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Smoking weed gets you pregnant

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13yo Abby discovers the delights of sex while being high as a kite.

I love summer time. Not only do I get to wear flip flops and my favorite clothes, but the sunshine makes my skin look good. Otherwise I would look pale. It makes my hair look good too. Long red hair bouncing with volume is a beautiful sight in the summer. My long red hair makes me feel pretty. Especially today.
I was wearing a black t-shirt, which fit so tightly, it made my nicely growing boobs actually noticeable and brought out the color of my hair. I had tiny white shorts on too, and I think they really bring out my ass. And of course, my favorite pink flip flops. Being a 13 years old redhead in Alabama during the summertime was adventurous. I had something to do every day, usually with my friend Katie, but she wasn’t home when I came by. So I was heading back home.

I walked through the gate and saw only my daddy’s car in the driveway. Mom must’ve been out shopping or something. I went inside and kicked off my flip flops. Nobody was around. I headed up the stairs and went down the hall towards the bathroom cause I had to pee, when I smelled something weird. It was coming from my big brother’s room. I had two brothers, one older, who was 15, and one younger who was 12.

I creaked the door open and the smell was stronger. I saw my brother Justin with what looked like a brown turd in his mouth. One end was lit and smoke was coming out of it. His friend Steve was with him. They didn’t notice me.
“This is such dank weed!” My brother coughed.
Smoke was coming out of his mouth. They were both laughing. He passed the brown thing to Steve. Is that what that was? Weed? I’ve only heard about it. Never saw it or smelled it. Until now, that is.
“Yeah man, gotta love that Alabama kush.” Steve said right before he took a toke of the ‘weed’.
If they were having that much fun, it couldn’t be half bad, right? Now I was getting curious. I opened up the door a little more for a better look. Justin looked up and saw me and stopped smiling.
“Abby?” He said as Steve looked over.
I was frozen on the spot. Now I was scared. I just stared at him.
“Abigail?” Justin said as he got up and came over to me. He pulled me inside and closed the door behind me.
“What are you doing?” He said.
“I.. I dunno. What is that?” I pointed at what Steve was holding.
“Come here.” Justin said.
He took my hand and brought me over to where he was sitting. We sat down as Steve stared at me.
“That’s a blunt.” My brother told me.
“A.. Blunt?” I asked.
“It’s weed rolled up in a kind of paper called a cigarillo.”
“So you’re smoking weed?”
Steve smiled at me. He passed the blunt to Justin. Justin looked nervous.
“You’re not gonna tell on me, are you?” He said.
“No. I think it’s… Cool.”
He and Steve looked at each other and laughed. My brother smoked the blunt.
“Just pretend I’m not here.” I smiled.

I was enjoying the smell. And being around it. We were all comfortable. Justin wasn’t even wearing a shirt, just shorts. It was that hot today. Steve was wearing shorts too, but he actually had a shirt on. Justin passed him the blunt and I watched him blow the smoke out.
“How can I repay you for keeping my secret?” My brother asked.
I stared at the blunt in Steve’s mouth. I watched the smoke fill the air. I knew my answer.
“Can I try it?”
He and Steve looked at each other. Steve was nodding excitedly. He gave Justin the blunt. Justin looked at me and presented it to me. I took it and he smiled at me. I put it to my lips and took a deep puff. I instantly coughed it all out. Guess I wasn’t a natural.

“Try again.” Justin took the blunt and put it up to my lips again. “But this time slower.”
I tried again, this time more careful and steady. And then when I was about to blow it out, my brother put his finger to my lips to keep me from blowing it out.
“Hold it in. That’s how you get high.”
I held it in until my lungs felt like exploding. He took his finger away and I blew the smoke out. I feel the high hit me. It felt like I was lifted off the earth.
“Do you like it?” Justin asked.
I stared at him and nodded, then we started laughing. I gave the blunt back to him.
“What do we do now?” I said. I was up for anything.
“Well, we usually watch porn. Pot makes us horny.” Steve laughed.
Justin gave him a dirty look while he hit the blunt. I never watched porn before. But today was a day for new experiences.
“Let’s do it.” I would never have said this if I wasn’t high as a kite.
They were both staring at me. Steve was overjoyed, but Justin was nervous.
“Are you sure?” My brother asked.
“Yeah, why not?”

