom, but the moonlight which shown through the shades of the window illuminated the room with a soft glow. Trisha took the blue dildo from the old sock in her nightstand drawer. She stared at her husband Jack and without breaking eye contact she kissed the head of the dildo. She used her tongue for a few seductive licks on the blue rubber cock and then she lightly sucked the tip. This was making Jack horny as hell and he pulled his dick from his shorts and began to stroke his manhood. Trisha laid on the bed and pulled off her panties which had developed a wet spot where it was in contact with her pussy. Trisha spread her legs so Jack could see her hairy cunt and she rubbed the dildo on her clit. She turned the dildo and used it to slowly spread the folds of her labia. As she did so, you could hear the wet cum from her pussy make sounds from the blue rubber cock sliding across her folds. Jack watch mesmerized as the blue vibrating dildo disappeared into Trisha’s pussy. After a few slow strokes, Trisha began to pick up the pace and gave a slight moan. She reached down and turned the base of the vibrator so it began to hum. Jack watched as Trisha moved the vibrator in and out of her body. He could see Trisha’s cum glistening on the sides of the rubber dildo every time she moved it. Jack pulled off his underwear and stuck his cock in Trisha’s face. Trisha did not like giving head, so she leaned over and kissed her husband’s cock a few times.

As she kissed his cock, Jack leaned down and took the vibrating dildo from Trisha’s hand. He fucked his wife with the dildo for a minute before she pushed him away. Trisha straddled Jack and lowered her body onto his cock. She was extremely wet so Jack slid into her without much trouble. Trisha rocked her body back and forth. When she got going, Trisha was quite adept at riding cock. Instead of simply bouncing, she would seductively move her body back and forth on top of Jack in a wavelike fashion. This movement ensured that her clit rubbed against Jack’s pelvis with each movement. This, in combination with a hard dick in her pussy often made her cum. In her husband’s younger days, he could stay hard after cumming. As time began to pass, however, Jack increasingly became limp after dumping his load and Trisha was often left without. This was one of the reasons why Jack wanted to get a dildo for Trisha. After some great sex, Jack told Trisha to use the pink bag to store her toys, but that she should hide them a bit better in case the girls ever went snooping around their bedroom.

Ok, now that the flashback to the origin of Trisha’s pink bag of sex toys has been told, let’s get back to our story. With the memory of her one night stand often stirring up thoughts of lust in her head, Trisha pulled her pink bag of toys from the nightstand. Trisha never bought any of the toys as she found that her husband Jack would periodically update the contents of her bag. Currently, her old blue dolphin vibrator had been replaced by a pink one of similar size. Jack always made sure Trisha had a “normal” size dildo in her bag which was close in size to his own cock. To his surprise, this is the dildo that he found Trisha used the most. In addition to the standard pink vibrating cock, Jack had purchased Trisha a curved G-Spot wand, an old-fashioned silver bullet vibrator, and a large black dildo. Jack enjoyed watching porn, which he always did on his own as Trisha never wanted to watch it together with her husband, and of course there was the ubiquitous interracial fucking that is found on every website. One night, after watching some of these videos, Jack thought his wife might enjoy trying a bigger dildo. The fact that it was black was purely coincidental, but it did turn Jack on a bit. The thought of a big black dildo spreading Trisha’s pussy lips got Jack horny. He could envision her white creamy cum coating the shaft of the dildo as she fucked herself silly with it and the vision of a black cock contrasting against the white skin of Trisha’s pussy was intoxicating.

Thinking of Tom’s giant cock, her hand went straight for the biggest dildo in her bag. Trisha was already wet from reading hentai porn and she reached her fingers down to play with her clitoris. Using the moisture from her wet pussy, her fingers easily glided across her clit. She could feel her button engorge with blood and its sensitivity increased. She rubbed faster and felt the warmth of a developing orgasm rise in her body. Trisha took the big black dildo and positioned it at the entrance of her pussy. She slowly pushed and felt the mushroom head spread the folds of her labia. The head of the dildo “popped” past the outer muscles of her pussy and easily glided into her well lubricated vagina. With this dildo being longer and girthier than her others, it reminded her of Tom and she furiously fucked herself. Within minutes, Trisha began to shake and let out a loud moan as no one was in the house to hear her. Her orgasm produced a volume of cum that readily dripped from her cunt after she pulled out the dildo. Exhausted, Trisha fell asleep for a few hours.

