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Messed up Holidays, to messed up life

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Continuation of Messed Holidays.

It is so sad that what was supposed to be a happy ending / continuation of the first story turned to be the worst regratable mess. I, Pretty & Amanda continued with our little orgy. But my partner Cleo found out about me impregnating her sister. She was mad and left the house around the sixteenth of February 2020. I continued sending her Airtime and transport allowance every 3 days for a week, then I stopped. To my surprise she called me on the 23rd demanding to come back home with conditions. Her first condition was for me to never see her sister. It was impossible because she carries my baby. Second condition was for me to stop drinking everyday and rehabilitate myself from drugs. I agreed to the second condition knowing I will drink on my way from work and I will snort my Ntash ( CAT) as it is called in RSA, secretly. She came back home to find her sister in the house. I sat both of them down and explained that I can only leave her sister if she abort. That was not an option for the both of them. I told shifted the blame on them both. If My partner didn’t send the most attractive and beautiful sister, shit like this wouldn’t have happened. They kept quiet for some time. I went to the fridge bit concerned. Coming bank I was gulping on my beer. It was still quite in the sitting room. I said since you ladies put me in this mess I will support whatever decision you both take, but I am not prepared to let my unborn innocent child suffer. I left pretending to be angry. I went on to grab few bags of Cat. When I came back, they sat me down. Cleo said they decided that Pretty will stay until birth, but no sex between us ever. I looked at both of them, took a deep breath. I asked them if they were aware pregnant people want sex? I told them it will be traditionally wrong for her to sleep with someone else. According to our tradition or superstition no man should have sex with a pregnant woman as that might affect the unborn child. Cleo went to bed in tears, now I was torn between someone I love an a sweet pussy carrying my child. Pretty said let her be, I did something I never thought I would do in my life. I shouted at the top of my voice calling on Cleo. She came to the sitting room as o looked at both of them in the eyes. They were slightly shocked and terrified. I said whoever wants to leave the house they should do now. There was silent & motionless protest. I said I love you all, the three of you. You are going to be mine. Cleo then said only if no other person knows about the arrangement. I realized she misunderstood me, I said Pretty explain to her. Pretty started telling her sister about Amanda and the 3 some. Cleo announced the end of our relationship. I told her once she walk out of the door she should never come back. She stayed in the relationship until the 25 February when she decided it was over. Little did she know when we went to the lab for testing HIV I asked them to check pregnancy ( qualitative and quantitative). I asked her to check the results before she leave. She was also pregnant. I lied to Cleo after she knew about her pregnancy that I will leave Amanda. I told them I was gonna walk to refill my beer, knowing I was going to Amanda, upon my arrival we kissed passionately and I opted to finger fuck while my tongue was on the clit, she came and I cared less as I was horny like crap, so I fucked her missionary until we both came. When tried to reach the towel to wipe my sweat, I saw I little frame on the door with her hands in the the panties. I immediately realized it’s Amanda’s 17 yo cousin. I immediately said to Amanda ” you stupid bitch why didn’t you mention that you are not alone? Do you know that we are fucked now?” She smiled and said can’t you see she is horny? I remembered her as underage. They simultaneously said She/ I am 17. I told them I can’t fuck her. The cousin said ” what do you think my father will say or do to you? I can always tell him what I saw, accidentally so.” I was drained and defeated. I said I am exhausted . They both smiled and Amanda left the room. The little cousin walked to the bed, started touching my flaccid dick. The stupid thing betrayed me as she playfully licked and kissed it. In no time I was aroused. I started with the tiny little tits, sucking them, she then begged me to fuck her. I remembered all the blackmail she threw at me. I decided to punish her my sucking her little clit, with my left pinky in her shit hole. I myself couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to ramp her hard. It was agony as the little pussy couldn’t accommodate me. I went gentle on her, with every inch she orgasmed. Until I was all the was. I fucked her and fucked for around 5 minutes. When I came, she shook terribly. My dick was aching from the tight little pussy. Once done, I noticed blood on the sheet. The little cunt was still a virgin. She walked gingerly to the bathroom after an hour or so, she came back and kissed me. She said “I will love you forever”. I want to see you in two days, or my father..” I said ok, I will come to fuck you like a little slut you are. Tomorrow the 27 February I will still have my little orgy with sisters and on the side my step daughter with the cousin will still be satisfied. The two sisters share the same bed every night. Though they always fight about my habit. My proper girl wants me to reduce on the sedentary lifestyle while the other believe it gives them orgasms. So I still have 3 of my favorite girls even though my step daughter loves threesome more than anything, the arrangement she made with he 17 yo cousin who I took her virginity was to join us on Fridays. I now fuck two preggies and two teens. Due to the tightness of the 17 yo I think of increasing the day’s I fuck them. Remember John 8: 3 – 7 He without a sin shall cast the first stone.

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