Steve got up and went for the DVD player in a dash. Justin gave me the blunt and I smiled at him. Steve turned on the tv and set up the DVD to start playing. He sat back down as I was smoking that glorious substance.
“My friend in Texas sent me this. The girl is a little younger than we’re used to but I heard this is pretty hot.” Steve said.
The video started playing and a little blonde curly haired girl, probably 11 or 12, was giving blowjobs to 3 different boys Justin’s age. She was like a professional, she went all the way down, taking their entire dicks in her mouth. She was gagging on them fiercely.

“Holy shit, you were right about this one!” Justin said.
I looked over and saw a growing lump in Steve’s shorts at the groin. Justin had one too. I was liking the video. The girl had one boy inside her vagina now. I felt myself getting wet down there. It was a tingling feeling. Mixed with the great high, it felt good. I think I was horny too.

“Is that what happens when you’re horny?” I said, pointing at the bulge in Steve’s shorts.
“Yeah, but it looks like that.” Scott pointed at the guy’s erect penis on the tv.
He passed the blunt to Justin. I was growing more curious. The high I was feeling made me bold.
“Can I see it?” I asked Steve.
He smiled and then looked at Justin, who just shrugged. He had all the permission he needed. He got up and unbuttoned his shorts and slid them off with his underwear. His dick sprung out and hung there fully erect right before my eyes. It looked like 7 inches of fun.
“It’s so.. Neat.” I said.
“Join the party, Justin. Take ’em off!” Steve said.
Justin just stared at me while handing me the blunt.
“C’mon, it’s cool.” I smiled at him.

I took a hit of the blunt as he sighed then smiled, and got up. He pulled his shorts and underwear down, letting his beast lose. It hung 8 inches long. My eyes widened.
“It’s so big!” I coughed up some smoke.
They laughed and my brother smiled at me.
“You wanna join the nudist party, Abby?” Steve said as he took the blunt from me.
On the tv, a dog pulled his cock out of the girl’s pussy as sperm came spilling out. I was so involved in this exciting event I didn’t notice the little girl was getting fucked by a dog. But I was so stoned. I wanted to join in on this.
“Okay!” I cheered, getting up.
I took my shirt off right away. Steve smiled while blowing out smoke. Justin was just staring. I was wearing a bra, and I guess I looked damn good in it. I unbuttoned my tight shorts, unzipped them, and slid them off. They liked the sight of me in panties even more. I knew because their cocks twitched at the sight. I kicked off my flip flops with my shorts. Steve put the blunt to my lips and I started taking a hit.
“You have a real nice body. You wanna show us the rest of it?” He said softly.

I blew out smoke and smiled and nodded. He gave the blunt to Justin and took his shirt off. Now everyone was totally naked except me. And I had to fix that. I unhooked my bra and took it off. My boobs were now in view. They looked like oranges cut in half. And my nipples were already erect. They were hard and pink. The boys just grinned big. I slid my panties down next. I kicked them off and I was totally nude. My tiny pussy was visible now, and they were staring at it. It had just a little patch of fuzz on it. And I was still wet down there.

“Nice.” Steve nodded. “What do you think of your sister’s body, Justin?”
“It’s.. Beautiful.” Justin said, looking me up and down.
We smiled at each other. The girl on the tv was sitting on a cock, it was up her ass. Another guy was in her pussy, and another in her mouth. She was doing it all. We all sat back down and watched. I sat between them now. The girl was handling one cock in each hand now, making a total of 5 at once. I had the blunt now. Steve looked at his penis then hung his head back sighing.

