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Wife’s First Time with 2 Other Men

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Trisha’s business trip ends up with her being spitroasted by 2 men she meets at the hotel bar.

Trisha was in her mid-forties, a mother of two, and had been married for twenty years. She stood 5 feet 6 inches tall and had a slender build of about 120 pounds. Nice tits, but nothing too big at 34C. Like many of the other soccer moms in her well-to-do neighborhood, she was involved in her kids’ activities, kept a nice house, and didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary other than getting tipsy with the ladies at the monthly book club meeting. With her kids being older and able to drive on their own, Trisha’s days began to change. She no longer needed to ferry the kids to soccer and dance as they could now do this on their own. Her husband’s job required extensive traveling, so Trisha was alone during the day quite often. Daily life began to drag and after a while of boredom, Trisha decided to go back to work. Her family did not need the money as her husband had a high paying executive job, but Trisha needed something to give herself purpose. She eventually found a job which allowed her to use her college degrees that had been mothballed during the past decade and a half as she was raising the kids. Online teaching. This allowed her to stay at home but have something to do during the day to keep her mind stimulated. As part of her onboarding process with the university where she would be teaching, Trisha was required to attend in-person training with her academic department head Heather. The university for which Trisha would be teaching online was out of state, so this trip would be an entire workweek. Fly out on Sunday night, classes all week, and then fly home on Friday. While Trisha’s husband traveled around the country quite a bit for work, Trisha had never taken any solo trips since the kids had been born. On the week of her trip, she arranged for her husband to be at home with the kids. Even though they were 15 and 17, she had never been away from them for any extended period of time and did not want them home by themselves. As the big day arrived, Trisha hugged her kids, kissed her husband with a peck on the lips, and headed to the airport. Florida would be nice in the spring and Trisha was looking forward to her first trip away from home in quite some time.

Trisha arrived in Florida, picked up a rental car, and drove to the hotel. While checking in, she eyed a pair of men at the hotel bar who were scoping her out. Raising a family for the past 17 years left Trisha with little time for herself, so seeing members of the opposite sex take interest in her was quite exhilarating. It was a feeling that she had not experienced in quite some time and she liked it. The next morning, Trisha drove to the university and met with her new boss Heather. Heather was a cute redhead a few years younger than Trisha in her late thirties. After some requisite paperwork, Heather reviewed department policy with Trisha and the two ended the day with discussions on class curriculum for the upcoming semester. The next few days were filled with long and tedious teaching workshops at the hotel where Trisha was staying. Since the workshops were running all day long and partly into the evening, Heather had booked a room for a few nights at the hotel so she would not have to drive across the city to get back home. On Wednesday night, Heather told Trisha that the two of them needed a night out to blow off some steam from the hard work of the past few days. Conveniently enough, the hotel had a great bar and the two decided that it was safer to drink where they were sleeping. No risk of DUI’s if they did not have to drive. As Trisha and Heather walked into the bar, they noticed a pair of well-dressed men who were sitting across the room having some afterwork cocktails. Trisha remembered that these were the men who were ogling her a few nights ago when she was checking in to the hotel. Heather and Trisha sat at their own booth and ate a light dinner. A few glasses of wine. Lots of laughter. They were having a good time. A couple of hours into the night, a waitress dropped off two drinks to the table and noted that they were compliments of the gentlemen across the way. Heather and Trisha looked across the room and raised their glasses in an acknowledgment of thanks to the guys. A short time later, Heather needed to use the restroom which was near the table of their gentlemen callers. After answering nature’s call, Heather returned to the table with Tom and Stuart in tow. It was obvious that the men were on a business trip as they were both in suits, ties loosened after a long workday. Tom was a solid 6 feet tall with an athletic build and looked to be in his late thirties. Stuart was a bit shorter at about 5 feet 10 inches and had a slight middle age pudge, but nothing too excessive. For a guy who appeared to be in his early to mid-forties, he was still in relatively good shape. Tom instantly seemed interested in Heather and sat by her side leaving Stuart to chat with Trisha. After thanking them for the drinks, the four exchanged pleasantries and the idle chatter of people getting to know one another. All were having a good time and the drinks flowed.