After waking up, Trisha cleaned up her mess and left no evidence of her day’s activities. The girls arrived home from school and were quickly back out the door as they had soccer and dance practices. Her husband Jack was in town and made his way home shortly after the girls had left for their after-school activities. Trisha gave Jack a peck on the cheek and told him that she needed to run to the store to pick up a few things for dinner. After she left the house, Jack picked up Trisha’s iPad to scroll the internet. Over the past few years, Jack had developed a habit of “checking up” on Trisha. As he remembered that many years ago she found the dildo he had stashed in the closet, Jack always suspected that deep down Trisha had a nasty side to her that she kept restricted. Jack would often check Trisha’s iPad to see what websites she visited. For the past year or so, Jack was delighted to see that Trisha had developed a secret obsession with hentai porn. Her browser history showed that she would often spend hours of her day reading these dirty comics. No pornographic movies, just hentai comics. Jack was surprised to find that many of these comics were downright nasty. Gang bangs. Bukkake. Stepmom fucking the stepson. Bondage. Damn! Trisha sure likes to read some nasty shit! thought Jack and it really turned him on. When he looked at the iPad browser history for today, sure enough Trisha had been viewing hentai porn. Today’s story involved a submissive secretary who was being fucked doggystyle while bent over a desk. The comic ended with the boss blowing a load of sperm into his secretary’s face and her thanking him for it.

Jack put down the iPad and proceeded to the master bedroom. Just as he had developed a habit of checking Trisha’s iPad, Jack also liked to check the contents of her pink bag to see if she used her sex toys. After removing the contents of the bag, he found that the big black dildo had obviously been used earlier in the day. Trisha had half-heartedly wiped off the dildo with a washcloth so it parts of it were still covered with dried cum and pubic hair. Jack licked the dildo like a lollipop and used his saliva to rehydrate any of the dried cum which was left on the dildo. He repacked the bag and put it away in the exact position he found it. Jack suspected that Trisha was wise to him looking at her pink bag as he found that she often left it in peculiar positions in the nightstand. As such, he always made sure to put it back in the exact position he found it. Jack saw that Trisha was obviously horny today, so he would try his luck tonight.

Over the years, Jack’s performance in the bedroom has consistently declined. In addition to only being of average size at 6 inches, Jack’s sexual endurance continued to decrease with age. He would typically cum quickly during sex and it was rare for Trisha to orgasm. Jack found that he could get Trisha off by going down on her and working magic with his fingers, but he rarely made her cum with his cock. This is likely one of the reasons why Trisha had increasingly held off from having sex with Jack as the years went by. On more than one occasion, she noted how Jack always got to cum but she rarely did. This made sex less enjoyable for Trisha, in addition to the added stress of raising two daughters who were now in their teenage years. Jack knew that Trisha was regularly reading hentai porn for the past few years and that she regularly used her sex toys. She likes to have sex though Jack, Just not so much with me. He could understand why. He knew that he was not huge and that there was really nothing he could do about that. He did, however, decide to do something about making himself last longer. He found salvation in anesthetic numbing spray for his cock. He found that with a few sprays to numb the senses of his member, he could fuck Trisha long and hard.

Unsurprisingly, as their sex improved, Trisha began to become more receptive to having sex. Instead of having sex once per month, Jack and Trisha were now fucking about once a week. Trisha was still very reserved in her sexual escapades, however. No sucking cock. Not even a lick. If Jack ever put his dick up to Trisha’s face, she would simply turn her head and ignore the offer. If Jack talked dirty to Trisha, she would tell him to be quiet so she could concentrate and enjoy the moment. Anal…that was out of the question. When sex was hot and heavy, Jack would bring it up, but Trisha always shut him down quickly. Lately, however, as their sex improved because Jack could now last longer, he found that Trisha was slowly opening to new things. Whereas she would never do doggy style in the past, he found that she would occasionally do so nowadays and that prone bone had become her favorite position. Trisha liked prone bone because she could lay on the bed and not have so much of Jack’s weight on top of her. She also found that her ass somewhat cushioned herself when Jack would ram her hard. The prone bone position also allowed the head of Jack’s cock to rub the insides of her vagina in different places than it did in the missionary position. In addition to using some new positions, Jack also found that Trisha would occasionally give him a handjob if he asked. This usually happened when Trisha was on her period as she absolutely refused to have sex during this time. In the past, Trisha would never entertain the thought of a handjob, but nowadays she would do it without much reservation. Additionally, Jack noticed that the last few times Trisha jacked him off, she watched intently as he blew his load and cumshots spurt from his cock. Jack was sure that this had to be related to Trisha’s newfound love of hentai porn.