“What?” I said before taking a hit.
“When guys are watching porn with their dicks hanging out, they usually, you know, masturbate. But you’re here..” Scott said.
“Like I said, just pretend I’m not here. Seriously, go for it.” I handed him the blunt.
He smiled and smoked with one hand while working his dick with the other. I turned and looked at Justin. I was smiling, giving my approval. He started stroking himself too. The girl on the tv was on the couch, sitting on a guy with his dick in her pussy. Another guy stuck his dick in that same hole.
“OH MY GOD.” The girl shouted.
This girl could take two cocks in her pussy. She was enjoying it too. I wanted that much pleasure. I moved a hand down to my dripping wet pussy. I never touched myself before, but now was a good time to start. I was able to slip a finger in and started sliding it in and out. It felt nice, but not nice enough. Even with my high. I looked over at Justin, who was pleasing himself nicely and checking out my handiwork.
“Help me out here.” I said.
He stopped jerking himself off and slowly, timidly, moved his hand over to my pussy. He rubbed the wet lips and then slid a finger in. He started finger banging me and I felt it, the sensation I was looking for. It sent tingles throughout my body. Steve took a hit and then lightly grabbed my chin, making me face him. He kissed me open mouthed, breathing the smoke into my mouth. He pulled away and I blew it out. He could see I was already in so much pleasure.
“That was fun!” I said.
He handed me the blunt. Justin was two fingers into me, up to his knuckles. I took a hit and kissed him just like Steve kisses me. I blew the smoke into his mouth while I French kissed my brother. I felt his tongue nudge mine a little in my mouth. I pulled away and smiled at him as he blew the smoke out. He took his fingers out of me and took the blunt. He grabbed my face and kissed me. It was so passionate, not a regular lover’s kiss, but one that could only be had between brother and sister. We pulled away and looked into each others eyes. I felt a hand on my thigh. I looked over and saw Steve looking at me.
“Can I play with you?” He grinned.
He was still jerking off with the other hand. I nodded and he moved his hand down there. He got his middle finger in and dug it deep into me. Justin just handed me the blunt and started sucking my nipple. I took a hit and enjoyed these boys tending to my every need. I was filled with pleasure. Enormous pleasure.

“You already popped your cherry?” Steve asked.
I didn’t know what that meant. He was pulling his fingers out of me as Justin was taking his mouth off of my nipple. I missed my sensations right away.
“She used to do horseback riding.” Justin answered as I blew smoke out.
“Perfect. You’re ready to fuck.” Steve smiled at me.
“Fuck?” That sounded naughty coming out of my mouth.
“You know, sex. Make love.”
“I’ve never done that before..”
I gave him the blunt. I may have been doped up out of my mind but I was still a virgin, even though my hymen wasn’t there anymore. I was a little nervous, but still adventurous.
“I think your first time should be with your brother.” Steve hit the blunt.

Justin and I looked at each other. I wasn’t nervous anymore. The thought of it made me more curious. On the tv, the girl had two cocks in her ass this time. She was facing the boy she was sitting on. Just by looking at them I could tell they were related.
“That girl is fucking her brother.” Scott said.
That was the last bit of encouragement I needed. Justin and I looked at each other again. I had my mind made up now.
“You wanna fuck me?” I smiled.
“Yeah.. Yeah I do.” He smiled nervously.
I took his hand and got up. I led him to the bed and we laid down together. Steve watched while smoking the blunt. On the tv, the girl was gagging on a cock again. She made it look easy, sliding cocks in and out of her throat. It looks fun. My curiosity got the better of me.
“I wanna try that.” I pointed at the tv.
“You wanna try deepthroating?” My brother asked.
I nodded at him, licking my lips. I grabbed his dick with my hand. It was so hard. But it felt smooth, and warm. My face was right above it. I opened my mouth. I was ready for my first blowjob.
“Don’t forget to relax your throat!” Steve cheered with the blunt in his mouth.
I’d keep that in mind.