After a while of this, Heather was getting tired and told Tom that she was going to head back to her room. Tom, of course, was dying to go upstairs with Heather and slyly asked if she needed an escort back to her room. Heather knew what Tom was up to and although she was slightly curious to see what would happen if they went to her room together, she thought of her husband and two children and politely declined his offer. She slid over to the other side of the table and informed Trisha that she was tired headed upstairs. Knowing that Stuart likely wanted to take Trisha back to his room just as Tom subtly proposed to her a few seconds ago, she asked if Trisha wanted to end her night as well. Trisha was having a great time, truly enjoying her conversation with Stuart, and told Heather that she was going to stay. A bit worried, Heather asked Trisha if she was sure and Trisha told her that everything was fine and that she would likely head upstairs soon. Just one more drink she said. Heather told Trisha to be careful and to call her if she needed anything. With that being said, Heather said goodbye to the table and took her leave. Tom was a bit disappointed as he watched Heather exit the hotel bar. As she walked away, his gaze zeroed onto her ass which was being caressed by the fabric of her dress. With each step, the dress slid silkily over her cheeks and he just knew that she was not wearing any underwear. He felt his cock start to harden but knew that Heather would not be the one to satisfy him tonight. Would he have another date with his hand jacking a load in an empty hotel bed as so often happened on his business trips? Likely, he thought and then turned around to join Stuart and Trisha back at the table.

Trisha was laughing uncontrollably at one of Stuart’s stories and the two looked like they were having a great time. Truth be told, Trisha was having a great time. Having been married to her husband for twenty years, she had heard her husband’s stories a hundred times over and every other conversation they had lately revolved around his job. It was nice to have a stimulating conversation with someone new and with a person who seemed genuinely interested in her. Noticing that the drinks on the table were getting low, Tom headed to the bar and ordered another round for the group. Tom brought the drinks back to the table and announced, I return with gifts! After handing Stuart his drink, Stuart sat next to Trisha and spilled a bit of his drink onto the table. Everyone at the table had a good laugh and Trisha grabbed a napkin to clean up the mess. As she leaned over wipe up the spilled drink, Stuart could not help but to stare at Trisha’s tits hanging down from her body over the table. Trisha was always a modest woman, so there was no cliché cleavage exposed when Trisha bent over the table. Nonetheless, the curves of Trisha’s breasts did not escape Stuart’s attention and he thought of how nice it would be to kiss them later in the night. Of course, as Trisha leaned over the table, Tom made sure to catch a glimpse of Trisha’s bent over ass. While it was not as pert as Heather’s, Trisha’s ass was in good shape. Having wiped up the spilled liquor, Trisha plopped back down in her seat and raised her glass to toast the group. That “one drink” Trisha intended to stay for turned into three as the group continued to chat the night away. Trisha was feeling quite tipsy and this was honestly the most fun she had enjoyed in quite some time. Not to mention she did feel some excitement being the center of attention for two men. Trisha had never made a habit of trying to attract the opposite sex since she had been happily married for two decades, so the night’s experience was a bit new for her. Having drained yet another bourbon, Stuart announced that he needed to visit the little boy’s room and hopped up from the table leaving Trisha with Tom. At this point in the evening, Tom had begun sitting closer and closer to Trisha so his knee was now rubbing against Trisha’s leg. As they talked in Stuart’s absence, Trisha noticed Tom’s leg touching hers and she felt a slight wave of excitement. It had been years since she had touched another man and the feeling of Tom’s leg against hers was invigorating. When Stuart returned from the bathroom, the lights in the bar suddenly flashed a few times and the bartender announced that it was closing time. With that, the trio stood and upon doing so Trisha slightly stumbled. With Tom and Stuart on each side