That night, after dinner and the kids going off to sleep, Trisha and Jack headed to bed. After slipping under the covers, Jack reached his arms around Trisha’s stomach and cuddled with her. He kissed her on the back of the neck. Whenever this happened, Trisha knew that Jack wanted sex. In the past, when Jack was lasting as long a jack rabbit, she would often push him away and say that she was tired. Lately, however, things had been different. She absolutely noted that Jack had been lasting longer and that sex had become more enjoyable. On some occasions, she would even cum from his fucking rather than him eating her out. Normally, Trisha would allow Jack to do all of the work of foreplay, but to Jack’s surprise he found her hand grabbing his cock. This NEVER happened over the past twenty years. As a matter of fact, that last time Jack recalled Trisha grabbing his dick was back in their college days. Trisha rubbed Jack’s cock through his underwear and could feel that precum has already soaked the fabric. Jack slid his hands down Trisha’s sweatpants and rubbed her pussy through her panties. He could feel the heat from her crotch and that it was damp. After feeling each other, both quickly undressed. Whereas Jack would usually work his way down to lick Trisha’s pussy at this point, he was taken aback when Trisha pushed his chest and told him to lay back. She slowly kissed his chest and stomach as she worked her way down his body. Holy Shit! thought Jack. She is going to suck my dick! The last time this had happened was back in college so Jack was curious as to what was going on. Before he could think any further, he felt Trisha’s hand grab the base of his cock and her soft lips kiss the shaft. Trisha then ran her togue up and down his cock and finished by licking the precum from the head. Jack thought this was the end of this newfound oral sexcapde, but could not believe his eyes when he saw Trisha open her mouth and take his cock inside. He watched her head bob up and down and he gently played with her hair. After a minute of sucking, Trisha pulled Jack’s dick from her mouth to catch some air. As she pulled away, a long string of Jack’s precum reflected moonlight as it clung to Trisha’s lips. Trisha used her tongue to clean the cum from her lips and wiped her cheek with her hand.

With Jack laying back on the bed, Trisha straddled her husband and used her hand to spread her labia as she guided Jack’s cock into her pussy. Trisha felt warm and wet as her pussy enveloped Jack’s cock. Trisha began to ride Jack and quickly picked up her pace. She leaned down to her husband and whispered into his ear, You better not cum motherfucker! I want you to fuck me hard. I am going to cum tonight, so you better not go early! Trisha then threw her head back and rode Jack’s cock hard. As Trisha was rocking back and forth on top of him, Jack was quite flabbergasted and thought to himself, What the fuck was that and who is this person in our bed? Although he was shocked, Trisha’s dirty talk turned him on. Jack thought, All right, bitch. You want to be fucked? I am going to fuck the hell out of you! With his newfound trick of numbing his cock, Jack could indeed now fuck his wife the way she desired. Jack pulled out of Trisha and told her turn around. Trisha got on all fours, and Jack slid into her pussy from behind. Where he would normally start off slow, Jack wasted no time and simply pounded away at Trisha. He grabbed her by the small hips and pulled Trisha towards him as he thrust his cock forward. The intensity of Jack’s fucking caused Trisha to cum (quite to her surprise) and Jack felt her warmth drip onto his nut sack. This turned Jack on even more. He used his right hand to grab some of the cum dripping around his cock and used it to lube his hand. Jack then took his thumb and put it right to Trisha’s asshole. He pushed his lubricated digit forward and felt the tension of the muscles in Trisha’s ass tighten as he tried to enter. He continued pushing forward and his thumb was soon inside of Trisha’s warm asshole. Trisha gasped and gave a slight grunt. Her arms collapsed and her face fell into the pillow below. As Jack savagely fucked her pussy and simultaneously thumbed her ass, Trisha screamed into the pillow knowing the sound would be muffled. She quickly came again and upon feeling her body stiffen for a second orgasm, Jack was sent over the edge as well. Rather than cumming into Trisha as he normally would, Jack’s newfound confidence allowed him to pull out cum on Trisha’s back. He was so worked up however, that when he came he hit Trisha on the back of the head.