I went down and put my brother’s dick in my mouth. I didn’t stop at the head, I wanted to make this good. I wrapped my lips around the shaft and kept going, taking more and more in. My brother moaned as he poked my throat. Moment of truth, and just a few inches left to go. I relaxed my throat just like Steve told me to and went down, letting my brother’s cock slide down my throat. I was so high I was feeling like I was in space, so it all felt good to me. I went all the way down, until my lips touched his crotch. My brother’s whole dick was in my mouth.

“Holy fucking shit!” Justin moaned.
Spit was drooling out of my mouth and onto his shaved privates, running down his balls. I swayed my head back and forth, working his cock in my throat because I didn’t want to take it out yet.
“You’re doing so good. Move your head up and down on his cock.” Steve said, putting out the blunt.
He moved behind me, rubbing my moist cunt with his hand. I did just that, I brought my head up until just the head was in my mouth, then went all the way down on his slimy cock, letting him gag my throat. He moaned louder and put his hands to my face, brushing the hair away so we could look at each other. I was enjoying this as much as he was. Steve had two fingers sliding in and out of my wet pussy now. I just moved my head up and down, taking the dick down my throat again and again, gagging with each motion. I didn’t stop until my brother held my head up and took it off his dick. It plopped out, covered in my saliva like the girl on tv was covered in semen.

“My name is Taylor Swift, I’m 11 years old, and today I gagged on five cocks, had two in my pussy and one in my ass at the same time, had two cocks in my ass at the same time, got fucked in my ass and my pussy by a big hairy dog, had a whole fist in my pussy and my ass at the same time, gargled and swallowed a mouthful of cum, and let 4 guys cum all over my face.” She said so cheerfully.

“You’re as good as her.” Justin said to me.
I smiled at him and said, “Fuck me now, Justin.”
He sat up and lightly moved me off of him, pushing me onto my back. He was on top of me now. My head was hanging off the edge of the bed. My legs were spread wide apart. Steve sat close by. My brother pushed his cock against my pussy lips. I wanted him inside of me so bad. Both of our parts were soaking wet so he slipped right in. I was filled with joy. It felt so good, I felt like a spaceship. He pushed, and soon almost all of his cock was buried in my cunt hole. I let out a huge pleasure filled moan. I pulled him down and we kissed again with that familiar passion. Our tongues wrestled as he was thrusting in and out of me. I never felt so right. I was in love. In love with my brother.
“I love you.” I whispered in his ear.
“I love you too, Abby.”

He sat up a little more to give me some stronger pumps. I let my head fall back and closed my eyes, letting the sensation course through my whole body. I felt something poke my upper lip and opened my eyes to see Steve’s hard cock hanging right in front of me.
“Wanna try taking two at the same time?” He grinned.
I smiled and grabbed his cock. I gave it some good licks, putting a lot of spit on it. I took his nut in my mouth and sucked. He and my brother both moaned as we all took part in an epic threesome. My brother kept pumping me with his hard cock and I finally took Steve’s dick in my mouth. He didn’t hesitate to start rapidly thrusting in and out of my throat, testing my gag for himself. Spit was drooling out of my mouth and onto my face. Steve rubbed my boobs with both hands as he facefucked me hard.
“Let me get a turn.” He asked Justin.

My brother took his dick out of my pussy and Steve pulled his out of my throat. Steve got on the floor and pulled me down too, turning me around so my tight ass was presented to him as I was on my hands and knees. He slipped his dick into my love tunnel and just like that, I was fucking my second cock. Justin was in front of me, cleaning my face of spit. I took his dick and smiled at him before taking it in my mouth, going all the way down for my sweet brother. I gagged so happily as his dick slipped into my throat. I looked up at him and he had a shocked look on his face, staring right past me and Steve.