of Trisha, they both quickly grabbed her to prevent her from falling to the ground. In doing so, Stuart’s hand brushed against Trisha’s right breast and Tom had a handful of left ass cheek while his other hand was on her stomach. Slightly embarrassed but too drunk to care, Trisha thanked the boys for coming to her aid regained her footing. The three walked side by side to the elevator with Tom and Stuart holding Trisha by her arms to give her support. As they walked, Trisha noticed that both men had their other hands on the small of her back and that they were slowly drifting down to the top of her ass. While mindless chatter was occurring outwardly, Trisha’s mind was swimming. Her drunken state had smashed the walls of her inhibitions and certain thoughts began to race through her mind. Trisha could feel that her pussy was wet and to be perfectly blunt, she was horny as hell. She was drunk. She was alone in a city far away from home. She was sandwiched between two men. This type of stuff did not happen to this suburban mom, but it was now. One of Trisha’s secret obsessions was Asian hentai porn and she would voraciously read these comics on her iPad while her husband was away on his business trips. Images from one of the hentai comics she recently read began to flood her brain with images of a petite Asian beauty being spitroasted between two hard dicks. Could she do it? She had been married for so long and had remained faithful during that time, although she had once strayed during their dating phase for a one night stand. Conflict was in her mind as she was so horny and knew that she was in command of her male companions whom she was sure wanted to fuck her brains out. Surely, Trisha thought, in all of my husband’s business travels he has probably fucked some one night stand a time or two. He is always horny and it would be a total shocker if he hadn’t (although he never had). With this in mind, Trisha decided to see where things would go if she let it happen. She wanted to be one of the girls in the hentai comics she read. The ring of the elevator bell snapped her out of her thoughts and as the doors opened, they stepped into the hall and advanced towards her hotel room. At this point, Trisha knew what she wanted and she put her plan in motion. As they took the final steps towards her hotel door, Trisha purposely tripped so the guys would have to catch her again. Noting that she may have had a bit too much to drink, she handed Stuart her hotel door card and asked the two men if they could help her into the room. Tom and Stuart exchanged a hopeful glance and thoughts of lust raced through their minds.

The hotel room door opened and the three of them entered. Upon reaching the bed, Trisha lazily dropped herself onto its surface and asked if someone could help her remove her shoes. Tom grabbed one foot while Stuart grabbed the other. Trisha lifted her legs so the guys could have better access to unstrap her shoes and in doing so she made sure to slightly spread her legs so her skirt would expose her panties if the boys looked carefully. Of course, as Tom and Stuart removed Trisha’s shoes, their eyes went straight to her crotch and they could see that her underwear was drenched. Holy shit! thought Stuart, she is horny as fuck! Sensing a possible invitation for sex, Stuart slid his free hand up Trisha’s calf as he removed her shoe. Noting that Stuart was responding to her signals, Trisha allowed her legs to open a bit more. Not to be outdone, Tom put his hand on Trisha’s thigh and gently rubbed back and forth. Trisha responded by opening her legs even further and letting out a soft moan. She reached out to touch Tom and Stuart on the legs. Trisha’s mind was racing. Normally she was quite reserved and generally had mundane sex with her husband. Trisha was not one for foreplay and certainly did not like dirty talk. While she loved having her husband eat her pussy, it was one her favorite things although she hated to admit it, she never returned the favor by sucking his cock. In fact, it had been 16 years since she last had a dick in her mouth and even then, it was more of kissing the shaft as opposed to actually sucking cock. Hentai porn images flooded Trisha’s brain and she could feel unbridled lust that she had never experienced before. She wanted to fuck. She wanted to suck cock. She wanted cum on her face. Just this one time she told herself. No one will ever know. With those thoughts in mind, she reached up and felt two