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I guess I’m writing these stories as therapeutic confessions, as a way to express the love I have for my husbands best friend, Derek. I’ve been sleeping with Derek for three years consistently, since he moved in with us, three years ago in August. I met him on the same day that I met my husband. I met my husband on a dare-date, a date that a best friend sets up without any information on the person your about to see, and I fell in love immediately by his beauty, I thought, “What a fucking man!”
We attended a poetry reading session in Pittsburgh and hit it off immediately. While leaving to drop me home after our quick date, I knew I wanted to be with him forever, and then as he held my hand to cross the street to go over the bridge to walk to the baseball stadium, he bumped into his best friend, Derek, shoulder to shoulder, they realized each other and hugged and kissed as they both introduced each other to me and Derek’s girlfriend at the time Amillia. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Derek, he was even more beautiful than my date, John. All of us hung out until 4am and had a blast, we ended up at his hotel room for a night cap and fell asleep on the couch, while Amillia and Derek went to their bedroom. I got up to look at the Pittsburgh skyline when I heard something toward the back of the room, and as I walked past their room I peeked through the slightly open bedroom door to see Derek’s unbelievable body pile driving Amillia in dozens of positions, I couldn’t move, it was so beautiful, sexy and inspiring to see his artistry in fucking, I was amazed and awestruck. Derek glanced at the door to see me peeking through the crack, I froze, and I knew that he saw me as he continued to fuck her dogie style while staring toward the door at me, he winked and blew me a soft but silent kiss, I smiled and quickly moved from the door when my senses came to me. I went to the bathroom, closed the door and opened the second bathroom door, adjacent to their room and watched and listened to them fucking, and again he saw me through the crack in the door, it’s like he was now performing for me. I started to masturbate while running the water in the sink, to drown out any noises I might have made if I orgasmed. Derek knew I was masturbating and he made Amillia cum in multiple orgasms, she wanted him to cum too, as a matter of fact when I slowly shut the door, I heard her beg him to cum in her mouth so she could swallow his cum. He said, “maybe later, I don’t want my friend and his date to hear us fucking.”
They spoke for a while longer as I masturbated in silence, then I heard her say that she’s going to have to stop seeing him for a while because her husband was getting suspicious of her outings, and that her cousin told her husband that she was seen kissing a stripper at a strip club outside of town. I said to myself, “he’s a fucking stripper? No wonder he looks like that!”
Derek told her that he understood and that their would be no hard feelings, nevertheless she wanted a weekend of stripper sex until she returned to Baltimore on Monday evening, he agreed, they kissed, he tucked her back into bed and she fell asleep quickly. He pushed open the bathroom door and asked if I was okay, I was so embarrassed that I watched him fucking her, anyway I told him to please leave the bathroom before John or Amillia wake up, he walked towards the hallway bathroom door and locked it, gently grabbed me around the waist pulled me in and gave me the best french kiss of my life. I melted as I kissed him and began to stroke his sticky, vagina soaked, wet cock and it was delicious, I swallowed Amillia’s creamy wetness on his cock while staring into his eyes. I licked his massive cock like a lollipop, I had never been fucked by anyone so sexy before, and it was heaven, he picked me up like a little doll and impaled my unbelievably wet pussy onto his beautiful cock while staring into my eyes, he then lifted me off, put me up against the wall and said, “finish what you were doing in here while you were watching me.” I obliged him, spread my legs and rubbed my clit slowly, then furiously while staring at his lovely body and when I was about to orgasm he put his hand over my mouth, grabbed me by my ass cheeks and rammed his cock into me while I masturbated to the most amazing orgasm of my life. We kissed and held each other until John knocked on the bathroom door, he had to use the bathroom, and then leave for work, eventhough it was the weekend. Derek answered and said he’d be out in a minute, I went through the other door, he let John in the bathroom and I went out to the hotel balcony, where John came later to hug me, then asked where I was and I told him I went for an early morning walk and had just come back in, he asked if I had a good time and if he could get a kiss, I hesitated but I said I did have a great time and we french kissed passionately, eventhough I just had his friends cock in my mouth a few moments ago. While kissing him, I saw Derek looking at us and I continued kissing John to make Derek know that it was him that I really wanted. John asked for another date and I said, “yes, of coarse!” He asked Derek to make sure I got home safely. Derek and I walked, dated and held hands like lovers all over downtown Pittsburgh, while Amillia slept, and when we returned, she said she had to catch the Amtrak back to Baltimore and couldn’t stay, she asked for a little privacy and they went back to