“What’s going on here?” I heard a voice.
Justin’s cock slipped out of my mouth as I turned around and saw what spooked him. Our uncle Andy was standing there, closing the door behind him.
“Uncle Andy, what are you doing here?” Justin said with fear.
He smiled at each of us and walked around the room casually.
“Came by for a visit. Found much more than what I was expecting.”
He took a seat, staring at us. Steve’s cock was still inside of me but we were all frozen in place. He sniffed around and saw the blunt Steve put out.

“You kids have been smoking weed, huh? Sex and drugs, I see.” He smirked.
We all looked at each other then at him. I thought we were in so much trouble.”I think you kids are doing it right, but I can show you how to do it better.” He said.
He pulled out a rolled piece of paper from his shirt pocket and put one end in his mouth. That was what they called a “joint”. He lit it and suddenly our Uncle Andy was smoking weed right in front of us. He blew it out while all of our jaws dropped in amazement.

“Come here and smoke this, Justin.” He said.
Justin went over and sat next to our uncle, taking the joint. He smoked it while Andy stared at me, smiling. Steve was still freaked out and never pulled out of me.
“What’s your name?” Andy asked Steve.
“You like fucking little Abby’s pussy, Steve?”
“Uh… Yeah.”
“You like getting fucked in your pussy, Abby?” Andy asked me.
“Uh huh.” I nodded at him.
“I think I know something you’ll like more.” He said, taking the joint from Justin and coming towards me.
“Take the edge off.” He said, putting the joint to my lips.

I smoked it and he motioned Steve to step aside. Steve pulled out and got out of the way. Uncle Andy got behind me and let me hold onto the joint myself. He rubbed my pussy with one hand and was squeezing my boob with the other.
“I bet you’ll like this a lot.” He said.
His hand moved up my pussy and his finger traced it’s way to my asshole. He poked the tip of it in and then stuck his whole finger in my ass. That felt new and exciting. Steve and Justin were sitting there watching.
“Did you know you could get fucked in your ass too?” Andy said.
“Like the girl in the video?” I blew out smoke.
“Yeah. Didn’t she look like she was having fun?” He had two fingers deep up my ass now.
She really did. It looked fun. And she was only 11, I’m 13. If she can do it, I can do it. And this joint was making me really high. It was something stronger. I was in the clouds.
“Yeah, I wanna try it!” I said.
“You got it baby!” He said.

I gave the joint to Justin, who was smiling at me. I guess he didn’t mind sharing. Andy spit right on my asshole and rubbed his spit into it. He took his pants off and then his shirt. He rubbed the head of his throbbing cock against my asshole and pushed. The head found itself in and I felt something totally new and insane. Anal sex. And I was so high I couldn’t feel any pain. Just pleasure. And a lot of it. He plowed into me and now his entire cock was lodged in my ass. It was big, and I took all of it like a champ. I was moaning louder than ever before.
“You like it, huh? Little Abby likes it in the ass?”
“I love it! I love it in the ass!” I cheered.
Justin and Steve were smoking and enjoying the show. I was looking Justin right in the eyes. My eyes were full of lust.
“I want you to fuck my ass, Justin.” I said.
“That’s my girl!” Andy said, giving my ass a good slap.

He pulled out and got off me. Justin brought me to me feet and put the joint in my mouth. I hit it and kissed him, sharing another smoke filled kiss. He went and lied down on the bed, grabbing my hips to bring me with him. I was sitting on top of my brother as he stuck his dick right up in my ass. Just like the girl and her brother from the video. I sank down on it, taking the whole thing and letting out a good loud moan. Uncle Andy took the joint from me and took a hit.
“How about having two in you?” He smirked.
One in my ass and one in my pussy? Or did he mean two in my ass? I was getting excited. I nodded at him and smiled. He got in front of me and spread my pussy lips with the head of his cock. He entered me and penetrated deep. I screamed in joy. This was the best thing ever. I was fucking my brother and my uncle at the same time.