hard cocks bulging in the guy’s pants. Stuart’s hands had found Trisha’s tits and he was squeezing them through her blouse. Tom, on the other hand, had moved his hand up Trisha’s thigh and found her drenched panties. As he rubbed her pussy Trisha let out a moan and arched her back. She lifted her hips signaling Tom to remove her underwear and he happily obliged. Stuart began unbuttoning Trisha’s blouse and Trisha returned the favor by unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. With his attention down below, Tom spread Trisha’s legs and lifted her skirt. He bent down and kissed her inner thigh, quickly working his way up to Trisha’s wet pussy. He did not waste any time and plunged his togue deep into her vagina. Trisha threw back her head in pleasure and gasped. It felt so good! With her mouth open, Stuart saw an opportunity and quickly exposed his rock hard cock and presented it to Trisha’s lips. Although Trisha normally loathed giving head and never did so for her husband, Trisha threw caution to the wind, grabbed Stuart’s cock, and inserted it into her mouth. Having been quite some time since she sucked a man, the feeling was a bit foreign to her although she could remember how to do it from her college days. Stuart’s cock was hot and stiff. As she guided his member into her mouth, she tasted his salty pre-cum and felt her lips glide over the head of his cock. With her eyes closed and head turned to the right, she bobbed forward to get more of Stuart’s dick into her mouth. Down below, Tom inserted two fingers into Trisha’s pussy as he flicked his tongue in wild motions over her clit. With a cock in her mouth and her pussy being simultaneously serviced, Trisha felt an orgasm crash like a wave upon over her body. Trisha rarely orgasmed when having sex with her husband and this is perhaps one of the reasons why she was so stingy in offering it to him. When Trisha cums, her entire body tenses and she literally lifts off the bed. As she did so, Tom held her hips down and sucked even harder on Trisha’s clit as he could feel her juices ooze over his fingers. Tom then quickly moved to Trisha’s pussy lips and lapped up the cum that rushed forth. With her orgasm, Trisha’s mouth clamped on Stuart’s cock and she sucked with great abandon. This sent Stuart over the edge and he could no longer hold back. Trisha felt the hot cock in her mouth twitch a few times and she knew what was coming. Trisha hated cum. She had swallowed her husband’s cum once while they were dating in college, but that was the last time she ever done so. In fact, she would not even allow her husband to cum on her tits or back as it was messy and would get all over the place. The thought of cum on her face or in her mouth was definitely a NO ever since college had ended. Tonight was different, however, and Trisha kept Stuart’s dick in her mouth as it gave a final jerk and spewed forth a torrent of hot salty cum. This was a bit much for Trisha and she coughed a bit as Stuart’s jizz ran down the sides of her mouth. Trisha swallowed the cum that remained in her mouth and she nearly gagged. Still fully clothed, but having just came from Trisha’s blow job, Stuart stepped back and admired his handywork. In their haste of entering the hotel room, they had not bothered to turn out the lights and he saw their reflection from his cum on Trisha’s face. Trisha turned her head, wiped the cum from her face onto the sheets and sat up. Her skirt was up around her waist, her blouse unbuttoned, and her bra still on. She saw Tom undressing at the end of the bed and her attention was consumed as his underwear came off and a 9-inch cock sprang forth. At best, her husband was 6-inches on a good day. They thought of that big dick filling her pussy was all Trisha could think about. She then wondered how big Stuart’s dick was. She had just sucked him off, but her eyes were closed the entire time and she had never bothered to look. She looked to her side and saw Stuart was just about naked now. His dick was similar to her husband’s at about 6-inches. Trisha told the boys that she needed to clean up in the bathroom and would be right back. As she got up from the bed, she saw her soaked panties on the floor next to the guy’s clothes. She felt a bit slutty. Stuart and Tom were both stroking their cocks as Trisha walked by. This turned her on even more. In true male fashion, Tom reached out to grab a tit and Stuart lightly smacked Trisha’s ass as she walked past them to the bathroom.