the room while I stayed on the balcony as he fucked her ass and came in her mouth, they showered and Derek and I took her to the Amtrak line and we all gave each other hugs, they passionately kissed and we said our goodbyes. Derek and I dated all day, and when John called me in the evening for a follow-up date, I was being fucked by his best fiend. I am what people today call a spinner, I am four feet ten inches short and I am stacked like a little girl, with small breasts and a tiny frame, but as many men have told me, I am proportionately curvy and stacked, meaning I was made for fucking. Derek and I fucked and dated in Baltimore, New York and Ohio for 3 months before I slept with John due to his work schedule and me being busy with work, which was really because I was fucking and Derek as my lover, but when we did eventually make love, John was the perfect gentleman lover, with an amazingly curved 10 inch cock, just like Derek’s only curved where Derek’s cock is straight like an arrow. I am a white Italian American, John is a mix of European origins, and Derek is a black Caribbean Adonis. John is built, strong, gorgeous and is better looking than Brad Pitt, I never knew that I could ever get a man like that, ever, he’s six feet four inches and Derek is also six, four.
I love the interracial contrast between Derek and I, as well as the height and body contrasts too. I have fallen in love with Derek first but also fell in love with John. I married John because I love him, Derek never asked me because I was his best friends date, he’s also a stripper and never thought it would work between us, when I became engaged he wanted to stop our private affair, but I didn’t, I encouraged him to fuck other women if he had to but to never stop our affair, because I loved him just as much as I loved John, I cried, begged and pleaded with every drop of honesty feeling I had and he acquiesced to my wishes, he would later find a girlfriend and almost married her after a year, she was Puerto Rican, but it didn’t work out. He and I never stopped fucking through his entire relationship with her, he was mine and I was jealous, so since John, Derek and I were so close, John absolutely trusted us so when John went to England for the month, Derek would date his girlfriend during the day and fuck the both of us at night, she never knew who I really was. Her name was Marta, she was heavily bisexual and I committed to trying out a woman, especially since I sucked Amillia’s pussy juice off of Derek’s cock the first time we met. Marta and I made love and I actually thought I was in love with her, but it was the thrill and excitement of having a lesbian affair. I truly enjoyed and began to develop my bisexuality over the month of June. I overheard her conversation with Derek, about her being married to a guy in Brazil by the same name as his cousin. Derek would eventually end the relationship with her because she was married to Derek’s cousin, a wedding he couldn’t attend due to a scheduling mishap in California. He was devastated and it seems that she was too.
Derek went on a downward spiral and started missing appointments and shows, so I took his mind off of things by being their for him. I spoke to John and he agreed to have us be more involved with his Derek and invite him over, and to go out more and take a few trips together, all the while Derek was fucking me in back rooms, sneaking, cheating and taking me to hidden alcoves to fuck while on vacation together, as John slept, we fucked, when John was drunk, we fucked. I became Derek’s lesbian wife, his gay wife and his anal whore. I gave him my inner porn star and have never stopped. On my wedding day Derek was fucking my ass like always, I cleaned up, got in the limo and fucked his three friends in the limo before getting married to John, I was such a bad girl. Derek fucks me way more than my husband and we have anal, every time we have sex. I’m in love with two men and have been enjoying them for three years before Derek’s townhouse was flooded during hurricane Katrina, so John told him to stay at our house for as long as he wants. It’s been a few years of fucking Derek several times a day, he’s stopped stripping and has opened a web building site, so he works from home, either in the attic or the basement. Because he’s always home and the perceived trust between he and John, I’ve been given two husbands or better yet a husband and a boyfriend to be intimate with daily.
Taking advantage of all my sexual opportunities has given me the desire to explore my sexuality in new and exciting ways, especially with Derek. All of my lesbian experiences are with Derek, all of my wife sharing orgies and group sex are with Derek, and all of my anal sex was with Derek, but now my husband also gets to enjoy me anally also, at Derek’s suggestion or should I say at his command. It used be awkward having my lover living with us, but it’s within 5 to 6 months it became normal and before the year was out it became Derek’s and I preferred lifestyle. We have a completely private, secret lifestyle love affair, he is devoted to me and no other woman. I am his woman and he’s my man, my pussy is his, and I am devoted to him even before my husband, and his cock belongs to me and inside me. With Derek, I am a loved whore for his private use and to be used by anyone he or I choose, and with my husband I’m a comfortable regular girl who loves her man. Derek and I created a list of preferred rules, to show our commitment to each other:

1. Derek must always have first preference to my body
2. I must always be available for Cheating Hotwife anal, gang-bangs, and Derek’s friends
3. Dinner is always served to him first before my husbands dinner
4. When fucking my husband, I must always close my eyes to imagine Derek fucking me before I cum. This keeps me always focused on him, as a preference to my husband.
5. I must always leave the door cracked or open, no matter where I have sex with my husband, allowing Derek opportunities to peak in for eye contact with me, as I have to make sure my husbands head is always turned in the opposite direction.
6. Signals were created to show my loyalty to Derek, by doing things in bed with my husband that Derek actually likes, such as: pulling him inside my pussy, by grabbing his ass, chocking me while cumming, calling me a lesbian wife throughout sex, and caressing his nipples while he’s cumming.
7. If Derek isn’t home while my husband is fucking me, I must go to a room where I can look at a photo of him while fucking. Again this allows me to only focus on Derek as my only lover, even while being with my husband John.
8. Every free opportunity to cheat on my husband and be intimate with Derek is always allowed and to never be rebuffed.
9. I am to slowly suggest, and privately suggest having sex or sexual fantasies about other men to my husband during sex, making him turned-on at the thought of me being fucked by Derek since he’s been living with us for so long.

I have only a few demands for Derek:

1. I am to be the only woman he loves
2. I am to always be the only woman he lusts for
3. He is always supposed to treat me as his personal whore and prostitute
4. He is to always be the man who fucks me more than my husband

Well, I’m happy to tell my readers that it’s been over a year that I’ve been recording sex with my husband by having miniature cameras implanted next to our security cameras, where I can look to the cameras in any room and express my desire for Derek, while fucking John. John asked me, during Derek’s last 2 week trip to see his cousin in Brazil, if I’d like to fuck Derek, and I said, “absolutely not, I love you and only want you, but if you want to, I can fantasize and role play that he’s fucking me and I’ll cuckold you, but only in fantasy if you’d like, I think it would be fun and I’d look forward to doing that with you!” He was happy, and we started fucking that way from the evening that Derek left for Brazil, it was intense, passionate and addictive. My husband took a two week vacation and we fucked like teenagers, we even role played for 8 days straight, and I made sure to record everything for Derek to see, when he returned home and I kept him informed by secret phone calls and texts to let him know how much my husband loves role playing him. John fucked me in every room, we fantasized about me cheating and fucking Derek in secret, behind his back, just everything plus role playing my affair with Derek as my lover for 8 days straight where I called my husband, Derek.
John and I have continued that, until this day, where I fuck him but think of Derek the entire time, he loves it and so do I, but what he doesn’t know is that’s it’s all being recorded for Derek pleasure and mine. Cucking my husband without him knowing is the one of the hottest things I’ve ever done, and I’m so glad that Derek ordered me to introduce the idea to my husband. I cheat on my husband as much as possible and with Derek and 16 other men and kiss my husband when I’ve just had multiple cocks in my mouth. Please don’t get me wrong readers, but I do love John, but Derek is my passion.

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