They were thrusting in and out of my holes, pumping me hard.
“Shit! That’s so good!” I shouted.
Steve got up on the bed and started slapping my chin with his cock. I took it in my mouth right away. He let me do the work myself. I slid it in and out of my throat, gagging with my tongue sticking out. I was handling three cocks at once now, one for each hole. And I was more baked than fresh brownies.

“I’m gonna cum. You want my cum, Abby?” Uncle Andy said before handing Steve the joint.
I wasn’t familiar with the word, except for when that girl said it was all over her face in the video. Well that sure did look fun. Now I want cum.
“Yeah, gimme your cum! I want all your cum!”
He grabbed my shoulders and thrusted deep, groaning so loud. I felt some warm gooey stuff spraying inside of me. It sprayed more and more. That must’ve been his cum. It felt really nice. He pulled out and fell back into the chair, panting.
“That was amazing. Your pussy is so tight, Abby!”
Steve pulled out of my mouth and took Andy’s place in between my thighs, handing him the joint. He stuck his dick in my pussy, and the sensations returned to me again. I was screaming as they were both fucking me good and hard. And I wanted more cum inside of me.
“Cum inside me, cum in my pussy!” I begged Steve.
He penetrated my pussy deep and then pumped his load into me. I felt him shoot shot after shot of his hot love juice deep inside me. He pulled out and backed away with a big smile on his face. He sat down next to Andy and started smoking the joke with him. Justin spread my pussy lips with his hands and a little cum spilled out. Most of it was deep in there. He pulled his cock out and switched holes, putting it in my pussy.
“You want my cum now, Abby?” He said.
“Yeah, fill my pussy with it! Please fill me with your cum!”
He grabbed my hips and lifted me up while getting off the bed himself, onto the floor. I was on my hands and knees once again and he was slamming deep into my cunt. He screamed as his cum shot inside of me. I screamed with him as he filled me up with his incestuous seed. He dumped his whole load in me and then pulled out. I had my face on the ground and my ass up in the air. Cum was dripping out of my pussy, but only a little. It felt good having so much cum deep inside me.
“What a good girl.” Andy said, coming over to me.

Justin took his seat. Andy put the joint to my mouth and I took another hit. I was lifted off the planet. Andy and Justin had shorts on now. I looked over his shoulder and Steve wasn’t there anymore. I didn’t even notice him leave. I heard the door close. I blew smoke out as I looked over and saw Steve standing there with my little brother Tyler. Good thing they were wearing shorts, but I wasn’t.
“This is what you wanted to show me? Why is Abby naked?” Tyler said in his little voice.
“She just got done fucking all of us, I thought you’d like a turn.” Steve smiled.
“Fucking?” Tyler asked.
“Yeah, what they do in those dirty magazines of yours.”

He was just 12 years old. And they wanted me to let him fuck me? This was unacceptable beyond belief, but right now, with me as high as a kite, I couldn’t really resist if he tried, even though I was 3 years older than him. But even at his age he knew losing his cherry to his sister would be wrong, I think.
“You’d let me do that, Abby?!” Tyler said so excitedly.
“Of course she would! Drop your shorts and stick it in her!” Andy said, while putting the joint to my mouth again.
I took a puff automatically, it was already in my nature. I was so gone, I couldn’t even force words out of my mouth if I tried. Tyler yanked his shorts off and ran over to me. His dick poked my dripping wet pussy. My 12 year old little brother was about to fuck me. This was wrong. But I thought on the bright side, he is my brother, and my other brother made me feel really good, so maybe I would feel good from this too. He slipped in and in half a second his whole penis was inside of me. Which isn’t much, he was much smaller than the others. He started humping me from behind and I just smoked the joint and took it.
“Fuck her real good, little man! Slap her ass!” Steve cheered.