Trisha shut the door to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Blouse undone to the last two buttons with her bra exposed. Hair disheveled. She looked a bit closer and noted that she still had some of Stuart’s cum on her chin. Holy shit, she thought. What the hell just happened? Did I really just do that with two random men who were strangers to me just a few hours ago? I can’t believe I just swallowed a load of cum. I don’t even do that for my husband. Do I allow this to continue? I mean, I have not fucked these guys so if I stop things now, did I really cheat on my husband? It did feel good though…so good…and I felt powerful. I have command of these men and can get them to whatever I please. I am so horny! I already came once and we haven’t even fucked. I rarely orgasm with my husband. He always gets to cum and I don’t. It’s not fair. I deserve this. It’s just this one time and to be honest, I am curious to see how Tom’s huge cock will feel in my pussy. My dildos at home aren’t even that big! Can I fit it in? Will it hurt? Will it make me orgasm? As big as it is, I am sure I will cum multiple times. God, I want that big cock. Ok, just this once and never again. No one will ever know. With her mind set, Trisha removed the rest of her clothes and used a wet washcloth to clean the cum from face and pussy. As Trisha was in the bathroom, Stuart and Tom looked at one another and huge smiles spontaneously spread across their faces. Dude, did that just happen?! The guys high-fived one another and could not believe their good fortune. Tom asked Stuart if Trisha was any good at giving head and he noted that he came quickly so she must not be bad. He also noted that it had been a while since he had gotten any, so that could have had something to do with it. Stuart asked about Trisha’s pussy and Tom said that she was a gusher and flooded when she came. She is so wet. We are both getting fucked tonight! Stuart noted that he wanted to sample Trisha’s pussy and asked if they could switch positions when she came back. Just then, the bathroom door opened and Trisha exited in a white robe.

As Trisha entered the room, her eyes went straight to the two cocks standing before her. She wanted them inside of her. She looked up at Stuart and Tom and said Give me your phones. The two men exchanged inquisitive looks, but quickly complied with Trisha’s request. Trisha opened a dresser drawer and inserted the phones. I don’t want any videos making their way to the internet, so these phones are going to stay in this drawer. The two men didn’t care about anything but fucking Trisha at this point and quickly agreed. After closing the drawer, Trisha took off her robe and dropped to her knees between Tom and Stuart. With doe eyes, she looked up at the two men and grabbed a dick in each hand. Having little experience giving head over the past twenty years, Trisha wanted to start slowly and opened her mouth for Stuart’s smaller cock. Bobbing back and forth, she sucked Stuart to her right while her left hand was stroking Tom’s 9-inch dong. Holy shit, he is fucking huge! was the first thought that ran through Trisha’s mind as her hand could barely wrap around Tom’s dick. After a short while of sucking Stuart, Trisha gathered the courage to give Tom some attention. As she turned her head to the left, the biggest cock she had ever seen stared her in the face. Pre-cum was slightly oozing on the mushroom head of Tom’s dick. Trisha used her tongue to lap up the salty juice and then licked up and down the shaft. She kissed his cock in a few places and then decided to take Tom into her mouth. Opening wide, Trisha slid her lips over Tom’s monster and gave a few cautious sucks. Tom grabbed Trisha by the back of the head and pushed his cock deeper into Trisha’s face. Trisha held on for as long as she could but eventually pulled back with a few coughs and gags. Sorry, I have never had a dick this big before Trisha girlishly laughed and then took Tom back into her mouth. As Trisha’s attention was focused on Tom’s cock, Stuart bent down to suck her tits. He took her left breast into his mouth and felt Trisha’s hard nipple against his tongue. As he sucked her nipple, Stuart’s hand reached around to Trisha’s ass. After a few caresses, his hand quickly made its way down to Trisha’s wet pussy. A cock in her mouth. A hand rubbing her pussy. A tongue flicking across her breasts. Trisha’s head was about to explode! She needed to fuck, so she stood up and made her way to the bed. She laid down and Stuart grabbed her legs. Spreading them apart, he then spit on his hand and rubbed it on Trisha’s cunt. Oh my God, I am about to get fucked by a man other than my husband was the thought that raced through Trisha’ mind as she felt the head of Stuart’s cock spread the lips of her pussy. With a thrust, Stuart was in and Trisha let out a soft moan. As Stuart began to rhythmically pump into Trisha missionary style, her head turned to side and she reached out for Tom’s cock. Her eyes closed in ecstasy, Trisha sucked Tom while Stuart fucked her. Although Stuart’s dick was roughly the same size as her husband’s, the sensation of his sex was completely different. Different rhythm. Different pressure. Different but nice. To be honest, she preferred the way her husband had sex with her, but she was enjoying the feeling of Stuart’s dick nonetheless. Salty pre-cum was increasingly oozing from Tom’s cock as Trisha sucked. Trisha always hated the taste of cum, but it was beginning to taste ok the longer she had it in her mouth and she was surprised to find herself eagerly swallowing it. Down below, she felt Stuart’s pace quicken and his moaning told her that he was about to cum. Fuck, I’m going to cum! announced Stuart and he quickly dumped his load. Trisha felt the familiar rush of hot semen spurt into her vagina as Stuart pushed his dick deep inside of her. As was often the case with her husband, Trisha failed to orgasm from Stuart’s fucking. Not wanting him to feel bad, Trisha let out a loud moan. Cum began to ooze out of Trisha’s pussy making a nice cream pie and Stuart stood back to catch his breath.