Sticky cum matted Trisha’s hair and ran down her back. Cum oozed from her pussy and ran down her thighs onto the bed. Both Jack and Trisha lay on the bed trying to catch their breath. What the hell was that? Jack asked his wife. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it but this is a bit unusual. Trisha looked at him and asked him if he didn’t like it. Hell no, it was fucking hot! replied her husband. Ok then, shut up. replied Trisha. I told you that I was going to try harder. I know you like your sex, so I am trying, ok? Having known his wife for over twenty years, Jack knew it was time to shut his mouth.

The next day, Jack was still thinking about the prior night’s love making session. He could not believe how different Trisha was. Something is different, he thought. As Trisha was in the shower that morning, Jack picked up her phone and began to snoop. He looked at her email and found nothing unusual. He checked her web browser and found nothing out of the ordinary. Then he pulled up her photos. After scrolling through numerous few photos of the girls and their two dogs, Jack saw the video from Florida. A still shot of a naked woman on a bed was on the screen as the triangular play button beckoned to be pushed. Jack was a bit fearful at what he was going to see. His curiosity got the best of him and he hit play. On the phone in his hand, he watched as a strange man was fucking his wife from behind and then blew a load of cum onto her face and into her mouth. A mix of emotions flooded Jack’s brain and his body went cold. He was immediately angry that his wife had cheated on him, but he was also surprisingly aroused at watching another man have his way with his wife. He watched the video again. He was a bit jealous as he watch the man in the video pull out of his wife’s pussy and use his big dick to cum on her face. Shit, he is huge was one of Jack’s first thoughts. Next, he thought to himself Trisha never lets me cum on her face. What the fuck? Jack heard the shower turn off and he quickly shut down the photo browser and closed the phone. When Trisha came out of the shower, she was drying her hair and said Hey Honey, good morning. Jack smiled back and kissed her on the cheek. Morning babe. he said and continued the morning routine as if nothing unusual had happened.

As the day went on, Jack could not get the video out of his head. He replayed it over and over again in his mind…

To be continued…

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  • Reply Wife to all ID:4bn00en3fia

    Another well written leadup for to cum. Elements of realism. Emotions. All there.

  • Reply Milky ID:202ren3xia

    Your second store sucked and was fucked up the first one was pretty good I was hoping you write her finding it Tom again somehow that’s why the second one suck this is a category of cheating not about some fucker screwing his old lady good luck if you do a sequel

    • Slawdog ID:1d06fl76a370

      Fair enough. Thank you for the feedback.

  • Reply Hubster ID:38b65nn8l

    Yes!!! Keep it coming. Loving all the details. Hope he doesn’t let on that he knows. Love more of her sneaking around fucking.

  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo0d2

    Please Jack, copy the video onto your own phone.
    I would. Oh yes I definitely would.

  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo0d2

    Don’t you ever wonder how many men discover something like this, and handle it totally wrong.

    Then wonder how many husbands handle it totally correct and use the knowledge to enhance their sex lives? Bringlng the wife out of her sexual slumber into the sexually delightful woman of the husbands (and probably the wife’s) dreams.

  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo0d2

    A fucking HOT story Slawdog! Wow, oh wow! Once his anger is over, I bet he will be EAGER to see what else he can encourage his wife to do, or slyly secretly set her up do do. Will he wait on the sidelines? Set up hidden cameras around the house to secretly watch, take her out dancing and hope someone flirts with her? The possibilities are endless. It is exciting wondering what you will have them doing next. Good writing skills. Delightful stories. I am a fan already. Thanks.