My little brother slapped my ass hard and started pumping me hard and fast. He was getting really into it, slapping my ass again and again, until it was all red, fucking me hard. I felt no pain cause of the high, and it did start to feel good. After blowing out smoke I’d let out a soft moan. Tyler gripped my hips and yelled. He shot his seed inside my pussy, mixing it with the other loads I’ve collected in there. He sprayed a little more and was done.
“That was awesome!” Tyler shouted.
The door opened. Everyone looked over as Andy’s son, my cousin Kurt, age 19, came into the room, closing the door behind him.
“What’s he doing fucking his sister?” He asked about Tyler.
“We all fucked her, he was just having a turn.” Andy grinned.
Tyler pulled out and stepped aside, a little scared.
“Well then why’d you give her that little kid dick? She needs a real cock.” Cousin Kurt said.
Kurt undid his pants and slid them off, revealing his huge cock. He was hung like a horse, a full 12 inches long. He took Tyler’s place and spread my asscheeks with both hands. He didn’t even wait for permission. And I was still stoned and smoking the joint, I wouldn’t stop him.

“What a loose asshole.” Kurt said.
The others laughed. He took his dick and slipped it right into my ass, getting half of it in there. He shoved into my ass, going all the way in and slapping his nutsack against my pussy.
“OH GOD, IT’S SO BIG!” I screamed.
I wasn’t ready for that. The huge wave of pleasure instantly spreading through my whole body. I was finally able to speak! He was thrusting into me, sliding that entire huge cock of his in and out of my ass. I was moaning more than ever before. The nice assfucking made my high so pleasurful. He grabbed my mouth and made me look at him as I was blowing smoke out.
“No cum on your pretty face, huh? Where have these guys been dumping their loads?” He said.
“Deep in my pussy.” I smiled at him.
“All of them? You’re gonna get pregnant, little Abby.” He smiled back.
That never even crossed my mind. Could I really get pregnant from all of this? Is that how girls got pregnant? I was too high to think much of it.
“Don’t you wanna cum inside of me?” I said.
“You want my cum? You want your cousin’s baby in your belly?”
“Yeah, give it to me! Gimme your cum!”

He pulled his dick out of my ass and slipped it into my pussy. He jammed the whole thing deep in there and let out an orgasmic groan. He started pumping my cunt full of cum. Skeet skeet skeet, inside my pussy. His warm seed filled me up deep inside. He didn’t stop cumming for a while, and I was moaning with him. It finally stopped and he pulled out. He took the joint from me and got up, smoking it himself. I rolled over onto my back. I was high and tired.
“Abby likes getting filled with cum!” Steve laughed.
“What should we do with her now?” Kurt said.
“I got an idea.” Andy said, coming over to me and crouching in front of me.
“You like mixing up lots of different loads of cum in your pussy?” He asked me.
“Oh yeah, it feels good.”
“You collected cum in your pussy from your brothers, uncle, and cousin. There’s only one family member left to complete the incest circle.” He smiled.

He grabbed my arms and brought me to my feet. My legs were wobbly. And I was so baked. So unbelievably baked. He put the joint to my lips and I puffed again. Could I even get any higher?
“You’re gonna go into your daddy’s room and fuck him, and get him to shoot his load inside of you. Okay? Is that what you want?” Uncle Andy smiled.
I’ll take anybody’s cum inside of me right now. I was so high it wouldn’t make a difference. I blew the smoke out and just nodded at him. He took me to the door, opened it, and pushed me out, giving me a little slap on the ass.
“Go get some cum, baby!” He closes the door behind me.

I slowly walked down the hall and got to my parents’ bedroom door. It was open just a crack. I peeked in and saw my daddy sitting on the bed naked, jacking off. The tv was playing a porno where a girl around my age was crouched over and peeing into a bowl. She just finished and two black guys with huge cocks entered the scene and she started sucking them off. I opened the door and stepped in. He noticed me and covered himself with the sheets.
“Abby!” He panicked.
“Hi daddy.” I smiled.
I came to him, standing beside the bed.
“What are you doing? Why are you naked?” He said.
“Same reason you are.” I crawled onto the bed. “I’m horny.”