Trisha sat up and Tom kissed her on the lips. She whispered to him that she wanted him inside of her. Having never had a dick as big as Tom’s, she wanted to be on top in order to retain control of the situation. She was a bit scared by his size and wanted to be the one to ease his manhood into her. She desperately wanted to cum. She was curious to see how Tom’s large dick was going to feel. Tom laid his head on the pillow and Trisha straddled him. As Tom grasped the base of his cock, Trisha positioned her pussy on its mushroom head. The head of Tom’s dick felt huge as it slowly forced its way in. Trisha had never had anything that big in her pussy before. Fortunately, Stuart’s fucking had loosened her up and the cum that remained inside provided lubrication for Tom’s huge cock as it continued to work its way in. Trisha could feel her labia stretch to accommodate Tom’s member and she whimpered a bit in both pleasure and slight pain as she lowered her body onto Tom. Tom could feel that his cock was a tight fit in Trisha’s pussy. This was nothing new to him as he was often the largest that many women had ever had. Once the mushroom head of his dick was inside of Trisha, the rest was easy. He gently thrusted forward and Trisha let out a gasp as she felt Tom’s member quickly reach her cervix. Not only was Tom longer than anything Trisha had ever had, he was also much thicker. The girth of his cock filled her vagina touching every sensitive spot inside. Trisha’s body responded by flooding her pussy with lubrication. As Tom began to pump into Trisha, creamy cum oozed from the edges of her pussy and sloppy gushing sounds emanated forth with each thrust. Trisha’s eyes were closed and she leaned forward a bit as she began to ride Tom. As she did so, the weight of her breasts caused them to hang below her body and swing back and forth as Tom pumped his cock into Trisha’s pussy. Tom extended his head forward and caught one of Trisha’s tits in his mouth and gently sucked the nipple. This sent a new sense of pleasure through Trisha’s body and she increased the intensity of her rhythm on top of Tom. Tom grabbed Trisha’s ass with each hand to control her a bit as he was afraid her intense riding may hurt his cock. As he grabbed her, his right hand slowly made its way to her asshole. Trisha was extremely wet everywhere down below and Tom used this lubrication to push his index finger into Trisha’s back door. Trisha’s husband would occasionally try to do this and every time he did so, she quickly told him to stop. This time, however, Trisha was too horny to care and she actually felt a little pleasure having Tom’s thick finger in her ass. With both holes filled, Trisha’s body tensed and another orgasm shook her body. Having sensed her needing a break after her latest orgasm, Tom pulled out of Trisha and told her to turn over. As she sat up in the bed, Tom grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her around. Trisha knew what was coming, a hard doggy style fucking. Trisha got onto her hands and knees and slightly spread her legs. She felt a strong hand grab her left waist and then pressure on her pussy. Tom grabbed his cock and put its head at the entrance to Trisha’s pussy. She was so wet and so stretched by the night’s prior fucking that Tom easily entered Trisha with little effort. He wasted no time in grabbing her waist with both hands and began to pick up the pace. Waves of pleasure flooded Trisha’s entire body as her pussy tightly gripped Tom. Her arms became weak and she lowered her head onto the bed. With head down and ass high in the air, it was quite a sight to see Tom fucking Trisha from behind. Having already cum twice, Stuart was still limp and enjoying the show before him. As Trisha was pounded harder, he could hear slapping sounds as Tom’s balls bounced off Trisha’s ass with each thrust. Trisha’s tits hung below her and swayed back and forth in a mesmerizing motion. Stuart’s hand found its way to his cock and he slowly stroked his limp member while watching the show before him. As his cock once again engorged to stiffness, Stuart walked around the bed and held his manhood in front of Trisha’s face. With Tom going to town on her doggystyle, Trisha’s hands grabbed the sheets as she was literally holding on for dear life. Her eyes were closed and she felt something bump against her lips. When she opened her eyes, she saw Stuart’s cock bounce in front of her as her body was being rocked back and forth from Tom’s fucking. Instinctively and without thought, Trisha got back onto all fours and reached out to grab Stuart’s dick. Sucking a cock while being fucked from behind was a lot harder than Trisha envisioned as she struggled to get Stuart’s dick into her mouth due to her head violently moving back and forth from Tom’s efforts behind her. Eventually, she guided Stuart into her mouth and the head of his cock hit the back of her throat every time Tom thrusted from behind. As she was being spitroasted by a cock in the front and one in the rear, Trisha looked like one of the girls in her hentai comics. Only this was no comic and she was fucking two random men she had only met a few hours ago. Tom smacked Trisha on her ass and he picked up the pace even faster. Stuart’s cock slipped out of Trisha’s mouth as Tom’s increased intensity was bringing her close to yet another orgasm. She reached back out and grabbed Stuart’s cock. After a few strokes, she sucked him again but Stuart quickly pulled out and came. As this was his third time cumming for the night, there was little left and a small amount oozed from the head of Stuart’s cock. He used his hand to shake his dick and droplets of cum flung onto Trisha’s face. Normally, this would have irritated the hell out of her, but she was too lost in lust to care. As a matter of fact, she barely noticed that Stuart had cum again as she could only focus on Tom fucking the ever loving shit out her from behind. Harder. Faster. Tom rammed his cock into Trisha’s pussy while grabbing her ass with both hands. Trisha nearly screamed as another orgasm, her biggest yet, ravaged her body. A few seconds later, she could hear Tom begin to moan as his pace picked up to record speed. Shit, I am about to cum! announced Tom and he pulled out of Trisha. He quickly moved towards Trisha’s head and pointed his cock at her face as he furiously stroked away. Trisha had no time to think. Her mind was literal mush as she had just experienced nearly a half dozen orgasms. As Tom was standing over her rapidly stroking his cock, Trisha closed her eyes and opened her mouth. She was ready for her first true facial. In all her years on this Earth, no man had ever purposely cum on her face. Once, while dating her future husband in college, he had pulled out and a cumshot had unintentionally hit her in the face. A few seconds ago, Stuart shook a few drops of cum on her face. She knew however, that Tom was going to blast her. He had not cum all night and she was sure that he had a river of jizz pent up inside of him. Tom stroked a few more times and grunted Oh fuck! And with that, his cock twitched and a stream of hot cum bounced off Trisha’s left cheek. Another twitch and a jet of cum hit her just over the left eye, while a third stream hit her on the nose. With warm cum beginning to drip down her face, Tom’s fourth shot found its mark and went right into Trisha’s mouth. She could taste his warm saltiness on her tongue and she swallowed. She then grabbed Tom’s cock and quickly slid it into her mouth, wanting to slurp up any remaining cum that he had inside. Tom pulsated a few more times while in Trisha’s mouth and she swallowed the last of his jizz. Unbeknownst to Trisha, she had left her phone on the nightstand and Stuart used it to record the last few minutes of this lovefest. As she used a towel to wipe the cum from her face, Stuart quickly put Trisha’s phone back to its original place.