I grabbed the sheets and pulled them off the bed, onto the floor, revealing the big erection he has. I crawled beside him and grabbed it. He got off the bed and on his feet, away from me.
“What are you doing?! You can’t do that!”
Seducing my daddy was gonnq be harder than I thought. Then I remembered the girl from the video. I remembered I still hadn’t peed like I meant to before entering Justin’s room. I got on my feet in front of him.
“I know what you like, daddy.” I smiled.
I crouched down and started relieving myself, peeing all over the floor under me. He didn’t stop me, he stared with his jaw dropped. I kept peeing and saw his dick twitch as it spread throughout the floor. I emptied my bladder completely and he couldn’t resist the urge to touch himself. He stroked his cock a little before I got up and went to him.
“Let me help you, daddy.” I grabbed his cock and started jerking him off.
“Abby..” He whispered.
“That was for you.” I whispered back.

We looked at the pool of urine on the floor. He closed his eyes as I handled his cock. His hands cupped my asscheeks, giving them a tight squeeze. I grabbed him and pushed him onto the bed. I climbed on top of him and kissed him before he could speak. A nice open mouth kiss, where I played with his tongue. I sat up and took his hands, guiding them to my boobs. He squeezed them right away.
“Will you please fuck me, daddy? Pretty please?” I begged him.
“I.. I can’t, Abby,” He looked away.
I grabbed his cock and slid it into my pussy. He gasped as I had a big smile.
“Yes you can.”
I started riding him back and forth, and he was resisting me at first.
“C’mon daddy, I know you want this. Just fuck me. Please?”
“What if one of your brothers walks in? Or your uncle or cousin?”
“I fucked all of them already.” I smiled.
“You little slut.” He scowled at me.

He rolled us over so he was on top. He was thrusting into my pussy, giving me the full length of his cock. I let out a loud moan. Finally, I got him to fuck me.
“Yeah, daddy! Fuck me, daddy! Fuck me harder!” I yelled.
He grabbed my titties with both hands and shoved it deep into me, plowing my pussy with all his might. I was moaning louder than ever before. His whole dick slid in and out of my cunt. My pussy never felt so good. He grabbed my legs and held them high in the air. The better grip let him slam into me with more power, and I had screaming orgasms.

“Gimme your cum, daddy! I want your cum in my pussy!” I shouted.
He fucked me deep and held still as he yelled too. He shot his incestuous sperm into my pussy. Wave after wave of pleasure filled my body and squirt after squirt of his gooey hot seed filled my pussy. He dumped the rest of his load deep inside of me, mixing it with all the other samples I’ve collected today. He pulled his cock out and laid down beside me, both of us out of breathe. And me, totally blasted. High as a kite. Baked like thanksgiving ham.

“Abby was great, wasn’t she?” Andy’s voice said.
I looked and saw that everyone who shot their load in me earlier; my older brother Justin, his friend Steve, my uncle Andy, my younger brother Tyler, and my cousin Kurt, were standing by the door. My daddy got up off the bed.
“Is it true that she fucked all of you?” He asked.
“Sure is. Shot our loads deep inside her cute little pussy. All of us.” Andy smirked.
My daddy kneeled down and spread my pussy lips, letting a little bit of cum spill out.
“Looks like we’ve got ourselves a family whore. Just like your wife did for us back in the day, right brother? Or should I say, your sister?” Andy said to my daddy.
“Yep, that’s how we do it here in Alabama.” My daddy laughed, searching deep inside my love hole.
“The cum won’t come out. It really is deep in there.” My daddy said.
“Am I pregnant, daddy?” I asked.
“Of course you are, sweetheart! There’s no way you couldn’t be. And the father is someone in this room.”
“You’ll never find out who, but it doesn’t matter. It’s all in the family. Always has been.”

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