This action had left Tom spent and he rolled onto his back on the bed and quickly fell asleep. Trisha told Stuart that she was going to take a shower to clean up. As Trisha stood in the shower, she could feel cum dripping from her pussy. She washed herself and began to reflect on what had happened. I cannot believe that I just had sex with these two guys. She felt a bit slutty and even a little guilty as she thought of her husband. But, it did feel good. So good. She rarely orgasmed and to do it six times in one night was a once in a lifetime experience. After cleaning herself, Trisha exited the bathroom to now find both men sleeping. She looked at the clock and it was 5am. She and the boys had been having sex for nearly 4 hours! With both men fast asleep, Trisha quietly packed her belongings and left the room. She quickly checked out of the hotel and left. The last day of her training was being held at the university, so she could slip away undetected. Trisha enjoyed the night, hell she loved fucking Tom’s large cock, but she was a bit embarrassed and did not want to see the guys again. A few hours later, Trisha ran into Heather who asked her how the night ended. Oh, nothing too exciting. We had one last drink and then I went to bed. Trisha finished up the last day of training with Heather and then headed home back to Texas. As she was waiting for her plane at the airport, Trisha was scrolling through her phone and she saw the video that Stuart had taken. What the fuck is this?! thought Trisha as the pornographic video popped up on her phone? Luckily, Trisha was wearing her headphones so no one could hear the sounds coming from her phone. Trisha covered her phone and snuck away to a part of the gate where there were no people. She pulled up the video again. At first, she was pissed. I told those assholes no filming! She knew for a fact that she had put their phones in the dresser drawer before their fuck session, but she had forgotten about her own phone. She was 99% sure that she did not see the guys open the drawer that night, so she hoped the video on her phone was the only evidence of that night. Before watching the video, Trisha was about to hit the trash button to delete it forever. Something, however, compelled her to hit the play button instead. Before doing so, Trisha checked her surroundings to make sure no one was looking. She hit play and relived some of the memories from a few nights ago. She saw a woman on all fours being fucked doggy style. She could see that the woman’s eyes were closed and her face was one of pure pleasure. She saw the woman’s hands grabbing the sheets of the bed as the man behind was grabbing the woman’s hips as he thrust his cock in and out of her pussy. Trisha watched the woman in the video tense up as an orgasm rippled its way through her body and then sat mesmerized as the man jacked his semen onto her face. Trisha felt her pussy begin to moisten as the video ended. She could not believe the woman in the video was her. Her finger hovered over the delete button for a few seconds and then she closed the video. Surprisingly, Trisha enjoyed watching herself get fucked. She would save this for later. When she got home, Trisha greeted her family. Her husband asked how her trip was and she said How exciting can an onboarding session be? It was pretty boring, but I managed. That night, Trisha’s husband was surprised when Trisha was the one to initiate having sex. This almost never happened. As her husband was fucking her, he could not help but to notice that his wife’s pussy felt a bit looser and extremely wet. He thought her wetness was due to him, but Trisha’s mind was on Tom’s large cock. As he fucked, Trisha’s husband attempted to slide his finger into her ass as he often tried. To his surprise, she did not protest. After a few minutes of sex, Trisha’s husband turned her over and took her from behind. Trisha lay flat and her husband slid his cock between her legs. He furiously fucked her prone bone and Trisha began to moan. For one of the few times in recent memory, her husband was able to make her cum. Feeling a bit frisky and knowing that Trisha had allowed him to finger her asshole, her husband took a chance and pulled out of Trisha’s pussy just before he came. He jacked his cock a few times and sent hot spurts of cum onto Trisha’s back. He was fully expecting her to protest, but was surprised when she did not. Holy shit, that was hot! You should take trips more often if this is how it will be when you get home. said her husband. Trisha smiled and said, Don’t worry, I think work will require me to take a few more of these trips. With that, she collapsed on the bed and thought more about Tom’s big dick. She could not wait for her next trip out of town.

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    I am not one to render compliments too often as I believe that compliments should be earned by good working writing ability and a functional penmanship and you seem to have achieved both of these accordingly. Very well written, however as your abilities progress and you receive functional criticism allow me to make several observations.

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